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Alchemy Master – Chapter 2, Treasure Pavilion

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“Phew… My Spiritual Energy is too low, otherwise I could have refined it to at least the Sixth or Seventh Grade.”


Unlike Lin Miaohan’s shock expression, Qin Yichen seemed dissatisfied. Holding his slightly aching head, he sighed.


Ordinary Alchemy relied on open flame. In other words, flames from burning wood charcoal and various other materials. However, if one wanted to form Pills, they needed to combine it with Spiritual Flames.


In other words, Spiritual Energy!


Him using Spiritual Energy to refine Medicinal Liquid was indeed a bit of overkill.


According to what he knew, the Spiritual Energy Cultivation Techniques of this era had not yet been perfected, so the progress of cultivating Spiritual Energy was extremely slow. Back then, although he had extraordinary talent, it still took him over two years to truly become a First Grade Alchemist.


The reason Pills were extremely precious in this era was also because the Spiritual Energy consumed took too long to recover.


In the present, a normal First Grade Alchemist could at most refine ten Pills a month, and this was only possible for the best among them. If it was an ordinary Alchemist, half of that number was already considered good.


Thousands of years later, Qin Yichen created his own Spiritual Energy Cultivation Technique – the Spirit God Technique.


Not only could it increase the cultivation speed of Spiritual Energy, but it also greatly enhanced the recovery speed of Spiritual Energy. Even after more than 10,000 years, this cultivation method was still one of a kind.


It was precisely by relying on the Spirit God Technique that Qin Yichen ascended to the pinnacle of the Dao of Alchemy and became the generation’s Alchemy Saint!


“Big Sister, this improved Qi Recovery Liquid will take effect within a minute, and its recovery speed will be about ten times faster than the Qi Recovery Liquid out in the market…” Qin Yichen grinned at the still unresponsive Lin Miaohan.


“What? It can take effect within a minute? The recovery speed is ten times faster? Shocked, Lin Miaohan stared at him with suspicion.


The speed at which the medicinal effect took place had no direct relation to the quality of the Medicinal Liquid. The purer the quality, the fewer the impurities, the better the effect after consumption.


For example, if a Level 1 Martial Artist consumed a bottle of First Grade Qi Recovery Liquid, at most, he could only recover one-tenth of his Internal Energy. Naturally, a Fifth Grade Qi Recovery Liquid could recover half of his Internal Energy.


If it was really as Qin Yichen said, that this improved Fifth Grade Qi Recovery Liquid could bring out its medicinal properties within a minute and rapidly recover half of a Level 1 Martial Artist’s Internal Energy at ten times the recovery speed… she simply didn’t know how to describe this Medicinal Liquid. Even Pills might not have such effects.


If that was true, this Medicinal Liquid would definitely become the object crazily sought after by all!


A Pill cost at least a hundred silver coins.


When she calculated the cost of these Medicinal Liquids, it was around eight silver coins. If it really had the effects he mentioned, the original Qi Recovery Liquid that sold for one silver coin a bottle could be sold for ten silver coins or even more than ten silver coins. It was definitely possible. In other words, these ten bottles of Medicinal Liquid could bring the Lin Family nearly a hundred silver coins of profits!?


“Big Sister, come, I’ll take you somewhere.” Knowing she didn’t believe him, Qin Yichen took three bottles of the improved Qi Recovery Liquid and walked outside.


Lin Miaohan blanked out for a moment. After confirming that the clear Medicinal Liquid in the transparent bottles was not water, she followed, full of doubts.


Looking at his back, Lin Miaohan always felt that this Little Brother before her seemed different.


In the past, because of his low status, he lacked confidence and didn’t like to talk. He did not even dare to look directly at her. But now, on Qin Yichen’s face, what she saw was confidence. He was now brimming with smiles, which gave her a very warm and reliable feeling.


Following the familiar streets in his memory, Qin Yichen and Lin Miaohan arrived at a pavilion.


‘Treasure Pavilion,’ one of the three largest trading firms in Jade Creek City.


The reason Qin Yichen brought Lin Miaohan here was because back then, after he survived, he had some ties with this Treasure Pavilion.


Back then, if the Treasure Pavilion hadn’t taken him in, he probably wouldn’t have been able to walk down the path of Alchemy.


