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Martial Peak – Chapter 49, Victory

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Cheng Shao Feng died! Without any warning, he died just like that under Yang Kai’s hand.

Last time when Yang Kai had fought with the Storm House Disciples, Hu Mei Er had watched from start to finish. So, she was well aware of Yang Kai’s power. But, never would she imagine that he would be this strong! With more, this was just a few days after the previous fight he had!

Initial Element First Stage, Cheng Shao Feng, had only faced Yang Kai for a few moments and died from a single poke to the head!

[Just what kind of Martial Skill was that? How could there be such a powerful Martial Skill?] The hole in Cheng Shao Feng’s forehead alluded to the fact the skill utilized a strong Yang Yuan Qi in some manner to burn through the skull.

At this point, Hu Mei Er’s heart was in a state of panic, for when she learned of Yang Kai’s thunder-like murder methods, she finally knew that Yang Kai’s previous words were no joke.

[He really dared to kill others, whilst also having the ability to do so!]

Nu Tao was also in shock. He had just exchanged one fist with Yang Kai and before he could commence his second attack, his Junior Brother had already died in front of him. This unforeseen accident really made him flabbergasted.

“You actually dared to kill Junior Brother Cheng!” Nu Tao shrieked, “What method did you use!”

(Erza: Well you did threaten to kill him. I vote self-defence.)


That single finger’s power was far too tyrannical; it was definitely some extremely rare Martial Skill. Nu Tao was a bit afraid, afraid that even he would unable to resist that technique.

“You also need to die!” Yang Kai knew that to destroy the branch, he must destroy the root. The reason why these two people followed him here was that they wanted to kill him. To this these types of enemies, how could Yang Kai possibly be lenient?

The circumstances now were different to before, last time it was a group fight, so Yang Kai’s hand would naturally be more lenient. But currently, these two people wanted his life, to these enemies he mustn’t be merciful, otherwise, he was just asking for death later.

Seeing Yang Kai hurriedly charge over, Nu Tao suddenly laughed out maliciously. “Don’t bluff, come at me!”

As he shouted, he threw out two fists to greet Yang Kai. The opponent was only at the Tempered Body Stage, so how much Yuan Qi could he possibly have stored inside him? The martial attack just then was extremely powerful, so it should have used quite a lot of his Yuan Qi. In other words, he couldn’t possibly use that type of method again.

That’s why Nu Tao had nothing to fear!

When those fists collided, Nu Tao knew that he had made a mistake. This Yang Kai could still use his Yuan Qi, and every time they collided, he could feel a blistering hot energy seeping out from Yang Kai’s fist. This energy caused Nu Tao to shrivel up. Although he was in a higher stage of cultivation, he was unable to suppress Yang Kai.

Nu Tao came up with many countermeasures, jumping from left to right, for he did not dare to confront Yang Kai straight up. He only wanted to prolong the fight until Yang Kai used up all of his Yuan Qi, and at that moment, it would be like Yang Kai was a fish on a chopping board.

Nu Tao’s tactics and thoughts weren’t wrong, to deal with ordinary Tempered Body Stage Disciples, this method was the most effective; allowing one to suffer the least in return for taking down the opponent. But Yang Kai was different, for he had just fully absorbed all of the Bright Yang Stone’s Yang Qi and his meridians were brimming with energy. If things really continued, it would be Nu Tao, who ran out of strength first.

Very soon, the fight became unfavourable for Nu Tao.

At the beginning, Yang Kai truly acted like a typical martial practitioner at the Tempered Body Stage. Regardless of his fists, or power, although they were stronger than a typical Tempered Body Stage practitioner, the strength he displayed didn’t go past that of a Tempered Body Stage practitioner. But as time went on, as various types of wounds started to appear on his body, Yang Kai’s strength started to climb up bit by bit. Each fist was faster than the last, his strength also grew stronger and stronger, but the most fearsome aspect wasn’t either of these, but rather, that the blistering hot energy his fists released was growing stronger and more abundant.

It appeared that as the fight drew on Yang Kai’s strength rapidly grew in relation to the passing of time and the injuries he sustained.

