Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 60, No need for Senior to see me out

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“Enter the mine?” Long Zai Tian’s face immediately fell and he went to vigilantly size up Yang Kai before asking: “He isn’t a Disciple of the Sect right?”

Yang Kai took a step forwards and said respectfully. “I am a Disciple of High Heaven Pavilion.”

“Disciples not of the Sect are not allowed to enter!” Long Zai Tian said whilst glaring at Yang Kai before blowing out a mouthful of air, clearly displeased. From his tone, you tell he despised Yang Kai as he spoke. “Even Disciples of the Sect aren’t able to freely enter as they wish, let alone you, an outsider.”

After he finished saying this, his face became full of pain as he turned around to Hu Mei Er to speak.  “Young lady, how could you bring an outsider to this place? Since you are young, you don’t know the ways of people’s hearts, you may know a person for a long time but not their true nature. These past years, because of this mine, we have earned quite a lot of money, with many eyes secretly watching us making inquiries, all wanting to exploit any weakness. If this old man did not guard the mine all year round, one couldn’t possibly imagine the chaos that might ensue.”

Yang Kai was deep in thought; this old timer was indirectly accusing him of spying. When you heard this spoken about yourself, how could a person still feel dignified?

Hu Mei Er sensed Yang Kai wasn’t happy and hurriedly explained. “Grandpa Long, you misunderstand. He doesn’t inquire about anything, but only wants to purchase some things.”

Long Zai Tian mockingly laughed. “Purchase some things? Did you need to come all the way here to buy things? This excuse is really interesting. Brat, I don’t know what your goal is, but get lost from my sight. If you dare to come here again, let’s see if this Elder dares to kill you or not.”

A belly full of angry rose, Yang Kai felt this course Senior was far too arrogant. But although he was resentful, he knew that the difference in strength was far too great and if moves were exchanged, Yang Kai was afraid he wouldn’t even last one breath’s time.

Forcibly suppressing his anger, Yang Kai didn’t say a word. If he was to start something, he would only disadvantage himself.

“Coward!” As Long Zai Tian saw Yang Kai’s reactions, he despised him even more.

Uncontrollably the Yang Yuan Qi within Yang Kai’s Dantian started to swell up,  as he glowered at Long Zai Tian.

Sensing the change in Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi, Long Zai Tian angrily roared, “Impudent! You want to attack me?”

Once he finished, without any reason or regard to power Seniority, a palm was sent out towards Yang Kai. Seeing this palm being sent towards him, Yang Kai stood there unable to move. It wasn’t because he was scared stiff, but rather that the opponent had used some sort of skill to immobilize him.

Yang Kai’s face changed greatly because he would never have imagined that this old timer would be so shameless. He could feel Long Zai Tian’s attitude towards him, but couldn’t figure out the reason why and faced with this intent to kill, Yang Kai didn’t know how to react.

With death charging towards him, the immense pressure that accompanied an Immortal Ascension Boundary practitioner’s attack caused even Yang Kai’s heart to freeze. His breathing also became shallow; meanwhile, an instinctual desire for survival arose from within his body.

Suddenly from within his bones, boiling hot warmth seeped out and rapidly spread throughout his body. The next moment, Yang Kai felt the restricting forces on his body disappear.

Hastily, Yang Kai used all of his strength to dodge to the side.

Long Zai Tian causally smashed down his palm; he thought that he would definitely have hit that High Heaven Pavilion Disciple with his palm. Contrary to his predictions, the opposite party had actually dodged!

[How could that be?] Long Zai Tian’s eyebrows creased.

[How could his Immortal Ascension Boundary restricting techniques be broken by this youngster?] Because he didn’t predict this, Long Zai Tian had just casually slammed his palm down.

Although Long Zai Tian’s attack did not hit Yang Kai, it put him in a difficult position. His face became pale and he was left sweating all over while he stabilized his position, he looked at Long Zai Tian for a while. Within Yang Kai’s eyes, there was an extra streak of coldness.

If one said that Yang Kai had been annoyed over Long Zai Tian’s attitude towards him, you could now say that he was furious. The opponent tried to take his life without even trying to hide his intent like he was toying with an ant.

