Omni-Magician – Chapter 58, He Stole the Magic Crystal from the Mirror’s Space Magic

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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In a stone chamber that wasn’t considerably large, Ye Chui, who wore a suit of battle armour, miraculously floated in mid-air. Other than his hand which was holding onto the long sword, every other inch of his body was totally concealed by the battle armour. Be it the image of him floating in mid-air or his cool look, a strong sense of mystery exuded from him.


The attack which he had made by brandishing the long sword was already of the standard of an advanced Swordsman. However, even the best of advanced Magicians or Swordsmen could not make themselves float in mid-air. Using wind magic, advanced Magicians could only make themselves glide or their bodies seem lighter than they actually are. But floating is an entirely different level that only Specialist Realm Magicians or better could achieve.


Ye Chui’s attack and flotation in mid-air was enough to astonish many people.


There were many people in the world, called Magic-Swordsmen, who were trained in both magic and swordsmanship. But Ye Chui had far surpassed the standards of an ordinary Magic-Swordsman.


The child-like voice stopped talking for a period of time, as though he was shocked by Ye Chui’s feat.


Although Ye Chui could easily get a continuous supply of magic power through the magic stone in front of his chest, the magic power was limited. Very soon, he spatially landed from his floating position. He then tilted his head upwards and said to the child-like voice, “You once said that if anyone manages to overcome all the obstacles set by your master, the person would be able to leave this place safely… So, start quickly. I want to challenge the hurdles that you master has put in place.”


The child-like voice sounded out, “Are you certain? Even if you are very formidable, it is very likely that you won’t be able to clear all the obstacles set by the master of this tomb.”


“I won’t know until I try.” Ye Chui replied confidently. Seeing Debbie and Alfea, who were both unconscious on the ground, Ye Chui suddenly thought of something and continued, “One more thing. Can you promise me that you won’t spill the beans on my identity to the both of them? I don’t want them to know the relation between me and this battle armour.”


In actual fact, Ye Chui did not mind Debbie having knowledge of the relation between him and the armour suit. He had previously hidden the fact from Debbie because he wanted to give her a surprise. Another important reason as to why he hid the truth from Debbie was that the set of battle armour was crafted using the treasures found from Busca’s space ring. If Debbie knew about it, she would have confiscated all the money…


The encounter with such a greedy wife made Ye Chui understand the importance of a little strongbox.


“Why should I promise you?” The child-like voice asked in curiosity.


“You have lost the bet previously. If you don’t want to go back on your words, just do me this little favour.” Ye Chui laughed.


He was not expecting the child-like voice to agree to his request, but the child-like voice proved him wrong. After a moment of silence, the child-like voice replied, “All right. Since it’s the price I’ve to pay for losing the bet, I’ll help you keep the secret.”


Ye Chui was dumbfounded, as though he thought of something. [I must say that this artificial intelligence is rather reasonable.] He then shook his head and walked to Debbie and Alfea’s side. As the both of them merely fainted, it was rather easy for Ye Chui to wake them up. As soon as Alfea opened her eyes, she immediately jumped up, held onto her long sword, scanned the surroundings and looked at Ye Chui in vigilance – this proved that she has indeed encountered many risky experiences.


Debbie’s sense of vigilance was slightly poorer… or maybe it was a lot poorer. It was as though she just woke up from her bed – she rubbed her eyes, yawned with her mouth wide open and mumbled some words, “Hammer, I’m hungry… When are we having our meal?” Quickly, she regained her senses and realized the situation she was in. She thus jumped up and held her great sword in her hand, “Hammer? Hammer, where are you?”


The stone chamber was clear for all to see. The little girl looked around, before fixating her eyes on Ye Chui’s back view, “Hammer?”


Ye Chui coughed and said in a hoarse voice, “There’s only the three of us here.”


Alfea looked at Ye Chui in an alert manner, “Who are you?”


“Me?” Ye Chui said in a pale face, but quickly realized that the others could not see his face. Thus, he continued in a light tone, “My name is Iron Swordsman.”


“Iron Swordsman?” Both Debbie and Alfea were dumbstruck.


Alfea then questioned, “Are you the mysterious person who claimed to be an advanced Swordsman, although your skill level isn’t that high?”


Debbie continued, “Are you the narcissistic Swordsman who likes to add a long string of prefix before your title?”


Ye Chui, “… Yes, I am.”


“Then, where’s my Hammer?” Debbie asked in a loud voice.


“Err…” Ye Chui did not expect Debbie to be so concerned about him. He had already prepared a logical explanation to fool Alfea and Debbie, “It seems like Swordsmen are the only ones who get teleported to this room. The Hammer, which you are referring to, has probably been teleported into some other room. I’ve just confirmed that all of us are safe for the time being.” After saying his piece, Ye Chui looked upwards, “Am I right?”


“Yes, the others are safe for the time being.” The child-like voice replied. It seemed to know how to coordinate with Ye Chui.


Debbie’s worry could still be seen on her face, “Why don’t you let Ye Chui remain by our side?”


“Only Swordsmen can be teleported here, as the next obstacle is targeted at Swordsmen.” Ye Chui explained.


Alfea’s voice proved to be vigilant, “Then who are you? Why are you here?”


“I’m carrying out an ancient tomb adventure.” Ye Chui hurriedly explained, “I don’t know if you girls realized that this ancient tomb is a little strange. It seems like the master of the ancient tomb purposefully made many keys for entering this tomb.”


Alfea’s face still had a vigilant expression plastered on it. Although she lowered the long sword in her hand, her alertness towards Ye Chui did not seem to reduce. She scanned the surroundings, before talking to the air, “Why did you teleport us here? What are you going to do to us?”


“Hehe…” The child-like voice laughed in satisfaction, “The interesting part is about to come next.”


Following the child-like voice’s words, a ray of blinding white light appeared from one side of the stone chamber. This was an indication of spatial teleportation. Following the disappearance of the white light, a tall and muscular Swordsman in a suit of battle armour appeared from thin air…


“Hammer! Hammer! Can you hear me? I beg you to save me! Please save me at all cost…”


Within the inner hall, Oberth’s hoarse voice could be heard all around. He leaned against the wall of light with a pale expression.


Everyone else was solemnly silent.


Guthem sat crossed-legged on the ground in a pathetic manner, as he tried to recover all his energy. There were a lot of frustrations in his heart that he could not speak out. [Why did I have to go against Hammer from the start of the adventure? If I had maintained a good relationship with him, then this would not have happened.]


On the other hand, Damon had a crestfallen expression on his face.


Athol and Balmain were both very serious. As City Lord’s Guards, Alfea was their master and they had followed her since young. If Ye Chui could save Alfea from this predicament, it would not be a bad result after all, thus both of them were not feeling so depressed at this time.


At this instant, Oberth suddenly shouted, “I remembered… It’s him! The person who stole the magic crystal from the mirror’s space magic is Hammer… It’s actually him!”


After the magic crystal in the Magic Guild Hall got stolen, the guild carried out a thorough search. As Ye Chui was a level two Magician, he was cleared of all suspicion by Oberth. Now thinking about the dazzling performance Ye Chui gave during the space array challenge, Oberth finally regained his composure. [The person who stole the magic crystal is Hammer! I can’t be wrong about it!]


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