Omni-Magician – Chapter 72, Are You Certain That You’re a Level Two Magician?

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Despite Eric being extremely furious, the punishment meted out to Guthem was not considered fatal, instead it was rather lenient. Seeing Guthem still gasping for precious air as he was being carried away, Ye Chui felt a sense of regret.


Ye Chui hated Guthem to the core.


Through the experiences he went through in the previous world as a hacker, Ye Chui had an in-depth understanding of people’s character. During the ancient tomb adventure, both Guthem and Oberth displayed the most despicable side of themselves, causing others to look at them with disdainful gazes after the escape. However, both of them would never reveal their despicable side to Ye Chui, especially since they had lowered their statuses and begged him, an unimportant person, to save their lives. Hence, they now harbored a great sense of hatred towards him.


Although Ye Chui understood this concept, he was not prepared to let Guthem and Oberth off the hook just like this. Unfortunately, Eric only dealt with Guthem leniently, but for Oberth… Despite Eric knowing Oberth’s lackluster performance in the ancient tomb, he did not know how to deal with him, since Oberth is, after all, the son of the Magician Guild Master.


The City Lord’s Manor, as well as the Magician Guild, were considered as the two largest influences in Stan City that maintained peace and stability in the city.


After Guthem was carried away, Eric led everyone to the City Lord’s Manor Hall, so as to allow everyone to treat their wounds and recuperate, as well as to inquire more about the experiences they had in the ancient tomb.


Balmain truthfully narrated the process of the adventure in detail, and had great praise for Ye Chui.


Eric, the City Lord, was starting to have a good impression of Ye Chui, as he complimented Ye Chui several times consecutively. Eric’s compliments of Ye Chui made Oberth’s expression change. Oberth was supposed to be the Magician in the team, while Ye Chui was in the adventure just because he is an Enchanting Master, but Ye Chui managed to rescue everyone in the end with his status as a Magician…


Although Oberth did not get many criticisms due to his status as the Magician Guild Master’s son, he could still feel that the people around him looked at him in an inexplicable gaze of derision.


Oberth had originally asked a servant to inform his father to come over, but he could not remain in this situation any longer. So, he directly excused himself from Eric, “Uncle Eric, I believe that my father is anxiously waiting for my news. So, I guess I’ll make a move first.”


“Sure, you better leave first. I have asked my chefs to prepare for the banquet to celebrate Alfea’s homecoming. But since you’re going to leave, I shan’t invite you to the banquet later on.” Eric said with an indifferent expression.


Oberth stared blankly at Eric. Although Eric was polite with his choice of words, it was obvious that he was biased against Oberth, since he did not even attempt to retain Oberth from dinner. Despite feeling frustrated, Oberth did not dare to be dissolute and left the hall with his head hanging low.


Eric snorted softly, implicitly expressing his displeasure with Oberth.


On the other hand, Debbie used her elbow to nudge Ye Chui at his chest, as she said heartily, “Hammer, Hammer, did you hear that?”


“Hear what?” Ye Chui looked at Debbie with a peculiar expression.


“We’ll get to enjoy a feast for lunch. The standard of the food here in City Lord’s Manor is said to be much higher than that of Moran Flower Restaurant.” Debbie said with anticipation.




The banquet held at the City Lord’s Manor was indeed sumptuous, and the dishes were much more delicious than that of Moran Flower Restaurant. Many of the dishes featured in the banquet included specially-selected magic beast meat, which contains subtle magic power and is extremely nutritious. Ordinary people who eat such meat would be able to attain strong and healthy bodies, while Swordsmen could improve their constitution and expand their boundaries. Most importantly, the taste of the meat was indescribable.


Moran Flower Restaurant, the largest restaurant in Stan City, might not even have dishes that featured magic beast meat on the menu all the time, but for the City Lord’s Manor, magic beast meat is used daily in many dishes. This was because the City Lord’s Guards would patrol around Stan City every month, thus clearing all the magical beasts that existed within the boundaries of the city. Furthermore, it was common for the City Lord’s Guards to hunt down several magic beasts each time, of which the City Lord’s Manor was able to retain most of it to be used for daily cooking.


