Omni-Magician – Chapter 49, Idiot! Coward!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


“Let’s rest for half an hour to restore our energy, before entering the inner hall!” Alfea said in a cold voice, lacking any form of emotion while she returned her long sword back to her waist. Walking to Ye Chui’s side, she spoke to him in a solemn voice, “Thank you… if it weren’t for you, we would probably end up dead. We all owe our lives to you. When this adventure ends, I will make sure that you earn enough treasure and gold to reward you for your heroic acts.”


Alfea’s words caused Guthem’s expression to turn sour instantly. Since Ye Chui’s portion of the treasure was going to increase, there was no doubt that Guthem’s portion was going to be reduced. However, he did not rebuke nor comment on this decision.


“It was also because I wanted to save myself. So, please do not think of me as such a noble person…” Ye Chui said in a hoarse voice, as a smile was plastered to his face. Although he appeared as though his increase in portion of money and treasure did not matter to him, joy was blooming in deep inside his heart.


Debbie took out a water bottle from Ye Chui’s travel bag and passed it to him. She sat beside him and examined him out of concern. She appeared as though she was bothered with Ye Chui’s increase in portion. Although it might seem that her portion of treasure had diminished, she would eventually be the biggest beneficiary.


Meanwhile, Damon, Athol and Balmain were all reorganizing Bill’s travelling bag. Since they were still in the midst of their adventure, they could not take Bill’s corpse with them. They could only carry along his armour and weapon – an adventure rule for paying respect to the dead. Knowing that the reminder of Bill’s status would damage the group’s moral, the three of them worked in silence.


Suddenly, a loud *Bang!* rang out as Alfea’s left hand grabbed onto Oberth’s collar. Forcing him against the wall, she scolded in an ice-cold and angry voice, “You caused Bill’s death, so you will be fully liable for it! Maintaining visibility in the tomb was your responsibility! But you were clearly too lacking to carry out your responsibility! If not for the short period of darkness, Bill might be able to dodge the attack and… I might be able to save him!”


Oberth’s face turned red as he tried to raise his voice, “I…I…” However, due to him being utterly exhausted by using too much of his magic powers, his whole body was weak. Facing the enraged Alfea, he desperately shouted out, “It wasn’t my fault! I’ve used up too much of my magic power to help!”


Damon, Athol and Balmain all gave Oberth a look of displeasure and rage as they thought in their hearts. [Oberth said that he had released a spell to attack the statue, but what use was it? It merely added to the chaos! Ye Chui’s use of magic scrolls was much more effective than everything that he did!]


The only one to console him was the man standing nearby, Guthem. “Miss Alfea, in that kind of situation, no one could have anticipated such a thing to happen. Who would have expected that an attack would occur exactly when the effect of <Light Drop> dissipated? In my opinion, Oberth shouldn’t be blamed for this incident… If you think about it, Hammer is the one at fault. He was the one who led an attack using his magic scrolls, causing Oberth to be blinded when he released his spells!”


The words used by Guthem were obviously meant to flatter Oberth. It was clear that Guthem took great importance to his friendship with Oberth.

(Silavin: Bromance?)


However, those words incited rage within the rest of the group.




Alfea pulled out the long sword from her waist using her other hand. Before anyone was able to respond, the blade of the sword was already placed against Guthem’s neck. When she spoke, she made sure she was cool and collected, “When I ask for the accountability of the members, no one is supposed to interrupt! Otherwise, I can use my position as team leader to expel you from the group and execute you!”


Alfea was visibly enraged. It was at this moment that she displayed her aura and poise as the team leader.


Guthem immediately turned mute.


It was at this moment that a weak voice came from Ye Chui, “Recently, I’ve read a book about adventuring. From these books, I’ve learnt something. The first thing was the certainty of members in their ability to accomplish their task or roles. An adventurer must be clear and objective in what he does. When I used the magic scrolls to assist everyone in attacking, it was because I knew that I would be able to sustain the <Breeze> spell for a long time. Likewise, I have an abundance of scrolls to use continuously. Therefore, I was fully capable of assisting in attack. However, Oberth refused to work with me, and wished to compete with me. He had used his magic powers in a fruitless attempt, and that was the most retarded thing he could do!”


Oberth’s face transformed to rage. He was comparable in strength and ability to Alfea, and in his own arrogance, he despised Ye Chui. [This good for nothing magician has just had achieved something using the easy way! What rights does he have to insult me like this? Just what qualification does he have to accuse me as being retarded!?]


Noticing Oberth’s enraged expression, Ye Chui took a deep breath to calm down and scolded, “Idiot!”


