Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1387, Tear Space

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


One had to know that Starships on Shadowed Star were not very high grade and the total number of them was also quite small, with only a few big Sects possessing them.


The Starship the Hai Ke Family sent to the Star Field last time had been rented from Shadow Moon Hall for an exceedingly high price. 


If one wanted to refine a Starship, it was no simple process. Ordinarily, it required dozens or even hundreds of skilled Artifact Refiners working together for many years to complete a single one.


Yet, Yang Yan had actually achieved something of this level with just her own strength.


Although it was small compared to normal, in the end, it was still a Starship.


“This is nothing, I can refine a bigger one,” Yang Yan stated proudly as she puffed out her chest and threw her head back.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded and suddenly felt his mouth go dry as he stared at Yang Yan fixedly.


Why was Shadowed Star isolated from the outside world and unable to communicate with other stars in the Star Field? It was because its location was too remote, several years’ journey from the nearest Cultivation Star. Travelling across such a distance meant encountering many crises and difficulties; the Artifact Refiners on Shadowed Star were unable to refine a Starship capable of undertaking such a long-range, high-risk voyage.


If there were an Origin King Grade Starship, or even just an Origin Grade High-Rank Starship, Shadowed Star’s cultivators could completely restore contact with the outside world.


The time Yang Kai had spent on Shadowed Star was not short, so he also knew that there were only two ways to leave Shadowed Star. One was by using the power of his own cultivation. Yang Kai could ignore many of the various dangers in the Star Field with his special strength, and cross the vast distance required if his cultivation were to reach a high enough realm. The second way to leave Shadowed Star was to rely on a high-grade Starship.


However, neither of these methods could be easily used. Forget about Shadowed Star’s World Principles which made it impossible for cultivators to break through to the Origin King Realm, just refining a Starship that could withstand the hazards of the Star Field was impossible.


But now, Yang Yan had actually refined such a Starship. This Flying Shark Battle Shuttle was definitely a powerful artifact that could support travelling across the Star Field.


This gave Yang Kai hope of leaving Shadowed Star!


Suddenly, he felt that he had taken a giant step closer to reuniting with the beauties he yearned for. Before obtaining news of Su Yan’s whereabouts, Yang Kai did not spend too much time thinking about this issue, but after confirming that Su Yan was alive and well somewhere in this Star Field, he couldn’t wait to find her.


On top of that, Xia Ning Chang was still living in the Tong Xuan Realm! Yang Kai very much wanted to go back and see how she was.


Seeing Yang Kai staring blankly towards herself, how could Yang Yan not know what he was thinking? Snickering lightly, she continued, “Okay, okay, after this matter is over, when we return, I’ll let you see it. The ship itself has already been refined and is being stored in the Secret Storehouse under Dragon Cave Mountain; however, some improvements are still needed so I’m a bit reluctant to use it right now.”


“Dragon Cave Mountain has an underground Secret Storehouse?” Yang Kai was even more shocked.


Yang Yan could not help laughing, “You spend all day in secluded retreat or wandering around outside, so of course you wouldn’t know about it.”


Yang Kai suddenly felt embarrassed. Although he was technically the owner of Dragon Cave Mountain, he never cared much about what happened on the mountain. The only thing he would ask about was the need for more Saint Crystals or materials. When a shortage came up, he would think of a way to collect the required resources, as for what happened to them afterwards, he did not really know.


He used to think that Dragon Cave Mountain spent money like running water because Yang Yan was constantly arranging new Spirit Arrays, but now he knew that Yang Yan had been refining a Starship.


It was no wonder it wasn’t enough, no matter how many Saint Crystals and materials he collected. Thinking about the scale of the Starships he had previously seen on Water Moon Star at Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Yang Kai understood just how expensive refining one must be.


As the pair talked, the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle continued flying forward at an incredible speed, almost faster than Yang Kai’s Divine Sense could track. 


“I’m going to do an experiment. If something goes wrong, remember to save me,” Yang Yan suddenly said.


“What?” Yang Kai was stunned but quickly recovered when he saw Yang Yan flash a strange grin. Covering his entire body with a layer of Saint Qi, Yang Kai saw one of the large Spirit Arrays inside this control room light up. With a loud humming noise, all the Saint Crystal Sources which were installed in the room’s slots began glowing brilliantly and a shocking amount of energy began gathering from them towards a certain spot.


Yang Kai turned to look at these Saint Crystal Sources and was shocked to discover that they had all grown dim, as if all the energy inside had been drawn out.


Roughly calculating the amount of energy which the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle had just consumed, Yang Kai could not help going slightly pale.




With a muffled thud that sounded like thunder from the Heavens above, the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle began to tremble violently.


In the next moment, Yang Kai saw a beam of energy, so dazzling it nearly blinded him, shoot out from somewhere on the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle’s hull and smash towards the front.


Like snow under a scorching sun, the space in front of the shuttle began to melt and transform into a chaotic vortex of nothingness that slowly rotated while emitting strong Space Force fluctuations.


“A Void Corridor!” Yang Kai’s eyes bulged.


Yang Yan steered the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle towards the newly opened Void Corridor before Yang Kai could stop her, her joyful, silver bell-like laughter filling the control room the whole time.


