Omni-Magician – Chapter 132, You’ll Handle 10,000 Magical Beasts?

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“It seems like I have drunk a little too much yesterday. Mmh. and then someone came knocking at my door saying something about a Beast Tide.” Dunson spoke in a grating voice while waving his arms around. He gave Ye Chui and unpleasant glance and continued to speak with City Lord Eric. “the <Grand Protection> has not been used in the past 30-40 years. If it is only 30 – 40 Magic Beast, then even I can deal with them by myself. Eric, if you are so scared, then let me deal with them!”


When the scared as hell Oberth heard what Dunson said he got very happy. He started thinking that the Beast Tide was not such a great threat at all.


[Dunson must be enough to handle the issue all by himself. Right? They don’t need to activate the Grand Protection to resist… right…?]


But Ye Chui’s next words were a heartless, as though mercilessly pushing Oberth into the abyss.


“Are you really capable of facing all of the 10,000 Magic Beast on your own, Guild Master Dunson?” Ye Chui said calmly.


“What? … 10,000?” Dunson’s complexion paled right away. He pointed towards Ye Chui, “boy, you seem to have become too brave for your own good. Just because I have yet to punish you for your disobedience you think you can say whatever you like here?  The entire Dark Forest would at most have 10,000 Magical Beasts. And you say the Magic Beasts in this Beast tide are that many. Stop joking.”


“The Beast Tide this time… Eric, all the Magic Beasts have fled from the Dark Forest” said a forlorn voice from the side “I confirmed that the 10,000 residents of Skull Town were slaughtered yesterday. All the rank 3 Magic Beasts and below have fled from the Dark Forest and will reach Stan City within 2 to 3 hours.”


Balmain confirmed: “Magician Bader carried out the investigation on this matter. Since he is adept in Earth Magic, he had determined through the vibrations from the earth that the group of Magic Beasts Tide number over 8000 at the least. One will be able to see the Beast Tide right now if one were to stand on the City Wall in the direction of the Dark Forest.”


This was frightening news.


The indifference in Bishop Faria’s face was slowly replaced with fear.


The previously arrogant Dunson’s forehead filled with cold sweat.


Oupu’s heart quickened its pace. He pats his chest to steady himself. He then remembered something and smiled: “Luckily we have <Grand Protection>. As long as we activate <Grand Protection>, it would be no problem facing 10,000 low-level Magic Beasts.”


Dunson heard Oupu, and relaxed. He forced a smile out: “indeed. without the <Grand Protection>, judging by the present strength of Stan City, we would be able to withstand the incoming Beast Tide for an hour before we are all slaughtered.”


when Those who have arrived to witness the Death Durel between Ye Chui and Bedwick heard about the incoming Magic Beast Tide, they were all scared. But once they were reminded of the <Grand Protection> they were relieved from worry.


Yes, so long as they had <Grand Protection>, they had nothing to fear.


Yes, yes….


“Well? … Oberth,  what is it?” Oupu asked his son suddenly.


“Father father father …..” Oberth stuttered as he was searching for the words he wanted to say, frightened.


“What’s wrong?” Oupu asked surprised as others were watching Oberth curiously.


Right then, a silhouette was seen running towards them. Ye Chui knew him as well. this person was the Examiner during the rank 3 Magician Examination. His name was Diya. he was anxious. He fell as he was getting closer and crawled in a frenzy for the rest of the way. He began to speak but no one could understand one word from him; displaying extremely distressed.


“What happened?” Oupu asked calmly.


“I inspected the <Grand Protection> just now. And I found… I found that the Magic Stones needed for <Grand Protection> is missing!”. Diya said in a hoarse voice.


“What did you say?” Oupu’s complexion drastically drained.


A similar change is seen in Eric’s face as well.


“How can it disappear?” Dunson as asked coldly looked at Eric who was equally puzzled “But even if the Magic Stones are gone, we can always go and look for more. Though High-Grade Magic Stones are rare in Stan City, there are definitely a few of them somewhere.”


Hearing all that Eric said in a steady tone: “It is not as simple as that. The <Grand Protection> is a spell formation that spans the entirety of Stan City. To have it fully open up, it would normally take at least 10 hours. But, this 10 hours can be greatly reduced by having the Magic Stones supply the spell formation some magical energy to allow it to remain warmed up. In it’s warmed up state, the spell formation would only need 30 minutes to fully deploy. However, now, with the Magic Stones gone, the <Grand Protection> would require 10 hours even if we replace the Magic Stones; while we only have 3 hours before the Magic Beast Tide arrives!”


“This… this…” Dunson understood what Eric was getting at. His complexion turned ugly now. He was close to burning with rage. He looked at Oupu “how can the Magic Stones go missing!?”


“That… How do I know?” Oupu said, “<Grand Protection> formation is held in a secret room. Only those of my bloodline can enter it. In other words, in, the entire City only my son and I can enter it. How can there be any theft? There is no one who has such big guts not so much of an ability…”


He shivered as he finished saying that. He looked at Oberth.


Realizing what his words meant, everyone else looked at Oberth.


Till now everyone was expecting the <Grand Protection> to shield them from the Magic Beasts. They were not worried. Oberth was deathly silent all this time. Everyone that was listening till now had a bad premonition when Oupu mentioned about the only ones that could enter the secret room.


“Oberth!” Booth’s ice cold voice was heard, “I ask you under the Sacred Pact of Master and Disciple, did you steal the Magic Stones?”


The Sacred Pact of Master and Disciple is a contract established between the Master and Disciple. Under this contract, if the teacher were to ask the student of something then the student has to answer truthfully.


Oberth shivered, his lips tightened. Finally, he said: “Yes…”


Dunson roared “did you want to die!”


“Stop…” Oupu tried to stop Dunson as he felt the fierce aura exploded form, Dunson. But he wasn’t fast enough to react. The aura threw Oberth away.


Oberth did not have any time to defend. He released a painful groan. His body was shot flying. He tumbled till he reached Ye Chui’s feet.


Blood flowed from his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. He could see Ye Chui standing over him. His throat move. He wanted to say something. But was not able to make any sound.


Ye Chui understood what he wanted to say. He wanted to ask for the Magic Stones that he sold to Ye Chui. But in the end, he wasn’t able to say anything.


The pressure from Dunson’s Sword Aura was enough to kill Oberth making Dunson gawk: “ Strange…. Hammer managed to withstand this amount of pressure just a moment ago…  I am sorry. I did not want to kill him. He just died…”



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