Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1303, Thunder Pond Thunder Liquid

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


While Wang Yu Han was eyeing Yang Kai’s shield artifact, the Silver Night Thunder Beast roared loudly, as if enraged because its attack had failed. Suddenly, it began using only half of its energy to deal with Chen Shi Tao’s group while focusing the other half of its energy on Yang Kai. The two curved horns atop its forehead flashed brilliantly as it opened its great maw and sent out crackling booms of thunder.


This development caused Chen Shi Tao’s trio to rejoice because the pressure they were facing suddenly eased greatly and the almost non-stop attacks that had originally been solely targeted on them were now being split between them and Yang Kai. The three of them exchanged a quick glance and quickly took advantage of the situation; Chen Shi Tao continued using her Nine Palace Heavenly Silk Parasol to defend their group while Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei both summoned their offensive artifacts and began bombarding the barrier.


For a time, the area around the Thunder Pond became quite lively, with assorted burst of Saint Qi exploding and many artifacts displaying great might.


Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei both had some status in Extreme Path Sect, so the artifacts they owned weren’t low quality. While they weren’t qualified to own Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts, both of them had one or two of Origin Grade Low-Rank. Under their combined attacks, the barrier quickly became unstable.


Seeing this, the two knew that they were having an effect and didn’t dare have any reservations, instantly pushing their strength even harder. Even Lu Ying seemed to be encouraged by this and increase the strength of her attacks.


Meanwhile, outside the barrier, protected by his Purple Shield, Yang Kai was naturally unafraid of the Silver Night Thunder Beast’s long range attacks, and after seeing that he had managed to attract the majority of this Monster Beast’s attention, he urged the power of the Hundred Mountains Picture even further, smashing the phantom peaks down with even greater force.


With everyone cooperating from inside and outside, the Thunder Attribute barrier which originally left Chen Shi Tao and her group helpless grew dim within ten breaths and spider web like cracks began to form across its surface. Obviously, it was on the verge of collapsing.


Seeing this, Wang Yu Han knew that it was a good opportunity to show off and immediately summoned a blue long sword into his hands. Holding this sword in front of himself, he bit his tongue and spat a mouthful of blood mist onto it, causing the blue long sword to buzz loudly and take on a radiant glow. It was as if this blue long sword had come to life and was desperately struggling to free itself from Wang Yu Han’s grasp.


After Wang Yu Han sprayed out this blood mist, an abnormal blush flashed across his face. Obviously, the technique he was about to use had cost him a considerable price.


As the long sword cried out, Wang Yu Han’s aura rapidly inflated. Lifting his sword up high, a dazzling glow burst for as he leapt straight towards the barrier.


Wang Yu Han himself was wrapped up in this sword glow and it seemed as if he had almost merged together with it. In an instant, Wang Yu Han reached the barrier and as he slammed into it, countless small lightning arcs exploded forth, seemingly trying to smother the brilliant sword glow.


A cold snort suddenly sounded as a fierce buzzing from the sword glow competed with the crackling lightning arcs, the two completely different forces seemingly falling into a kind of stalemate as an ear piercing grating sound rang out.


This stalemate only lasted a moment though before Wang Yu Han suddenly roared, “Break!”


As soon as he uttered these words, the sword wave surrounding him suddenly inflated and sliced a large hole through the barrier. Thunder Light exploded out in all directions but after a crisp crackling resounded, the barrier surrounding the Thunder Pond was finally completely broken.


Since Yang Kai first took action until now, only about twenty breaths of time had passed.


This result was because Yang Kai didn’t want to waste time here and had gone all out, but it was also because Chen Shi Tao and her companions weren’t ordinary Saint King Realm cultivators. They were the elites of their respective Sects, so whether it was in terms of purity or density, the Saint Qi flowing through their bodies was far greater than that of average cultivators in the same realm.


In addition, the barrier here was only opened by the Silver Night Thunder Beast, and although it was still unknown how it accomplished this, it was obvious that it didn’t understand how to manipulate it, resulting in a failure to use its full might. If it had been able to skillfully manipulate this Thunder Attribute Spirit Array, even if everyone had been working together, breaking it would have been quite difficult.


The moment the barrier was broken, Chen Shi Tao and her brother rushed out of it, neither of them willing to remain where they were a moment longer.


Clearly, they were still feeling some lingering fear.


Wang Yu Han fell from the sky with a laugh, a proud look upon his face, flourishing his blue long sword before assuming an aloof pose, seemingly waiting for others to praise him.


Chen Fan Lei looked at him with admiration and said sincerely, “Senior Brother is amazing!”


Receiving the cooperation of his Junior Brother, Wang Yu Han was naturally quite pleased and even spoke a few humble words while constantly shooting Yang Kai a somewhat provocative gaze.


“Isn’t it a bit premature to be celebrating?” Chen Shi Tao splashed cold water on Wang Yu Han in the next instant though as she stared solemnly towards the extremely angry Silver Night Thunder Beast floating nearby.


It seemed that because the barrier was destroyed, the Silver Night Thunder Beast was releasing an even more ominous Monster Qi and the blue clouds up above were emitting stronger pressure than before.


Wang Yu Han’s face twitched slightly before he spoke confidently, “Junior Sister Chen need not worry, it was only because we were somewhat negligent before that we fell into the trap laid by that thing, causing us to be unable to display our full power. Now that we’ve escaped from that barrier though, naturally we won’t give it any chance to fight back. Junior Brother, join me in testing its might!”


