Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1456, Chased Woman

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai had once asked Qian Tong to keep an eye out for news of a Blood Essence Stone, but unfortunately, even with the power of Shadow Moon Hall, he had been unable to find one. Now, without even diving that deep into the Emperor Garden’s main palace, Yang Kai had found a piece.


How could he not rejoice?


In an instant, Yang Kai regarded this Blood Essence Stone as his!


However, he first needed to find a way to resolve Clear Sky Sect trio’s crisis. Considering all this, Yang Kai turned towards the battlefield again.


There were three people from Clear Sky Sect while their opponents consisted of four Origin Realm masters. With this disadvantage in numbers, the reason Clear Sky Sect’s group had been able to last until now was entirely due to Gu Zhen and Mo Yu’s high strength.


Gu Zhen, as the master of a great Sect, naturally couldn’t be underestimated. At this moment, he was fighting two enemies all on his own, one Third-Order and one Second-Order. Meanwhile, Mo Yu was fighting the other Third-Order.


As for Chen Shi Tao, she was sticking close to Mo Yu while tying down the last Second0-Order Origin Realm enemy. Unfortunately, she did not have any power to fight back and could only use her Nine Palace Heavenly Silk Parasol to defend against her opponent’s attacks, her pretty face was filled with anxiety.


Yang Kai observed the situation for a moment before quickly deciding that the key to this battle was Mo Yu. As long as he could free up Mo Yu, this battle would be decided.


Realizing this, Yang Kai no longer hid and flew inside the palace through the open window.


As he rushed inside, Yang Kai released his Firebird Artifact Spirit, instantly causing the temperature inside the palace to soar upwards.


All the cultivators who were inside the palace paled when they felt this and couldn’t help turning sideways. They were already engaged in a fierce struggle, so how could they not dread another person suddenly intervening now? Everyone was worried that this newcomer was their opponent’s reinforcements.


Glancing over, all of them saw a strange yet gorgeous Firebird composed entirely of flames swoop down from above, releasing a piercing cry from its beak before spewing a washbasin sized fireball towards them which radiated a frightening might and heat.


“This is…” Mo Yu’s eyes narrowed, but soon a look of pleasant surprise filled his face.


He had participated in the Battle of Dragon Cave Mountain that day so he naturally had a deep impression of the Firebird Artifact and was immediately able to infer that Yang Kai was the one who had just appeared.


[It’s not the enemy’s reinforcements, but our own!] Mo Yu was overjoyed and was able to finally relax and go all out without any reservations.


On the other hand, the four unidentified cultivators wore solemn expressions as they noticed the power of the Firebird Artifact Spirit.


As for Yang Kai, who flew in behind the Firebird, none of them even placed him in their eyes.


In an instant, the fireball released by the Firebird rushed to the top of Mo Yu’s opponent’s head. The terrifying power contained in this fireball caused this man’s face to drain of all colour and forced him to hurriedly withdraw and release a white mist from his body that swiftly engulfed a dozen metre radius space.


It was unknown what method this was, but at first glance, it was clearly a strong defensive ability.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


The fireball struck in the next moment and easily blew apart this ball of white mist, exposing the figure of the cultivator that had been hiding inside of it. The other party was completely unharmed, however, and the white mist which had been scattered away actually began to re-condense.


Before the white mist could coalesce again though, a flash of golden light suddenly shot out from behind the Firebird Artifact Spirit Firebird and rushed towards the man’s chest.


Yang Kai had attacked. He had released his Firebird at first to attract the enemy’s attention while he concealed himself behind it in order to land a fatal strike, so he definitely was not about to miss this opportunity.


Although he didn’t know what kind of profound defensive technique the other party had exhibited, he knew better than to allow this white mist barrier to repair itself.


Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Thread had unparalleled sharpness, extreme speed, and strong concealment, so it wasn’t until the golden light was right in front of his opponent that the latter realized he was being attacked. Letting out a panicked shout, this man waved an axe in his hand to try to intercept the Golden Blood Thread.


But he was a step too late.


With a loud bang, the Golden Blood Thread directly penetrated into this man’s lower abdomen and flew out the other side before wrapping around and binding him tightly.


The Firebird Artifact Spirit also struck at this moment, spreading its wings and releasing a stream of flames from its beak towards the captured man’s head.


Mo Yu, who was the one originally fighting this man, sent out a palm strike which rapidly enlarged as it slammed towards his opponent’s head.


This man was unable to move, much less dodge as a monstrous wave of flame and giant palm print rapidly closed in, only able to let out a pitiful scream before abruptly being silenced.


After the palm print dispersed and the Firebird stopped releasing its flames, only a charred corpse remained.


A Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master had instantly fallen!


Yang Kai’s sneak attack was a pivotal point in this strategy, but the powerful killing blows from the Artifact Spirit and Mo Yu were the main cause of this man’s demise. If not for them, Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Thread alone wouldn’t have been able to kill this person so quickly.


After eliminating one enemy, Yang Kai didn’t delay for a moment, moving together with his Firebird to attack the two people Gu Zhen was fighting while Mo Yu dealt with the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm master who was fighting Chen Shi Tao.


In an instant, Clear Sky Sect’s momentum soared as they went from being on the defensive to the offensive.


