Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 30, Wolf of Wind! Storm Wolf


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At this moment, the Honey Badger was not Yu Zi Yu’s prime focus. After all, on the other side, the heavily injured Gray Wolf had started undergoing a metamorphosis after coming into contact with his Life Essence.


*Aooo~* Suddenly, a powerful Wolf howl echoed across the canyon, filled with vitality and a formidable presence reminiscent of a Tiger’s roar in the forest.


Following that, the Gray Wolf slowly lifted itself up…


*Whoosh…* Breeze started blowing, visible currents of wind began gathering around the Gray Wolf. In the blink of an eye, it was surrounded by a whirling green vortex.


“Well!?” With a rare doubt on his face, Yu Zi Yu closely examined the Gray Wolf. Within the green vortex, the Gray Wolf’s fur was already standing on its end, gradually changing in color.


The essence of wind seemed to be infusing into its fur, slowly turning green…


Race: Mutant Gray Wolf

Rank: Tier-0 Level 5

Innate Talent: Power of Wind – As a being that can control the wind, it is the embodiment of the wind, literally a Wolf of Wind.


[Wolf of Wind!? A Storm Wolf…] Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu was slightly taken aback. He had not expected the Gray Wolf, no, the Storm Wolf to awaken the power of elements.


[Elements, what a distant but familiar term. Wind, fire, water, earth… The fundamental elements that made up the world.] Yu Zi Yu had speculated once that in the era of Spiritual Energy resurgence, some individuals would gain the power to manipulate the elements, and use them for attack and defense. However, as he had never awakened such elemental power himself, thus did not delve much deeper into it.


But now, the Storm Wolf had confirmed his speculation.


“Wait a minute, my abilities, Shroud of Mist and Hallucinogen actually do not seem that different from manipulating the elements.” After grumbling a bit, realization dawned upon Yu Zi Yu.


At the beginning, he tried to explain his abilities, Shroud of Mist and Hallucinogen, using scientific reasoning. For instance, he concluded that the mist was emitted by his leaves, just like he could absorb and release carbon dioxide and oxygen. As for Hallucinogen, he believed it was due to secretion of special substances that affected the nerves of animals, and even Humans. But now, he came to realize that this explanation was quite unconvincing.


He could absorb and release carbon dioxide and oxygen, but he could not control them. However, he did have control over the mist. And as for Hallucinogen, he could even weave illusions according to his thoughts.


Such strange and terrifying abilities could not be explained using superficial scientific theories.


*Cough…* Yu Zi Yu cleared his throat, attempting to conceal his embarrassment.


The next moment, he realized that none of the animals were paying attention to him.


These creatures all had their eyes wide open, staring at the Storm Wolf that was howling toward the sky, surrounded by the wind.


Compared to before, the Storm Wolf had doubled in size, and was almost as big as the Wild Buffalo. The bone-deep gaping wounds on its body had healed inadvertently, revealing a soft and lustrous green fur.


*Aooo~* As if it was unable to contain its excitement, the Gray Wolf howled toward the sky. Afterward, it slowly opened its mouth wider, as a ball of green energy gathered in its mouth.


*Boom!* As it opened its mouth and breathed out, an extremely thin green wind blade shot out from the cage, cutting through the thick mist.


“Interesting!” With a mischievous smile, Yu Zi Yu pushed his branch slowly and stealthily toward the Storm Wolf.


But even before the branch could approach it, the Storm Wolf suddenly turned around as if it had sensed it already. Then, it warily glanced at the branch before timidly retreating.


It kept retreating until it reached the edge of the cage. With no more room to retreat, it started whimpering as if it was conveying something.


Shortly after, its forelimbs softened as its whole body knelt on the ground.


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu sunk into rare silence, blinking his eyes in confusion. “It seems like it’s expression submission.”


Yu Zi Yu was not completely sure, and could not decide for a moment.


Right then, a voice suddenly rang in his mind.


“Master, I heard the signal of submission from the green wolf.”




Slightly puzzled, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the petite figure of Qing Er.


“Mhmm… “ Nodding, Qing Er covered her mouth and explained, giggling, “It looks like they want to convey something, but can’t express it. With my psychic power, I could barely make out that it’s expressing submission.”


“Is that so?“ With a pensive expression, Yu Zi Yu extended his branch as a test.


After a moment, observing the Storm Wolf calmly enjoying the touch of his branch, Yu Zi Yu was a little satisfied.


[Well, well, well, it’s finally tamed!] Smiling, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze to other animals. Much to his surprise, he saw other three Gray Wolves slowly prostrating, bowing in the direction of Yu Zi Yu’s body – the Willow Tree.


“Since the leader has submitted, do the other Gray Wolves follow suit?“ Yu Zi Yu was a little dumbfounded, his voice carried a rare hint of surprise.


Afterward, he sprinkled a few drops of Life Essence, conferring advancement to the other Gray Wolves.


Unlike before, the concentration of his Life Essence had become even more terrifying after Yu Zi Yu had transcended. Now, a single drop was equivalent to dozens of previous ones. As such, Yu Zi Yu had diluted the Life Essence to prevent these beasts exploding from excessive power.


Of course, another benefit of doing so was that Yu Zi Yu would not lose too much of his Life Essence, and could replenish his losses in just a night or two.


Furthermore, it was worth mentioning that the number of Yu Zi Yu’s branches were increasing along with his growth. Consequently, the amount of Life Essence he could provide had also increased.


However, it also meant that Yu Zi Yu demand for Evolution Points was higher as well.


After all, the newly grown branches needed to be upgraded using the Evolution Points. Although a single branch did not require that many Evolution Points, the sheer number of new branches weighed down on him.


Judging by the current rate of new branches growing, Yu Zi Yu estimated that it would not take him long for his dream of having thousands of branches to become a reality.


At that time, the demand for Evolution Points would be massive.


*Haaa…* Heaving a sigh, Yu Zi Yu looked at the remaining 92 Evolution Points, feeling a bit reluctant. Be that as it may, his reluctance could not stop his determination of becoming stronger.


Now, upgrading a branch cost him 0.5 Evolution Points.


Nonetheless, it was also understandable.


The toughness of his branches now had far surpassed what it was when he had upgraded them at first.


When he first transcended into Tier-1, it was as if he had been cleansed by Spiritual Energy, which had strengthened his entire body. It had increased the toughness of his branches to a whole new level.


To bring the resilience of his newly grown branches to the same level, spending 0.5 Evolution Points was not a lot.


“With growth comes an even more terrifying demand for resources.“ Sighing in his heart, Yu Zi Yu spent a whooping 52 Evolution Points to upgrade his new branches.


*Swish! Swish! Swish* Accompanied by the swishing sounds, the new branches extended toward the sky. They were now glistening like jade, radiating a glimmer…For a moment, they emitted such bright radiance that it overshadowed Yu Zi Yu’s body.


Unfortunately, Yu Zi Yu was currently hidden in the thick fog, and he could not see it clearly. However, deep down, he felt that the invisible pressure in the entire canyon had grown a bit more stronger.




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