Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 103, Twinkling Battle

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“You are not qualified.” Yang Kai roared. Burning one drop of his Yang liquid, he made his body turn into a fireball, radiating burning hot waves of Yang Qi.

While speaking Yang Kai moved towards Yuan Lang. Sending out a fist attack, a dull thumping sound was heard before Yang Kai staggered due to backlash. But Yuan Lang on the other hand, with a startled cry, was sent flying.

Retreating three steps, Yang Kai fell into the attack range of the surrounding three people. These three attacked Yang Kai one after another; Yang Kai dodged the attack from a master of Separation and Reunion Boundary while exposing his back to only the weakest Disciple in the Blood Battle Gang.

Yang Kai’s double palm attack, which contained a huge strength, was directed towards the chest of the person who was the most vigilant, Senior Brother Cai.

He was also the person who reminded Yuan Lang a moment ago not to be rash and saved him from Yang Kai’s trap.

Of the four people who were led by him, his strength was naturally the highest. Even if his strength was sealed he was still at the Qi Transformation Second Stage. Therefore, Yang Kai decided to strike to kill him first. As long as he was killed, the other three weren’t that big of a threat to him.

In a single breath, Yang Kai was able to deal with four different people simultaneously.

Senior Brother Cai saw that Yang Kai had abandoned all pretence of defence and was instead targeting him, this made his brows wrinkle. Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai was thinking, in his heart he had a bad premonition.

In his palm attack, Yang Kai had surely hid some sort of profound technique.

Drawing back, he also made his decision quickly. Although he didn’t believe that Yang Kai could injure him, it was always better to play it safe. While drawing back he simultaneously raised both of his hands in a defensive position in front of Yang Kai, wanting to probe his strength.

Their palms had not even come in contact with each other yet he discovered that the corner of Yang Kai’s mouth was carrying a cold, ruthless and sinister smile.

[Something’s wrong. Dammit! I fell into a trap!]

In the next instant, he saw Yang Kai’s palms increasing in speed and moving forward while avoiding his own palms with a fearless determination, targeting his chest.

These two palms would without a doubt hit him, but at the same time, his own attack would also hit Yang Kai in return. Is it that you want both of us to be injured simultaneously?

This thought had not even properly formed when Yang Kai’s palms also changed; his hands suddenly began to burn and became blood red, looking like a palm covered in burning fluid with a very hot temperature.

He could not dodge. The eyes of Senior Cai contained ruthlessness. This attack of Yang Kai’s contained a drop of Yang liquid, after this attack either of them would die.

Senior Brother Cai was, after all, a master of the Separation and Reunion Boundary, although his strength was sealed and his current strength gave Senior Brother Cai a feeling like playing with bamboo fencing, the quality of his Yuan Qi is higher than Yang Kai’s wasn’t it?

Two bumping sound were transmitted simultaneously.

Senior Brother Cai’s palm hit Yang Kai at the same time that Yang Kai’s double palm hit his own chest.

In a moment, Yuan Qi was transmitted to Senior Brother Cai’s chest and it felt like his skin is melting.

[How can this boy’s Yuan Qi be so pure?] Senior Brother Cai was shocked; if not for his cultivation being higher he could have died by the might of his palm alone.

Before this shock had even subsided, he once again felt Yang Kai’s palms transmitting a boiling hot Yuan Qi.

Along with this hot Yuan Qi which was being transmitted into his chest, he felt a severe pain; there was a slight feeling of his body being penetrated. This Yuan Qi was even causing his internal organs to be burnt.

“Get away from me.” Senior Cai was enraged; Yang Kai was no longer able to keep his attack going and was thrown flying backward like a rag doll upside down.

Without enough time to react Yang Kai could only lower his body but was unable to dodge the attacks of other members of the Blood Battle Gang. A sword pierced his shoulder directly and his shoulder started to bleed, creating a hole that was visible on his shoulder.

