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Martial Peak – Chapter 46, Bringing One To A Place Without People…

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In response to this woman’s troublesome behavior, Yang Kai didn’t have any good methods to deal with her. He could only ignore her. Hu Mei Er could see Yang Kai’s indifference. Although she dared to provoke him further she chose not to, rather she only wanted to follow him around.

Following the pull of his Origin of Yang, after walking a short while, Yang Kai stopped in front of a booth.

Looking over it, Yang Kai’s eyes brightened. The items presented at this booth were quite good, with a majority satisfying his needs.

Those pieces of infant’s fist sized round rocks, dispersed rich and blistering hot Yang Qi, even stronger than that other Booth’s stone. They were just a bit small.

The price won’t be as expensive as that other stone will it? Yang Kai hesitated, while the booth owner warmly welcomed him. “Little Brother, what are you thinking about? My items are good and cheap, as you walk past, you mustn’t miss this opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are buying for your own use or to sell them later for a profit, all transactions will be fair.”

Summoning up the courage, Yang Kai asked, “these stones, how much are they?”

The store owner lowered his head to look and replied. “You’re talking about the Bright Yang Stone. They’re not expensive, only five hundred dollars each!”

Yang Kai’s expression darkened, although he knew that this price was just, he still shook his head and said, “It’s a bit expensive.”

From head to toe, he only had about five hundred dollars. That was his entire fortune.

The booth owner shook his head as he smiled. “Little Brother, you are telling some good jokes, for the items here are clearly labeled and definitely aren’t an open lion’s mouth. If you go to other booths and observe their prices, then you will know how worthwhile my prices are.”

This sentence was correct, Yang Kai’s journey here, although he didn’t buy anything, he had inquired a lot about the prices. This person’s prices weren’t really that high, but if you wanted to buy something, you needed to bargain.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only start a war of words with this booth owner, and make the opponent lower the price. But the owner firmly shook his head, until in the end the owner became very gloomy. With no alternative, he explained. “Little Brother, these items of mine, don’t belong to me. I am only helping someone else sell them, as for the price, I can only increase it, not decrease it or I’ll have to make up for the losses myself. Please don’t make things difficult for me anymore. ”

“Helping someone?” Staring blankly, Yang Kai turned around to the standing Hu Mei Er.

In the surrounding area, there was only one faction, the Blood Battle Gang!

Hu Mei Er sweetly spoke. “Yes, this is my family’s booth. You want these stones?”

Yang Kai nodded his head.

“If you promise to abide by one of my conditions, I will give you these of those stones!” Hu Mei Er’s eyes rotated.

“Mis…” That booth owner’s face changed greatly if this stock of items were to be lost from his hands, then his future troubles would be great.

“Don’t worry, I will tell my father.” Hu Mei Er assured him. Just as that owner was about to speak, he shut his mouth.

“How about it? You only need to promise me one thing.” Hu Mei Er smiled radiantly: “For you men, it is a very simple task.”

“Don’t even think about!” Yang Kai resolutely refused. Even if he used his toe to think, he would be able to figure out what Hu Mei Er meant.

“You…” Hu Mei Er was fuming as she glared at Yang Kai with an expression that made it almost look like she had the desire to eat someone.

When you actually think about it, her interest in Yang Kai wasn’t that big. It was just that day when her attempts at seducing failed, it had made Hu Mei Er gloomy, not only this, she also ate a small loss!

(Silavin: boob squeeze)


[There is no man that can escape my enticement!] Hu Mei Er was convinced of this, which was why she wanted Yang Kai to surrender to her. When the time comes and he surrenders, she would leave him and watch how much of a joke it will be.

If Hu Mei Er wanted a man, a single beckoning from her finger would lure a whole pile of them over. If it was for another goal, why would she feel wronged? She is flirtatious and wanton in her behavior, but that was only an image, an appearance to confuse others.

[I don’t believe that I can’t conquer you!] Hu Mei Er’s swears in her heart.

Her eyeballs rotating, Hu Mei Er said to that booth owner, “Sell it to him at a cheaper price!”