“Yes!” Chen Fan Lei wore an eager look on his face and nodded repeatedly without thinking.


Before Chen Shi Tao could persuade them otherwise, the two Sect Brothers from Extreme Path Sect rushed up.


Yang Kai frowned, but was too lazy to stop them. He had taken this little trip firstly because he owed Chen Shi Tao a favor. To fulfill that, he resolved Lu Ying’s plea for help. Secondly, it was because Yang Yan needed the Thunder Liquid from the Thunder Pond. With debts repaid, as for whether the others lived or died, that was none of his concern.


However, Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering whether this Wang Yu Han simply overconfident or flat out foolish, actually underestimating a Monster Beast equivalent to an Origin Returning Realm master. From Yang Kai’s perspective, it looked like Wang Yu Han was the kind of cultivator who only remained inside his Sect and never experienced any real life or death fights in the outside world.


Such people generally had high cultivations but were ultimately unable to display their strength in real combat, often resulting in them suffering losses or even dying as they couldn’t adapt to situations were rules no longer existed.


Yang Kai thought Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei would definitely suffer a big loss!


To Yang Kai’s surprise though, after recklessly charging the Silver Night Thunder Beast, Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei actually launched a coordinated and efficient campaign. No cultivator without real combat experience could accomplish this.


Wang Yu Han proved himself quite flexible in combat and was able to make rational judgements even while engaged in a dangerous fight, so although he and Chen Fan Lei had no way to easily kill this Silver Night Thunder Beast, they had no trouble fighting with it by taking advantage of their mobility, artifacts, and Martial Skills.


For a time, the Silver Night Thunder Beast was unable to cope with the two of them.


Yang Kai’s brow rose as he realized that these two rushing forward was not just due to recklessness but because of confidence.


After observing anxiously for a while, Chen Shi Tao and Lu Ying’s two pairs of beautiful eyes flashed with fierce light as they too began having thoughts of killing this beast and obtaining its core.


A Ninth-Order Monster Beast’s Monster Core, especially one from this Thunder Attribute Silver Night Thunder Beast, was incredibly valuable. Whether it was used for Alchemy or Artifact Refining, there would be many people who wanted it. On top of that, the materials from this Monster Beast’s body were also good things.


It seemed that because they had previously been trapped and suppressed inside that barrier, Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei were feeling quite indignant, so now that they had escaped, their killing intent towards this Silver Night Thunder Beast was quite strong. The two fellow Sect Brothers cooperated flawlessly, one of them attacking while the other defended and soon showing signs of suppressing the Silver Night Thunder Beast. Without the barrier to rely on, the Silver Night Thunder Beast actually fell into a slight disadvantage in this battle, and if it weren’t for its thick scales, it would likely have already been injured. This development made Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei pleasantly surprised and they began acting even more fiercely.


Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the thoughts of these four, instead shoot Yang Yan a slight glance. Yang Yan saw this and nodded lightly, quickly rushing over to the Thunder Pond and taking out a special container. As soon as she began pouring her Saint Qi into this bottle, it began drawing in the Thunder Liquid from the Thunder Pond.


This Thunder Pond was only about a hundred metres or so in diameter, but it was deep enough that one was unable to see its bottom. The liquid it was composed of was also not ordinary water, but instead a kind of liquefied Thunder Attribute energy.


This kind of Thunder Pond could be artificially manufactured as long as there was something that could attract the natural Heavenly Thunder to this place and some powerful Spirit Arrays were set up to trap and condense it into Thunder Attribute energy. With this kind of setup, after a hundred years or so, the embryonic form of a Thunder Pond could be created. If other Thunder Attribute treasures or spirit herbs were added during this time, they would also speed up the formation of the Thunder Pond.


Of course, some Thunder Ponds were naturally produced.


Regardless of their type, Thunder Ponds were quite scarce, but they were of great benefit to cultivators who cultivated Thunder Attribute Secret Arts or Martial Skill. This Thunder Pond in Grand Burial Valley was originally owned by Ancient Yang Sect, and many cultivators knew of its existence, hence why Chen Shi Tao and her group had come here.


But they hadn’t anticipated that a Silver Night Thunder Beast actually lived at the bottom of this Thunder Pond and would suddenly appear while Chen Fan Lei was cultivating. Fortunately, this Silver Night Thunder Beast seemed to have only reached the Ninth-Order recently, otherwise the situation would have been far more dangerous.


Even so, Chen Shi Tao’s group being able to escape this crisis was mostly thanks to Yang Kai’s arrival.


Wang Yu Han and Chen Fan Lei entangling the Silver Night Thunder Beast gave Yang Yan the perfect opportunity to collect Thunder Liquid, so Yang Kai was happy to let them do as they pleased. After gathering up this Thunder Liquid, whether these four stayed here to fight the Silver Night Thunder Beast, Yang Kai couldn’t care less.


He only wanted to escape as far away from this dangerous place as quickly as possible!


The battle up above grew fiercer by the moment and at a certain point, the Silver Night Thunder Beast let out a great roar and released a giant thunder ball from its mouth that exploded between Chen Fan Lei and Wang Yu Han. Although this attack wasn’t able to hurt them, it did force them to focus on defending themselves.


The Silver Night Thunder Beast took advantage of this opportunity to suddenly fall motionless mid-air, lift its huge beast head to the sky, and let out a grand roar filled with unparalleled rage.


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