Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1385, Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


In this situation, none of these three groups placed Lu Ye in their eyes; after all, under the investigation of their Divine Senses, he was just a Third-Order Saint King, discussing how to divide up his wealth seemed more troublesome than actually killing him.


Anyone capable of spending more than 40 million Saint Crystals at an auction should have some Saint Crystals left over. Not to mention, the things he won at the auction were all excellent treasures, enough to divide amongst all of them.


These three groups did not have strong backgrounds, each of them at most representing a force on par with Flowing Cloud Valley, where Lu Ye was from. Only such small forces would engage in this kind of blatant banditry as cultivators in great forces, because of concerns about face and regulations, would act with more self-discipline.


With such a fat sheep in front of them, everyone from these three groups was practically drooling, each of them trying to use their own strength to lay claim to a bigger portion of his wealth. The three Origin Returning Realm masters quarrelled quite vehemently, with spit flying between them, none of them willing to compromise.


Lu Ye stood in place indifferently, with no look of panic on his face, as if these people were not even talking about him; however, his expression gradually became impatient.


Glancing between the three masters, who were only becoming noisier and noisier, Lu Ye finally could not help coldly snorting, “Just a bunch of incompetent wastes!”


As soon as this remark came out, all three Origin Returning Realm masters looked at him in amazement, Cheng Dong cupping his ear and asking in a thuggish manner, “Boy, what did you just say? If you have the courage, say it again.”


“I called you a bunch of incompetent wastes. Before you even kill the person you want to rob, you start bickering over how to distribute the benefits? Simply ridiculous. You think you’re capable of killing this Lu?” Lu Ye snapped sarcastically as he flashed a disdainful smile.


Cheng Dong’s face sank as he let out a hollow laugh, “Brothers, this little brat seems impatient to die. Since he is asked for it, we might as well fulfil his last wish before sitting down to discuss how to split his wealth.”


The other two masters were also incensed by Lu Ye’s rampant words and naturally had no reason to disagree.


Cheng Dong grinned, waved his hand, and shouted, “Cut him to pieces, I want him to regret being born into this world!”


Receiving this order, the many Saint Kings and Saints present summoned their artifacts and were just about to launch an attack when Lu Ye’s expression suddenly changed and became extremely ghastly, letting out wicked laughter, “You want these wastes to take the life of this Senior? You are the most ridiculous wastes this Senior has met in ten thousand years!”


“Huh?” The three Origin Returning Realm masters were dumbfounded as a faint sense of uneasiness welled up inside them, as if something bad was about to happen.


After Lu Ye let out this wild laughter, he waved his hand and sent out bolts of blood-red light towards the cultivators surrounding him.


There was a strange noise coming from these blood-red lights, as if they were living creatures, causing everyone’s expression to change dramatically as they quickly tried to resist, but regardless of what kind of offensive or defensive action they took, none of them were able to stop these blood-red lights from approaching. Forget about the various Saint King Realm and Saint Realm cultivators, even the three Origin Returning Realm masters like Cheng Dong failed to stop these red lights.


The blood-red lights only flickered slightly before passing through these cultivators’ Saint Qi protection as if it were nothing, digging into their flesh in the next instant before disappearing.


“What is this?!” Cheng Dong screamed in horror as he stumbled back a few steps, his face going pale as he hurriedly used his Divine Sense to examine himself.


What surprised him though was that he did not find anything wrong. His Saint Qi was still circulating smoothly, his meridians were unobstructed, and his Divine Sense hadn’t been affected in any way, so what did that blood-red light just do?


Even after so many years of cultivating, this was the first time Cheng Dong had encountered something so strange. Suspicious, he glanced over at the other two Origin Realm masters and found that they were in the same condition as he was, making it impossible for him to learn anything from them.


After releasing those blood-red lights, Lu Ye didn’t move, just standing in place with a contemptuous look on his face, coldly snorting with dissatisfaction, “Originally I thought that I would be able to draw out a number of useful people, but all I got was three wastes! Whatever, you still might have some use; from now on, you take orders from this Senior!”


“Draw out?” Cheng Dong heard these words and frowned slightly, but after a moment of contemplation, his face changed greatly, “You deliberately acted so boldly at the auction to tempt people into trying to rob you?”


The other two Origin Returning Realm masters heard this and instantly understood what happened, the two of them turning somewhat fearful looks towards Lu Ye.


No matter what this person had planned, just this intention alone was suspicious enough. On top of that, none of them could figure out what those blood-red lights from a moment ago were for.


“You’re not qualified to ask questions. Obey this Senior’s orders and I may let you live, otherwise…”


“Otherwise, what?” Cheng Dong was obviously not willing to sit here waiting for death, and he did not believe that the blood-red light just now had any mysterious use; after all, he didn’t feel any kind of discomfort.


Perhaps the other party was just bluffing! Or at least that was how he comforted himself.