The booth owner scowled miserably: “That isn’t a good idea…”

“I said sell it to him at a cheaper price!” Hu Mei Er lightly clenched her teeth, her charming eyes emitting a bit of frostiness.

Just as the booth owner was about to nod his head, Yang Kai waved his hand. “No need, leave it at five hundred dollars.”

Sell it at five hundred dollars, he wouldn’t make a profit, but he also wouldn’t suffer a loss, it was the set market price.

As he spoke, he also went to take out that bottle of small returning pellets. “Can I exchange it using these pills?”

This trade also had its own set of rules regarding this; complete immortal pills are also valid currency to exchange for products.

“You can…” The booth owner nodded his head.

“This bottle of small returning pellets contains ten of such pills, so it’s about five hundred dollars, you can count it.” Yang Kai then went to throw that bottle over to him, and then from the booth, he picked one Bright Yang Stone.

As he held the stone in his hand, a surge of powerful yang energy came out. His heart satisfied, Yang Kai knew that the transaction was worthwhile.

Hu Mei Er regretted it so much she started gnashing her teeth. Yang Kai’s actions were clearly showing that he didn’t wish to owe her any debts; meaning that her goodwill went down the drain.

The booth owner observed their actions, he was afraid that his no good young lady was having ideas regarding Yang Kai. Although the transaction was just, he knew that his young lady was a bit upset. Thinking for a moment, the booth owner picked up a seed from his booth and spoke. “Little Brother, if you don’t mind, I’ll give you this seed, since I can’t sell it for much anyway.”

“What is this seed?” Yang Kai took it and unexpectedly felt some Yang Qi from within that seed, though it was a bit weak.

“It’s the seed of the Three Sun’s Fruit. We found it when we were mining for the Bright Yang Stones.” The booth owner told him, “This fruit tree’s fruit is an Earth Grade Lower Level Spirit Fruit. It’s just the growth period is a bit long.”

Yang Kai laughed involuntarily, thinking what he will do with a single seed. If you planted it, you would need to wait at least ten years for it to bear fruit, but it was someone’s goodwill, so Yang Kai couldn’t refuse. In any case, this seed’s value wasn’t very high, so even if he accepted it, it wasn’t a big deal.

(Erza: Make it a super OP Spirit Fruit with ur OPOP Black Book Yang Kai! 😀)


“Thanks.” Standing up, Yang Kai put both the Bright Yang Stone and the seed within his clothes.

His only bottle of small returning pellets was already gone, and Yang Kai didn’t feel like staying here anymore. But he couldn’t locate Su Mu or his group after another stroll around, so Yang Kai walked out of Black Wind Forest alone.

From behind, Hu Mei Er continued to follow him, sticking to him like a stalker. However, her expression displayed a hint of annoyance.

He must think of a way to lose her; otherwise, if she followed him back to High Heaven Pavilion, he worried how others will view him – when he is associating with such a woman.

As he looked around, Yang Kai suddenly thought of a good idea and started to walk into the depths of Black Wind Forest. As he walked, he constantly turned back to Hu Mei Er to *hehe* laugh at her. It goes without saying it conveyed, ‘if you dare to follow me over, I will first rape you then kill you.’ A sinister type of feeling was emitted with each glance.

Hu Mei Er laughed out, however, she was actually a bit terrified and as she saw Yang Kai walk into the depths of Black Wind Forest, she hesitated for a bit. Thinking about it, she wasn’t that familiar with Yang Kai, if she really went in and something happened, what would she be able to do? That day, she had personally witnessed Yang Kai’s strength, and knew she wasn’t his opponent. But, if he was going to attack her, then she was not confident that she could escape without a single scar on her body.

Hesitating for a good while, Hu Mei Er suddenly stamped her foot and while swaying her hips, she followed after him. She was eighty percent certain that Yang Kai was only trying to scare her.

Seeing Hu Mei Er really follow after him, Yang Kai became really angry. The reason why he acted in such a way was to scare her away. Hu Mei Er, He didn’t expect that this woman’s courage to be so big. In the heat of anger, it caused his heart and mind to twist. [Just wait until we arrive at an area devoid of people area. I’ll make sure that I show you my might!]

(Silavin: just what kind of might are we talking about ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?)


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