“Debbie, you can come along with me the next time the City Lord’s Guards conduct a patrol. By then, I will give a portion of our hunt to you as a symbol of gratitude for participating in the ancient tomb adventure.” Sitting next to Debbie at the dining table and having noticed that Debbie enjoyed eating magic beast meat, Alfea laughingly suggested.


Although it may seem like this adventure yielded no rewards, Ye Chui and Debbie could be considered as the greatest beneficiaries from it.


Ye Chui inherited a set of formidable fighting styles and a precious intelligent life, while Debbie forged a deep friendship with the City Lord’s daughter, Alfea. After spending good and bad times in the stone chamber, Alfea and Debbie could now be considered as good sisters.


“Sure, sure.” Debbie nodded her head in fluster, as she spoke while still chewing on her food. She then picked several pieces of meat and put in on Ye Chui’s plate. Seeing the pile of meat on his plate, Ye Chui revealed a helpless expression. [I’m not even certain if this meat is beneficial for me. The only thing I know is that I would be damn bloated if I shoved all of these into my stomach…]


Debbie suddenly thought of another important and said to Alfea in an awkward tone, “But Alfea, I’m just a level two Swordsman, won’t I be a burden if I go patrolling with you all?”


Patrolling is the mission of the City Lord’s Guards, and one must at least be a level four Swordsman to qualify for the position as a City Lord Guard.


Upon hearing Debbie’s words, Alfea laughed uncontrollably, “You’re really a silly girl. After this adventure, how can your skills still be at the standard of a level two Swordsman? You must know that you’ve been battling alongside me all the while, and I have a premonition that you’re at least a level, three Swordsman, now. You might even be a level four Swordsman, who knows? When you return, you can go to the Swordsman Guild to test your swordsmanship.”


Hearing Alfea’s words, Debbie’s small face revealed a stunned expression, as she said in an excited tone, “Alfea, are you being serious?”


“Of course,” Alfea assured Debbie. When Alfea saw Ye Chui concentrating on conquering the pile of magic beast meat in front of him, she burst out in perspiration, “And Hammer, are you certain that you’re a level two Magician?”


Balmain and Athol, who were sitting on the opposite side of the dining table, looked at Ye Chui with curiosity. If Damon was not severely injured and had joined in the feast, he would have looked at Ye Chui with the same gaze.


Ye Chui’s performance in the ancient tomb did not resemble that of a level two Magician.


Even Eric stared at Ye Chui with a curious look.


Upon having eye contact with everyone, Ye Chui blushed, “I’m not exactly sure what level am I at as a Magician. I’ll take a test to confirm my level when I get back to the Magician Guild.”


Actually, Ye Chui lied. He was extremely clear that his capabilities have definitely reached the standard of a level three Magician, but was not yet at the standard of a level four Magician. However, if based on his knowledge of magic theory, as well as his control of various magic spells, Ye Chui could have already reached the standard of an advanced Magician. However, the level at which a Magician is assigned is not entirely based on these two aspects.


The rating of a Magician not only depends on the magic knowledge the Magician has but also the nature of his or her spiritual power.


The nature of spiritual power varies largely from that of an elementary Magician, an intermediate Magician, and an advanced Magician.


The biggest difference in spiritual power between elementary Magicians and intermediate Magicians is that intermediate Magicians could release their spiritual power to explore the outside world, while elementary Magicians were unable to do that.


Unfortunately, Ye Chui’s spiritual power and magic power was considered one of the worst among Magicians.  To become an intermediate Magician, he must transform his spiritual power. This could not be easily done just by theory alone but was also dependent on his talent. In the traceable history, there were few people with Ye Chui’s Magician intelligence who managed to become an intermediate Magician.


Of course, Ye Chui was not discouraged due to that reason.


He still had the determination of the ‘Father of Studies’.


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