Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1528, Incomplete Small Sealed World

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Although the Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip was a high-quality artifact, it was still worse than the Dragon Bone Sword.


The Dragon Bone Sword was refined from a piece of True Dragon bone supplemented with a real Dragon Bead that contained a remnant wisp of a True Dragon’s Soul. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the highest-end materials were used in its refinement. Even if the Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip was also extremely good, it still wasn’t comparable to the Dragon Bone Sword.


What was limiting the Dragon Bone Sword from displaying its full power was actually Yang Kai’s low cultivation.


Additionally, the Dragon Bone Sword could swallow the physical essence of the enemies it slew to enhance itself, meaning it would only become more powerful in the future.


Yang Kai had great expectations for it, so saying it couldn’t even defeat this Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip was a bad joke.


Even after seeing the artifact he was most relying upon being suppressed, Fang Pang was not discouraged. Although the quality of artifacts was a major factor in a struggle between cultivators, Secret Techniques and cultivation realm were still the most important aspects.


Fang Peng believed that with his cultivation being two Minor Realms higher than Yang Kai’s, and with his many years of experience, even if his artifact was being suppressed, he could still emerge victoriously.


Continuing to swing the long whip back and forth, striking from impossible angles with extreme accuracy, Fang Peng managed to launch an assault that made it impossible for both the Firebird and the giant dark green dragon to get close.


Even Yang Kai’s Space Blades were being torn apart by the long whip.


Suddenly, atop Star Ascendance Peak, two great battles erupted into full swing. These were life or death struggles, making them extraordinarily thrilling.


Only Leng Qing, however, standing at a distance, was able to observe this magnificent scene.


He didn’t watch the battle between Ye Xi Yun and Qi Tian Che though, as that fight was of too high a level for him, making it impossible for him to comprehend anything even if he tried to observe and emulate it.


The confrontation he was paying attention to was the one between Yang Kai and Fang Peng!


As an elite of the younger generation on Star Emperor Mountain, Leng Qing had always been quite proud, not even putting Qu Chang Feng in his eyes back in the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


But he didn’t dare to despise Yang Kai.


Ever since he ran into Yang Kai in the fourth layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, Leng Qing had regarded him as an opponent on the same level as himself and had secretly been looking forward to the day when he could fight against him in a death-match!


But now, Leng Qing discovered that the young man he considered a potential opponent was actually far stronger than himself.


Yang Kai was able to fight against a character like Fang Peng on even terms, and even if he was relying on various external forces, he was still able to completely suppress Fang Peng’s momentum single-handedly.


Leng Qing was extremely shocked.


He had never imagined someone could achieve this kind of feat with only a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation! He freely admitted that even he had no such ability. Leng Qing was a true genius, but wasn’t Fang Peng one as well?


Those that can be the Sect Master of their sects are those that stood out amongst their peers in the sect, and the Sect Master of Thunder Typhoon Sect is no exception. His skills must be no worse than those that stood at the pinnacle of Shadowed Star.


But such a character couldn’t gain any advantage over Yang Kai in a frontal confrontation, all of his methods being handled easily or suppressed as they fought!


Leng Qing estimated that, if he were in Yang Kai’s place, he wouldn’t even be able to persist for more than half a cup of tea’s worth of time against Fang Peng!


At this moment, Leng Qing felt somewhat depressed, somewhat lost, but more excited than ever!


He had found a target, a goal he could pursue, raising his enthusiasm greatly. Clenching his fists, Leng Qing stared at Yang Kai’s movements fixedly, secretly applauding every time he attacked and counterattacked, often drawing inspiration from even an inadvertent action by the other party.


“Fang Peng, if you had escaped far away earlier, you might not have died today, but since you chose to come to Star Emperor Mountain, you’ve sealed your own fate,” Yang Kai drove the Dragon Bone Sword and his Firebird Artifact Spirit towards Fang Peng as he laughed loudly.


Fang Peng’s expression remained cold as he held his silence.


It wasn’t that he didn’t want to refute, but right now, he was truly at a disadvantage and didn’t have the spare capacity to argue with Yang Kai.


Throughout this hard fight, Fang Peng had realized that he couldn’t kill Yang Kai with his strength alone, but that it was also not going to be easy for his opponent to kill him.


As such, he could only pin his hopes on Qi Tian Che.


Fang Peng felt that Qi Tian Che must still have a hidden card to play, otherwise, he wouldn’t have acted so confidently before.


Realizing this, Fang Peng seized an opportunity to glance over at the other battlefield and was surprised to find that they too were engaged in a deep and fierce fight, but unlike his own, they were evenly matched, neither able to overpower the other.


This discovery made his heart jump and a chill shoot up his back.


What if Qi Tian Che couldn’t defeat Ye Xi Yun? What should he do then?


Qi Tian Che’s strength and methods were superb so he could definitely escape from this place if he wanted to, but there was no way for Fang Peng to do so. In front of a cultivator proficient in the Dao of Space, trying to run away was the epitome of stupidity.


While thinking so, Fang Peng’s eyes suddenly shrank.


He found that on the other battlefield, Qi Tian Che made a feint to escape from Ye Xi Yun’s entanglement before transforming into a streak of light that shot towards his direction!


As Qi Tian Che flew through the air, he suddenly extended his hand and grasped forward ruthlessly!


Yang Kai, who was originally moving about freely, suddenly felt great pressure and couldn’t help his movements becoming somewhat sluggish.


