Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1302, Silver Night Thunder Beast

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


After learning that the helper Lu Ying had found was Yang Kai, Chen Shi Tao’s mood immediately became somewhat complicated as her lips curled into a bitter smile. Although she was interested in establishing a friendship with Yang Kai so she could invite him to adventure and travel with her in the future, if they could not overcome their current crisis, what point was there in planning for the future?


Yang Kai was only a Second-Order Saint King, so how was he supposed to break the barrier and rescue the three of them?


However, despite all of this, he had still come to help them, so while Chen Shi Tao was disappointed in her heart, she still sent out some words of gratitude. Wang Yu Han of Extreme Path Sect, on the other hand, shouted angrily, “What use is there in bringing him here? The three of us struggled desperately to let you escape yet he was the best you could find? It’s like you’re looking forward to us dying sooner!”


Although he had not cursed directly, his words were nothing short of harsh.


Lu Ying’s small face turned somewhat pale as she directed a guilty and uneasy look towards Wang Yu Han.


Chen Shi Tao’s pretty face also sank though as she harshly rebuked, “Senior Brother Wang, don’t you think you’ve said too much? Did you forget just where we are? Ordinarily, no one will come to this Grand Burial Valley, Junior Sister Lu Ying being able to find and bring back Little Brother Yang is already a stroke of good fortune, what more do you want?”


Chen Shi Tao reprimanding him without any trace of politeness caused Wang Yu Han’s face to become sullen. Although he did not refute her argument, it was obvious he did not agree with her either.


Yang Kai, who was standing outside the barrier, finally shifted his gaze from what he was staring at to Wang Yu Han for a moment before silently turning away again. Although Yang Kai didn’t appreciate Wang Yu Han’s tone or words, he was disinclined to bother with him so he simply ignored him.


What Yang Kai was currently focused on was the barrier and Silver Night Thunder Beast in front of him.


There was no need to wonder why there was a sealing Spirit Array here. The Thunder Pond’s presence here clearly indicated that this was once a Restricted Area of ​​Ancient Yang Sect. It was probably developed for cultivators who cultivated Thunder Attribute Secret Arts or Martial Skills. However, what method the Silver Night Thunder Beast had used to deploy this barrier and trap Chen Shi Tao and her group inside was a mystery.


The Silver Night Thunder Beast was a pure Thunder Attribute Monster Beast, so with control of the local barrier and the Thunder Pond, it occupied a great advantage and was able to display strength far in excess of its own, just as Lu Ying had described.


This Silver Night Thunder Beast’s appearance was quite weird. It had an ox head, deer body, and leopard tail, while sparks of lightning constantly ran across its skin, which itself was covered in a thick layer of extremely tough protective scales.


There were two curved horns extending from its forehead between which sparks of lightning bounced. Every time it swung its giant head, the blue clouds around it seemed to respond by releasing a bolt of lightning towards its horns. After absorbing these bolts of lightning, the Silver Night Thunder Beast would then release a bolt of thunder towards Chen Shi Tao and her companions down below; however, the attack released from its two horns was clearly even stronger than the natural lightning it had pulled down from the sky above.


From time to time, this beast would also open its maw and spit out a ball of thunder. When this thunder ball struck Chen Shi Tao and the others, it would burst into a myriad of lightning snakes that twisted about in unpredictable patterns.


Chen Shi Tao’s trio were currently hiding behind an umbrella giving off strong energy fluctuations that had created a ten-metre diametre light curtain. Across this umbrella’s surface there were flowing runes and glowing lines. It was clearly the Nine Palace Heavenly Silk Parasol Origin Grade High-Rank defensive artifact Lu Ying had told Yang Kai about on their way here.


When any Thunder Attribute attack came into contact with this Nine Palace Heavenly Silk Parasol’s defensive shield, their power would be dramatically reduced.


Yang Kai observed for a moment and immediately knew that if it were not for this defensive artifact, Chen Shi Tao’s trio would have long ago perished.


AlthoughChen Shi Tao was able to intercept most of the attacks from the Silver Night Thunder Beast with this excellent defensive artifact, the trio were still in quite a distressed state. A multi-coloured screen that floated in front of Wang Yu Han was clearly another defensive artifact and he was using it to block any attacks that Chen Shi Tao failed to stop. When any lightning arc hit this screen, it would mysteriously vanish, disappearing to some unknown place.


Lastly, Chen Fan Lei, like the Silver Night Thunder Beast, had arcs of lightning rippling across his body. He was not making any obvious defensive movements but was instead swallowing the scattered lightning into his mouth.


Among the three, he seemed to be the most relaxed. It seemed the scattered lightning was not only unable to hurt him but could even enhance his strength.


This drew Yang Kai’s attention and he quickly speculated that this young man either had some kind of Special Constitution or cultivated a very profound Secret Art as, even now, his eyes were bright and full of energy.


The three of them each stood with their backs to one another to defend against the Silver Night Thunder Beast’s assault, and there didn’t seem to be any immediate risk to their lives, but if this situation dragged on, it would only be a matter of time until Chen Shi Tao and Wang Yu Han’s Saint Qi was exhausted, at which point, all three of them would die. At that point, even if Chen Fan Lei had a Special Constitution or cultivated a profound Secret Art, he would not be spared.