The attack hadn’t even ended. Taking advantage of his injury, another master of the Separation and Reunion Boundary who was finally able to find an opportunity, kicked Yang Kai in his lower ribs ruthlessly.

Yang Kai had dodged his attack a moment ago which made him feel a little shame. So after finding such an opportunity, he was obviously going to be ruthless.

At this moment a small bottle suddenly fell from Yang Kai’s chest pocket to the ground.

In mid-air, Yang Kai spurted out a mouthful of blood and his legs staggered when he fell to the ground. His eyes contained some anxiety when looking towards the bottle that had fallen from his pocket. But he didn’t dare to go forward and pick it up. Concentrating his energy on his feet, with lightning speed he submerged himself into the jungle for the first time.

Yuan Lang, seeing his expression hurried to pick up that small bottle.

Yang Kai’s laughter was transmitted from a distance, “Ha, Blood Battle Gang Separation and Reunion Boundary masters are just mediocre.”

[He managed to escape…] The Blood Battle Gang people looked at each other in blank dismay. They came to this place because of Yang Kai’s howl. While he called them to come to find him, after that moment required to howl he could have simply run away, but he didn’t and instead he waited for them to arrive while speaking to them his tone had even been quite arrogant. At that moment they thought that Yang Kai had an ace hidden up his sleeve but at this moment he unexpectedly ran away.

[Didn’t this mean he is just a dog knew how to bark but can’t bite?] After hearing his talk they had thought he surely had an ace, but now looking at the direction he escaped toward they can only snort contemptuously.

“Let’s go after him, he was seriously injured just now and he wouldn’t be able to run for long.” Yuan Lang said while bitterly shaking his hands. He was only able to exchange one blow with him; he had not thought that Yang Kai’s fist could contain such power. After recovering from his last attack when he returned to join the fight, unexpectedly the fight had ended.

After three breaths of time, they staggered forward with a dumb expression.

After saying this, Yuan Lang then immediately started pursuing Yang Kai, the others also hurried to follow.

Before they could even run a few steps, from behind them they heard the sound of something heavy falling to the ground. It surprised them, turning back when they looked down they were surprised to see that their Senior Brother Cai was unexpectedly on the ground, his back facing upward, motionless.

“Senior Brother are you alright?” Yuan Lang asked alarmed, but he didn’t get any response.

“What happened?” the lowest strength Disciple asked uncertainly.

[A moment ago Senior Brother Cai exchanged a blow with Yang Kai, getting wounded silently. It wasn’t possible that he had been seriously injured in that exchange, right?]

“Something is wrong.” The third person’s brows wrinkled, he hurriedly moved forward towards the body of Senior Brother Cai and suddenly called out in alarm.

He suddenly gasped *ah* in astonishment.

“How is he?” Yuan Lang asked while also moving forward, looking at the body of their Senior Brother he became dumbfounded.

Because looking at the body he noticed his Senior Brother’s flesh at that moment was red, the blood under his skin was boiling, both his eyes had burst, he was dead in the same pathetic way Nu Lang had died.

At this moment Senior Brother Cai was not breathing, his chest contained finger sized holes, from which red blood was flowing out.

“It’s so hot!” exclaimed the Disciple who was holding the body of his Senior Brother as he hurried to put his corpse down.

When the body came into contact with the ground, it burst open and hot blood burst out, scattering over the ground and forming a transparent blood fog.

The remaining three people were fully drenched in blood, that blood also contained a burning hot Yuan Qi.

The three of them became horrified. They were unable to imagine how the strongest amongst them, their Elder Brother Cai, could die such a horrible death.

[When did this happen? Did it happen when Yang Kai punched him?]

The three people were standing in the same place dumbfounded. They were looking at the ground where the body of their Senior Brother was lying with a horrified expression.

Four masters from the Blood Battle Gang were trying to cope with Yang Kai together, but unexpectedly instead of him, it was one of them who was killed. But he was also injured by a sword and a foot kick and his arms were also severely injured, but even with all these injuries, he was unexpectedly able to run away from them.

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