Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1455, Wearing Out Iron Shoes While Seeking One’s Feet

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After Yang Kai left, less than half a cup of tea’s worth of time passed before Xue Yue led her group of masters over, and after hearing the beautiful woman’s shouts, all of them worked together to break open the Spirit Array and rescue her.


Listening to the report of the beautiful woman, Xue Yue’s face turned ugly.


She hadn’t expected that her luck would be so bad, the master she sent to pursue that boy accidentally fell into a Spirit Array, allowing him to escape.


“Third Young Master, this subordinate has failed in her mission, please punish me,” The beautiful woman’s complexion was also very poor, a look of shame filling her face.


“Forget it,” Xue Yue waved her hand, “It’s nothing important, I only suspected that person was an old acquaintance of mine, but I wasn’t certain. Since we could not catch him, this matter will end here.”


Worthy of the Third Young Master of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Xue Yue acted magnanimously. After learning that Yang Kai had run away, she didn’t insist on pursuing him again.


“Third Young Master is wise. Our most important task right now is to find that Secret Art. This matter is closely connected with the President’s future. As long as he can obtain this Secret Art, the President will be able to reach the Third-Order Origin King Realm and become a peak level existence,” An old-looking man commented. Although his looks were old, he had a ruddy complexion and exuberant vitality.


“Yes, what Old Chu said is correct. Unfortunately, we have too little information at this point and aren’t even certain if that Secret Art is here or not. In any case, to accomplish our mission, we first need to explore around and investigate,” Xue Yue did not refute, instead agreeing with the old man surnamed Chu. Obviously, this old man’s status in the group was not low.


Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was the wealthiest force in the Star Field, so although the Emperor Garden’s reputation was indeed great, there were very few things that could interest them. Despite that, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce had still sent an elite team this time, consisting of Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters as well as Xue Yue to serve as the leader. Obviously, they had an important objective to achieve here.


As for the so-called Secret Art they spoke of, even they had little clue as to what it was, just that it could allow a peak Second-Order Origin King to break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm.


Elsewhere, after Yang Kai escaped from his pursuers, he quickly found his bearings and flew deeper into the Emperor Garden.


Along the way, Yang Kai spotted traces left over from battles as well as the destroyed remnants of various Spirit Arrays and barriers. There were also many cultivator corpses lying around, which clearly illustrated how dangerous this place was.


At the very least, it had become more dangerous since the last time he was here.


Yang Kai even passed by the wreckage of a number of ancient puppets. These ancient puppets varied in size and appearance, but without exception, they had been destroyed by the cultivators who broke into this area.


The last time Yang Kai came here, although there were some puppets, their number was definitely not so exaggerated.


It seemed that after the Emperor Garden officially opened, the internal dangers also increased dramatically. It was no wonder Min Sha and his group had fled outside, not daring to remain in the main palace for long. The competition here was simply too fierce and there were far too many hidden dangers along the way.


But arriving here late had some benefits. Yang Kai had spent quite a while outside before entering the Emperor Garden, but now that he had, he didn’t need to worry about triggering most of the Spirit Arrays. By simply following the path of destruction, he was generally quite safe.


Countless people had opened the way ahead.


Of course, there were positives and negatives to this. While Yang Kai could progress faster, almost all the benefits here had also been taken away.


Along the way, the various pavilions and lofts had been broken into and tossed for loot. These buildings must have all been thoroughly searched and it was impossible to know what kind of treasures had been pilfered from them.


However, Yang Kai did not care, he had come to the Emperor Garden this time specifically for two things.


He had discovered these two treasures the last time he came here and was determined to acquire them.


One of the treasures he was searching for was the Life Revitalizing Jade Cream, one of the Star Field’s Three Great Divine Waters, which was famed for its ability to restore a withered old cultivator to their youthful prime.


To Yang Kai, however, the attraction of this Life Revitalizing Jade Cream was that, by taking it, he could condense new drops of pure Golden Blood. The last time he came here he had obtained some diluted Life Revitalizing Jade Cream, and he had managed to reap a huge harvest after swallowing it all. If he could acquire pure Life Revitalizing Jade Cream, Yang Kai wasn’t even able to estimate how much benefit it would be to him.


Yang Kai’s goal was to replace all of his blood with pure Golden Blood! If he could achieve this, both his vitality and physical resilience would be greatly increased, perhaps not to the degree of his body becoming immortal and indestructible, but at least on the level of being able to heal from grievous wounds with ease.


The second treasure Yang Kai had come for was naturally the World Spirit hidden in the ice road.


That World Spirit was a manifestation of the pure World Energy which over countless years had obtained sentience and was the favourite food of Ancient Divine Spirits. It was rumoured that in ancient times, there were many World Spirits, but after being preyed upon by Ancient Divine Spirits, they had gradually dwindled in number.


The World Spirit from the ice road was naturally formed from Ice Attribute Energy which perfectly suited the appetite of the Ice Phoenix, so if the Ice Phoenix Remnant Soul were able to consume it, it would obtain massive nourishment.


Considering what this would mean for Su Yan’s future, Yang Kai was determined to seize this thing.


As long as these two things could be obtained, Yang Kai would consider his gains from this trip to the Emperor Garden a bumper crop and wouldn’t concern himself with anything else.


Thinking so, Yang Kai kept observing the surrounding terrain, but after a full day, he still found himself lost.


