Omni-Magician – Chapter 60, Iron Swordsman’s Ultimate Move

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


(Silavin: Do note that: sword, combat, fighting styles mean the same thing. I just use different terms to make the story flow better.)


The Aigen-Dazs Continent only had a traceable history up to 15,000 years ago. However, the fact of the matter was that the continent had been in existence for a much longer period of time, meaning that human beings had lived on this continent for much longer than 15,000 years.


The decline of human beings led to their lives being increasingly tough, as they had to try to survive through the cracks of the world. To combat the lack of strength, the Swordsman profession was thus created.


Initially, all Swordsmen had were attacking skills, and not combat styles. Chopping, slicing, puncturing and piercing were just a few of the many basic movements which they had. Through the strength and speed of these basic movements, Swordsmen were able to gain formidable fighting skills. On the other hand, the way Swordsmen used their sword aura led to humans learning various powerful tactics. It was only after the Magic Emperor discovered magic, that Swordsmen were capable of enchanting their weapons and armour. After that era, the Swordsmen were able to display more tactics with their sword aura.


However, there were few or perhaps no Swordsmen who would seek ways to improve their battle prowess by proactively improving their fighting style. It was to the extent that the phrase ‘fighting style’ literally did not exist in all books regarding the Aigen-Dazs Continent.


Despite the lack of people researching into fighting styles, there would surely be at least one person in the universe who tended to act vastly different from others; and this person existed 1300 years ago. This specific Swordsman would imagine all kinds of fighting styles. Although his talent was mediocre, he was smart! He was capable of covering for his lack of sword aura, and finally reach the peak of a level nine Swordsman!


To be able to transcend that boundary was virtually impossible for him, as the next boundary would require a great deal of talent to achieve. As he knew that he did not have such a level of talent, he had made do with his status as a level nine Swordsman.


Despite that, he was not discouraged. Through his own research into combat styles, he managed to overcome the boundary. Being able to find a way to improve himself, out of the realm of his peers’ paths, he learnt a valuable life lesson, and continued to perfect his different fighting styles.


During that era, he was recognised as the strongest level nine Swordsman, as well as the invincible one amongst all the level nine Swordsmen. Many also felt that he might have had a chance at winning against those Swordsmen who managed to squeeze into a higher tier than him by the smallest margin.


Unfortunately, he harboured a great deal of regret. Although he had perfected various fighting styles, many Swordsmen did not regard his fighting styles highly. Thus, it was even highly likely that no one inherited the flawless fighting styles of his.


In the last few years of his life, he made a firm decision. He had decided to use up all his wealth to construct a tomb for himself and integrate his thoughts into a magic crystal, awaiting the moment when someone formidable enough would appear to inherit his legacy.


Then, Ye Chui came to his tomb. The armoured Swordsman which appeared in the stone chamber was using his perfected fighting styles!


Only by perceiving and learning its combat styles would Ye Chui have a chance at defeating this armoured Swordsman and pass this obstacle.


[If he can’t manage to comprehend these fighting moves, then let him perish in this place…] This was the original plan of the level nine Swordsman.








The armoured swordsman and Ye Chui, who wore an Iron Swordsman suit, were instantly embroiled in an exchange of moves.


Meanwhile, both Debbie and Alfea stood anxiously at the side, vigilantly staring at their clashes. When Ye Chui proposed to take on the Swordsman on his own, the two got worried, as they had no clue about his level of competency. However, once the battle began, they realised that they have overestimated his capabilities.


Ye Chui’s movements… were simply too clumsy.


The speed of his reaction and movement of his sword were too slow, such that it could not even compare to that of a level one Swordsman.

(Silavin: WTF? How can someone be lower than that?)


This really far exceeded the realms of their perception. Debbie and Alfea then looked at each other with pure dismay. [This person is seriously too weak. How did he even pass the magic arrays in the inner hall? And where did he get his confidence from?]


“Is he going to hold out?” Debbie’s brows wrinkled.


Alfea shook her head and sighed, “I doubt so. Let’s prepare to intercept. I’m guessing that he won’t be able to last for a minute.”


Then, exceeding her expectations, a minute had passed and Ye Chui was still in the fight.


Then, he passed the two minute mark; then three minute mark and finally, the four minute mark!


When Ye Chui lasted to the ten minute mark, both Alfea and Debbie took note of how Ye Chui was tenaciously holding up and changed their countenance once more.


“This is so strange…” Debbie said, “It seems like he has infinite sword aura…”


“It’s impossible. Sword aura rises in proportion to battle prowess. If he has the skills of less than a level one Swordsman, then how can his sword aura be more than that of an intermediate Swordsman…” Alfea frowned while pondering and muttered, “The reason lies in his armour suit.”


“His armour suit?”


“The enchantment done on his armour suit seems to be very formidable.” The glow in Alfea’s eyes brightened. Due to the armour suit, Ye Chui managed to display strong fighting capabilities, despite his trash skills. However, pondering for a second more, Alfea once again shook her head, “Although he has all of this, he is still not the armoured Swordsman’s match. I’m expecting him to only last for at most 20 minutes.”


Then Ye Chui surpassed the 20 minute mark, again outside of Alfea’s expectation!


However, it was at this point in time that he was showing signs of gradual defeat, as he was continuously retreating. Seeing that he was about to lose, Debbie and Alfea both braced themselves to support him. However, Ye Chui unleashed a powerful move, which made them shocked.


Ye Chui took a huge step backwards and stabbed his long sword into ground. His left and right legs were left in a bent position while he opened his arms wide and raised them up. It was as though he was about to embrace the armoured Swordsman, which was going to attack him.


The armoured Swordsman suddenly jumped up and slashed its sword towards Ye Chui’s head.




A streak of bright blue electricity column suddenly shot out from Ye Chui’s chest. *Zila* The lightning struck onto the armoured Swordsman’s body, causing it to fall backwards and hit the stone wall due to the strong force dealt to it.


The electricity column was still emitting electricity.


Behind the *Zizizi* sound that could be heard, the armoured Swordsman had actually made a big crater in the stone wall. Its body seemed as though it was on the verge of breaking down.


The electric current continued for another five minutes.


The armoured Swordsman fell face-down onto the ground, like a defeated stone statue, but it recovered quickly. Debbie and Alfea were staring wide-eyed at the scene as this was the first time the armoured Swordsman was injured to this extent. If it was not a puppet, but a human, this armoured Swordsman would have been blown into pieces by Ye Chui’s move.


The two girls stared at each other. Ye Chui might have the capabilities of a level one Swordsman, but he definitely possessed the abilities of an advanced Swordsman with the help of this armour suit.

After unleashing his ultimate attack, he showed no traces of exhaustion. Ye Chui paused for a second before picking up his long sword and charging towards the armoured Swordsman.


Thirty minutes quickly passed and the armour suited Swordsman vanished.


Exhausted, Ye Chui went to Alfea and Debbie’s side to rest. He sat against one of the walls as both the girls continued to stare at him in bewilderment.


“It’s your turn to battle next round. I need some time to think about some things…” Ye Chui said while panting. His whole voice had transformed to the point where even without the voice changer, both girls would probably not recognise it as him.


“What are you thinking of?” Alfea asked with bright eyes.


“Something.” Ye Chui wearily replied but still contained traced of delight in his voice, “I might have found a way to defeat that puppet!”




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