Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 48, Prominent Power

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Cheng Shao Feng and Nu Tao had already stated their purpose in coming here, causing Yang Kai to be alarmed. He never thought that these two people would be so ruthless and heartless; they actually wanted to kill him over a single dispute.

As he vigilantly watched the pair, Hu Mei Er secretly whispered into Yang Kai’s ear, “Yang Kai, if you don’t want to die, then obey my words. Half a month ago, that Nu Tao advanced to the Initial Element Fifth Stage, and cannot be comparable to Cheng Shao Feng. What’s more, there are two people here so don’t be rash!”

“Then, do you have a method to deal with them?” Yang Kai asked unconvinced.

“I can’t deal with them, but they definitely won’t have the guts to kill me. As long as you agree to my condition, I can guarantee your life.”

Hu Mei Er’s status was clearly displayed, so if she really wanted to protect Yang Kai, Cheng Shao Feng and Nu Tao wouldn’t be able to ignore her. They had to give her face thus at most, they could only beat up Yang Kai to vent their anger.

“No need.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

“You are that unwilling, to the point that you’d rather die?” Hu Mei Er looked at Yang Kai like she was looking at a retard with disbelief in her eyes.

“I’m sorry to say, I have mysophobia. What’s more, who will die or live will only be determined once fists are exchanged.” Yang Kai calmly looked over the two people opposite him.

Receiving this answer, Hu Mei Er’s face warped. After a while, she sneered out coldly, biting down with her ivory teeth and bitterly warning him. “Since you’ve chosen this way, then follow it through to the end!”

After this was said, she retreated about ten feet back and crossed her arms to watch.

Cheng Shao Feng laughed out loudly, “Elder Sister Hu Er is really obedient. I knew that Elder Sister Hu Er wouldn’t cause us any inconvenience.”

Hu Mei Er squeezed out an extremely ugly face, and no one knew what she was thinking in her heart.

Nu Tao *he he* strangely laughed and sized up Yang Kai from head to toe. Nu Tao cracked his knuckles and slowly shook his head, “You are called Yang Kai, right? When you reach the netherworld you must not blame me, for you should blame yourself for meddling in others’ business. Would you like to end it yourself, or shall I do it for you?”

This question was extremely savage, but Yang Kai just smiled, “If you want my life, then it will depend on your ability. So come and take it!”

As he said this, he secretly started to activate the True Yang Secret Arts.

Just as the True Yang Secret Arts were about to activate, Yang Kai already felt a violent feeling from his chest, as well as blistering hot energy getting, sucked in via his acupuncture points. Within this blistering hot energy was a large amount of Yang Qi. In that moment, Yang Kai’s meridians were painfully hot; so hot that smoke started to emit from his chest, roasting the skin until it turned black.

Yang Kai was greatly alarmed, and before he could respond, his meridians which were experiencing searing pain adapted to the large amount of Yang Qi, which continued flowing into his meridians.

It took literally the blink of an eye, his meridians became packed to the brim with Yang Yuan Qi, swelling non-stop.

*Drip drip…* it was like there was movement from the depths of his soul, and within his Dantian there unexpectedly was one more Yang Liquid drop.

A short while later, another drip sound was heard.

In the span of three breaths, two drops of Yang Liquid were formed. But, just when he was forming the last drop, the condensed Yang Qi disappeared.

Only after that moment did the violent surge of Yang Qi stop.

[It must be the Bright Yang Stone!] Thinking about it, Yang Kai took out that Bright Yang Stone which had cost him the bottle of small returning pellets. But how could this stone, which was previously filled to the brim with Yang Qi manage to retain its former glory? Inside, not even a trickle of energy remained; it had actually been fully absorbed by him in that short period of time.

In the end, it only condensed two drops of Yang Liquid! It was only that one of these drops had disappeared, confusing Yang Kai. Including the original drop within his Dantian, there were a total of two drops of Yang Liquid within his Dantian now.

[This absorption rate……isn’t it a bit too fast?] It was basically force feeding, not even allowing him to have any reaction.

