Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 47, You Think I’m Dirty?

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Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben

Finalized Editor – Silavin

Proofreader – Bluerazbeary


As Yang Kai and Hu Mei Er’s figures walked into Black Wind Forest, with one in front while the other behind, two figures stepped out from behind some trees.

One of the people wore a mask of extreme hatred as he looked at Yang Kai’s receding figure; there was also a light purple colour on his charming face. At one glance, you could tell that he had suffered a beating in these last couple of days.

While the other person’s expression was truly malicious, staring at Hu Mei Er’s swaying hips, a lustful glint flashed through his eyes.

“Junior Brother Cheng, you were beaten by those people?” The cold and strict face of that youth looked over at Cheng Shao Feng, “Although you have just entered into the Initial Element Stage, and is somewhat weak, should be his match. That guy looks like he’s only in the Tempered Body Stage.”

Cheng Shao Feng began to defend himself, “I was a bit careless then, and that guy is really strange, for when he started to fight, he disregarded his life completely. As I thrust my sabre out, he actually used his palm to block it and as the sabre pierced through his hand! He didn’t even cry out! Not only did he stop my sabre, he also immobilised one of my arms! It was because of that small mistake that I lost.”

“Oh? This is a bit interesting, only if we were to compete, who would be the fiercer one.”

Cheng Shao Feng laughed, “Of course it would be you Senior Brother Nu who’s stronger, how can he possibly compare with you?”

“Have you fully investigated his status yet? We can’t provoke or anger any powerful people.” Nu Tao asked him carefully.

“I have investigated clearly. This guy in High Heaven Pavilion is only a Trial Disciple with no background whatsoever. Even if you killed someone like this, no one would care. ”

“*Ha ha!* A Trial Disciple? According to my knowledge, High Heaven Pavilion only has about ten Trial Disciples right? He’s one of those?” Nu Tao kept on laughing like he had heard some extremely good news, for as soon as he heard the two words, Trial Disciple, all his worries flew away. These people were High Heaven Pavilion’s disgrace, for him to lay a hand on one or even eliminate one would be him doing High Heaven Pavilion a favour.

“*En.* Before I was afraid that people would come here, so I couldn’t carelessly attack. Who would have thought that this guy would unexpectedly go into the depths of Black Wind Forest along with that slut? This makes things so much easier.”

Nu Tao laughed incomparably obscenely: “It looks like not only can Junior Brother obtain his revenge, he also has some luck with women. This is really killing two birds with one stone.”

Cheng Shao Feng also started to laugh, “Senior Brother, saying those types of words, you are a helper I have called over. So if there are good things, how can this Junior Brother enjoy them alone? Later, once Senior Brother has had his fun, then Junior Brother will partake. Hu Mei Er that bitch, although she is loose in her morals, she is young, and her body will definitely still be tight.”



“Junior Brother is indeed generous!” Nu Tao was a bit impatient to get started and spoke, “Let’s go. There’s no time to lose. Let’s quickly catch up to them, and find a good opportunity to strike.”

To these two people, killing Yang Kai was a simple task. While in broad daylight with the sky as their bed, together they could fuck Hu Mei Er, this was the thing they looked forward to the most.

As for when the time came, whether or not Hu Mei Er retaliated, they didn’t need to consider it. This slut of a person, as long as they made her feel pleasure, she would happily want more. So, how would she dare to retaliate? In most likelihood, she would only immerse herself in that feeling of forceful and insulting pleasure and stop thinking about anything else.

(Silavin: =.= great idea. I wonder how much hentai they have watched.)


These two people were not novices and often spent their time away in Black Plum Village’s red light district. Naturally, they would know how to satisfy women like Hu Mei Er.

(Silavin: It’s called acting mate. Get a clue 😀)


Deep in Black Wind Forest, Yang Kai was still walking and turning around to coldly laugh. Hu Mei Er was still a bit apprehensive but after seeing Yang Kai repeatedly acting like this, she was no longer scared. Not only was she no longer afraid, she had matched Yang Kai’s pace. Intimately, she pulled on Yang Kai’s arm and covered his arm with her full and soft chest.

Yang Kai became distracted, but when he remembered this woman’s style, his aroused feelings immediately dissipated.

“What trouble do you wish to cause now?” Yang Kai became annoyed.