After receiving someone’s kindness, they needed to repay it like a gushing spring.


Looking at the familiar plaque, the corner of Qin Yichen’s mouth curved up slightly. He strode in.


As for Lin Miaohan, standing at the entrance, she seemed timid and uneasy.


This was the Treasure Pavilion! It was said that Treasure Pavilion never sold Medicinal Liquids below thirty percent purity. Even the cheapest item cost more than ten silver coins.


This wasn’t a place where just anyone could afford to patronise.


She had only been here once with her Father to purchase a bottle of Healing Liquid, spending over twenty silver coins, making her father’s heart ache for quite a while.


Touching the three silver coins in her pocket, she couldn’t bring herself to take a step into the pavilion.


“Big Sister, why aren’t you coming in?” Seeing how she did not follow him in, Qin Yichen walked back and asked.


“Well… I didn’t bring money. Let’s not go in. The things here are too expensive.” Lin Miaohan’s pretty face turned pale. She seemed extremely embarrassed and uneasy.


Indeed, even for the same thing, it would be one or two times more expensive in the Treasure Pavilion compared to outside


It might be expensive but there was a reason for the price. In the Treasure Pavilion, customers definitely would never be able to purchase a defective product.


Many small Medicine Shops’ Medicinal Liquids had various problems. For example, Medicinal Liquids that should have taken effect in five or six minutes still had no reaction even after more than ten minutes. Things sold by the Treasure Pavilion would definitely not have such issues.


“Expensive?” Qin Yichen couldn’t help finding it a bit amusing. He highlighted, “Big Sister, did you forget that we’re not here to buy but to sell?”


“Okay then.” Lin Miaohan seemed to have just remembered. Seeing the confident Qin Yichan before her, she also mustered up her courage and followed him in.


“Hello, may I ask if you two are here to purchase or to sell?” As soon as they entered, a maid with an hourglass figure and pretty face walked over, greeting them with a smile. She did not look down on them, even when attire was not exactly of high status.


“I have some things to sell.” Qin Yichen took out a bottle of Qi Recovery Liquid and waved it in front of her, indicating for her to take them to the selling area.


“Please follow me.” Seeing the nearly transparent Medicinal Liquid in the transparent bottle, the maid was clearly startled for a moment, then became even more respectful.


“Oh, isn’t this Miss Lin Miaohan of the Lin Family? Is your Lin Family well-off enough to come to the Treasure Pavilion to buy things now?”


Just as they were about to head to the selling area, a rather grating voice rang out.


Seeing who had come, not only did Lin Miaohan’s expression turn dark, a cold gleam also flashed through Qin Yichen’s eyes.


The person who spoke was the Zhuang Family’s Eldest Young Master, Zhuang Muyun.


The reason the Zhuang Family could suppress the Lin Family was entirely because the Zhuang Family Patriarch accidentally added an extra Medicinal Herb while concocting medicine. As a result, not only did nothing go wrong, it even enhanced the effects of the Medicinal Liquid. Later, the Zhuang Family sold the formula in exchange for a huge sum of money and rapidly rose.


In other words, in this world, the most valuable thing was not the medicine or Pills themselves, but… their formulas!


According to what Qin Yichen knew, in some big and powerful Families, they would all allocate a portion of their funds to the research of new formulas. To find ways to improve the effects of Medicinal Liquids or Pills.


Therefore, as time passed, the Dao of Alchemy would continue to progress.


However, many Pills with special effects weren’t just a matter of adding an extra Medicinal Herb or reducing a Medicinal Herb, but rather control.


For example, with Qi Recovery Liquid, if half a kilogram of the main herb, Lingyan Herb, was added, then thirty grams of the harmonising Yanyang Herb needed to be added, along with fifteen grams of Tianniu Flower… and so on. If the proportion was imbalanced, it would also lead to failure.


When Lin Miaohan saw Qin Yichen randomly adding some Medicinal Herbs without even weighing them, directly throwing them into the Pill Furnace, she lost all composure.


What she didn’t know was, how could someone of Qin Yichen’s level still need to weigh things?


The Zhuang Family had indeed stumbled upon a huge pile of dog shit luck.


But formulas? Would Qin Yichen lack them!?



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