Omni-Magician – Chapter 140, These Three Are Just Too Much!

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Translator: Satya

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The Magic Beasts were rushing in like the turbulent stormy seas. Vivian finally arrived at the front lines. She wanted to contribute the battle with her strength as per the Seven Gods teachings. She could see those at the front engage in a life or death fight against the ferocious Magic Beasts. 


While her focus was placed elsewhere, a Magic Beast managed to rush to her. It released a ferocious roar, and her body froze in fright. Her face went pale with fear as she turned her head towards the sound to find that her life was just hanging by a thread.


Ye Chui, who was currently murdering the Magic Beasts with his long sword suddenly discovered a petite girl near Debbie. He knitted his brows together. [Did this kid run away from her family? Does she think all of this is for fun or something!?”]


His sword plunged into the Magic Beast that was about to attack Vivian. He turned and looked at the girl and took note that she was smaller in person and had not lost all the baby fat on her cute face. This caused Ye Chui more confusion as to who this girl was. [what is this girl doing here?]


Vivian looked at Ye Chui and became little flustered. She shuttered to speak as she wanted to affirm what she was doing here: “I… I came to help defend from the Magic Beasts.”


“Eh… no thanks. It is too dangerous here. You better return to your family….” Ye Chui said without thinking anymore. Not all petite girls were abnormal like his Debbie.


“I must stay and help!” Vivian said stubbornly. She held the Seven Gods Saint Word which held the Faith Power. She wanted to aid with the help of the Saint Words. So, she calmed herself down and started to recite the Saint Words.


Because of all the noise from the beasts and the Gatling of Debbie, he could not hear Vivian clearly. He gawked and said: “what seven aunts? Why would you bring up your seven aunts now?!’


Vivian opened her eyes. She was too afraid to keep her eyes away from her enemies: “Saint Word <Burning Eyes of the Seven Gods!”


A giant eye condensed above Vivian. It seemed illusionary but it was clear and distinct at the same time. It looked down on the battlefield. And then it directed its gaze towards all the Magic Beasts. Whenever a Magic Beast entered the gaze of the eye, they sent a frigid miserable roar. Their bodies meltdown like candles that fell into a fiery pit.


Ye Chui: “…”


He finally understood that this little girl was a follower.


First squad leader Beira saw what Vivian did and got even more depressed [what the…. Where did this cheater come from…]?


[only Followers can use the power of faith. And the way they use it is called the Saint Word. But how exactly does the Saint Word use the power of faith? That previous move <Burning Eyes of the Seven gods> was incredibly powerful. just its gaze was enough to burn someone. This could be my chance at studying it…] Ye Chui’s heart burned with excitement as his Father of Studies heart was set ablaze.


While he was lost in thought, several Magic Beasts rushed towards Ye Chui. Noticing the situation, he regained his composure. Adjusted his stance and revealed an imposing aura. He opened both his arms as if wanting to give the Magic Beasts a warm hug. The Magic Array on his chest activated, shot a bright blue beam of light <Lightning Beam>. 



 (Satya: imagine Ironman’s plasma blast, not that you wouldn’t expect that…… yep)


<Lightning Beam> has a Lightning Element. While it lacks lethality, it is, however, very erosive and a large area of effect. The blast of <Lightning Beam> hit one beast after another, causing heavy injuries to many Magic Beasts simultaneously. The array electrocution was enough to disable rank 4 Swordsman. Although the Magic Beasts had formidable body and spirit, it was impossible for them to survive such a powerful shock.


Under the continuous bombardment of <Lightning Beam>, many Magic Beasts were disposed of. Their bodies fell to the ground while smoking black.


In an instant, dozens of Magic Beasts perished at Ye Chui’s hands.


Beira’s mind collapsed [more cheats?!?]


Eventually, the Magic Stone’s Magic Power exhausted and Ye Chui’s dazzling moves came to a halt. He felt his armor become heavy. So, he took the old Magic Stone out. It was lackluster and pale gray. He then took out another Magic Stone and inserted it in his chest in a hurry regaining the strength to take down any attack from all four directions.