“Then what about you?!” Ye Chui’s gaze focuses on Guthem, “When the statue first appeared, you were the closest to Bill! You managed to notice the attack first, way before Bill managed to notice. If you actually went ahead and fought with the statue, allowing Alfea to join up in time, then perhaps Bill would not have been stabbed and died! But what did you do in that crucial moment? You ran away!”


Guthem’s face immediately turned red, as what Ye Chui said was the truth. However, he needed to defend himself, so he quibbled, “At that point in time, I instinctively defended myself.”


“Well, you are right. You can call it instinct.” Ye Chui said with a shameless smile, “You, by instinct, are a coward!”






After saying these words, Ye Chui seemed to have lost the interest to continue the conversation. He then closed his eyes and started to meditate – meditation was a method used to restore spiritual power and magic power. In reality, it clears one’s mind so as to enable effective restoration.


Tranquillity was restored in the corridor.


Both Guthem and Oberth were slightly pissed at Ye Chui’s insults, ‘coward’ and ‘idiot’, but they did not have the means to rebuke him. They could only scold him secretly in their hearts and pledge that they will exact revenge on Ye Chui one day…


It could be seen that Alfea’s anger was reaching its peak. She did not want to let Guthem and Oberth off just like that, but after Balmain’s persuasion, Alfea let go of Oberth’s collar. After giving him a stern warning, Alfea walked towards Debbie and sat crossed-legged beside her, as her long sword was placed across her knees.


With a face as pale as a sheet, Oberth sat on the ground leaning on the wall. He also started meditating to restore his spiritual power.


The rest of the adventure team also spent the remaining time resting, as they get ready for the upcoming adventure.



20 minutes later



Ye Chui opened his eyes after his meditation. Although he felt that most of his spiritual and magic powers had restored, he was still irritated. He also realised at that moment that his words had probably angered Guthem and Oberth. But… He did not regret one bit. Instead his heart had the desire to kill these two people. As Guthem’s brother’s place in the adventure team was snatched away by Debbie, Guthem had always pitted himself against Ye Chui. On the other hand, Oberth was the vengeful kind of person who will remember all the things anyone did to him; and Ye Chui definitely did not want to be remembered by Oberth…


While Ye Chui thought of these words, he suddenly noticed something in the sand and took it in the heat of the moment.


It was a magic crystal.


Swordsman statues depended on magic crystals and magic stones to be activated – magic stones provided magic power, while magic crystals controlled the nodes.


The magic matrix which enabled a Swordsman statue to regenerate and attack was hidden within this magic crystal.


“I wonder how the magic matrix operates…”


In line with his ‘Father of Studies’ nickname, Ye Chui’s consciousness entered the magic crystal.


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  1. Honestly they are all idiots, you shouldn’t let your guard down in a place like that in the first place. And the way Alfea handled that was terrible, now on top of the group moral being low and down a member, there is tension between the members. How are they supposed to work together and survive the rest of the tomb.

    1. Excellent points but other then Guthem they are all quite young and inexperienced plus worked up from the battle/death so I can see why they made the mistakes.

      1. Indeed, if one tries to imagine himself on the same situation, it may be an even worse behavior. They are mostly teenagers, emotional, irrational and stuff.

        But there is something I must point out:
        Oberth is a good representation of what someone his age behaves like.
        “Hammer” is just plain stupid himself, remember that he is supposed to be an Adult. I would feel very awkward to trashtalk with a kid like he did in this chapter.
        Alfea is just a rich girl with some skills, she mostly tries to show confidence, authority and leadership because that’s what she learned over her “adventures”.
        Considering the setting, discipline isn’t even considered important here, they didn’t set “real” roles and responsabilities and don’t even know what the others can do. Like “oh he can cast lightshit”, you can totally ask “What can you do?” before running to a tomb.

        1. Hammer has the mind of an adult, but the body of a teenager. He is also trying to live as the original “Hammer”, not only using his body. That might cause some issues with his emotional state.

          1. Well, he doesn’t really try to act like what the previous hammer was. He is well aware of his own identity, so his emotional state is stable. (This isn’t LLS)

        2. “Hammer” is a nerd. A nerd who got himself on the ‘most wanted’ list by mistake and also died for his stupidity. He’s not exactly a shining example of common sense. But, that is a common trait among geniuses.

  2. Thanks for both chapters, I really like this story.
    Chapters are a little short but it’s always refreshing & even with the title, I always fail to foretell what will happen.

  3. why do I get a feeling that MC will be able to make a seemingly unlimited army after he’s done with studying that magic stone

  4. interesting, with that magic crystal and magic core, maybe he can create the golem secretly when everyone was busy to kill his enemy ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

  5. If only author made MC remain quiet and not spout those insults making some new enemies with that classic Xianxia trope. This just gives off the quality of novel this author can manage.

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