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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 385, Knight of the Mist

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In the darkness of the night, time quietly passed.


The night had passed in the blink of an eye. However, in a small corner of Misty Mountains, it felt like a year had passed. 


Faintly, the backs of several people were covered in sweat. They were Iron Knights, who had determination exceeding the imagination of ordinary people.


However, the sudden betrayal of three of their most trusted comrades had left them shaken. Worse was Ah Long and Stormscale’s subsequent breakthroughs to Tier-2, which had left them further shocked.


Submission meant prosperity; refusal meant no chance of seeing the light of another day.


*Ha…* Drawing long, deep breaths, the Knights looked towards the short-haired girl leaning against a large tree not far away with complex eyes.


Now, all the Knights were waiting, waiting for the Knight Commander to make the final decision.


In the past, they would have never believed that their Commander Liu would hesitate, even if they were beaten to death. They were not afraid of death, they were ready to face any kind of challenge before them, even death. However, thinking about the unfair treatment from the government, and recalling the humiliation Commander Liu had suffered… they fell silent.


In the absence of any comparison, all kinds of adversity, even death was nothing. However, once comparison entered the picture, once there was another choice, the so-called ‘persistence’ became meaningless.


No one knew how long had passed since this small corner of the canyon had fallen into complete silence. However, just at this moment, a voice suddenly rang in everyone’s mind, “Either submit or get destroyed!”


The voice was plain, and devoid of any emotion, just indifferent from beginning to end.


However, for some reason, the Knights, who possessed staunch will and determination, could not help but tremble upon hearing that voice, even their fist clenched up involuntarily. At this point, they came to realize the terrifying aspect of the Tree Monster. It was not just strong, but it was also skilled at manipulating hearts. But just then…


*Tap, tap, tap…* With heavy footsteps, the short-haired girl leaning against the large tree in the distance started walking forward.


She did not utter a single word, and maintained a cold look on her face.


However, her actions spoke louder than words.


2 meters…



10 meters…


In the blink of an eye, her desolate and slender figure had mostly disappeared into the dense fog.


However, watching this disappearing figure, the remaining six Knights exchanged glances. Then, two of them also stepped up.


“I just want to follow the Commander.” Seemingly explaining, but the gaze of the two was as resolute as ever.


“I understand.” The remaining Knights nodded their understanding, but they remained completely still, as steady as Mount Tai.


And just a moment later, as if one of the Knights remembered something, he suddenly reminded, “Take care of the Commander.”


As the words fell, the two Knights who had stepped forward trembled slightly.


But before they could respond, another familiar voice rang in their ears again, “We won’t go. We leave the rest to you guys.


“Oh, and if you ever become enemies with the country in the future, remember to show mercy. That is, after all, our homeland…”


It sounded as if he was entrusting them, but the voice was full of laughter and relief.


As far as this Knight was concerned, it was a nightmarish night.


Now, it has finally come to an end.


He would not blame the choices of his former comrades. Every person had their own choices. Just like how four of them were willing to die… Just like how the two were willing to follow Commander Liu… They were all choices.


At the moment when the four Knights finished speaking, a strange sound echoed in the mist.


*Crack, crack, crack…*


Along with this sound, a layer of white frost gradually began to appear on the ground.


In just a few moments, the temperature of the surroundings dropped dramatically.


At this moment, if one were to look in the direction of the four Knights, they would notice a layer of frost gathering over the ground in all directions with them at the center, and ultimately converging towards them.


They did not mount any resistance or displayed any struggle. Even in the face of this kind of extreme cold, these four Knights very sensibly chose to wait. 


One of them even struck a pose, clasping the long spear in his arms, with a proud expression.



Meanwhile, witnessing their four close companions gradually frozen into ice sculptures, the two Knights could not help but gnash their teeth as a complex and painful expression took over their faces.


At this moment, they could not say anything.


However, just then, a gentle voice echoed in their hearts.


“You made the right choice.” Speaking up to this point, Yu Zi Yu momentarily paused before continuing, “However, they also have a chance.”


“Chance?”  As if hearing something unbelievable, one of the Knights couldn’t help but exclaim in excitement.


“Yes, a chance.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu straightforwardly stated, “I’ve just frozen them here, they’re still very much alive. If you contribute enough to Misty Mountains, I don’t mind releasing them. But remember, they can remain frozen like this for half a year at most. If they are not thawed within half a year, all that awaits them is a complete necrosis of their bodies, and the collapse of their consciousness…”


At this point, Yu Zi Yu could not help but curl up his lips into a smirk. Compared to pure manipulation, this method was even more terrifying.


Although there were threats and coercion in his words, these two Knights, and even the one silently standing in the thick fog, staring at the frozen figures, had no choice but to compromise.


Even within half a year, they would spare no effort to fight for Misty Mountains, just to make enough contributions.


One thing noteworthy here was that Liu Zi Yan had long expected this outcome.


During the night, Yu Zi Yu had been talking to her, albeit casually. Yet, he completely broke down her last line of defense.


Her companions were safeguarded, and her partner, Rolypoly, would gain a chance of recovery. As far as she was concerned, these outcomes were the best she could hope for.


However, it was regrettable that Liu Zi Yan seemed to have lost the ability to speak. Her entire being had become a whole lot colder.


Perhaps, this was the price she willingly paid for choosing to submit—abandoning words and proving everything through actions.


“The complexity of the Human heart is indeed fascinating.” Staring at the four figures that had turned into ice sculptures in the distance, the Five-Color Spirit Flower rooted on Yu Zi Yu could not help but give out a deep sigh.


“Indeed,” Yu Zi Yu also admitted with a nod.


Afterward, he generously added, “However, these people are indeed true Knights.”


“True Knights?” the Five-Color Spirit Flower murmured, a bit confused.


“They know how to make their decision…” Saying this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but turn his gaze towards the direction of the capital.


[Fortunately, there are only a hundred or so Knights like this. Otherwise, it would indeed be a bit troublesome. Still, the current situation isn’t bad either. Including the three Knights led by Ah Long, and these three Knights led by Liu Zi Yan, we have a total of six Knights. If cultivated properly, they can become a symbol of Misty Mountains.]


As for whether they would betray, Yu Zi Yu was not particularly concerned about this.


Firstly, Yu Zi Yu was not planning for them to go against their country, China.


Secondly, because their four companions happened to be sealed in ice in Misty Mountains, which served as a shackle that bound them tightly to Misty Mountains.


And after half a year, even if they exchanged their contributions for their companions’ freedom, could they do anything by then?


The entire China, even the entire Human race, would already know them as the ‘Knights of the Mist’. Traitors that originally belonged to one of the legendary special forces of China. At that time, the vast China would be disgraced. As such, these Knights would be left with any choice but to remain with Misty Mountains.


Wise men do not believe in rumors, but wise men were few and far between.


Moreover, in the eyes of the Chinese government, regardless of the reason, these Knights did choose betrayal. Even if they made it in the face of inexplicable difficulties, everyone would only see the bitter-cold reality before their eyes.



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