Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1457, Fate Is Truly Unpredictable

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


There was no injustice or hatred between them, and Yang Kai wasn’t a cold-blooded person who felt the urge to kill innocents indiscriminately, so he didn’t plan on attacking this woman anymore; however, even if he didn’t kill her, in her current condition, she likely wouldn’t survive long.


In truth though, Clear Sky Sect’s trio falling into such a dangerous situation was this woman’s fault. If not for this woman trying to use them to deal with her four pursuers, the Clear Sky Sect group wouldn’t have found themselves in mortal danger just now.


Considering all this, Yang Kai squatted down until his face was almost at the same height as this woman’s before reaching out and moved the black hair covering her face to the side.


When this woman’s face appeared before his eyes, Yang Kai’s face filled with a dumbfounded expression before it quickly changed to one of shock and disbelief as he muttered out loud, “How can this be?”


It was as if he had suddenly seen something impossible.


“What’s wrong? Does Sect Master Yang know this woman?” Gu Zhen was a worldly master and immediately had a guess.


Yang Kai didn’t answer immediately as his expression fluctuated erratically and he continuously swept his eyes over this woman’s face. The more he looked, the more shocked he became though, because this woman’s appearance was nearly identical to another young woman in his memories, and despite not having seen this woman from his past for two or three decades, Yang Kai’s impression of her was still quite vivid.


However… was she really the same woman from his memories?


If she wasn’t, this would be too much of a coincidence. The world was indeed vast, but even if there were people with similar appearances, it was impossible for there to be two different people who had the exact face. But if it really was her, how could she have appeared here?


For a time, Yang Kai’s thoughts flashed as many different scenes from his past appeared in his head.


What most kept Yang Kai from confirming this woman’s identity was that she was all alone. If she was who he thought she was, where was the other young woman who was always together with her? Her singular presence made no sense.


“Sect Master Gu, I need to help her heal, I’ll have to trouble Sect Master Gu to stand guard for me!” Yang Kai didn’t have time to think; although this woman’s eyes were closed and she was clearly in a comatose state, from how her brow furrowed and twitched, it was clear she was still experiencing deep pain. Her vitality was also rapidly passing, so if Yang Kai didn’t act fast to save her, she would likely soon pass away.


Whether she was who he thought she was, Yang Kai could only first wake her up then ask carefully.


“Sect Master Yang may rest assured; this old master swears on his life that no one will disturb you!” Gu Zhen declared solemnly.


“Many thanks!” Yang Kai didn’t say anything more, instead propping up this injured woman against the wall carefully before sitting down cross-legged in front of her. Reaching out, Yang Kai grabbed this woman’s wrist and began gently pouring his Saint Qi and Divine Sense into her body to investigate her condition carefully.


As he investigated, Yang Kai’s expression gradually became ugly.


This woman’s injuries were much worse than he had originally thought. Her five viscera and six organs had all suffered a heavy impact and there was some kind of rampaging energy inside her meridians, probably the effects of some kind of powerful attack she had been struck with.


This kind of injury was nothing less than severe, and if it had been any other cultivator here, they would have been absolutely helpless to help her, likely only able to use their own Saint Qi to try to maintain her life.


Even for Yang Kai, this was a difficult problem. Whether or not he could save her, even he didn’t know, but he could only make an attempt now regardless of his chances.


Thinking so, Yang Kai touched his Space Ring and took out a jade bottle, opened it without hesitation, and poured out a pink coloured pill.


This pill instantly released a fragrant and refreshing scent and was clearly not low in grade.


Although Gu Zhen was standing a short distance away, fulfilling his role as a protector, he was also paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements, so the moment this pill appeared, he couldn’t help showing a look of shock because according to his judgement, it was actually an Origin King Grade Low-Rank healing pill!


Origin King Grade pills could not be found on Shadowed Star at all, and even taking the entire Star Field into consideration they were rare treasures; after all, only Origin King Grade Alchemists could refine such pills.


If it was just this though, Gu Zhen wouldn’t be too shocked; the key was that this pink pill had actually formed Pill Veins!


Gu Zhen’s eyes bulged so much they nearly popped out of his skull and he immediately realized that the relationship between Yang Kai and this woman was probably not simple. If this wasn’t the case, how could Yang Kai not hesitate to take out such a valuable pill to help her heal?


There were likely not many pills like this in the entire Star Field, and if it were brought back to Shadowed Star, countless masters would likely go all out to obtain it.


What kind of identity did this woman have that would actually make Yang Kai go so far to save her life? Gu Zhen suddenly became curious.


This Origin King Grade pill was naturally something Yang Kai obtained in the hidden mountain valley before, but he hadn’t expected that it would come in handy so quickly. With his current Alchemy technique, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to refine such a pill.


When distributing the pills with the young woman from Ice Heart Valley back in the hidden cave mansion, Yang Kai had deliberately divided the pills by their various purposes, including healing pills.


Origin King Grade pills had extremely powerful medicinal efficacies, but given this woman’s current condition, Yang Kai couldn’t be sure whether taking it would be a blessing or a curse. If she was unable to withstand its potency, it would likely kill her before her injuries.