Although Long Zai Tian also knew this point, he still didn’t know how Yang Kai had escaped his binding. But since he had shown that he wanted to kill Yang Kai, how could he be light with his strikes? One step to strike, one step to rest, as he prepared to send another strike over.

Only now did Hu Mei Er regain her senses, she quickly rushed in front of Yang Kai while she glaring at Long Zai Tian, hissing out. “Grandpa Long, he is my friend! What are you trying to do?”

“For people trying to make inquiries about the mine, all must die, as decreed by the law! This the command of the Sect Master!” Long Zai Tian looked at Hu Mei Er deeply, while a flash of astonishment appeared in his eyes.

Before, Hu Mei Er would often have dealings with young males, but he had never seen her disregard her life for anyone. With regards to the lives and deaths of those young males, Hu Mei Er never cared about them. In other words, eight out of ten of those youngsters, none had good endings.

But this time, she was undaunted by the dangers and still stood in front of this High Heaven Disciple, while using quite a fierce tone to question him.

[This had never happened before!] Long Zai Tian’s eyes narrowed, thinking it over, his killing intent became stronger.

Hu Mei Er protected Yang Kai behind her, clenching her teeth she glowered at Long Zai Tian and snapped “I’ve already said that he only wants to purchase some things and doesn’t want to inquire about the mine! Grandpa Long, do you not understand my words?”

Seeing how Hu Mei Er wanted to protect Yang Kai, Long Zai Tian could no longer continue to be a troublemaker and could only drawback. “Of course I don’t dare. Young Mistress’s words, this Elder will absolutely believe them.”

“Since it is so, why do you still act that way?”

“This Elder admits his mistakes, and asks for the forgiveness of the young lady.”

The Blood Battle Gang, Strom House, and High Heaven Pavilions were all different; the Blood Battle Gang was a family group, with the Hu family acting as its masters, so although Long Zai Tian was the Vice-Head, he must still give Hu Mei Er face.

“But this Elder still asks for the young lady’s forgiveness because the mine is no small matter and outsiders cannot enter!” After speaking, Long Zai Tian didn’t look to Hu Mei Er but turned towards Yang Kai’s direction and snorted out coldly before turning around to leave.

Yang Kai took in a deep breath, calming the boiling blood within him to speak. “No need for Senior to see me out!”

Long Zai Tian impatiently turned his head and narrowed his eyes at Yang Kai, hiding away traces of killing intent in his eyes.

“Senior, the present me is not your opponent!” Yang Kai slowly walked in front of Hu Mu Er and without any fear he faced Long Zai Tian, “So today’s affairs, I will remember them. But after five years, ten years, I will come and return this debt. I hope that Senior will be able to live till that day!”

Yang Kai spoke with great serenity, and with sincerity.

Long Zai Tian’s face became cold before he started to laugh out loud. “Whether or not this Senior would be able to live to that day, you don’t need to worry about. But I think you definitely won’t be able to live till that day!  you unbridled youngster, you’d best be careful in the future!”

“I will!”

After Long Zai Tian departed, Hu Mei Er apologised profusely to Yang Kai. “I am so sorry, I am so-so sorry. I don’t know why Grandpa Long would act this way. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have brought you over.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Yang Kai breathed in deeply, recalling the immensely terrifying scene, he still felt some lingering fear. If it wasn’t for the Golden Skeleton acting up at that moment, he was afraid that he would be long dead. It was thanks to that boiling hot warmth that allowed him to break free of Long Zai Tian’s bindings and escape mortal danger.

Erza:  WOOO! Second release of the day and I set a new record! Pushed through and without any distractions, finished it in around 1 hour. Yep, 1 hour, way shorter than my usual 2-3 hours (because of distractions). Happy new Year guys!!! It’s only less than two hours away from midnight, so an early wishing because I won’t be posting at 12. Still debating on whether or not to stay until 12 to watch the fireworks………………….will decide later. What are you guys doing for the new year? Family gathering? Outing? Relaxing? Whatever you do, have fun~

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