“Accompany me once! In the future, I will no longer bother you!” In all four directions, there was no sign of any humans, and Hu Mei Er didn’t bother to mask the intent behind her words in the slightest. She even dared to say these shameful things!

“Go and dream!”

“Am I not beautiful?” Hu Mei Er’s charming eyes turned magnetic, “Is my figure not good? Are you not even the slightest bit moved?”

“A woman is defined by her outside and inside traits. Your outside isn’t bad, and you’re justified to be proud of it. But! Your inside is simply unbearable to look at.” Yang Kai looked at her coldly.

These words were a bit heavy, Hu Mei Er asked, her face down. “You think I’m dirty?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied straightforwardly.

Hu Mei Er’s charming face trembled, and she sneered, “You are nothing but a Trial Disciple in High Heaven Pavilion. Although my fighting capabilities aren’t as good as yours, I am the Blood Battle Gang’s Sect Master‘s daughter. The fact that I can take a fancy to you is your good fortune, and yet you unexpectedly can’t see your own good fortune when it’s in front of you! Do you know how many men are outside having ideas about me?”

(Erza: Yeah, at least two despicable ones.)

(Silavin: Defensive eh?)


“Then, your royal highness can go find those men. Why is there any need to nag me?” Yang Kai indifferently replied.

“Yang Kai, don’t be shameless when others are giving you face! If I return and inform my father that I was humiliated here, even if you are a High Heaven Pavilion Disciple, you still wouldn’t be able to see tomorrow’s sun.” Hu Mei Er hissed out as cutely as possible. Yang Kai’s attitude had completely infuriated her, making her face hit rock bottom. After all, her status wasn’t low, how could have she suffered this type of humiliation before?

Yang Kai also coldly laughed. “I dare to ask your royal highness if I were to kill you right here right now, will you have the opportunity to return and complain?”

Hu Mei Er looked distracted, her rage had made her forget that she was deep in Black Wind Forest, and if Yang Kai really attacked her, she definitely would have no hope of returning alive. Also, this was the ideal place to murder someone. In other words, if she really died here, she would have died in vain.

When she thought about this, Hu Mei Er became alert, looking at Yang Kai she urgently retreated a few steps. In a trill voice, she whimpered, “You’re joking right?”

“There is a limit to my patience.” Yang Kai indifferently replied.

Hu Mei Er rigidly looked at him, her eyes containing her humiliation and fury, but she didn’t dare do anything. She wasn’t sure whether Yang Kai’s words were a joke or not.

While Hu Mei Er was in confusion, Yang Kai suddenly became vigilant and looked over in a certain direction.

Intentionally or not, Yang Kai moved in front of Hu Mei Er. Looking at a large tree he roared, “Come Out!”

Hu Mei Er was surprised, but the next moment she understood what was going on.

Two people suddenly came out from behind the tree and walked over while smilingly coldly. Their laughers were sinister and strange, one looked at Yang Kai without rest and the other at Hu Mei Er.

(Erza: Reveal! Ah, Cheng Shao Feng fancies Yang Kai!)

(Silavin: Don’t get ahead of yourself Yaoi fan! Kai x Xiang for the win!)


“Cheng Shao Feng, Nu Tao?” Hu Mei Er clearly recognised them and cried out their names in suspicion, but in a blink of an eye, she knew the reason why these two people showed themselves here.

This time, it looked like Yang Kai was in some real danger.

Being stared at unrestrainedly by Nu Tao’s obscene gaze, caused Hu Mei Er’s entire body to feel uncomfortable, and she creased her eyebrows, she moved to further hide behind Yang Kai’s body.

“Elder Sister Mei Er, come over here. We only want that guy’s life, so move to the side or else, you might accidentally get injured!” Cheng Shao Feng called out from about five to ten feet in front of Yang Kai, as he warned her he slowly drew the sabre hanging at his side.

Nu Tao also spoke up, laughing he said, “That’s right,  if you were to get injured, my heart would ache.”


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Erza: Aren’t I good? ^ Double release again, so enjoy the chapters. Um…….I have nothing else to really say, and it’s become a habit to write something at the end of each chapter. Um…..okay, then. You don’t have to, but if you have you want ask about me ask away. How old I am, and so on. If I can answer them I will. I don’t expect you to ask any questions, it’s just a filler. But if you want to you can. Have a good evening and see you all tomorrow.