“Otherwise your end will be quite miserable!” Lu Ye grinned incredulously. Just as his voice fell, Cheng Dong suddenly grabbed his head with both hands and screamed loudly, terrifying everyone present.


In less than a breath of time, Cheng Dong’s clothes had been soaked with sweat and he had collapsed to the ground as he writhed in pain. The beast-like roars he was releasing showed just how much agony he was in and it was not long before his skin turned bright red, as if he was about to explode.


“What did you do to Brother Cheng!? What was that thing just now?” Another Origin Returning Realm master’s eyes bulged as he asked in horror.


Cheng Dong was not the only one hit by that blood-red light just now, everyone present was! Seeing Cheng Dong tortured like this, naturally, these cultivators felt a deep sense of fear.


“This Senior simply gave him a Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect, why raise a fuss?” Lu Ye sneered.


“Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect?” Everyone heard this and exchanged an aghast look with one another. Although none of them had heard of this thing before, just from Cheng Dong’s performance, it was obviously something sinister.


The elderly Origin Realm master’s expression flickered before he suddenly pointed his hand and a jet-black sword strangely appeared. This sword was shrouded in black Qi and there was a faint bloody aura about it. In an instant, this black Qi surged up and condensed into a several metre-long snake that opened its fanged mouth and shot towards Lu Ye.


He planned to kill Lu Ye directly!


This plan was not a mistake. It did not matter what Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect was. Even if it could cause Cheng Dong to be reduced to this state, it was still only able to do so through Lu Ye’s command. Since the elderly man had also been invaded by the Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect, the only way for him to escape was to kill Lu Ye by surprise.


In this old man’s opinion, Lu Ye was just a Third-Order Saint King, and the only reason he could stand here so calmly was because of his strange Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect.


But even if he had a Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect inside him now, if the one controlling it died, wouldn’t it become useless?


The elderly man was a decisive person, so the moment he came to this conclusion, he immediately attacked. Without any kind of shout or warning, this elderly man acted ruthlessly, summoning and using his most powerful artifact without hesitation.


The black snake arrived in front of Lu Ye in an instant and a cruel smile appeared at the corner of the elderly man’s lips.


But in the next moment, his eyes bulged.


Because Lu Ye reached out and grabbed the black snake without any apparent effort. Lu Ye held the black snake in his hand while it tried to struggle, but ultimately it was unable to break free.


“How can this be?” The elderly man’s face changed greatly. His artifact was extremely malevolent, so let alone holding it, any Saint King that came into contact with its black Qi would immediately be rendered unconscious, allowing them to be casually slaughtered without even being able to fight back.


This scene shocked the elderly man, but as an Origin Realm master with extremely rich battle experience, he immediately composed himself and commanded the black snake being held by Lu Ye to open its mouth and spray out venom.


“Let’s see if you can survive this!” The elderly man chuckled sullenly, but after saying this, his jaw dropped and was unable to close anymore.


He was shocked to find that even after being sprayed with this venom, Lu Ye was completely unharmed, his expression gradually becoming violent as his eyes grew extremely cold.


Facing these two eyes, the elderly man shivered as a chill ran from his head all the way down to his feet.


He felt the chill of death.


Lu Ye reached out his free hand and slowly wiped the venom from his face, sneering in a low tone, “I originally wanted to spare your life, but if you wish to die, this Senior will accommodate you.”


Saying so, he shot a piercing glare towards the elderly man.


The next instant, the elderly man’s blood began to boil as his skin turned red like soldering iron and his body began to swell.


“No… no! Merc…” The elderly man shouted in horror before bursting apart into a blood mist before he could even finish his words, not even his bones remaining behind.


The smell of blood filled the air!


The last Origin Realm master standing saw this scene and was frozen in place, as if he had been plunged into a frozen world.


What kind of monster had they tried to ambush? Clearly, this boy was just a Third-Order Saint King, yet he was able to completely ignore the attacks of the elderly man and make him explode with a single thought. Could such a feat be accomplished by a mere Saint King?


After killing the elderly man, Lu Ye casually dropped the black snake in his hand to the ground. Without its owner operating it, the black snake reverted into a black sword. Lu Ye took out a cloth and wiped his face clean before turning to the last standing Origin Returning Realm master.


This cultivator was not a fool and realized immediately that he only had one chance to escape this disaster. Seeing Lu Ye looking towards him, this man immediately knelt down and knocked his head to the ground, “This humble one is willing to serve Master through flame or ice, never refusing a single command on pain of death!”


With an Origin Returning Realm master kowtowing for his life, the Saint Kings and Saints all exchanged a knowing glance before also kneeling on the ground and swearing allegiance.


Meanwhile, Cheng Dong, who had been brutally tortured, was now terrified of Lu Ye, so how could he possibly choose to rebel? He also hurriedly got on his knees and expressed his willingness to serve Lu Ye.


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