A familiar feeling he had experienced many times before overcame Yang Kai in the next instant, the kind of unique sense of weightlessness that only occurs when you pass through a Void Corridor or use a Space Array.


This feeling disappeared as soon as it came, and after everything calmed down, Yang Kai found that he and Yang Yan were already in a different place as the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle was slowly exiting from a large vortex.


With no time to remain shocked, Yang Kai hurriedly released his Divine Sense to investigate his surroundings and in the next moment, his face sank.


Because not far away, there were two groups of people fighting each other. The strength of these two groups was not high, with each one being led by Second-Order Saint Kings while most of the rest were merely Saints.


The total number of people in these two groups added up to around forty but there were also a few corpses nearby, each one of them appearing to have died quite terrible deaths.


Nearby, there was also an Eighth-Order Monster Beast corpse. Just from looking at this scene, it was obvious that these two groups were fighting over this dead Monster Beast. Most likely, these two parties had joined forces to kill it, but after succeeding, their cooperation had broken down for some reason.


This kind of situation was all too common, and Yang Kai was able to guess what had happened almost immediately after sweeping the area with his Divine Sense.


“Aiya…” Yang Yan muttered, showing an apologetic look on her face. She had not expected the first time the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle tore space in order to perform a long-distance jump, it would emerge not in a deserted wilderness but nearby two groups of people.


“What are you gawking for? Let’s hurry up and leave, unless you enjoy being stared at like an odd monkey,” Yang Kai snorted to her wickedly.


“Ah, en,” Yang Yan immediately recovered and tapped on a control panel in front of her, causing the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle to buzz and shoot off like a stream of light once more.


Down below, the two groups who had been fighting all stared up in shock.


“Senior Brother, what was that?” A young woman approached one of the leading Saint King Realm cultivators and asked, her beautiful eyes flashing somewhat. She was not young, but she had been properly maintaining her appearance, so she remained charming. It could be seen that when she was young, she must have been a beauty, but now, her pretty face was full of confusion, obviously because she had no idea what had just happened.


“I’m not clear either,” The Saint King Realm man shook his head in something of a daze.


It was not as if these people were ignorant, it was just that what transpired was too shocking. A Void Corridor appeared out of nowhere, then a giant shark flew out of it, as if it was leaping out of the sea. Even if an Origin Returning Realm master was here, they would likely be stunned, not to mention these people.


“From the looks of it, it should be a Starship, right?” The man murmured again.


“Is there such a small Starship?” The young woman was obviously sceptical. “Junior Sister was lucky enough to see one of Thunder Typhoon Sect’s Starships set sail a few years ago, but it was several dozen times larger than that one.”


Just as the two were talking, a scream rang out, causing the young man and woman’s faces to go cold as they turned their heads and suddenly found that one of the cultivators on their side had suffered a severe wound and was now crying out in pain while bleeding profusely.


The man was furious, “Old Xu San, launching a sneak attack now, have you no shame?!”


Saying so, he once again urged his artifact and sent a blast towards the other group. The brief silence was instantly broken, and the two groups began fighting again; as for what they just saw, it was thrown beyond the furthest Heavens as they once again drowned themselves in a sea of blood.


Above a piece of grassland thousands of kilometres away, the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle quietly came to a stop.


Inside, the shock on Yang Kai’s face had still yet to fade while Yang Yan was busy changing the Saint Crystal Sources.


Yang Kai never thought that this Flying Shark Battle Shuttle could tear space! Although the consumption was enormous, requiring the complete energy of hundreds of Saint Crystal Source for a single use, this was still not a simple feat.


Moreover, the distance covered by the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle just now was much farther than Yang Kai could cross on his own. At the very least, Yang Kai was unable to find their initial position with his Divine Sense anymore.


Moments later, after Yang Yan finished replacing the Saint Crystal Sources, the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle began moving forward again.


“How far can this thing cross in a single jump?” Yang Kai asked.


“Just now we should have crossed about a hundred thousand kilometres,” Yang Yan replied casually, frowning slightly a moment later as if she was still a bit dissatisfied.


“A hundred thousand kilometres…” Yang Kai gasped.


“En, but the consumption is too great and I’m unable to determine our destination accurately; after all, I only applied the principles of a Space Array to the shuttle, so it seems that it needs to be improved still,” Yang Yan stroked her chin thoughtfully.


“This thing’s existence can never be leaked out, otherwise it will cause great trouble,” Yang Kai said seriously.


“Hehe, it doesn’t matter if word of this leaks,” Yang Yan stated confidently, “Even if others get hold of this Flying Shark Battle Shuttle, they can’t use it.”


“Why?” Yang Kai looked at her in surprise.


“Because others don’t have Saint Crystal Sources! High-Rank Saint Crystals are insufficient to drive this Flying Shark Battle Shuttle, only the Saint Crystal Sources condensed by Xiao Xiao can supply its needs,” Yang Yan explained.


Yang Kai suddenly understood, “So that’s why you’ve constantly been keeping the Stone Puppet with you?”


“En,” Yang Yan nodded happily.


[The poor Stone Puppet…] Yang Kai’s mouth twitched slightly as he paid silent tribute to the Stone Puppet.


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