Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1384, Lu Ye’s Ambush

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Seemingly having known Yang Yan would say so, Yang Kai smiled slightly and handed the Star Emperor Token he obtained from Ge Qi to her.


Yang Yan accepted it and a slightly complex look appeared on her face as she gently stroked it. Her expression changed constantly as her eyes revealed a look of reminiscence.


Yang Kai sat to the side without interrupting.


After half an hour, the strange look upon Yang Yan’s face completely faded and she let out a long sigh, returning the Star Emperor Token to Yang Kai as she said, “Keep this thing safe, it may be of great use in the future.”


“Great use?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “What kind of use?”


“I don’t know,” Yang Yan shook her head slowly, “This is just my feeling, I can’t give you anything more than that; however, I can confirm that there is some secret hidden within this thing. It’s rumoured that the Great Emperor refined ten of these Star Emperor Tokens, so perhaps one needs to gather all ten pieces together to unravel that mystery.”


Saying so, Yang Yan let out a wry laugh, “But doing so is far too difficult. Obtaining a single Star Emperor Token can already be considered a once in a very lucky lifetime opportunity, how is one supposed to obtain all ten?”


“Really?” Yang Kai smiled strangely, “I have others.”


“What?” Yang Yan stared at him in amazement, her beautiful eyes going wide in the next moment as she stared at another Star Emperor Token that appeared in Yang Kai’s hands.


This Star Emperor Token was basically identical to the one exchanged by Ge Qi, with the Divine Ability which had been sealed inside already having been used. Both of these tokens had faint Emperor Pressure lingering on them, so it was clear they were genuine.


The surprise hadn’t ended yet though as Yang Kai raised his other hand and summoned another Star Emperor Token to it.


When Yang Yan saw this third Star Emperor Token, she couldn’t help covering her mouth as her beautiful eyes bulged in shock, hesitantly asking, “Could this be…”


This third Star Emperor Token was obviously different from the first two. Although their appearances were identical, this third one gave off a terrifying energy fluctuation, and with Yang Yan being so knowledgeable, how could she not understand what this implied?


“Yeah, this in an unused Star Emperor Token!” Yang Kai smiled lightly as he tossed it over to Yang Yan.


Yang Yan hurriedly caught it.


Just as she did though, something unexpected happened.


When that unused Star Emperor Token was caught by Yang Yan, a ripple of energy visible to the naked eye burst from it. At the same time, a resonant cry rang out, like the piercing call of a bird. Immediately after, an exotic looking cyan coloured bird with long feathers suddenly emerged from the Star Emperor Token.


In the next instant, Yang Yan’s Saint Qi fluctuations and the energy contained in the Star Emperor Token resonated with each other and both floated up involuntarily.


A pulsing noise so great rang out that the entire cave mansion was thrown into disorder and a pressure which caused Yang Kai to pale suddenly emerged.


Yang Kai didn’t understand what was going on so he hurriedly summoned his Purple Shield and circulated his Saint Qi to protect himself. Only once this was done did he release his Divine Sense to check Yang Yan’s situation.


After a brief investigation, Yang Kai was shocked by what he discovered.


He found that Yang Yan hadn’t received any ill effects and instead seemed to be receiving some kind of information from the Star Emperor Token. Her beautiful eyes were shut with her lashes fluttering slightly, her brow sometimes tightened while sometimes relaxed.


This scene didn’t last long, only about ten breaths. Just as Yang Kai was wondering what to do, Yang Yan suddenly opened her eyes and caught the Star Emperor Token floating in front of her before lightly descending to the ground, a thoughtfully look filling her face.


“What happened?” Yang Kai asked hurriedly.


Yang Yan glanced over at him lightly before completely changing the subject, “You haven’t refined this yet.”


“This thing can be refined?” Yang Kai was shocked.


Yang Yan smiled lightly, “This is also a kind of artifact, a single-use one, so naturally it can be refined. Fortunately you’ve only been hiding it so far and hadn’t tried to use it at all, otherwise you would have died.”


Yang Kai didn’t show any surprise or shock at this comment. Gui Zu had warned him about this earlier, so even though he had encountered many dangerous situations over the years, Yang Kai had never thought of using this Star Emperor Token. Currently, this token was only a way to drag down an enemy with him, so of course Yang Kai wasn’t going to use it easily.


“You seem to know a lot about this,” Yang Kai stared at her with a slight frown.


“What are you trying to say?” Yang Yan pursed her lips lightly, her expression slightly uneasy.


“Since you fell into a coma for no reason last time, I feel like you’ve changed a lot, what exactly is it that you’re hiding? Is there anything you can tell me?” Yang Kai finally decided to express his doubts. He had become incredibly curious after he saw Ge Qi react to meeting Yang Yan, as if the former had seen a ghost yet Yang Yan claimed to have never met him. And now, this Star Emperor Token actually resonated with Yang Yan. All of this pushed Yang Kai to the point where he could no longer just ignore the situation.


He wanted to speak with Yang Yan openly.


“It’s not that I want to hide anything, it’s just…” Yang Yan showed a hesitant look on her face.


