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Alchemy Master – Chapter 1, The Young Lady’s Surprise

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“Qin Yichen! Qin Yichen!…”


Qin Yichen groggily opened his eyes, wanting to see exactly which audacious fellow dared to shout at him, a Alchemy Saint, like this. However, what he saw was a slightly angry beautiful face.


The woman before his eyes had a face white as jade, curved eyebrows, eyes like black pearls, a regal nose, red lips, crystal clear teeth. She had a head of smooth hair that flowed down like silk.


“Big Big Sister?” Seeing this face hidden deep in his memories, Qin Yichen blankly called out after a slight delay.


“Hmph!” Lin Miaohan glared at him and snorted. “I told you to watch the fire and not let it die. Look what you’ve done!?”


“Huh?” Qin Yichen swept his gaze around and saw the extinguished Pill Furnace before him, along with the rows of medicine shelves on the side…


The familiar scene and familiar person awakened the distant memories that had almost been forgotten in his mind.


Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind, [Could it be that I’ve returned to over 13,000 years ago, when I was only 16 years old?]


He remembered that at that time, his parents had brought him to stay with the Lin Family. His Father was a guard of the Lin Family, while his Mother did needlework with some other women. As for him, because he was quite clever, he managed to become an Alchemist Assistant.


The young lady before him was the goddess in his heart at that time, as well as the youngest Daughter of the Lin Family Patriarch Lin Aotian, Lin Miaohan.


However, the Qin Yichen at that time lacked confidence. He did not have the courage to confess his feelings. After all, his status was low, while the other party was the Lin Family’s Young Mistress. The gap between their identities was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.


A year later, the Lin Family could no longer remain in Jade Creek City. During the retreat, they were attacked by their enemies and their entire Family got annihilated. His parents also passed away in the process. His Father threw him into the river, and as he swam, trying to breathe, he would personally witness one familiar person after another dying miserably before him.


After escaping this disaster, Qin Yichen’s talent in the Dao of Alchemy slowly allowed him to shine. Through various experiences and encounters, he finally became the most supreme, Alchemy Saint, on the continent!


“Do you know how much money was lost due to your negligence?” Lin Miaohan’s angry shout awakened Qin Yichen, who had fallen into deep thought within his memories.


Usually, she took good care of this clever and sensible Little Brother. However, the Zhuang Family’s Medicine Shop across from the Lin Family’s Medicine Shop had recently launched a Pill with better effects, causing the Lin Family’s Pills to nearly be unsellable. It had placed them into a very disadvantageous position. She became easily irritable and angry due to the stress. Naturally, Qin Yichen’s carelessness in wasting a furnace of Medicinal Herbs did not help the situation.


Qin Yichen forcibly restrained his impulse to hug her tightly. He opened the Pill Furnace, and looked at the Medicinal Dregs at the bottom of the furnace. He pinched a small piece and put it to his nose to smell it.


“It should be concocting Qi Recovery Liquid…”


Although the Lin Family was an Alchemy Family, no one could actually refine real Pills, only the most basic of Medicinal Liquids on the continent.


Those who could truly refine Pills were respectfully called… Alchemists.


However, existences of that level were less than a handful in the entire Jade Creek City, and they were all revered existences of large families.


“This furnace of Medicinal Herbs is worth seven silver coins. It could have been boiled into ten bottles of Qi Recovery Liquid, selling for ten silver coins. Do you know that ten silver coins is almost a day’s income for my Lin Family’s Medicine Shop? Not to mention, the Zhuang Family is now stepping on us while we are down. My Lin Family’s Medicinal Liquids are already nearly unsellable…” Seeing the charred Medicinal Dregs at the bottom of the furnace, Lin Miaohan’s heart ached to the point of shedding tears.


[The Zhuang Family!] A cold gleam flashed through Qin Yichen’s eyes.


The Lin Family was forced into desperation by the Zhuang Family, leading to the subsequent tragedy.


“Wait, don’t throw it away.”


[When she was about to discard these Medicinal Dregs?] Qin Yichen stopped her and mysteriously said, “Big Sister, these things are all money. Wouldn’t it be a pity to throw them away?”


These charred Medicinal Dregs were useless in Lin Miaohan’s eyes, but in Qin Yichen’s view, they were still raw materials for Alchemy. Although they were a little inferior, if he just wanted to concoct them into medicine, it was more than enough.