Yang Kai’s transformation was seen by Cheng Shao Feng and Nu Tao. Yang Kai’s change within his chest area caused them to become a bit of a loss, but with Nu Tao’s battle experience, he immediately waved his hand and spoke, “Junior Brother Cheng, follow me and advance. I’m afraid things have changed.”

“Okay.” The earlier Yang Kai died the better was how Cheng Shao Feng felt. With no hesitation, he carried his long sabre and rushed forward, his face a cruel mask.

Two people, side by side, they were like a storm and in the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of Yang Kai.

Nu Tao’s strength was higher, so his speed was naturally faster. His fist, covered in Yuan Qi, flew forward and suddenly charging straight for Yang Kai’s face

By Initial Element Fifth Stage, cultivators would have already amassed quite a decent amount of Yuan Qi, allowing the martial practitioner’s battle prowess to not be underestimated.

The fist that Nu Tao threw out caused a faint whistling sound, clearly displaying the fact that he was using some sort of martial skill.

Yang Kai didn’t dodge and also threw out a fist.

“Peng” it sounded out and Yang Kai’s wrist bone rang from the impact, while his fist felt like it was cut up by hundreds of razors. In a second, numerous cuts appeared, and he couldn’t help but retreat a few steps.

Though Nu Tao cried out oddly, for he felt that he had struck a blazing hot piece of iron. His skin and flesh were all burned painfully and he screamed out, “Such hot Yuan Qi!”

With his Initial Element Fifth Stage strength, he was unable to defend against a martial practitioner who was at the Tempered Body Stage’s attack; this was much too strange of an occurrence.

When these two people traded fists, each one had retreated a few steps.

Holding his sabre, Cheng Shao Feng joined the fray; his desire for vengeance raging, as he thrust towards Yang Kai, determined to cut him down then and there.

After experiencing Nu Tao’s attack, all of Yang Kai’s blood had started to boil and from his bones, a warm feeling started to seep out; it felt like he had an inexhaustible supply of power. As his eyes slowly turned red, his original gentle looking face became malevolent and Berzerk!

Facing Cheng Shao Feng’s sabre, Yang Kai used one hand to catch it.

Cheng Shao Feng sneered. “I have already learnt from last time. Do you really think that this young master would really trip over in the same place twice?”

As he said this, he swept his sabre to cut off Yang Kai’s fingers. Yang Kai’s reaction wasn’t slow. Sensing that the opponent’s blade was changing directions he changed his hand into a grabbing hold.

“Pu”, the long sabre still managed to chop off one of Yang Kai’s fingers, causing Cheng Shao Feng’s face to blossom in elation. Hu Mei Er covered her mouth, extremely disturbed, but when she remembered Yang Kai’s attitude to her, she thought that he should be hacked into pieces.

“How could this be?” Cheng Shao Feng cried out in fear, for he realised that he hadn’t actually severed Yang Kai’s fingers. Although it wasn’t an immortal weapon, it was nonetheless still sharp. [How! How can a Tempered Body Stage cultivator’s body be this strong? Even if it were someone at the Initial Element Stage, their fingers would be severed.]

Yang Kai laughed maliciously, revealing his row of eerily white teeth and looked at him with his blood coloured eyes. Cheng Shao Feng was feeling somewhat panicky now, so while he hurriedly retreated, he also shouted out loudly. “Senior Brother Nu, save me!”

Before the words had left his mouth, Yang Kai had already pursued him and a drop of Yang Liquid within his Dantian started to move through his will, into his fingertips.

Pointing out, he went straight for the middle of Cheng Shao Feng’s head.

Cheng Shao Feng opened his mouth widely and ceased to breathe, falling to the ground. On his forehead there was a hole about the size of a chopstick penetrating through his skull. The hole was very smooth and slick. In fact, not even a drop of blood flowed out. With his eyes wide open, his dying expression was one without any trace of his previous grievance.

*Ah!* Two cries of alarm simultaneously rang out. They originated from Nu Tao and Hu Mei Er who had witnessed the startling scene.


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