“Little Brother Yang,” Chen Shi Tao shouted out during a break in the Silver Night Thunder Beast’s attacks, “If you have any way means to help us, please hurry, we won’t be able to last much longer!”


She saw that since he arrived, Yang Kai had simply been standing still, neither taking action nor showing any intention to leave, causing her to grow a bit anxious.


However, Yang Kai just said, “Wait a moment.”


Chen Shi Tao’s expression immediately became bitter, but she did not urge him anymore. On the other hand, Wang Yu Han glared at Yang Kai coldly, as if silently telling him to scram if he was not going to help.


Lu Ying entered the battle without any hesitation, but blocked by the barrier, she was only able to attack from the outside in hopes of being able to break it.


Besides Yang Kai, no one else noticed that Yang Yan had secretly begun to crack this Spirit Array. Yang Kai had naturally handed this matter over to Yang Yan, which was why he had not taken action yet.


This barrier was clearly quite extraordinary, and with the Thunder Pond as an energy source, it clearly couldn’t be broken through brute force in a short time, so why would Yang Kai waste his energy trying?


A moment later though, Yang Yan suddenly whispered, “You can begin. It will take me a certain amount of time to crack this barrier completely, it will be quicker if you just attack it directly; but I’ve already removed the connection between the Thunder Pond and the Barrier. Without its energy source, you should be able to destroy now.”


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded and once again summoned his Hundred Mountains Picture, but this time was different from when he rescued Chen Shi Tao previously. As soon as the Hundred Mountains Picture appeared, Yang Kai summoned out twenty phantom peaks, each one bigger than the last; then, under Yang Kai’s urging, these peaks slammed towards the barrier mercilessly.


“Hmph, I was wondering if he had some kind of profound skill, but in the end, he’s still just relying on brute force. Sister Chen, we can’t rely on this little brat, we have to find a way to overcome this crisis on our own!” Seeing Yang Kai use the exact same method as last time, Wang Yu Han couldn’t help snorting disdainfully, “Can’t he see that with this Thunder Pond here as an energy source, trying to break this barrier by force is pointless?”


Chen Shi Tao also couldn’t help frowning slightly as she thought Yang Kai’s actions were indeed a bit rash, but the way Wang Yu Han was speaking also made her quite uncomfortable, so for a moment, her pretty face became complication and she didn’t know how to answer.


As the two of them spoke though, the illusionary mountains smashed onto the barrier, causing it to creak under the impact, but in the next moment, Thunder Attribute Energy welled up to seek the Thunder Pond to replenish the energy of the barrier.


Chen Shi Tao and Wang Yu Han had witnessed this countless times, and it was precisely because of this that they had not wasted their energy attacking the barrier. With the Thunder Pond supplementing any loss the barrier experienced, it was all but impossible for them to break it.


However, to their surprise, this time, for some unknown reason, the Thunder Attribute Energy from the Thunder Pond didn’t flow into the barrier but instead rushed out of it towards a certain direction, failing to supplement the losses it had just suffered.


Looking outside the barrier, Chen Shi Tao and Wang Yu Han spotted a piece of seemingly dead wood that was absorbing the Thunder Attribute Energy and channeling it harmlessly into the earth.


This surprised and delighted them while it also caused them to wonder how this trivial piece of dead wood was able to play such a magical role.


Yang Kai also had no idea what was happening, but he had absolute confidence in Yang Yan. Seeing that this method to divert the Thunder Pond’s energy was effective, Yang Kai spared no effort to urge the power of the Hundred Mountains Picture and continued to smash the barrier.


Yang Kai truly did not want to delay here for long, so he didn’t hold back his strength, causing the power the Hundred Mountains Picture displayed to be several times greater than last time. Seeing this, Chen Shi Tao could not help feeling shocked as she realized that Yang Kai had been concealing much of his strength until now.


With Yang Kai smashing the barrier from the outside, the Silver Night Thunder Beast inside obviously was not going to just sit back and ignore him. Releasing a roar that sounded like a cross between an ox and a tiger, it condensed a bolt of lightning as thick as a human leg atop its two horns and blasted it towards Yang Kai.


“Little Brother Yang, watch out!” Chen Shi Tao shouted hurriedly as she knew just what kind of power this attack contained. Without her Nine Palace Heavenly Silk Parasol, she would not dare to take this attack head on. Yang Kai was only a Second-Order Saint King though, so if he was hit by this attack, he would likely be killed.

What surprised her though was that although Yang Kai heard her warning, he just stood there without moving. Instead, in front of him, a shield that emitted a purple glow suddenly appeared. In a flash of light, a sandstorm appeared from this purple shield.


With a loud crackling, the lightning bolt plunged into this sandstorm and was quickly scattered by the swirling wind and sand, soon disappearing without a trace.


“Origin Grade High-Rank defensive artifact!” Wang Yu Han shouted as a greedy light flashed across his eyes.


He was an Extreme Path Sect disciple and had a Third-Order Saint King cultivation, but so far, he hadn’t been able to obtain a single Origin Grade Mid-Rank or above artifact. Chen Shi Tao had been given her artifact by her Sect’s Elders, but where had this brat surnamed Yang gotten his?


And just from a cursory glance, the defensive power of this purple shield seemed no worse than the Nine Palace Heavenly Silk Parasol.


Comparing these artifacts with his own, Wang Yu Han suddenly thought he was quite poor and unavoidably felt resentful.


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