The <Lightning Beam> is very effective but consumes too much Magic Power. Even if Ye Chui had many high-grade Magic Stones on him, he could not casually use this attack. So, he resorted to using his long sword most of the time.


Vivian turned to look at Iron-Swordsman [he sure is powerful, but I have never seen anyone fighting like this….} she has however regained her calm. She smiled sweetly and began reciting the Seven Gods Saint Word.


That was when her attention drew toward Debbie. The deafening sound of Gatling was incredible. Its sound was no less intimidating than the roar of a Magic Beast. The way Debbie held the Gatling was in no way intimidating, almost was a joke. But its effectiveness was undisputed. Debbie could not contend an Advanced Swordsman, but her efficiency in battle was no joke. If speaking of endurance, if she had Gatling in her hands, then she practically does not get tired at all.


“she is quite fierce as well…” Vivian could not help but exclaim in surprise.


Gradually, Ye Chui, Debbie, and Vivian became the biggest contributors in the first squad. Even though there was a level 8 Swordsman, their efficiency in battle paled in comparison. Their fighting efficacy was unprecedented. Looking at the three, the surrounding warriors were surprised [These three are very fierce…]


Alfea, who was also in the first squad, pursed her lips when she witnessed how Iron-Swordsman fought. She wanted to fight together alongside Iron-Swordsman. But Iron-Swordsman’s display made her feel inferior. This realization made her feel uncomfortable.


“I must become stronger!” she affirmed in her heart.


The fight against the beast tide had gone on for half an hour already.


In this half an hour of time, Magic Beasts numbers reduced to about half their original size. At the same time, dozens of Swordsmen were killed and over a hundred Swordsman were severely injured. The rank 5 Light Magician Basgen helped heal most of the warriors. Although he was specialized in Light Magic, which as a branch of healing magic, after healing so many of the injured, he was succumbing to exhaustion.

(Satya: Stats time. for math freaks out there …. Stop reading for a few paras.)


Some of the Magic Beasts would still break through the first line of defense and arrive at the rear. Where they would cause a ruckus. Although the (more than 5000) Elementary Swordsman would deal with those stray Magic Beasts, many of them would still get injured, sometimes heavily.


Of all the warriors, the one with the highest number of kills was, without a doubt, Iron-Swordsman, Tony Stark. Although it is not accurately recorded, the number of Magic Beasts that fell under his hands was no less than 300.


Second would be Debbie. Of all the Magic Beasts that entered the central gate of <Valhalla’s Gate>, she killed over 250 beasts in this half an hour.


Then followed by follower Vivian. She killed about 200 Magic Beasts with her Saint Word.


Just these three together killed over 800 beasts.


On a whole, over 4000 Magic Beasts were slaughtered. A fifth was killed by the three. Those who understood the situation would sigh [These three are ferocious.]


After the three, the team leader of each of the teams killed the most. These Advanced Swordsmen were fierce. Some of them killed over a hundred beasts. While some killed as few as 40. Squad leader Beira, however, could only kill 47. He was the strongest of all the 19 squad leaders. And yet his kill count paled in comparison to the others. This was because he could only kill the one that could reach him after Ye Chui, Debbie, and Vivian killed their share. It was a pride wrenching experience for him. 


Next highest results were that of Alfea, Alan, and Balmain. These outstanding Intermediate Swordsman had killed ten to twenty beasts each.


Of the 19 space gates, the one first squad defended was considered the harshest, yet it seemed like it was the safest now. All this while, the Magic Beast has not crossed the line of defense…


Fight against the Beast Tide can showcase the excellence of warriors.


But the brows of City Lord Eric were tightly knit. Why? Because Booth had reached his limit. his forehead was covered in sweat. His complexion paled and his breathing was haggard. He might not be able to support the immense drain of Magic Power by <Valhalla’s Gate> for long.




Booth’s Magic Wand cracked.


The crack slowly grew bit by bit, crack by crack.


Then finally…. It broke apart and disintegrated into tiny splinters and sawdust.


‘puff’    Booth vomited a mouthful of blood. The Advanced space Defense Spell <Valhalla’s Gate> that stood for half an hour crumbled into specks of light… 

(Satya: think of DMC barriers shattering) 


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