Fang Peng was overjoyed and immediately understood what Qi Tian Che was plotting. Clearly, he was only pretending to fight Ye Xi Yun to the death when in fact his goal was to seize Yang Kai.


As long as Yang Kai could be captured, it wouldn’t matter how strong Ye Xi Yun was.


Instantaneously, Fang Peng grasped Qi Tian Che’s plan and now that he and Qi Tian Che were both grasshoppers on the same rope, naturally Fang Peng was going to contribute. Hastily, Fang Pen executed a Secret Technique that further suppressed Yang Kai in place.


“You think that you can suppress me by working together?” Yang Kai’s eyes went cold and sharp, “Seems you won’t show regret unless you see your coffin! Come catch me if you can!”


As he spoke these words, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and swiped forward, immediately opening up a Void Crack before him.


“Space Force is truly mysterious, but in front of this old master, your paltry methods are useless!” Qi Tian Che laughed and with a flick of his wrist threw out a small bead.


The bead looked extremely ordinary and gave off no discernible energy fluctuations, but when it appeared, Ye Xi Yun’s expression changed drastically and she couldn’t help calling out in amazement, “You actually managed to refine it?! Sect Master, dodge!”


Yang Kai’s heart clenched.


Although he didn’t know what kind of mysteries this bead hid, it was definitely no small thing if it could shock Ye Xi Yun this much.


Not daring to neglect, Yang Kai stepped into the Void Crack to escape.


But to his shock, a mysterious fluctuation burst out from the bead at that exact moment and, as this wave propagated forth, it actually destabilized the Void Crack and instantly sealed it.


It was as if it had been wiped away by a giant invisible hand.


Yang Kai only managed to take a step through the air in the end.


In the next moment, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed.


By the time Yang Kai recovered, he was already in another space.


Looking around, this space was extremely small, less than three hundred metres in radius, but it was also lush and green.


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed with surprise, not immediately able to understand what had happened.


What surprised him even more though was that this space was obviously incomplete! Because at the border of this space he could see partial pieces of vegetation, with the other half clearly somewhere beyond what was visible to him.


It was almost as if there was a barrier partitioning off the space.


Not far in front of him, Qi Tian Che stood wearing a smile while Fang Peng simply looked confused as he glanced left and right but was unable to see any trace of Ye Xi Yun.


The Firebird Artifact Spirit hovered overhead, crying out anxiously. It was also brought inside, but the Verdant Dragon Bone Sword was left outside, and when Yang Kai tried to communicate with it with his Divine Sense, he was actually unable to establish contact, a discovery that caused his heart to sink.


A moment later, Fang Peng frowned and asked, “Brother Tian Che, what is this place?”


He was obviously kept in the dark too, not knowing what Qi Tian Che wanted to do.


“A Small Sealed World!” Qi Tian Che laughed.


“Small Sealed World?” Fang Peng’s eyes widened, almost thinking that he had heard wrong. Yang Kai’s face also couldn’t help becoming gloomy as he glared towards Qi Tian Che.


“Has Brother Fang not seen such a minuscule Small Sealed World before?” Qi Tian Che asked.


“Indeed,” Fang Peng nodded honestly, “I have explored numerous Small Sealed Worlds before, but even the smallest of them was far larger than this place.”


What confused him even more though was how the three of them had suddenly been transported to this Small Sealed World.


Small Sealed Worlds were usually only accessible through a Void Corridor, but just now, Qi Tian Che had only thrown out a small bead which then released a strange burst of energy before the three of them appeared here.


Was it possible that this Small Sealed World was somehow related to that bead? Fang Peng frowned slightly.


Yang Kai was also surprised.


Back on Tong Xuan Realm, he had been to a few Small Sealed Worlds before, but after arriving in the Star Field, he had not encountered any such places again until today.


“Sect Master Yang, I presume?” Qi Tian Che looked at Yang Kai with a smile, his expression completely relaxed, “Come to think of it, you and I have not introduced ourselves have we? This King is Qi Tian Che and currently occupies the position of Star Emperor Mountain’s Sect Master.”


“Sect Master Qi’s name resounds like thunder, this Junior has long heard of it,” Yang Kai grinned, not showing the slightest fear, “But this Junior would like to ask Senior, why did you bring me to this place? Do you want to blackmail Great Elder with me?”


“Sect Master Yang need not use such crass words,” Qi Tian Che slowly shook his head, “This King bringing you here was not to deal with Senior Sister Ye, but rather because this King wished to make friends with you.”


“Heh heh…” Yang Kai laughed, stroking his chin as he said, “Senior must be joking.”


Qi Tian Che shook his head once more and declared solemnly, “This King truly means what he says, this is no joke.”


“But this Junior has no interest in making friends with you!” Yang Kai snickered.


Qi Tian Che failed to stifle his laughter as he continued, “If Sect Master Yang insists so, this old master won’t force the issue; however, this old master still wants to consult with Sect Master Yang about something.”


“You have something you want to consult with me about?” Yang Kai looked surprised.


“Indeed!” Qi Tian Che nodded sincerely.


“And what is that? Seeking power by usurping the throne? Deceiving one’s master and dishonouring one’s ancestors? If it’s about such matters, this Junior has nothing to say, Senior has clearly already reached the peak of such arts,” Yang Kai snapped at Qi Tian Che sarcastically.


The other party didn’t become angry at all though and simply maintained a calm smile, “Naturally, it is not about such trivial things. What this King wants to ask about… is the Dao of Space!”


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed hearing this.


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