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Martial Peak – Chapter 111, Their Respective Battles

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There were only two hours left until the sun rose.

Walking out of the hidden cave, Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang started to follow the flow of Yin Qi within the valley.

It was extremely easy to identify the direction the Yin Qi was flowing in. This was because the Nine Yin Dew Crystals were absorbing the Qi at a monstrous pace.

Basically speaking, as long as you were within the valley, you would be able to sense this change.

From Yang Kai’s speculations, the two remaining people from the Blood Battle Gang would also go to investigate this movement of the Yin Qi. When that time came, they would naturally meetup.

Even after killing several Qi Transformation and Separation and Reunion Boundary practitioners, Yang Kai’s battle thirst had yet to subside. This was because there was still a master at the True Element realm; as long as pressure existed the Golden Skeleton would automatically be active causing both his mind and body to be unable to relax.

The only unknown factor was how much power that True Element practitioner had remaining after being sealed.

After the time it took to burn a stick of incense, they gradually drew closer to the location of the Nine Yin Dew Crystals. In that area, there was a bright light, the Nine Yin Dew Crystal floated at the center of this light. At that point, Yin Qi was gobbled up, disappearing at a rapid pace.

This truly was the Nine Yin Dew Crystals that Yang Kai had seen earlier.

But its current appearance, when compared to before, was vastly different.

The previous Nine Yin Dew Crystals were very plain, with no distinct shape. Presently it looked like a young flower bud that was beginning to bloom. The young and tender flower petals could all be distinctly distinguished.

They hid, their distance to the Nine Yin Dew Crystals was about 20 meters away.

Xia Ning Chang softly whispered. “The Nine Yin Dew Crystals are situated within that flower bud. Once the bud fully blooms, they will reveal themselves. Only when that moment comes, would we be able to capture them. Originally, I had planned to use the sealing formation to obtain the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, but I was forced to activate it early to deal with those people. And only when all those people who have been sealed have died, will the Nine Yin Eight Cloud locks return. I can only count on Junior Brother’s ability now; for it perfectly counters its Yin attribute. I’m afraid I have no skills that can assist you this time.”

“Doesn’t it know how to flee?” Yang Kai asked, wrinkling his brows.

“That’s right, so… there isn’t much hope.” Once again, Xia Ning Chang started to have thoughts of retreating.

“Say, if we were to kill the remaining people, then would you be able to use the sealing formation again?” Squinting his eyes, Yang Kai asked.

“Even if you speak like that, what if they don’t come here?”

“They have already arrived.” His gaze expressionless, Yang Kai suddenly pivoted his head, looking to the side.

Wen Fei Chen’s hearty laugh could be heard. “Hehe, you are quite the sharp-eyed boy!”

Xia Ning Chang’s beautiful face became icy as she swiveled her head towards the direction of his voice. Looking over, she saw Wen Fei Chen and Long Hui walking together, like a married couple; their gazes contained a fiery passion as they looked at the slightly poor conditioned Xia Ning Chang.

It was just one of them coveted the Heaven Grade Defensive Artefact on her, while the other coveted her body.

Yang Kai’s expression was calm, as he stood shoulder to shoulder with Xia Ning Chang; facing the approaching pair.

Calm and composed, Wen Fei Chen stopped 7 meters away from them. Keeping his smile he said, “You guys are surprisingly still alive. It seems like those trash really can’t become anything big.”

Without rest, Wen Fei Chen had been diligently attempting to unseal the Yin Qi seals within his body. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t make it happen; meanwhile, none of those Disciples had come back to report. This had caused him and Long Hui to be very anxious. Afterwards, they both felt the change in the Yin Qi within the valley. Investigating the cause had led them to this location.

As soon as they arrived, they were greeted by Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang. Due to this, Wen Fei Chen and Long Hui had become overjoyed at this fortuitous encounter. No longer bothering to hide their presence, they grandly walked over.

Since things had escalated to this degree, Wen Fei Chen wouldn’t be polite and talk things out. He then called out on the spot, wanting to recall the Disciples.