[What was going on? When a martial practitioner battled, as time went on and the more Yuan Qi they used, a martial practitioner would only become weaker and weaker. How could it possibly be the complete opposite?]

In the time to took to drink a cup of tea, it became harder and harder for Nu Tao to dodge and escape Yang Kai’s attacks. With one failed dodge, he was punched in the stomach by Yang Kai.

This fist caused Nu Tao to be unable to breathe, and the fiery energy that invaded his body was wreaked havoc to his insides.

Looking at the blood red eyed Yang Kai, Nu Tao began to consider retreat!

With a feint move, Nu Tao retreated and sped far away, and while he gasped for breath he howled out, “Yang Kai since you have killed Junior Brother Cheng, you are doomed!”

Initial Element Fifth Stage, even if they couldn’t defeat the enemy, if they wanted to escape, their opponent couldn’t do anything. This was a fact that Nu Tao was highly confident about since he had discovered that Yang Kai didn’t cultivate any movement Martial Skill from their bout.

If Nu Tao wanted to run, Yang Kai couldn’t block him and could only helplessly watched as he ran away. But suddenly Yang Kai thought of an idea, and the last drop of Yang Liquid within his Dantian winked out and zoomed to his fingertips.

Shortly after Yang Kai reached out with his other hand and pulled on his fingers and a sensational scene appeared.

This drop of Yang Liquid, in the blink of an eye, morphed into a blood red blade as thin as cicada wing. Just as the blade was formed, under Yang Kai’s urgings, it flew out.

*Sou* the graceful red colour blade pierced the air and embedded itself into Nu Tao’s back.

Nu Tao’s running figure immediately became rigid, and with a cry of despair, he fell to the ground.

The silence of the forest was broken by a songbird’s cry, meanwhile, Yang Kai gasped for breath, with his whole body battered and exhausted.

Hu Mui Er’s pair of legs trembled, her entire body ice-cold, even her heart was cold. She had never left, waiting for the moment when Yang Kai couldn’t take it anymore and had to ask for her help and then she would be able to achieve her own goal.

But no matter what, she would have never imagined that those two Storm House Disciples who had come to kill Yang Kai, to be killed by Yang Kai instead.

These two people were both at the Initial Element Stage, one was in the First Stage and the other was in the Fifth Stage. Together, they battled against a Tempered Body Stage practitioner, Yang Kai, and in the end not only did they lose, they also paid with their lives.

All of this seemed too unreal and too mind boggling.

Suddenly, Hu Mei Er’s face became startled. She saw Yang Kai turn his head over to face her with an expression that looked like he wanted to eat her. Within his eyes, carried a glinted of murderous light, causing Hu Mei Er to retreat a few steps back.

“If you dare move, then you will die!” Yang Kai’s icy-cold voice traveled over.

“I won’t move……” Within Hu Mei Er’s voice was sounds of sobbing, a warm wet patch appeared on her lower abdomen, in that moment she had forgotten all her manners.

She really was scared, and she wasn’t certain whether or not Yang Kai really wanted to kill her. In life or death, what could she, a young lady do?

Yang Kai no longer paid her any attention but went to Cheng Shao Feng and Nu Tao’s side to take their possessions. In a moment, Yang Kai had found some money and two bottles of immortality pills.

Two bottles of immortality pills couldn’t be considered a lot, but they were still worth something.

[It wasn’t exactly a loss… but it’s a shame that I had to use those hard earned drops of Yang Liquid… Now, my Dantian is empty again…] After this great battle, the Yang Yuan Qi within his meridians had been consumed to such a degree that just a bit less than half remained.

“Are you short of money?” As Hu Mei Er saw Yang Kai looting the two corpses, she mustered up her courage to speak out. “I can give you money, as long as you don’t kill me.”

Looking at Hu Mei Er who still dared to flirt, is she showing off her beauty? Even when she spoke, it was cautiously and carefully.

Yang Kai enthusiastically looked at her. “It’s not like I am a bandit, what will I do with your money? If I lack money, I will earn it myself!”


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