Omni-Magician – Chapter 14, The price of magic scrolls falls to 48 copper coins!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


The Stan City Mercenary Guild Hall was the most beautiful building in Stan City besides the City Lord’s Manor.


It was said that the original builder based its construction on the magnificent Dome Hall of the Snow Region Empire Mercenary General Trade Union. For countless years, the Stan City Western Region Employment Hall was regarded as the landmark of Stan City for trading merchants and touring poets. It wasn’t until a few years ago when an experienced architectural professional told everyone that the Stan City Mercenary Hall didn’t have the imposing style of the General Guild. In fact, he proclaimed that it was comparable to the brothel that stood beside it. It could be that the original builder misunderstood the magnificence of the Dome Hall…


Hence, the Mercenary Guild Hall was no longer the pride of Stan City.


Although it’s popularity and fame fell, the Mercenary Guild Hall still held a lofty status for a simple reason – it was the foothold for the Aigen-Dazs Mercenary Guild. Every Swordsman, Magician, and Follower who joined the Mercenary Guild would report to the hall regularly to receive missions and claim rewards for accomplishing said missions. A large proportion of Stan City’s tax revenue was for the Mercenary operations.



~At dawn



Level four Swordsman Damon walked out of the Mercenary Guild Hall with a mission file in his hand. Being partially illiterate, reading the information from the file was very challenging for him. However, there were two words in the file were particularly clear and understandable, ‘Dark Forest’. Having been in the Mercenary profession for up to 20 years, he definitely knew what these words represented.


“Hunt for a level two Blood Shadow Cat in the Dark Forest, for its Magic Beast fur, as well as its intact flesh and blood to complete the mission…”


Damon’s thick, black eyebrows wrinkled.


The Dark Forest was humongous and stretched across the Aigen-Dazs Continent endlessly, and was the habitat for Magic Beasts. Although the Dark Forest constituted only a small portion of the huge forest in Stan City, the risks it harbours are not something an ordinary person could expect. This wasn’t even considering the fact that level two Blood Shadow Cats had a reputation of being sly, and so the mission was very difficult and risky.


“I really have no idea what secret potion the Magician is researching that requires the use of a level two Blood Shadow Cat as an ingredient!”


As Damon complained, he used one hand to stroke the long sword extending from his waist and pondered quietly. [Seems like I have to stock up on my equipment, purchase a few magic scrolls for self-defence and maintain my armour suit…]


While he was deep in thought, a young beggar whose head was covered in ash, walked up to him carefully.


Damon was in a foul mood after receiving the dangerous mission. He wished to vent his frustrations on the beggar, but just as Damon opened his mouth, the young beggar fearfully passed him a piece of paper.




Being curious, Damon took the piece of paper.


It was a flier that had never been seen before in this world.


“For a Respectable Mercenary such as yourself, what is most practical and economical when you are about to embark on a dangerous adventure in fearsome jungles and ruins?


Magic scrolls! That’s right, magic scrolls!


I have good news for you. Anthony’s Magic Cottage is now having a promotion – authentic and practical magic scrolls are now selling for 48 copper coins each! You read it right, only 48 copper coins!


Flame magic scrolls, lightning magic scrolls, stream magic scrolls, dust magic scrolls and gale magic scrolls, all kinds of magic scrolls yours for just 48 copper coins each!


In addition, for every ten scrolls you purchase, you will get 1 for free! That’s right, a magic scroll worth 48 copper coins for free! Such things are hard to come by, and you do not want to miss this! Don’t pass up the chance or you’ll regret when the promotion ends, so visit Anthony’s Magic Cottage now!”


The seemingly inspiring and captivating text on the flier made Damon really excited. Although he was used to purchasing magic scrolls from the biggest magic shop in Stan City called Morgan’s Magic Store, he decided to try something else for a change.


“Other shops sell magic scrolls at 50 copper coins, but they are selling at 48 copper coins each! What’s more, there is a promotion of buy 10 get 1 free! How could I possibly miss this fabulous offer?” As a Mercenary, Damon wouldn’t usually bother himself with the slightest difference in price, but he subconsciously knew that he had found a huge advantage.


Written on the other side of the flier was the address for the Magic store. Despite having felt moody in the morning, his spirits were lifted and the young beggar was seemingly more pleasing to his eyes now. He then magnanimously tossed a copper coin to him and began to walk towards Anthony’s Magic Cottage.


Although fearful and apprehensive at first, the young beggar’s eyes lit up when he caught the copper coin that Damon tossed at him. He carefully polished it before dropping it into his pocket. Then, he rushed towards another Mercenary walking out of the hall with his stack of fliers.


Similarly, there were other groups of young beggars around Stan City waiting at certain places; the Hunter Guild’s, the Swordsmen’s Guild and the Vegetable Markets. The goal of the once idle young beggars was now to distribute the inspiring fliers and hopefully convince the people through them to patronise Anthony’s Magic Cottage.


A few days ago, en route to their house from Cara’s Magic Bookstore, Ye Chui thought of a method to pacify Debbie since she was unhappy that he splurged nine gold coins on two magic language books that were useless to them for now. He came up with the idea when he saw the idling young beggars on the streets. He believed that they could help his cottage distribute fliers to boost his business. Of course, this was a concept adapted from his previous life… [Alright, giving promotions was probably not considered a new tactic, but it is definitely novel in this new world.]


Magic scrolls were the most profitable sales items in Anthony’s Magic cottage, and they were the only items that Ye Chui could mass-produce. Selling magic scrolls was definitely the fastest way to improve business.


With Ye Chui writing inspiring and passionate words for the fliers and hiring a special magic printing store to produce copies, the fliers were considered easy to make too. The young beggars would be more than happy to earn one copper coin daily just from distributing the fliers.

(Silavin: I found it extremely cringe worthy, hahahaha!)


Ye Chui’s advertisement strategy proved to be a resounding success.


“Hammer, there was someone who came and bought 10 magic scrolls at one go. Business can’t get any better than this,” Debbie entered the room and chirped happily.


Reading the ‘Intermediate Magic Language’ book while sitting on the bed, Ye Chui looked up with a smile, “See that? As long as you follow my instructions, our business will improve very quickly.”


“Hehe.” Debbie smiled innocently, but as she noticed the book in his hands, her expression changed slightly, “Hammer, as dad had said before, there’s no way you could learn intermediate magic language without the guidance of a master. Furthermore, you are a mere level two Magician, what’s the hurry? Wait until we earn lots of money, I’ll bring you to find a good magic teacher.”


“There’s no harm in perusing the book. I was just interested in it.” Ye Chui did not think much of what Debbie said.


Debbie shook her head. Just then, a bell rang, indicating another enthusiastic customer entering the cottage. She rushed out to attend to the customer with a joyful expression and her voice echoed back, “Hammer, don’t be too engrossed in reading. Spare some time to carve more magic scrolls. There aren’t many of them left.”


Ye Chui smiled to himself as his eyes returned to the book in his hands. After flipping a few pages, his exhaustion became obvious through his expression.


“This thing… is actually really hard to understand…”    


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