“Just what?”


“It’s just that I’m not sure either, so I didn’t want to say anything. When I am certain, I promise I’ll tell you, okay?” Yang Yan looked at him, nearly begging.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before suddenly smiling, “Tell me how to refine this thing, I’ve studied it a few times before but was never able to learn anything about it.”


Seeing Yang Kai not continue to press to issue, Yang Yan felt relieved and smiled happily, “I can do that, hehe.”


Saying so, she condensed a ray of Saint Qi at her fingertip and with a quick stroke made a small cut on her wrist, allowing her fresh blood to immediately flow out. Yang Yan next presse the Star Emperor Token against this new wound.


Yang Kai heard a terrifying suction force, like a starving ghost was feasting, as the Star Emperor Token began absorbing the blood from the wound on Yang Yan’s wrist.


In the blink of an eye, the Star Emperor Token became blood red.


After finishing this, Yang Yan seemed a bit tired as she tossed the Star Emperor Token to Yang Kai and sat down cross-legged.


“Is that it?” Yang Kai stared at Star Emperor Token in amazement, finding that only its colour had changed while everything else seemingly remained the same.


“En,” Yang Yan nodded seriously.


Yang Kai observed this token with some suspicion. If refining this thing required blood, it should be the one attempting to refine it that provides it. Why would Yang Yan need to provide her blood?


“You’ll understand if you try it now,” Yang Yan smiled before standing up and walking towards the exit, “Make sure you keep these three Star Emperor Token safe.”


“Got it,” Yang Kai nodded helplessly.


After Yang Yan left, Yang Kai held the bright red Star Emperor Token in his palm curiously and tried pouring his Saint Qi into it. Surprisingly, his Saint Qi easily infiltrated it, without the slightest hindrance. There was no sign of the Divine Ability inside being triggered but the Star Emperor Token at this moment was like a bottomless pit that constantly swallowed Yang Kai’s Saint Qi, establishing a kind of vague connection with him.


This was clearly the first sign of an artifact being refined, causing Yang Kai to feel overjoyed and immediately understood that what Yang Yan said was right. This Star Emperor Token could really be refined, so he spared no effort to do so.


At the same time, in a jungle about four hundred kilometres away from Dragon Cave Mountain.


A young man seemed to be carefreely flying forward, his speed neither fast nor slow.


If Yang Kai were here, he would have immediately attacked this person for a very simple reason: it was none other than Lu Ye of Flowing Cloud Valley. Yang Kai hated Lu Ye greatly, and from the direction he was flying, it seemed he was headed to the Xie Family.


Lu Ye’s face was filled with a meaningful grin as he quickly changed the direction his Star Shuttle was flying and flew deeper into the jungle, gently landing on the ground with his hands behind his back a moment later.


It was silent all around, with only the breeze blowing and the noise of swaying branches and leaves.


“What? You all waited here in ambush for this Lu did you not? This Lu has now arrived, yet you haven’t actually shown yourselves. Why hide your head and show your tail?” Lu Ye tilted his head slightly as he glanced around at the thick trees surrounding him.


No one answered and no one showed up, as if it really was just Lu Ye here.


However, Lu Ye wasn’t discouraged and sneered, “A group of cowardly rats actually dares to ambush this Lu? Good, since you refuse to show yourself, don’t blame this Lu for being rude.”


“Little brat, your sight is quite good, even able to see through my concealment methods. What a pity your life has come to an end!” A loud voice sounded, and the next moment, several people suddenly jumped out from behind the nearby trees.


Immediately afterwards, there were clamouring noises all around, from left and right, as more figures emerged one by one, all of them staring towards Lu Ye with malicious intent.


In the blink of an eye, Lu Ye was surrounded on all sides, with no way to escape.


At the auction just now, Lu Ye had been too high-profile and had naturally drawn the attention of countless people. Although he had quietly withdrawn during the last moments of the auction, he had still been followed by many people in secret.


Knowing that he was going to return to the Xie Family, many had set up an ambush in this jungle in advance, waiting for gains without pains.


Sure enough, Lu Ye did pass through here, but what these conspiring people didn’t expect was that Lu Ye would truly not know how to fear the Heavens and was willing to step into this ambush.


The one who spoke just now was a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator with short stature and a big forehead. This ugly looking man stared at Lu Ye with an evil grin on his face and nodded, “Not bad, you’ve got some guts. I haven’t met a brat as brave as you for many years.”


“Brother Cheng, enough nonsense, just hurry up and do it,” On the other side of the ambush, an elderly man with a long beard urged impatiently. Although on the surface, this man looked far older than Cheng Dong, the two didn’t differ in age much.

(PewPewLazerGun: I dub thee, Cheng Dong)


“Good, a long delay only creates more troubles. This little brat is worth a lot of money so our gains this time will definitely not be small.”


“What’s the rush?” Cheng Dong coldly snorted, “We can take care of this brat at any time, I think we should first discuss how to allocate his wealth, what do you say?”


There were a total of three Origin Returning Realm masters here while the others were just Saint Kings or Saints. Altogether, there were a total of sixteen people.


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