Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 112, Defeated Everywhere

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“Just treat it like so.” Smiling, without giving a definite answer, Yang Kai continued. “You really just came for Hu Mei Er, that’s why you came to kill me right?”

Long Hui’s expression faltered a bit, but he quickly recovered and disdainfully replied. “If not, why would this young master come so far and stir up a fuss with you? You think I’m full and have nothing to do?”

Wrinkling his brows Yang Kai stated. “But my relationship with Hu Mei Er isn’t even that close. At most, we have only met a few times.”

“Humph, perhaps you have nothing towards her. But, that cheap woman feels differently about you!” Anger started to on Long Hui’s face, “For you, she even dared to disobey my grandfather! She has never done that type of action before! Nor has she ever dared to help another male to this extent! Who are you to actually have ideas on my woman?!”

“Your grandfather…” A streak of maliciousness flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes; remembering Long Zai Tian’s capricious strike. That day, if it wasn’t for the Golden Skeleton’s ability, assisting him in breaking his limits, then he would have died.

“I still have another question!” Yang Kai sneered, “How is it that you knew I had left High Heaven Pavilion?”

Since they held the ability to track them all the way here, then they must have started to follow shortly after his departure. If not, then they would have long since lost his trail. In other words, before he even left High Heaven Pavilion, he had already been targeted by someone with ill intent.

Laughing in a mocking manner Long Hui replied, “Naturally someone came to inform me.”

[As expected!]

“As for who came to inform me, this master isn’t willing to tell you. But I think you know clearly, who it was that you offended!” Long Hui looked at Yang Kai in contempt, still gazing at him like he was looking at a dead man. Due to this, there was no hint of him wanting to lie, so he explained everything clearly. “As for that Nu Lang, he was out of my expectations. I met him in a small village at the foot of the mountains.”

Yang Kai merely nodded his head, since Long Hui had no real reason to lie to him. And because of this, the information must be real and Nu Lan merely joined them midway. There was no need to think further, after all, he was dead.

“This young master has already satisfied your wishes, now die for me!” Laughing out, Long Hui’s figure flickered and he immediately closed the distance between them. Excitement could be seen in his eyes, while the Yuan Qi from the Qi Transformation First Stage revolved around his fists, striking out.

With every punch, a feathery shape of Qi burst out from his fist to attack.

Flying Exploding Feathers! Earth Mid Grade Martial Skills!

Since Long Hui was the grandson of Long Zai Tian, then the Martial Skillss that he cultivated naturally wouldn’t be ordinary goods. You could say that even though he was at the Qi Transformation First Stage, his true power enabled him to battle opponents at a much higher cultivation stage than himself.

Long Hui wasn’t just a white silk young master. To the current Yang Kai, he still posed a threat as an opponent.

With the feathers onslaught, Yang Kai hurriedly side stepped, causing Long Hui’s skill to go to waste. This caused Long Hui to have a slight look of shock at the unexpectedness of his ability.

In his thoughts, he didn’t think that the Initial Element Fourth Staged Yang Kai would be able to dodge his killing strike.

Swiftly after, strong and bloodthirsty Yuan Qi fluctuations started to disperse from Yang Kai body. Feeling the density of the Yuan Qi fluctuations, Long Hui’s expression shifted greatly.

[How is this aura that of a Initial Element Fourth Stage?] It was clearly the aura at the peak of the Initial Element Stage, even the purity and strength could match up to his.

This flabbergasting surprise lasted only a moment. Afterwards, Long Hui had already appeared next to Yang Kai with Yuan Qi coating his fists. Mercilessly, he smashed downwards towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai dodged to side once again, forced the fist to hit the ground. Upon contact, dust and rock bits flew into the air. When the dust cleared, a decent sized hole had formed in the ground.

Before Long Hui could rise up, Yang Kai took the opportunity to rush forward. His knee raised high; he aimed a powerful blow at Long Hui’s chin.

Long Hui’s reaction wasn’t slow. In one fluid movement, he raised his hand to block the chin strike, and pushed down.

With his knee locked in, both of their Yuan Qi’s burst out. While Yang Kai was left staggering, Long Hui flew backwards and then used his energy to disperse Yang Kai’s attack.

After their exchange, both people rushed to stabilize themselves.

Looking up and down at Yang Kai, Long Hui narrowed his eyes. “It turns out that you have always hid your true cultivation! But no matter, even if this is your cultivation, it isn’t sufficient to defeat me!”

As soon as those words were said, a golden brilliance erupted from Long Hui’s feet. His body blurry, he arrived behind Yang Kai in an instant.

Golden Rainbow Steps! Another Earth Mid Grade Martial Skills.

Drawing support from this wonderful movement skill, Long Hui finally arrived at the hole in Yang Kai’s defence. The Yuan Qi gathered at his fingertips flew out towards the back of his neck. It was clear that he wanted to kill Yang Kai in one shot.

One the verge of death, Yang Kai felt a light breeze on the back of his neck. Reacting swiftly, he tilted his head to the side, just in time to feel a cold rush of Yuan Qi draw a line of blood across his cheek.

Twisting his body around, the drop of Yang Liquid within Yang Kai’s hands had already morphed into a cicada thin blood-red blade; aiming directly to the nearby Long Hui.

This is a powerful enemy! Yang Kai didn’t dare to be clumsy. Any small mishap and he could easily lose his life!

As the blade cut towards Long Hui, Yang Kai could see it slicing him in half. But Yang Kai didn’t allow himself to rejoice because he could feel that the blade did not truly cut through Long Hui. It was only an afterimage that he had attacked.

The opponent’s footwork was extremely profound!

“Your reaction’s not bad!” Long Hui’s voice echoed from about three meters away. Calm and unruffled, he gazed at Yang Kai in amusement.

Shaking a bit, Yang Kai suddenly threw the thin blade out.

Long Hui didn’t dare to stop moving, activating the Golden Rainbow Steps, he dodged once again. Like a cat chasing a mouse, he looked at Yang Kai with a look of contempt and disdain.

Keeping silent, but filled with undying and unwavering battle spirit, Yang Kai’s steps were like the wind. In an instant, he arrived at Long Hui’s side punching at him.

Returning without any achievement! Long Hui’s figure had already appeared in another location.

“Humph. Just with your snail pace, you actually want to prevail over me? You overestimate yourself!” Not sparing his mouth a break, Long Hui immediately started to mock him.

He felt that since he was using the Golden Rainbow Steps, his victory was assured. If the opponent couldn’t hit him, then how could he win? With his fierce barrage of attacks, he was blatantly wasting his Yuan Qi away. Waiting until Yang Kai used all of his Yuan Qi, he shall then finish it in one strike.

With that thought in mind, he decided on his method to take down Yang Kai; he wanted to use the least amount of energy to do so.

“Slow, too slow…”

“If you can’t kill me, then this young master shall go and take that female for himself.”

“What does she really look like? I have quite great expectations, and what amazing sounds she will make when she is being ravaged!“

“Hehehe, this young master just loves to hear the unwilling cries of females being raped. Just thinking about that scene, you can’t help but love it!”

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  1. This is some stupid bullshit. This dude was the “weakest of the party” and is overpowering the mc who just fought 4 people much stronger than him

    1. He is the weakest but as you already say the MC is tired because he fight 4 people stronger than him and Yang Kai only could kill them that easily because of his sneak attacks and remember that the MC didn’t learn any martial art he only has the golden squeleton, his Yang Qi and Yang Qi Drops his adversary instead has protection artefacts and martial arts of high level including a movement skill. Is normal that the MC had some difficults in this fight.

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