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Martial Peak – Chapter 102, Meng Wu Ya’s Miscalculation

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Meng Wu Ya didn’t realize that while he was speaking, his eyes were starting to blur because of dishes in front of him. And when he woke up, the time had passed; a long long time had passed.

The dishes were full of a certain compounding drug made by Xia Ning Chang. Being plotted against by his own beloved Disciple, Meng Wu Ya wanted to cry but didn’t have any tears. Being drugged so easily, he realized that something was not right. Meng Wu Ya was so worried about his Disciple that he didn’t even think about washing his face. He directly rushed from High Heaven Pavilion to the valley at full speed.

He had felt deep remorse when he woke up. Knowing full well that the image of Yang Kai was already good in the mind of his Disciple, he was simply asking for trouble when he tried to schemer dirt on her impression.

Although his Disciple had a lot of treasures on her, and could easily avoid many dangers, here in Black Wind Mountain, there are a lot of formidable Demonic Beasts. If she wasn’t careful, there was a chance of her being eaten.

If he would have been with her, there wouldn’t be any need to worry about these things. [Bad mouth, Bad mouth!] Meng Wu Ya wished he could slap himself on the face several times.

From a place ten miles away from where Nine Yin Dew Crystal gathered, Meng Wu Ya was able to feel the coldness transmitting from that side. He stopped in mid-air and looked around anxiously.

He noticed that in the mountain Valley Yin Qi was trapped by an invisible inescapable energy field. After seeing, this Meng Wu Ya’s heart finally relaxed. The Nine Clouds Eight Lock seal has been activated, that means my Disciple arrived here safely.

Loudly exhaling, [it doesn’t look like there is any trouble.] Meng Wu Ya gasped heavily, god only knows that for the past few days while hurrying along how anxious he felt as if something had gone horribly wrong.

After a little while, Meng Wu Ya arrived outside the mountain valley but he didn’t go in. With rapt attention, he was looking towards the mountain valley. Unfortunately, the density of Yin Qi inside was too much for him to be able to see or hear anything; even his Divine Senses were unable to search inside.

Since the Nine Cloud Eight Lock seal had been activated, this means that his Disciple must have started the process, he should just calmly wait for the good news, for her success.

Because of the law’s binding, people on the inside were unable to come out and people on the outside were unable to go inside. Although Meng Wu Ya was able to break this seal if he broke it all the efforts of his apprentice would be for nothing. Meng Wu Ya comforted himself while waiting on the outside.

He didn’t know this time he was making a big mistake. The reason that Xia Ning Chang activated the seal ahead of time was not to cope with Nine Yin Dew crystals but rather to deal with people from the Blood Battle Gang who wanted to kill them. Meng Wu Ya had no idea that at present his beloved Disciple now in a weakened condition and that Yang Kai was bathed in blood and fighting off a huge crisis.

If he knew this he would definitely not hesitate to break open this seal and slaughter Wen Fei Chen a hundred times over.

In the mountain valley, Yang Kai was standing still with a straight back just like a javelin calmly waiting for the enemies to come. *Whiz whiz whiz…* all of a sudden, the sound of clothes fluttering in the wind could be heard from all around.

“They finally came.” Yang Kai’s face turned solemn. Turning his head to look in the direction of Xia Ning Chang’s hiding place, he didn’t know if after this battle he could still survive.

But after making this decision, he had no regrets.

*Brush brush brush…* three figures almost simultaneously appeared around Yang Kai.

These three were the Blood Battle Gang’s Separation and Reunion Boundary masters. The last one to arrive was a Qi Transformation Ninth Stage practitioner. So compared with others his speed was slow.

After arriving these four people were quietly staring at Yang Kai with shocked expressions. Because they had seen Yang Kai just an hour ago and at that time he was at the Initial Element Fourth Stage yet in such a short time he had reached the Initial Element Stage peak.

[What’s going on?]

Nu Lang’s corpse was lying under his foot with a broken neck and his body in a pitiful state. They hadn’t thought that he would die in a place like this. They felt slightly sorry for him. On this cold night, the wind blowing in this mountain valley made people feel unnerved, it was creepy.

“Was this person killed by you?” A Blood Battle Gang Separation and Reunion Boundary master asked.

“Where is your leader and that dog, Master Long?” Yang Kai asked without bothering to answer his question. Turning his head around to scan the area but discovered that no one else was coming.

The Blood Battle Gang had seven people remaining. When they arrived at the valley, including Wen Fei Chen and Long Hui, one was killed by Xia Ning Chang so there was only four remaining.

“*Hmph* to cope with you, why must Lord Wen and Young Master Long personally take action?” The person who spoke, his age was not large; from his appearance, he should be around 25-26 years old.

“Ohhhh…help me, the Blood Battle Gang are here, I am so scared.” Yang Kai said in a sarcastic voice.

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The youth’s face became ruthless, “To cope with you I alone am enough.”

Although most of his strength was sealed by the Yin Qi Chains, he still was a master in the Separation and Reunion Boundary and if he fought he would be stronger than a Qi Transformation Stage Master, how would he be unable to cope with Yang Kai.

“Lips are useless, why not use your fist to find out the answer?” Yang Kai said looking at him scornfully.

Yang Kai also felt that the strength of these people had been reduced greatly. Their strength was nothing compared to before. Moreover, the Yuan Qi in their bodies was quite unstable, the strength of the first three was comparable to Nu Lang, even if they were strong before, at present they were not, and the person who came last was even weaker than Nu Lang had been.

In a one on one with them Yang Kai was confident he could win, even in this situation as long as he kills one first, then everything would be easy to manage.

“Boy, you are quite arrogant; let this grandfather give you a lesson!” The youth who had spoken before walked forward while saying this.

Seeing that his plan was a success, as long as this youth came within ten feet of Yang Kai, then even if Yang Kai was injured, he was confident in being able to kill him. But at this time, another Separation and Reunion Boundary master said, “Long division younger brother, don’t get tricked by him.”

At this moment that youth suddenly stopped his steps and looked coldly at Yang Kai and said, “Yes Senior Brother Cai.”

“At this place, he is standing alone, and we don’t know the location of that female’s hiding place. That female has got many tricks up her sleeves. Do not be too impulsive, moreover, this boy has already shown he has enough strength to kill Nu Lang, it looks like he was playing the role of a pig to eat the tiger. Let’s take him down fast and get the location of that female.” Senior Cai said looking vigilant and waving his hands he said, “Let’s get him!”

Four vs one, moreover his strength was at the Initial Element Boundary, even if he had the strength to overturn the heavens, if he was able to use his power, he could only be caught.

Four people almost simultaneously moved like shadows from the east, west, north, and south surrounding Yang Kai and sending killing intent towards him.

Faced with this impending crisis, Yang Kai felt no fear, laughing he said, “Well looks like your Blood Battle Gang is only talk, and it looks like you are not too confident in your strength.”

Hearing this that youth’s complexion became red, releasing his killing intent he said, “Smelly brat, just wait and this grandfather will help you break your mouth.”

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