Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 31, First Generation Superhuman!


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“I still have 40 Evolution Points. I’ll keep them for now, just in case.” After some contemplation, Yu Zi Yu set aside his thoughts on using the remaining Evolution Points.


While 40 Evolution Points might not be much, it was not an insignificant number either. As a unique cheat that allowed him to freely choose evolutions, the 40 Evolution Points could prove to be crucial at the moment of need. For example, if Yu Zi Yu felt lacking in a certain aspect, and needed Evolution Points to upgrade it, having these extra points gave him an extra option.


Furthermore, both Hallucinogen and Shroud of Mist were at Level 2. And in order to upgrade them further, he actually needed 100 Evolution Points. A ghastly demand which left Yu Zi Yu very much irritated.


Be that as it may, once could only imagine how formidable these abilities would be if they were to reach Level 3.


[Well, you get as much as you give, I guess? My Evolution Points cheat has never disappointed me, after all.].


Right then…


*Rumble… rumble…* Claps of thunder reverberated in the sky, followed by a drizzle.


The rain grew stronger and stronger. In the blink of an eye, the pitter-patters of rain drown every other sound in the canyon. Only, occasional growls and howls could be barely heard amidst it.


“These little ones…” looking at the animals in the cage, drenched like drowned rats, Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel sorry for them.


The next moment, his branches twirled toward the sky, and his black roots rose from the soil.


If one looked from below, they  would see an intricate network of branches, weaving an umbrella-like structure above the bird’s nest. Below, countless black roots entwined together like pythons, gradually forming a larger python that slowly went over the tree cages, shielding the mutant beasts from the rain.


*Aooo~ Aooo~ Aooo~* Each Storm Wolf squatted on the ground like a husky, rolling their red tongue and staring straight at the Willow Tree in the depths of the canyon.


*Mooo~* A moo echoed through the canyon as a giant Black Buffalo with crescent-shaped horns rubbed against the nearby roots, showing a Human-like expression.


“It seems that Buffalo is like the Humans, just as I expected. “ Seeing the Wild Buffalo’s movement, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile.


But the next moment, to his astonishment, the Wild Buffalo shook its head and actually walked out from under the shed of roots, walking into the rain.


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu was slightly taken aback, unable to react.


But right then, a clear and melodious voice suddenly rang in his ear, “Master, haha, that little Buffalo loves rainy days…”


“Ah… okay.” At this point, he recalled the behavior of Water Buffaloes, and figured that the Wild Buffalo would be no different.


Yu Zi Yu felt a bit embarrassed, but he did not brood too much over it.



Meanwhile, at the foot of a distant mountain…


A convoy of unknown origin suddenly came to a halt.


As the humvee’s door opened, a young soldier clad in a raincoat got out as a slight furrow appeared on his brow, looking at the mountain shrouded in clouds and mist.


“Rain and fog… this is not a good sign.“


“You’re right…“ 


Responding to the young soldier, a middle-aged man with a scruffy face got out of the humvee behind the young soldier.


He was a Colonel, and he had received orders to accompany the young soldier, Yan Gao Yuan, to survey the mountains.


Although the brass had not explicitly stated what they were surveying, as a veteran, how could he not have an inkling? For this reason, he deliberately brought along some machine guns, and even applied for four armor-piercing shells, just in case.


The Colonel looked at the puddles on the muddy ground, and then looked at the mountains, shrouded in mist and clouds under the misty rain, and made a suggestion, “Perhaps we should take shelter first. This weather is not suitable for a survey.”


Saying that, he took out a map and pointed to a red circle on the map, adding, “There seems to be a village nearby. We should be able to rest for the night there.”


“Mhmm…“ Nodding, Yan Gao Yuan agreed, “Sounds good. You veterans have a wealth of experience, I won’t try to ignorantly take command here.” 


Hearing this, the Colonel could not help but shake his head, responding half-jokingly, “You shouldn’t say that. Our military follows the principle of respecting the strong. And Sir, as a Superhuman…” Before he could finish his sentence, the Colonel’s flickered with a sliver of envy, gazing at the young figure.




They were those who had gone beyond the scope of ordinary people’s envy.


Along with the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, there were some people who were naturally gifted. Their body’s affinity to Spiritual Energy was far beyond the norm.


Once these individuals completely awakened, they were adorned with the title of Superhumans.


Of course, this matter had not been publicly disclosed yet, and had only been circulating within the military. They had even heard rumors of the country being proactively recruiting awakened Superhumans from the civilian populations.


And the person before him was one such Superhuman.


Moreover, rumor had it that he was just not any Superhuman…


If the rumors were true, he was the legendary first generation Superhuman.


Shaking his head, the Colonel suppressed the chaotic thoughts arising in his mind, picked up the radio and issued orders, “Head north. We’ll find a village not far from here where we will settle down. Remember, don’t trouble the villagers too much, we’re just staying for the night and gathering some information along the way.”


“Copy that, Colonel.“


“Colonel, can we atleast have a bite later?“



As a series of responses came from the other side of the radio, the entire convoy slowly headed toward the depths of the fog along the water-filled muddy train.




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