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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 386, Onwards to the Western Desert

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Translator:  Ashish

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In the early morning…


“Master, are you planning to go out?” Suddenly, a voice echoed in Yu Zi Yu’s ear.


Looking in the direction of the sound, Yu Zi Yu found Nine Tails, lying on a branch, looking at him with anticipation.


“En.” Yu Zi Yu affirmed with a slight nod, and then straightforwardly stated, and also admitted, “It’s about time to go out and train a few little ones along the way.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu looked at a nearby spot, where a Wolf, as big as a Calf, with two heads, was playing in the Spirit Pond.


This Wolf was none other than Lupin, one of the three most amazing deformed young creatures with extraordinary Innate Talent of Misty Mountains.


Slytherin accompanied Whalefall to the sea.


Auris had been trained by Golden Monkey, so there was no need to worry about him.


As for Lupin, he can only be well cultivated by Yu Zi Yu.


In addition to Lupin, Yu Zi Yu also intended to bring along Old Fifth, Golden Ant, an unruly and stubborn little guy who needed to be carefully trained.


After all, they were among the few creatures of Misty Mountains with the potential to become Apex Tier-2 Transcendents. It would be a pity if they took a wrong turn.


As these thoughts swirled in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, he became even more determined to go out.


Traveling was just the secondary goal, the prime focus of the trip was cultivation.


At this moment, sensing the expectant gaze of the Nine Tails, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile.


“I didn’t forget you.”


“I knew it, Master is the best.”


Giving a charming smile, Nine Tails retreated to a branch again, choosing to immerse herself in cultivation. For her, besides chatting with her Master, the greatest pleasure was cultivation. She was truly fascinated by the gradual increase in her strength.


At this moment, watching the Nine Tails immersed in cultivation, Yu Zi Yu did not disturb her either.


At this moment, he had more important things at hand.


*Haaaa…* Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long, deep breath, as the mist around him suddenly seethed violently.


Then, visible to the naked eye, a ripple spread around Yu Zi Yu, clearing away the mist in all directions as if blown away by the wind.


At the same time, just like a God’s eye view, the entire Misty Mountains shrouded in mist appeared in Yu Zi Yu’s vision.


The mist was Yu Zi Yu’s eyes. Thanks to the mist, he can easily perceive every nook and corner covered by the mist. Now, after a long absence, he was ready to bring the entire Misty Mountains back under his full control.


*Boom–* Yu Zi Yu’s mind slightly shook as clear images appeared in his mind.


He saw White Tiger grooming his fur on a peak.


A troop of Chimpanzees training diligently deep underground.


More importantly, they were not ordinary Mutant Chimpanzees; they were the Royals among the Mutant Chimpanzees, King Kongs.


They possessed astonishing physiques, far beyond those of ordinary Mutant Chimpanzees, and were also larger in size. 


Among them, the Chimpanzee King had reached a staggering height of 30 meters.


Last night, under the leadership of the Chimpanzee King, many King Kongs came to greet Yu Zi Yu in an orderly manner.


“These guys are indeed diligent.” Watching each of them executing movements beyond the limit in the Bull Demon’s Gravity Field, Yu Zi Yu could not help but admire.


Not to mention anything else, just the training they were doing made the Mutant Chimpanzee Clan deserving of being the most formidable Clan in Misty Mountains.   


To defend the honor of their race, they were indeed quite dedicated.


It should be noted that many social species in Misty Mountains have elected leaders and formed communities.


Yu Zi Yu had left such matters to Sarcosuchus.


Sarcosuchus, who lived up to his expectations, and handled all of them in an organized manner.


Among them, the Mutant Chimpanzees Clan was recognized as the strongest Clan.


Perhaps there were species with individual combat power far greater than them, such as the Tiger Clan, but they could not compete with the sheer number of the Chimpanzee Clan.


Perhaps there were species with populations far greater than the Chimpanzee Clan, such as the Mutant Rat Clan, but they couldn’t challenge the elite status of the Chimpanzee Clan. This was due to the fact that the entire Chimpanzee Clan consisted of Transcendents, with their leader being a Tier-2 Transcendent.


In light of this, their title of the strongest Clan of Misty Mountains remained unshakeable.


Perhaps, in the depths of the North Pole, the Polar Bear Clan under the Lightning Giant Bear might challenge them in the future, but for now, it was highly unlikely.


Because of the fact that the Mutant Chimpanzee Clan had undergone a qualitative transformation after an extended period of training. Even Yu Zi Yu could not help but admit this fact.


He also believed that very soon, the Chimpanzee Clan, bearing the title of strongest Clan of Misty Mountains, would enter the limelight and give the entire world a huge surprise.


Observing this, Yu Zi Yu nodded his acknowledgement, satisfied.


[I had to admit, the current Misty Mountains is developing in the right direction.]


The Rat Clan, Spider Clan, Wild Boar Clan, Storm Wolf Clan, and other major Clans were distributed in all directions, guarding Misty Mountains.


In addition to guarding Misty Mountains, these major Clans would also team up at certain times to venture outside Misty Mountains.


Sometimes to hunt in order to replenish their food supply, or to search for Spirit Herbs and Flowers to the treasure trove within Misty Mountains in exchange for merits.


It could be said that relying on these Clans, the influence of Misty Mountains was expanding visibly at an eye-catching speed.


“I guess, I can go out without worrying for a while.” Yu Zi Yu smiled, feeling very satisfied.


He was very pleased, looking at the current state of Misty Mountains.


Moreover, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips suddenly curled up as he gently called out, “Leng Feng.”


Just as these words echoed, a figure in all black walked out from the mist.


“Greetings, Divine Tree.”


“En.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu also asked the question in his mind, “Is the information accurate?”


At the words, the lean and slender figure, Leng Feng, suddenly smiled, assuring, “Very accurate.”


Immediately after, Leng Feng’s face turned cold, as he added in an ice-cold voice, “This information has been verified multiple times at the expense of countless sacrifices made by the Rat Clan under Shadie’s command.”


“I see!” muttering, Yu Zi Yu’s face turned a little darker.


He did not expect the Rat Clan to have made such great sacrifices.


Although the Rat Clan’s size was quite terrifying, losing thousands at once was still a significant blow.


“The Rat Clan deserves great merit.” In a simple response, Yu Zi Yu affirmed the contribution of the Rat Clan.


The great credit here referred to the contribution they made to Misty Mountains.


In Misty Mountains, every deed was categorized into small and major merits, different levels and different contributions.


As for the Rat Clan, the reason they were awarded with great merit was because they had discovered a medium-sized Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine in some corner of the Western Desert.


Their discovery and sacrifice undoubtedly made them eligible for great merit.


However, at this moment, as if thinking of something, the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s mouth curled up, and he sneered, “It just so happens that I’ve been planning to go out. The Western Desert happens to be the perfect destination.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze towards the west as his eyes flickered with a cold gleam.


He wanted to see for himself how dangerous the Western Desert really was.


Silavin: changing terms Family/Tribe/Clan/Pack -> Clan for consistency.
It’s nice to differentiate the terms but honestly, some of the groups are small and some are really big. Calling them the generic term of Clan seems more suitable. They are also written in reference to an army formation.

I found it weird when the MC says strongest Clan, when the Chimpanzees’s group is called a Tribe. 

Well, just my unpopular opinion I suppose. Just wanted to give me 2cents on why I changed it this way.



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