Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1388, Confirm Something

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Flying Shark Battle Shuttle flew forward at an unimaginable speed while Yang Kai sat cross-legged and cultivated alone in one of its rooms. As for Yang Yan, she was still busy in the control room.


This kind of special flight type artifact was far superior to an ordinary Star Shuttle.


First, this Battle Shuttle had separate rooms that weren’t small or cramped, allowing Yang Kai to seclude himself without the worry of being disturbed, something Star Shuttles couldn’t compare to.


Secondly, when using a Star Shuttle, in order to resist headwinds, one needed to open the protective barrier which would consume Saint Qi, but this Flying Shark Battle Shuttle didn’t have such a drawback as its power was provided entirely by Saint Crystal Sources, so a cultivator wouldn’t experience any consumption.


Thirdly, the speed of this Flying Shark Battle Shuttle refined by Yang Yan was far greater than any Star Shuttle.


Yang Kai had spent the last ten days in cultivation but hadn’t felt the slightest bit of disturbance, as if the cultivation room he was in could block out everything outside.


Yang Kai was currently a Third-Order Saint King, one step away from the Origin Returning Realm where he could condense his own Shi; however, breaking through to the Origin Returning Realm wasn’t a simple matter. At least, Yang Kai could not currently see an immediate path to breaking through. Secretly, he felt that in order to break through, he couldn’t just rely on hard work but needed some kind of opportunity or external stimulus.


It was similar to how he broke through to the Third-Order Saint King last time. When he heard the news about Su Yan from Qian Yue, it had led to an opportunity for him to break through.


Yang Kai wanted to find such an opportunity through cultivating his various Secret Techniques, so these days he had been busy cultivating his Golden Blood Thread, assimilating the Coloured Glass Bead with the Demon Eye of Annihilation, and had even refined his last few Flowing Flame Flying Fires.


The intensity of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea had increased a lot, allowing him to improve his Alchemy. At the same time, the power of his Divine Sense also greatly improved. If he were to use his Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique now, it would definitely show even greater might.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai couldn’t find an opportunity to experiment with it.


On this day, while Yang Kai was using his Golden Blood to condense a new Golden Blood Thread, he suddenly felt the Battle Shuttle tremble slightly and come to a stop.


Yang Kai opened his eyes, got up, and walked out, soon arriving in the control room next to Yang Yan.


“We’re almost there, so we should use our Star Shuttle’s to fly the rest of the way,” Yang Yan glanced over at him and said.


Naturally, Yang Kai had no objections. He had been quite curious where Yang Yan was taking them all this time and now that he was about to get an answer, he couldn’t help looking forward to it.


After the pair left the Battle Shuttle, Yang Yan waved her hand and caused it to quickly shrink down. Taking the miniaturized Flying Shark Battle Shuttle into her Space Ring, Yang Yan summoned her Star Shuttle together with Yang Kai and flew off.


The further they flew, the clearer Yang Kai could feel Fire Attribute aura in the air, causing his expression to gradually become somewhat thoughtful.


Two hours later, standing atop a barren ground that was filled with cracked earth and dried up ravines, with a fiery red sky hanging overhead, Yang Kai couldn’t help muttering, “The Flowing Flame Sand Field? The place you wanted to go was the Flowing Flame Sand Field?”


Yang Kai was quite familiar with this scene. Throughout all of Shadowed Star, only the Flowing Flame Sand Field had such a harsh environment.


As far as Yang Kai could tell, even if one continuously used a Star Shuttle, it should take three months or so to go from Heavenly Fate City to the Flowing Flame Sand Field, but this time he and Yang Yan had covered that distance in just ten days.


This was a testament to how terrifying the speed of the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle was.


Facing Yang Kai’s inquiry, Yang Yan didn’t answer and instead stared at the fiery red wall in front of herself, a complex look flashing across her beautiful eyes, seemingly remembering something, but at the same time being slightly worried.


As the pair stepped closer, Yang Yan’s expression became clearer and clearer, seemingly afraid of something, her face slightly pale.


Yang Kai walked up and gently held her hand.


Yang Yan was startled by this, but after turning her head to look at Yang Kai, she managed to wear a forced smile.


“What are we doing here? Can you tell me now?” Yang Kai stared into her eyes.


“Confirming something,” Yang Yan hesitated for a moment before answering truthfully.


“Oh? What do you want to confirm by coming to the Flowing Flame Sand Field?” Yang Kai was confused. The last time the Flowing Flame Sand Field opened, Yang Yan didn’t even bother thinking about it. She never showed any interest in coming together with him, but now, several years after it had closed, Yang Yan had suddenly taken the initiative to come here.


One had to know, there was no way to enter this place now, unless one had a Star Emperor Token to protect them and open the way.


Yang Kai had been stranded inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field a few years ago and had to use a Star Emperor Token to return safely from it, wasting him a good deal of time.


“Yang Kai, do you believe in reincarnation?” Yang Yan suddenly asked.


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai frowned.


Yang Yan smiled bitterly, “Do you remember when I told you that my knowledge of Artifact Refining and Spirit Arrays is all innate and that no one has ever taught me any of it? All of it was simply buried in my memories and would appear out of thin air.”


Yang Kai’s brow furrowed deeper. Not knowing what Yang Yan wanted to express, he could only offer some faint comfort, “Nothing simply appears out of nowhere; perhaps you encountered some kind of accident which damaged your memory a bit.”