Considering this, Yang Kai took a deep breath and forced out a drop of pure Golden Blood from his finger before quickly pinching this woman’s cheeks and dropping it into her mouth.


This drop of pure Golden Blood would greatly supplement her vitality, so there wouldn’t be a need to worry about the damage the pill’s efficacies might cause.


All that was left was to help her refine the pill itself.


Yang Kai didn’t shy away, simply reaching out and holding her two jade white hands and pouring his pure, rich Saint Qi into her body in order to promote the circulation of her own Saint Qi.


As time passed, both Mo Yu and Chen Shi Tao also finished restoring themselves and after asking Gu Zhen what was happening, they learned about the situation happening in front of them and also stood by quietly.


On the other side, with Yang Kai continuously assisting her to refine the medicinal efficacies of the Origin King Grade healing pill, the complexion of the woman who had been severely injured was obviously getting better and the damage to her five viscera and six organs was gradually being repaired while the rampaging foreign energy in her meridians was being driven out.


After two full hours, the woman suddenly coughed and spat out a mouthful of black blood straight towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai reacted quick enough though to flick this mass of black blood aside.


Only now was he able to relax.


Through his efforts, he had managed to bring this woman back from the gates of death, but if she wanted to fully recover, it would definitely require her a long time, and the combat power she could display right now would probably be less than half of her peak. Inside the Emperor Garden, this kind of condition was undoubtedly very dangerous as once something happened, she would have no way to fight back.


After expelling the mass of black blood, the woman’s eyelashes fluttered as she seemed to wake up.


Yang Kai was overjoyed.


A moment later, the other party opened her beautiful eyes, but it seemed she was still in a daze as her gaze was somewhat blank. After seeing the man sitting cross-legged in front of her though, she wore a stunned look and stared while Yang Kai remained silent.


Yang Kai did not dare to voice his thoughts, for fear that the answers he received would not be the ones he wanted to hear.


It took a long time and great effort, but eventually, the woman lifted her hand and stretched it out, seemingly wanting to touch Yang Kai’s cheek. There was a flash of excitement in Yang Kai’s eyes seeing this so he didn’t try to avoid her.


“They really know each other!” Chen Shi Tao saw this and couldn’t help calling out, “And it seems that their relationship isn’t shallow.”


Meeting an old friend in a foreign land was undoubtedly a joyful matter, so Chen Shi Tao was also quite happy for Yang Kai and felt deeply moved by this touching long-awaited reunion.


The next moment, however, an unexpected scene occurred.


When the woman’s delicate hand was only a palm length away from Yang Kai’s cheek, she suddenly pushed it forward swiftly, as if she wanted to slap him, but lacking in strength and energy, her actions came off far more ambiguous, as if she was trying to flirt with him.


“Bastard, why is the first person this young lady sees after dying actually you? Mistress truly pined for you for all these years for nothing! Why did you die? Weren’t good people not supposed to live long while scourges last for a thousand years?”


Scolding like this, tears began flowing out from her beautiful eyes, dripping down her face, making her look extremely sad and pitiful.


“Bi Luo?” Yang Kai’s face twitched as he forced this name out from his throat.


At this moment, he could finally confirm the identity of the woman in front of him. There was no need to guess, she was the one he knew, otherwise it would have been impossible for her to recognize him at a glance.


Beguiling Demon Queen Shan Qing Luo’s personal maidservant, Bi Luo!


The last time he had seen either of these two was back in the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land nearly thirty years ago, but Yang Kai never expected that he would meet Bi Luo here.


Fate is truly unpredictable!


He longed for reunion with Su Yan in the Emperor Garden, but he encountered Xue Yue instead, then met Bi Luo who he thought he would never see again.


It wasn’t like he could think any other way though; after all, all these years he had been unable to reunite with Su Yan, but at least he had some clues about her location and knew that she was alive, but he had no idea where Beguiling Demon Queen Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo had gone.


When he left the Great Han Dynasty and travelled to Tong Xuan Realm, he said goodbye to Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo.


Nearly ten years later, when he returned to the Central Capital from Tong Xuan Realm, he had once gone to visit the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land to find Shan Qing Luo, but by then, she had long disappeared. After some inquiries, he learned from the Lightning Flash Shadow King that Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo had last been seen heading to the Spider Mother’s Den. After Yang Kai arrived at Spider Mother’s Den, he only found an ancient altar with some bloodstains on it; as for Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo, there was no way to tell if they were even alive or dead.


Since then, Yang Kai had been convinced he would never be able to see Shan Qing Luo or Bi Luo again.


Who could have imagined such a dramatic reunion would take place in the Emperor Garden though?


For a time, Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering if he was dreaming.


When Yang Kai fell into a daze, Bi Luo seemed to come out of hers and realized she wasn’t dead. For a moment she felt embarrassed, but she mostly felt joyful.


She too had not expected to meet Yang Kai again here.


Although this bastard had bullied her all those years ago, and even caused her Mistress to feel incredibly sad and lonely for so long, it was undeniable that being able to reunite at this time in this place made Bi Luo happy. Her pair of beautiful eyes glowed with radiant splendour and even her vitality seemed to be somewhat restored.


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