After calling out, he realized that the youngster standing opposite him didn’t have an ounce of fear; in fact, his gaze held contempt.

This caused Wen Fei Chen to be puzzled, why was he so certain and confident.

Taking a step forward, Yang Kai sneered, calling out. “Even if your throat gets hurt from the shouting, no one will come to aid you!”

Wen Fei Chen’s expression faltered. “What happened to them?”

“They have all, already died! Dead people have no method to return to help you!” Yang Kai chuckled as he replied.

Momentarily, Wen Fei Chen’s expression became dark, looking at Xia Ning Chang in astonishment.

From his conjunctures, in order to kill all those Separation and Reunion Boundary Disciples, only Xia Ning Chang would be able to do it. A measly practitioner at Yang Kai’s level would not be able to complete this feat.

A miscalculation, a true miscalculation. Never in his wildest dreams would he have predicted that, that this female would still have the energy to do something like that. A couple of hours earlier, when he had landed that blow on her body, he could feel that she didn’t have much power remaining. How could she recover this fast?

“Even if all of them are dead, don’t you guys even dream of escaping my hands!” Arrogantly *humph-ing*, it was clear that he didn’t really care about those Disciples’ deaths.

Taking another step forward, Yang Kai activated his True Yang Secret Art, with his blood boiling and his killing intent soaring. Just as he prepared to land a blow on Wen Fei Chen, a beautiful figure flew out from behind him towards Wen Fei Chen.

Xia Ning Chang had taken the initiative to attack first. Furthermore, it was a direct provocation to Wen Fei Chen and Long Hui.

She clearly wanted to lookout for the injured Yang Kai; initiating a 2 vs. 1 battle.

Her figure swaying, ten Yin Qi arrows attacked flew out; seven towards Wen Fei Chen, and three towards Long Hui. Their speed was as fast as lightning and their presence, domineering.

Wen Fei Chen laughed out coldly. “Little girl, your killing intent is quite strong. This isn’t very good!”

As he spoke, he used his two hands to easily dissolve the incoming attacks and said, “Young Master Long, I shall leave that boy to you. I shall take of this girl!”

“Okay!” Nodding his head slightly, Long Hui didn’t forget to casually add. “Just don’t injure her face.”

“This Wen will be careful!” Smiling knowingly, he immediately dashed towards Xia Ning Chang to begin their battle.

Even though Xia Ning Chang had recovered around forty percent of her strength, she still had injuries that needed to be considered. All in all, her current power was equivalent to a martial practitioner at the Qi Transformation Sixth-Seventh stage.

But Wen Fei Chen’s situation was even more tragic, he could only use strength equal to that of a practitioner at around the Qi Transformation Third stage.

But in actuality, their true cultivations were vastly different. Xia Ning Chang was at the peak of the Separation and Reunion Boundary, her body containing Yuan Qi. While Wen Fei Chen was at the True Element boundary, his body containing True Qi!

True Qi versus Yuan Qi, they were completely different in nature. The killing power that the former could emit was greater than the latter by many folds.

Furthermore, Wen Fei Chen’s battle experience far surpassed that of Xia Ning Chang. So when they exchanged blows, it was Xia Ning Chang who felt strained. Although she wouldn’t lose immediately, it was just with her strength alone, she would be unable to defeat him. At most, they would be able to fight to a draw.

Since both were experts, the battle was very intricate; their figures soaring through the air and landing hundreds of meters away.

Yang Kai didn’t pay too much attention to Xia Ning Chang’s battle, because he had his own opponent to worry about.

Glancing over at Long Hui, who about 5 meters away; Yang Kai suddenly grinned. “Young master Long right?”

Long Hui sneered. “Want to beg for forgiveness? It’s too late!”

“I have a couple of questions I want to ask you.”

Displaying an idiotic expression towards Yang Kai, he indifferently said “If they are your final wishes before death, then I can actually fulfill them for you!”

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