“Perhaps,” Yang Yan smiled bitterly, not trying to argue.


As the two talked, they arrived at the periphery of the first layer Flame Area of the ​​Flowing Flame Sand Field. Staring at the dark, tumbling flame barrier, even though Yang Kai’s strength had greatly increased since he was last here, he still felt somewhat anxious.


The terrifying power coming from this flame barrier was something even a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master couldn’t withstand; entering it would only lead to certain death.


Yang Kai also didn’t know if he was imagining it or not, but when Yang Yan arrived here, the flames seemed to become even more powerful.


“Over the years, I’ve often dreamed I was another person. That person… was someone who commanded the wind and clouds, could cover the Heavens with one hand, and held dominion over the entire world!” Yang Yan stared forward without showing any signs of panic, just quietly mumbling to herself.


“Do you think you were that person?” Yang Kai looked at her serious face wanting to laugh but couldn’t bring himself to as he faintly felt something wasn’t quite right.


“Before, I didn’t think so, but since the Emperor Garden appeared, those hazy dreams have become much more vivid. Sometimes, when I meditate or refine things, these inexplicable scenes will also appear. After experiencing such things so frequently, I can no longer just dismiss them as my imagination.”


“So you came here to confirm everything?” Yang Kai finally cleared his head and asked curiously, “How do you plan on confirming things? Is there something special here that will help you do that?”


“En, it’s actually quite simple!” Yang Yan smiled widely before her tender body flickered, disappearing from the place she stood and instantly rushing straight into the Flowing Flame Sand Field. Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of exquisite Movement Skill Yang Yan executed, but he was completely unable to stop her.


Yang Kai’s face changed drastically as he turned his eyes to the Flowing Flame Sand Field just in time to see Yang Yan’s figure plunge into the flame barrier.


Hurriedly taking out one of his Star Emperor Tokens, Yang Kai was about to use its power to chase after Yang Yan, but before he could, the first layer’s flame barrier roared violently and began to tumble. Suddenly, an irresistible force burst forth from the barrier and formed what seemed to be a giant invisible hand that shoved Yang Kai several thousand metres away.


Yang Yan’s intrusion into the flame barrier was like sprinkling a handful of salt in hot oil, causing the Flowing Flame Sand Field’s first layer Flame Area to boil over.


The world shook and the already red sky became an even deeper shade, as if it was weeping blood. The dried-up crisscrossing ravines on the ground cracked apart, creating even bigger gaps and heaving up and down in all directions, causing Yang Kai’s footing to become unstable.


Looking ahead, the ​​Flowing Flame Sand Field’s first layer Flame Area had become completely unstable, with all the World Energy and Fire Attribute energy within a few thousand-kilometres of the flame barrier suddenly gathering towards it madly, creating a tidal wave of energy that was so thick it became visible to the naked eye.


Yang Kai stared at all of this blankly.


Facing such a violent gathering of energy, let alone Yang Yan, even the most powerful masters on Shadowed Star would be unable to resist it and would quickly be ground to death.


However, when he saw a graceful figure standing quietly in midair, Yang Kai’s nervousness completely dissipated.


Yang Yan was actually fine!


Although Yang Kai couldn’t clearly see her face or movements, he could infer from the vague figure in front of him that Yang Yan was forming a series of hand signs and the Fire Attribute Energy and World Energy which composed the first layer Flame Area of the Flowing Flame Sand Field was all gathering towards her.


The resulting momentum was absolutely terrifying.


Such a massive disturbance had naturally drawn the attention of many people, with cultivators tens of thousands of kilometres away from this place still able to clearly feel it.


Immediately, many azure lights shot up into the sky and began racing over towards the Flowing Flame Sand Field, wanting to investigate what had happened.


Yang Kai stood on the spot and watched anxiously.


He never imagined that Yang Yan’s courage would be so great that she would directly rush into the Flame Area. She only wanted to confirm something to herself, so was there any need to risk her life? While Yang Kai felt some anger and anxiety, he mainly felt helpless. Every time he wanted to get closer, he would be pushed away by that invisible force.


Yang Kai deeply realized at this moment what powerlessness felt like!


*Hong long long…*


A loud noise suddenly echoed from all directions as the heat and energy of the Flowing Flame Sand Field’s first layer Flame Area began flowing towards Yang Yan, as if she had become a bottomless hole able to accept all of it.


As time passed, Yang Kai was surprised to find that the Fire Attribute energy of this first layer Flame Area was rapidly becoming thinner and thinner, its power greatly reducing.


Within half an hour, Yang Yan’s tender body was clearly revealed and the first layer Flame Area had almost ceased to exist. Yang Kai stood in place and saw Yang Yan standing with a solemn look upon her face, her eyes closed, her black robe and long black hair fluttering in the wind, and a large red ring held in both her hands.


This red ring was only about the size of a collar, but it gave off a terrifying Fire Attribute energy fluctuation. All the Fire Attribute aura and energy from the Flame Area was pouring into this ring and being absorbed.


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    Anyway, thank you all for the great translation (Consistent this one ^^)

    1. It’s actually so damn annoying how dumb Yang Kai is getting. He can’t figure out simple things like people being possessed (Lu, even tho he experienced possession many times), someone obviously being reincarnated (even tho he asked if Yang Yan was someone else previously and she didn’t deny it and the obvious hints).

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