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15 thoughts on “Martial Peak – Chapter 47, You Think I’m Dirty?”

  1. Wtf is with Chinese and rape? Seriously? Just pathetic that it’s a go to thing in Chinese novels. Is it a thing in china? Because all these writers seem to have no idea how to fuck a women unless they force themselves on them.

    1. If you’re getting worked up about it then the purpose has been served. Most stories do things like this to force emotional attachment to characters. Sex is a powerful tool in stories to drive emotions of bonding to a character and since rape is also a form of sex, it envokes an impactful feeling to the readers.

      Also, you have to take a look at the genre being translated. This is a wish-fulfilment type of novel that targets young adults. It relies heavily on emotional swings, and these type of novels are the ones being translated most of the time (since most translators are teens).

      1. Yeah, just like their leader Mao Zedong killed millions of Chinese to force attachment to his communist party. It’s a good tactic for a repressed people but most outside of China don’t get emotionally attached when someone threatens rape. That’s what we in civilized countries call “Stockholm Syndrome.” Rape is sadly a part of society but that does not mean we should romanticize and thereby encourage it.

        If young influenceable adults are indeed excited by this kind of writing then it is sending the wrong message. Anon is right – it should not be a go-to “hook” for any novel. As much as this novel has fallen into a lot of lazy cliches, and I probably won’t drop the novel just because some loser threatens rape, it diminishes my respect for the author. Too often this kind of author starts out strong and becomes increasingly lazy as the story drags on until the writing is a mockery to a 5th grader’s intellect.

        See “Martial God Asura” for a great example. The MC raped some woman early on, but the story at that point was powerful and robust. A couple hundred pages later the story was peppered with so many “emotional hooks” that the plot didn’t make sense anymore. There’s literally 5 chapters in a row where the only thing that happens is the side characters praise the main character’s badassery. What kind of nonsense is that? This kind of writing is a disgrace and a cop-out. It’s like the author starts writing with their dick when readers accept that kind of behavior.

        TL;DR: If you’re going to put rape in a story at least try to do something unique or impactful.

        1. “Rape is sadly a part of society but that does not mean we should romanticize and thereby encourage it.”

          “TL;DR: If you’re going to put rape in a story at least try to do something unique or impactful.”

          i think you’ve quite literally gotten the concepts of encourage and ‘do something impactful’ crossed somehow.

          its, quite literally, because rape is just an almost inherent part of the story and sprinkled in randomly that shows its neither romanticized nor encouraged. its just THERE. its just a functioning plot point, if that. to the characters involved its quite literally just a part of the world they live in. its unfortunate. its unwanted. but it just plain happens, and that’s kind of the deal with it.

          your concept of wanting the author to make it a major part of the story line is EXACTLY the thing you just said it shouldnt be.. romanticized. if rape is just there, due to the time or influence of the culture within the story, so be it. its a wild world setting, strong eats weak, and rape is just another visceral part of that world. but you’re asking to put focus on it make it meaningful and have plotlines revolve around it. what is that if not encouraging it?

          >do something unique

          ..with rape? bruh..

  2. These stories seem to revolve around a large amount of amorality. Right and wrong are very situational and involves more personal preference. Evil people are just distasteful, not actually wrong.

    So, law of the jungle, women have something men want, men are generally more powerful and able to take what they want. Right and wrong are just words and personal preferences. That adds up to an environment rich for rapey situations, as well as other bad behavior.

    It’s a consequence of an environment where morals are a distant concern compared to might and personal preference.

    1. In a world like this where might rules, I can understand why bastards like this are out to rape women. The problem is that the author doesn’t make sense. A normal woman maybe, but two disciples would rape the daughter of some big shot master? This makes 0 sense and is shite writing.

  3. As somebody who was raped, I don’t care. It’s not real. If you can be upset by bad things in a story or even other people’s dark fantasies, that just means you’re a weak person who will fall by the wayside in life at the first big obstacle. More reason for people to not care when they walk over you. You chose weakness. Now, bad writing it may be though. Criticism is fine, but moral grandstanding about fiction is just a sign of personal weakness.

  4. This story is based in ancient China, where men were the powerful figure and women were seen as objects. For them, taking a woman, wanted or unwanted, was his right. And she usually either had to marry him, or got disgarded. It was like this until the west came and changed the laws.

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