Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 62, Xia Ning Chang’s Decision

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Next to the Coiling Dragon Stream, was Yang Kai concentrating on his training.

Not too far from him, there were the three Three Sun’s Fruit trees growing healthily, the biggest of the three already had three fruits growing, all on the verge of ripening. While the smallest of the three had only just emerged from the ground was still a tiny sapling.

Ever since the day he had left the Battle Blood Gang mine, he had been cultivating non-stop day and night at the Coiling Dragon Stream; even forgetting to eat. Long Zai Tian’s capricious attacks had motivated him to become stronger. With regards to that event, he wanted to extract revenge with his own two hands.

After ten days of training, he had reached the peak of the Tempered Body Ninth Stage and was on the brink of breaking through. But he seemed to be unable to grasp certain key points, causing to feel hopeless.

He knew that a realm breakthrough required an opportunity, and wasn’t easy like breaking through the various sub-stages. Even if he has enough Yuan Qi, he must have a chance encounter and understand what needs to be understood.

But if you thought about it, these days of training went by quite smoothly. He no longer needed to go and sweep, so he had more hours to train, the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Grass herbs had long since been finished. Without the incense’s pressure, the results from activating the True Yang Secret Art were clearly faster, allowing him to absorb the Yang Yuan Qi, more easily from the earth.

But all of the Yang Liquid drops that had been condensed were used as catalysts to transform the Three Sun’s Fruit seeds. Within his Dantian, there was not a single drop that remained.

The world’s essence congregated around, who was about to break into the Initial Element Stage and filled his body with new energy but unfortunately it did not succeed.

Even after a day and night of contemplation, he was still stuck at this bottleneck. Although he didn’t feel worried, or impatient, he was unable to free himself of the shackles that bound him; it was so very strange.

Another night under the starry sky next to Coiling Dragon Stream,  Yang Kai’s emotions had sunken into an anxious state. All of his Yuan Qi seemed to become chaotic, and on his face was an extremely painful expression.

Not too far away, Xia Ning Chang who was watching couldn’t help but cry out. Though they were quite a distance apart, she could still sense the unusual Yuan Qi fluctuations; within those Yuan Qi fluctuations, there was a cold and evil Qi.

[How could it be? This was a clear sign of walking into the dark arts. He was only breaking into the Initial Element Stage from the Tempered Body Ninth Stage, so how could there be a chance of accidentally walking into the dark arts?] [Although it might be rude to say this, a martial practitioner with such a low level of cultivation doesn’t have the qualifications to cultivate the dark arts. Only when he was at a higher stage, would he have a chance to start to cultivate in that direction.] [But that doesn’t explain this situation right now.]

Xia Ning Chang’s pretty eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

The reason why she was there, was because she had watched over Yang Kai for more than two years, so… it had become a habit. Over these past few days, the sudden disappearance of Yang Kai had left her a bit lonely. With everything, she did she could not muster even a single bit of interest. Searching for him, she had found him next to Coiling Dragon Stream and the big stone in her heart had been lifted.

After arriving, Xia Ning Chang knew that he was about to breakthrough. After waiting for a day, he had unexpectedly not managed to breakthrough, and now this strange thing had arisen, so how could she not be in doubt.

Just as Xia Ning Chang was feeling anxious inside, a pure and blistering hot energy burst from within. With that blistering hot energies appearance, the demonic traces of energy were gradually being burnt away and the Yuan Qi fluctuations immediately became steady.

“True Yang Energy!” Xia Ning Chang’s small mouth gaped open and her charming face displayed her amazement. Nearly crying out, “How could it be so pure!”

That pure and blistering hot energy was clearly Yang type energy. Many High Heaven Pavilion Disciples cultivate fire or Yang type martial skills and possessed this type of fiery Yuan Qi. But no matter which Disciples Yuan Qi was compared, it wouldn’t be as pure as his.

This blistering hot energy wasn’t very dense, because ’s strength wasn’t very high. But it was abnormally clean, without the tiniest bit of impurity; like a water source that hadn’t been contaminated by the outside world.

Before she could recover herself, Xia Ning Chang saw that the demonic energy which was being suppressed by that blistering energy was also being replaced by it while it scattered inside.

After a short while, another burst true Yang Yuan Qi came out and suppressed the remaining dark energy. This repeated a few times, leaving Xia Ning Chang dumbstruck! She had never seen or heard of such a bizarre occurrence when a martial practitioner broke through into the Initial Element Stage.

In other words, although breaking through to the Initial Element Stage one would suffer some restrictions because the stage was still fairly low. As long as one used some effort they could break through, but this was not the case for him. She could clearly see that the restrictions he suffered were far greater than anyone else’s, and were, in fact, comparable to those she suffered when she was breaking into the higher stages.

[He must have suffered bitterly, but just then he had managed to pry into the next stage. He already had a foot into the Initial Element Stage, but at that moment from within his bones came out an evil energy causing him to lose his concentration. Fortunately, his Yang Yuan Qi allowed him to clear his mind.]

Currently, inside his body, the two energies were fighting a ferocious battle with one being the Yang energy that he cultivated and other one being the evil energy that came from his bones. Each side struggled endlessly, treating his body like their battlefield. The evil energy occupied the upper part of his body, making his mind a bit muddled and elicited bloodthirsty emotions from within his mind. He wanted to go find a person to kill.

This was similar to when he was injured by others during a battle, while also being different. Although when he was injured he felt bloodthirsty during battle, his mind was still clear.

While his Yang Yuan Qi occupied the lower part of his body, leaving his body extremely clear and free.

Circling around without end, leaving one unable to determine a clear winner and loser; felt most uncomfortable.

Xia Ning Chang dashed around High Heaven Pavilion wearing her tight, black clothes which displaying her wonderful figure. A slender waist, with long slim legs that made people lose themselves in their fantasies. With an uneasy feeling and a black veil covering her face, she rushed back to her place.

She had watched from her position for quite a long time and felt really concerned for Yang Kai. Thinking it over numerous times, she still decided to go over and help him. Usually, when someone was breaking through, they could not be disturbed, but Xia Ning Chang could clearly feel the chaotic battle occurring inside. It was like a bloodthirst for a battle type of baptism.

[Only a battle could help relieve him. Only that could help him escape from that endless cycle]

That’s why Xia Ning Chang returned to her residence to change her clothes before going back to him. Otherwise, he might be able to recognize her. After all, they had met face to face before.

Returning back hurriedly, she saw that the boy was still suffering and his movements seemed to be bigger than before.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Xia Ning Chang directly pounced in, as murderous intent shone in her charming eyes. Raising her hand, she struck down to initiate the attacked.


Erza: Have to be honest, that wasn’t what I expected but it was pretty good. I mean you can tell that XNC has started to fall in love with. XD When she pounced on him I seriously had started to have second thoughts on her, but that ruthlessly attack…….-_- all I can say is, “Poor KY”

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