This couldn’t be blamed on him however as scenery inside the Emperor Garden was all too similar so it was impossible for him to even know where he was right now, let alone where to look for the World Spirit or Life Revitalizing Jade Cream.


Through his journey, Yang Kai had not encountered any trouble, or any other people for that matter. Obviously, the cultivators who had entered this place had already fallen or ventured deeper, making it impossible for him to find anyone to inquire about news or ask for directions.


Inside the Emperor Garden’s main palace, unlike outside, Divine Sense could not be spread out far to explore one’s surroundings, a hundred metres or so was Yang Kai’s limit.


Yang Kai again took out his communication artifacts and tried to contact Yang Yan and Qian Tong, but to his disappointment, there was still no response.


With a sigh, Yang Kai reluctantly put these two artifacts back into his Space Ring before continuing to fly deeper.


About half a day later, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and perked up his ears as he could vaguely hear what sounded like the sounds of fighting coming from nearby. After listening carefully for a moment to determine the appropriate direction, Yang Kai took off towards the sound of this disturbance.


Yang Kai’s guess was correct, there were indeed people fighting nearby, and as he got closer, the sounds only became more and more obvious.


When he arrived at the battlefield, a rather large palace, Yang Kai was able to make out a number of people, at least seven or eight, each with not low strength. From what he could tell, there were two groups fighting here and they had fallen into a kind of stalemate. Even if one side had the upper hand, it was by no means obvious or decisive.


Yang Kai did not hurry to reveal himself, instead concealing aura and quietly hiding outside the palace, peering through a window to get a better look at the situation.


Looking inside, Yang Kai saw flashes of light from artifacts and Martial Skills as the cultivators inside flew about, sometimes fighting one on one, or in large melees of four or five, seemingly completely absorbed in this battle.


There was also another person inside, a young woman, who was lying on the floor, possibly alive, possibly dead.


“It’s them!” Yang Kai looked for a moment but was soon stunned.


He hadn’t expected that the first group he encountered after diving into the depths of the main palace would actually be people he knew.


It was actually Great Elder Mo Yu, Sect Master Gu Zhen, and Chen Shi Tao of Clear Sky Sect.


Although Mo Yu and Gu Zhen were both Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters and could be considered top masters even here in the Emperor Garden, Chen Shi Tao had just recently broken through to the First-Order Origin Returning Realm. What’s more, Chen Shi Tao had only managed to break through with the help of a Secret Technique executed by the Elders of Clear Sky Sect, as such she was still unable to properly display the strength of an Origin Realm cultivator.


She had yet to even condense her Shi.


On the other hand, the enemy had four people, two Third-Order and two Second-Order Origin Realm masters. Facing such a force, the battle was obviously not proceeding in Clear Sky Sect’s favour.


Chen Shi Tao was in imminent danger, and if not for her Nine Palace Heavenly Silk Parasol, a powerful defensive artifact given to her by Mo Yu, she would likely have already been captured or killed.


Gu Zhen and Mo Yu had no choice but to divert a part of their attention to protect her while fighting their own enemies.


In the end though, Gu Zhen and Mo Yu were not ordinary masters, the artifacts and methods they displayed all revealed shocking might, so although the scene looked a little precarious, they should still be able to hold out for a while.


From the looks of it, this battle had been raging for some time before Yang Kai arrived.


Since he had run into acquaintances, Yang Kai was naturally not going to stand idly by. Without even mentioning that he had a good impression of Mo Yu, Yang Kai was friends with Chen Shi Tao.


However, Yang Kai was somewhat unable to understand why the trio from Clear Sky Sect had decided to fight it out with these four people here, was there some kind of treasure to be had here?


Thinking so, Yang Kai glanced around the palace, and after a moment, his eyes landed on a certain object and a look of joy filled his face.


Because in the very centre of this palace, there was some kind of altar atop which there was a strange-looking blood-red stone about the size of a heart.


Blood Essence Stone!


Yang Kai recognized what this thing was at a glance.


It was actually a piece of Blood Essence Stone!


This was nothing less than a case of wearing out iron shoes while seeking one’s feet.


Blood Essence Stones were heavenly treasures to most cultivators as it was able to absorb the blood of dead cultivators and transform it into pure Blood Qi which was extremely useful for healing wounds or replenishing vitality at critical moments.


However, to Yang Kai, it is even more useful as he could use it as the heart of a Stone Puppet.


On Tong Xuan Realm, Yang Kai managed to obtain a total of two Stone Puppet eggs, but he had only found a single Blood Essence Stone, so after arriving on Shadowed Star, he could only hatch one Stone Puppet. However, in his Black Book Space, there is another Stone Puppet egg which had as of yet been unable to break out of its shell.


This was all because it was missing a piece of Blood Essence Stone.


As long as Yang Kai could obtain this Blood Essence Stone, he would be able to hatch the second Stone Puppet. The strength and ability of the Stone Puppet was something Yang Kai knew of better than anyone. Yang Yan could use it for Artifact Refining, and it also possessed incredible fighting ability. During the Battle of Dragon Cave Mountain, the Stone Puppet’s performance had been extremely eye-catching.


Yang Kai already had a Stone Puppet, so if he were to give the second one to Yang Yan, she would certainly be extremely happy. That girl had been deeply envious of Yang Kai about this for a long time now.


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