Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1454, Running Away 

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Xue Yue had a special constitution, the Dragon Marrow Phoenix Body! This physique was something even Origin King Realm masters would covet because any man who could obtain her Primordial Yin would be able to dramatically improve his cultivation with absolutely no adverse consequences.


It was for this reason she had lived as a man with Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce dedicating great effort to concealing her true gender. Throughout the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, only a handful of people actually knew this secret.


Outside the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, only Yang Kai knew it.


Knowing this, how could Yang Kai allow Xue Yue to see him? The moment he saw this woman, Yang Kai immediately hid away in the crowd while also concealing his aura as much as possible.


On the other side, guarded by six Third-Order Origin Realm masters, Xue Yue wore her usual dazzling smile, one that in her male form was enough to make any woman scream out crazily.


“Is this the Emperor Garden?” Xue Yue muttered as she swept her gaze over the magnificent palace.


“Replying to Third Young Master, according to the information we managed to acquire, this is indeed the Emperor Garden’s main palace,” A beautiful woman next to Xue Yue respectfully answered.


“Good, since we’ve arrived, let’s head inside,” Xue Yue didn’t bother with any nonsense, simply declaring so before leading the team of Origin Realm masters towards the main palace’s gate.


No one dared to bar the way!


Without even mentioning the strength of Xue Yue’s group, just the name Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was enough of a deterrent. Who would dare to fight against them here?


As such, Xue Yue and her party swiftly and easily crossed the battlefield to arrive in front of the main palace before stepping through the gate and disappearing.


After their figures disappeared, many whooshing sounds rang out as several cultivators tried to take advantage of this brief period of calm to rush into the main palace.


There were actually quite a number of these people, twenty or thirty at least, each of them using their movement skills to transform into streams of light that shot forward at incredible speed.


Yang Kai also mixed in with this group. Such an opportunity would likely not present itself again, so how could he not seize it? Although rushing into the main palace now might cause him to run into Xue Yue, this was no doubt his best chance to avoid trouble. Once the fight started up again, it would be very difficult for Yang Kai alone to cross this divide.


What’s more, with the crowd of others also rushing into the main palace at this moment, there should be enough people to conceal himself.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai rushed to the front entrance of the Emperor Garden’s main palace and, together with a swarm of other cultivators who also wanted to enter the interior, stepping through the door of light.


A flash blinded Yang Kai in the next moment as he felt some subtle Space Force fluctuations around him. After Yang Kai’s sight returned, he found himself inside a large complex with many white pavilions spreading out before him.


[I’m in!] Yang Kai celebrated.


The last time he had entered the Emperor Garden, this was the scene he had seen, so he was now certain he had arrived.


However, before Yang Kai could even show a happy look, he hastily had to shrink his neck and hide his face.


Because Xue Yue, who was the first of this group to enter, hadn’t gone far, and instead was standing nearby sweeping her eyes around, as if observing something.


This group from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce hadn’t left, causing the cultivators who had taken advantage of their presence to sneak into the main palace to not dare act rashly. After everyone came inside, they simply stood stiff with slightly anxious looks on their faces.


Yang Kai squeezed into the middle of this crowd while trying his best to suppress the pounding of his heart, silently praying that Xue Yue would not find him.


Trying to make himself invisible, Yang Kai lowered his head and did not move.


However, what Yang Kai feared ultimately came to pass. Xue Yue seemed to grow bored with what she was doing and decided to sweep her pair of beautiful eyes across the crowd of cultivators who had followed her group inside.


Yang Kai’s face sank, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hide here any longer; and so, before Xue Yue could see him, he quickly leapt out and ran away.


Naturally, this rapid move immediately drew everyone’s attention.


Xue Yue also turned her eyes towards Yang Kai, and after seeing a vaguely familiar profile, a blank look flashed across her face before she immediately became ecstatic and furiously shouted, “Halt for this Young Master!”


How could Yang Kai listen to her though? Not only did he not listen, he instead ran even faster, crossing a thousand metres in the blink of an eye, leaving Xue Yue and her group far behind.


“Third Young Master?” The beautiful woman turned to Xue Yue suspiciously.


“Capture him for this Young Master!” Xue Yue commanded coldly with a gloomy look upon her face.


Although the beautiful woman didn’t understand why Xue Yue would care about a mere First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, she didn’t bother asking anything and simply flew off in pursuit of Yang Kai.


After the beautiful woman dashed out, Xue Yue frowned and began to ponder, the look on her face fluctuating somewhat. Although it was just a glimpse, that profile had given her an extremely familiar impression, one of a hateful man whose face kept her tossing and turning at night!


However, in this wide world, there were too many similar people and Xue Yue had failed to see his full face, so she couldn’t be sure it was really him.


Most importantly, the person who just ran off was a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator!