Concocting Medicinal Liquids was the most basic and simplest in the Dao of Alchemy. As long as one was familiar with the medicinal properties of the herbs and used open flame to extract their medicinal properties, it would be fine.


Although these Medicinal Herbs had been charred and more than half of their medicinal properties were lost, a small portion still remained in these Medicinal Dregs. Although refining them into Pills would affect the quality of the Pills, if he only wanted to extract the medicinal properties within them and turn them into Medicinal Liquid, it was simply no difficulty at all for Qin Yichen.


He scraped off the layers of charred Medicinal Dregs. After some thought, he also picked out a few different Medicinal Herbs from the shelves on the side, and weighed them lightly in his hand. He threw them into the Pill Furnace along with these Medicinal Dregs.


“How can you randomly add in other Medicinal Herbs!?”


Lin Miaohan wanted to stop him but it was too late. She instantly glared at him, angrily puffing up her cheeks.


One had to know that Medicinal Liquids with fixed effects were formed from fixed configurations of various Medicinal Herbs. If other Medicinal Herbs with different properties were added, it would lead to serious and unknown consequences. At best, the medicinal effect would weaken. At worst, it would cause a conflict between the medicinal properties, leading to the Pill Furnace exploding!


Pill Furnaces were extremely precious. Even an unranked ordinary Pill Furnace was worth several hundred silver coins!


This Pill Furnace before them was a Low Grade Human Rank Pill Furnace, purchased by the Lin Family at a high price. It was said to be over a thousand silver coins.


A high-quality Pill Furnace brought about an improvement in quality. The same Medicinal Herbs, if refined in an unranked ordinary Pill Furnace, the extracted medicinal properties would at most be First Grade or Second Grade. However, if placed in a Human Rank Pill Furnace, the quality of the Medicinal Liquid would be at least Second Grade and could even reach Third Grade.


Naturally, the prices of Medicinal Liquids of different qualities were also different.


Once it reached Third Grade, the price was incomparable to Second Grade.


It could be said that the Lin Family’s biggest source of income was this Pill Furnace. If this Pill Furnace shattered, it would bring devastating disaster to the Lin Family.


“Big Sister, don’t worry. Yesterday, I met an Old Master who taught me that adding these few Medicinal Herbs can enhance the effects of Qi Recovery Liquid.”


Qin Yichen said as he added charcoal and ignited it before beginning to refine.


The level of understanding over medicine and its configurations in the current world was truly worlds apart from that of 13,000 years later.


After over 10,000 years of development, the configuration of medicines had become more diverse, and the medicinal effects and quality had all been greatly enhanced in various aspects.


For example, the Qi Recovery Liquid in the market now requires five minutes after consumption to take effect. It was only after five minutes that its consumer’s Internal Energy would slowly recover. However, if these few medicinal ingredients were added, the medicine properties would harmonise. It would only require one minute or less, to bring out the medicinal properties of the Qi Recovery Liquid. This new recipe would also greatly increase the speed of Internal Energy recovery.


Just imagine how much of a turning point this would bring to those cultivators fighting for their lives outside!?


Qin Yichen intentionally or unintentionally placed his palm on the side of the Pill Furnace and silently circulated the Spirit God Technique. Instantly, the unmoved Spiritual Energy in his mind spread out and seeped into the Pill Furnace. In the next moment, the clear water inside the Pill Furnace boiled.


After about a minute, Qin Yichen suddenly lifted the Pill Furnace, took the small bottles that had been prepared on the side, and poured the nearly transparent Medicinal Liquid inside the furnace into the bottles. He filled a total of fifteen bottles, and neatly placed them in front of Lin Miaohan.


“This…” Seeing the nearly transparent Medicinal Liquid in those bottles, Lin Miaohan was shocked speechless.


The grades of Medicinal Liquids were determined by whether the impurities had been completely removed. The clearer the Medicinal Liquid, the fewer impurities there were.


She could barely see any impurities with her naked eye in the dozen or so bottles of Medicinal Liquid before her.


In other words, what was placed before her were Medicinal Liquids that had reached at least fifty percent purity!


She had never seen Medicinal Liquids of this quality even in the largest Medicine Building in Jade Creek City.



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