The other party, on the other hand, was in a state of shock. The still-living Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master was extremely decisive, and after realizing the might of the Firebird Artifact Spirit, despite a trace of unwillingness on his face, he loudly shouted, “Retreat!”


However, it was clearly too late to simply leave at this point.


At the very least, the two Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators would definitely be unable to escape. Mo Yu was completely suppressing one of them and with his higher cultivation, this person’s death was only a matter of time.


The other Second-Order Origin Realm cultivator was being tied down by Yang Kai and the Artifact Spirit and was also in a critical situation.


Only the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, who was the strongest, had an opportunity to withdraw from this battle. After taking a blow from Gu Zhen, this man found an opportunity to escape and swiftly flew off, but Gu Zhen was obviously not willing to just let him go and hurriedly pursued him.


After Yang Kai joined the battle, in less than half a cup of tea’s time, everything had been settled with Clear Sky Sect being the undisputed victory. Such an outcome really surprised Mo Yu.


Seeing Yang Kai take back his Artifact Spirit, Mo Yu quickly brought Chen Shi Tao over to thank him.


“Sect Master Yang, I didn’t expect to meet you here, this Mo is truly ashamed. This great grace will always be remembered in my heart.”


“Elder Mo doesn’t have to be so polite; my being here is nothing but a coincidence. It seems you’ve consumed a great deal of Saint Qi, you should quickly restore yourself. I’ll stand guard for you,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


“What Sect Master Yang said is correct! Then I’ll be troubling Sect Master Yang!” Mo Yu wasn’t a stiff person and understood the importance of maintaining one’s Saint Qi’s reserves in this place, so he immediately brought Chen Shi Tao with him, sat down cross-legged, swallowed a pill, took out some Saint Crystals, and began adjusting his breathing.


Gu Zhen hadn’t returned yet, but Yang Kai had no intentions of being polite, rushing over to the altar-like thing where the heart-sized Blood Essence Stone was.


This treasure was not something which could simply be taken, however, as whatever this altar was it had multiple layers of barriers around it. Even the Blood Essence Stone itself had a protective light barrier around it, so if Yang Kai wanted to obtain it, he would first need to break through its shield.


Since Yang Kai wanted this Blood Essence Stone though, he didn’t hesitate and immediately used his Golden Blood Thread to attack the protective barriers.


The light curtain flickered for a moment before returning to its original state. This seemingly flimsy barrier was actually very strong, something that surprised Yang Kai greatly.


But in the end, it was still just a static barrier, so no matter how strong it was, it was unable to resist Yang Kai’s persistent attacks. After an incense stick worth of time, the barrier shattered, and Yang Kai immediately grabbed the Blood Essence Stone. Examining it closely, Yang Kai found that it was almost identical to the Blood Essence Stone he accidentally obtained on Tong Xuan Realm.


Thinking about how his second Stone Puppet could now be hatched, Yang Kai grinned broadly and laughed as he stored it into his Space Ring.


Turning his head to look around, Yang Kai saw Mo Yu and Chen Shi Tao were still adjusting their breathing while Gu Zhen had still yet to return.


The sounds of Yang Kai taking the Blood Essence Stone had obviously reached Mo Yu’s ears, but the latter didn’t say anything about it. After all, if Yang Kai hadn’t shown up when he did, the future of the Clear Sky Sect trio would have been worrying. At the very least Chen Shi Tao would have fallen here, so there was absolutely no way they would have obtained this treasure.


As far as he was concerned, Yang Kai was perfectly justified in pocketing this piece of Blood Essence Stone.


After sweeping his eyes around the palace, Yang Kai’s gaze eventually landed on a corner of the hall where the unknown young woman was lying down.


When he had peeped inside from outside the palace a moment ago, Yang Kai had noticed this woman, but he hadn’t been sure whether she was dead or alive and even until now he wasn’t because she hadn’t moved at all this whole time.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling curious. Clear Sky Sect’s group should only consist of three people, so was this woman an associate of the previous group?


Thinking so, Yang Kai walked over towards the woman, releasing his Divine Sense to examine her.


As soon as he did though, Yang Kai was stunned.


This woman hadn’t died, but she had obviously suffered heavy injuries and was now panting laboriously. Her cultivation also wasn’t very high, the same as his own, only First-Order Origin Returning Realm.


[With this kind of cultivation, how could she dare enter this place?] Yang Kai shook his head secretly, thinking it was a case of men, or rather women, dying for wealth just as birds die for food.


When he arrived in front of this woman, Yang Kai took a closer look and saw that her face was extremely pale and that there was blood dried at the corners of her lips. There were no other signs of any external injuries though, so it was likely her five viscera and six organs which had taken damage.


Even though this woman’s long black hair was covering her face right now, it was clear she was quite a beauty.


“This old master was originally studying how to crack the barrier around the altar together with Elder Mo when this woman ran inside in a panic. Those four just now were directed here by her,” Gu Zhen said as he returned, but from the annoyed look on his face, he obviously hadn’t managed to catch the last enemy. This wasn’t too surprising though as the other party had the same cultivation as Gu Zhen.


“So she’s not in the same group as those four?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Gu Zhen shook his head lightly, “She was probably being chased by them.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai was surprised. Originally he thought that this woman was a companion of those four and was preparing to take advantage of the fact that she couldn’t resist to finish her off, but now that he knew the truth of the matter, he could not just act ruthlessly.


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