When she had separated from that bastard, he was only a Third-Order Saint. Could he have possibly grown to such a level in just ten years? Xue Yue wasn’t certain. After all, she was Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s Third Young Master and had a special constitution, as well as unlimited cultivation resources and the best cultivation environments, yet she had only been able to progress from the Third-Order Saint King Realm to the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm in the same period of time.


On top of that, her breakthrough to her current realm was so recent that she hadn’t even had time to consolidate it yet.


If it really was him, then rather than just astonishing, his aptitude was nothing less than Heaven defying.


Therefore, it was the other party’s First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation that brought Xue Yue the most doubt.


However, Xue Yue would not forget that man even if hundreds of thousands of years passed! Whenever she fell asleep at night, Xue Yue would grind her teeth in frustration just dreaming about how he had refused to follow her without any hesitation back then.


Was she not beautiful? Did she not have immense status?


In the end, that was not it. Xue Yue was confident that when it came to beauty, aptitude, or status, she would not lose to anyone in the entire Star Field; but even so, she had failed to retain a trivial Third-Order Saint realm man.


At that time, when she had earnestly asked him to follow her, that bastard had actually refused without even considering it!


This was nothing less than a great shame to Xue Yue! Since that day, she had secretly resented him and had sworn that one day she would capture and imprison him. She would force him to accompany her wherever she went, show him all the wondrous sights and scenes she’d seen to make him thoroughly regret his original decision! She would let him know what it truly meant to have eyes but fail to see!


Although Xue Yue played the part of a humble, polite, and generous man in front of outsiders, her heart was still that of a woman.


And the thoughts of women were sometimes unreasonable and incomprehensible.


“We’ll also follow,” Xue Yue declared, unable to calm herself down and simply wait. After taking a moment to determine her bearings, she immediately chased after the beautiful woman who was pursuing Yang Kai. The Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters who were guarding her all exchanged a quick, confused glance, wondering just what kind of snake oil their Third Young Master was trying to sell here.


However, none of them dared to violate Xue Yue’s order, so they quickly followed after her.


On the other side, not long after Yang Kai escaped, he sensed a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master chasing after him. Although he wasn’t afraid to face such a master with his current strength, his pursuer was not alone and if he were to get tied down by her, Xue Yue and the rest of her group would definitely be able to catch up.


When that happened, he would definitely be in trouble. Yang Kai’s impression of Xue Yue was extremely complicated. He did not actually have any kind of bitter hatred toward her and he could even be considered to be her saviour. After all, when Xue Yue was poisoned by the Profound Yin Sunflower Water, it was Yang Kai who had refined the pill which saved her life.


However… he had also taken advantage of her greatly. On that Dead Star, he had hugged and tossed about with her completely naked, touching everything there was to touch, seeing everything there was to see.


Although the situation at that time forced him to act in such a manner or die, the way he behaved towards Xue Yue and treated her was really not appropriate.


Even if it was an ordinary woman, they would certainly want to skin him alive, not to mention Xue Yue, who possessed immense status and had incredibly high pride.


Without any kind of explanation, he had run away, so naturally, she would be bearing a grudge.


Simply put, if Yang Kai was caught by her, his end would be miserable.


So after learning that there was actually a master chasing after him, Yang Kai went all out to escape towards the Emperor Garden’s inner depths!


As Yang Kai flew forward, a golden light shone from his left eye as he constantly scanned his surroundings.


The Demon Eye of Annihilation was one of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities and was able to see through all illusions, so it was of great help to Yang Kai in this situation.


He needed to search for a functioning Spirit Array.


There were many barriers and Spirit Arrays inside the Emperor Garden, and when he had accompanied Fei Zhi Tu and the others to this place last time, Yang Kai had deeply experienced these things’ might. However, this time the Emperor Garden had opened to the entire Star Field and there were many cultivators inside it now, so no matter how many barriers and Spirit Array there were, they would eventually all be cracked or broken through.


All along the way, Yang Kai was unable to find any usable barriers or Spirit Arrays, instead just ones which had been destroyed.


As time passed, and his pursuer drew closer and closer, Yang Kai became more and more anxious.


Fortunately, just in time, under the observation of his Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai found a very powerful Spirit Array up ahead that covered a large region in his path.


Yang Kai rushed towards it without hesitation, flying just past the Spirit Array’s edge.


A moment later, when the beautiful woman rushed to this place, she failed to notice anything out of the ordinary, fell into this Spirit Array and was instantly trapped inside of it.


Yang Kai stood in place and listened for a moment. Hearing tender shouts and feeling some weak energy fluctuations, he immediately knew that his strategy had succeeded.


Smiling smugly, Yang Kai quickly changed direction and flew off.


For the time being, he should be safe.


The Emperor Garden’s main palace was incredibly large, so as long as he was careful, he shouldn’t run into Xue Yue again. Thinking so, Yang Kai calmed down, but he still did not relax his vigilance, lest he fall into a Spirit Array trap too.


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    1. So cold and cruel, worst kind of girl there is. She would probably force feed him treasures and throw herbs at him so he has no choice but to increase his alchemy.
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