Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1529, Sealed World Bead

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“The Dao of Space is extremely esoteric and difficult to cultivate, this King is untalented and has spent many years trying to comprehend it, but despite such effort, his achievements in the field are far inferior to Sect Master Yang, who can even condense a blade of pure Space Force or independently tear space! This King deeply admires Sect Master Yang’s profound methods! I simply wish to ask Sect Master Yang to resolve a few of the many quandaries this King is burdened with.”


“You’ve studied the Dao of Space?” Yang Kai frowned.


“Some trivial accomplishments at most,” ​​Qi Tian Che nodded humbly, “This King has been in retreat for several dozen years just to study the Dao of Space and had some minor gains, but…”


Yang Kai was stunned.


He hadn’t expected that this old man had been in retreat for several dozen years just to study Space Force.


Yang Xiu Zhu had reminded Ye Xi Yun to be wary of Qi Tian Che because the latter had been in retreat to cultivate some kind of Secret Technique for the past several dozen years, but now it turns out he was actually trying to cultivate Space Force.


However, why would he do this?


Yang Kai’s mind turned sharply before suddenly a flash of understanding came to him. Turning a grin towards Qi Tian Che, Yang Kai asked lightly, “Senior, if this Junior is not mistaken, you cultivating the Dao of Space must be related to this Small Sealed World and that strange bead, yes?”


“Oh? Why did you say this?” Qi Tian Che raised his brow as his eyes flashed brightly, seemingly very interested.


“Haha,” Yang Kai laughed, “I did not see a Void Corridor before being inexplicably brought here by Senior, so obviously that bead should be some kind of key to opening and accessing this Small Sealed World, but to use it, one must be capable of using Space Force, which is why you wish to cultivate it. Is this Junior correct?”


“That’s right!” Qi Tian Che looked at Yang Kai approvingly, nodding as he asked, “I wonder what else Sect Master Yang can see?”


“I can see that this Small Sealed World is incomplete, probably because your comprehension of the Dao of Space is lacking. If you wish to complete this Small Sealed World, you must become more proficient in using Space Force…” As he said this though, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he suddenly became confused, not really able to see a specific relationship between Qi Tian Che’s proficiency in the Dao of Space and this Small Sealed World.


A Small Sealed World was a Small Sealed World, an independent world of its own, it should not have anything to do with anyone.


“Sect Master Yang’s vision is sharp; this old master deeply admires it!” Qi Tian Che nodded slightly, “But although Sect Master Yang is more than half right, he has made one critical mistake.”


“Oh? And what is that?” Yang Kai looked at him suspiciously.


“That bead was not the key to opening this Small Sealed World!” Qi Tian Che smiled meaningfully, “That bead is this Small Sealed World!”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai frowned at him.


“Let me put it another way, a Small Sealed World was sealed inside that bead!” Qi Tian Che explained.


“What?” Yang Kai was shocked, and Fang Peng was also dumbfounded.


“A Small Sealed World contained within a bead? How is that possible?” Yang Kai frowned and shook his head, a look of disbelief filling his face, but soon, his expression became solemn as he stared at Qi Tian Che gloomily, hesitating before asking, “Could it be that bead… is an Emperor Artifact?”


Qi Tian Che laughed and stroked his beard lightly, nodding in confirmation, “Sect Master Yang is truly wise, understanding all the key points so quickly. Indeed, that bead is an Emperor Artifact! Normal artifacts could not possibly have such a profound function, but Emperor Artifacts are different, the secrets of Emperor Artifacts are beyond our comprehension! That bead is indeed one of the two Emperor Artifact beads, the Sealed World Bead!”


“Of the two Emperor Artifact beads!” Yang Kai said coldly snorted, “Then the other one is the Annihilation Thunder Bead?”


“En. These two beads are inheritances passed down personally from the Great Emperor and are the two most important treasures of my Star Emperor Mountain!” Qi Tian Che nodded and admitted, suddenly grinning as he said, “Sect Master Yang should not blame Senior Sister Ye for not warning you about this matter. Senior Sister Ye had no idea this old master was able to refine this Sealed World Bead. This thing has been passed down by my Star Emperor Mountain’s ancestors for ten thousand years, with each generation’s Sect Master attempting to refine it, but none have ever succeeded! As time passed, even the purpose and function of this Sealed World Bead became lost. This old master was only able to refine it and understand its mysteries thanks to a series of opportunities and coincidences.”


Yang Kai’s face was black and his expression was extremely difficult to look at.


If he wasn’t currently inside this incomplete Small Sealed World, he would never have believed that this strange Sealed World Bead, which contained its own independent world, could possibly exist.


Now that he was trapped inside, unable to even contact his Dragon Bone Sword, how was he supposed to fight? This old dog still had his Sun and Moon Golden Wheel Origin King Grade artifact.


“Sect Master Yang should not bother thinking about trying to tear space, this Small Sealed World is an independent space with its own World Principles, it is useless for you to tear space here,” Qi Tian Che also seemed to remind him kindly.


“I’d prefer to confirm that for myself; Senior doesn’t mind, right?” Yang Kai glanced over at Qi Tian Che faintly.


“Sect Master Yang, please, it just so happens that this King also wants to carefully observe how Sect Master Yang’s manipulates Space Force,” Qi Tian Che waved his hand lightly, showing no intention of stopping Yang Kai.


Yang Kai did not waste any time, stretched out his hand, and swiped the air in front of him, opening a Void Crack in the next instant.


But before he could step into it, Qi Tian Che suddenly waved his hand and the Void Crack disappeared.


Yang Kai looked at him coldly with an unhappy expression on his face.


Qi Tian Che smiled and said, “The World Principles of this Small Sealed World are now controlled by this old master, Sect Master Yang should give up.”


“Old bastard!” Yang Kai coldly snapped.


“Sect Master Yang is young and vigorous, so this old master won’t care about your lack of decorum. This old master has already honestly explained his purpose and intent, now it is time for Sect Master Yang to make a choice. If you choose to work for this old master, this old master will treat you as a friend in the future, but if Sect Master Yang insists on being stubborn… Well, this old master has other methods to obtain your cooperation. I have given you the opportunity, whether you can grasp it or not depends on your actions.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Do you think you’re in complete control now that you’ve simply trapped me in this place? Cooperate with you? Senior should abandon such wishful thinking, as for cultivating the Dao of Space, you’d best try harder in your next life instead!”


At that moment, the Firebird Artifact Spirit, which had been hovering above Yang Kai’s head, screamed and transformed into a ball of flame that flew towards Qi Tian Che.


“Oh!” Qi Tian Che sighed deeply, “Since Sect Master Yang insists on doing this, then this old master can only press forward as well, please pardon my offence, Sect Master Yang!”


Saying so, he stretched out his hand and pointed a finger towards the approaching Firebird Artifact Spirit.


A bizarre scene appeared next.


A vortex suddenly appeared in the sky, and as it rotated, it seemed to produce an irresistible suction force that pulled in the Firebird regardless of how the Artifact Spirit struggled to resist.


In just three short breaths, the Firebird plunged into the vortex and disappeared.


The connection between Yang Kai and the Firebird’s Soul was also cut off at that moment, causing his complexion to pale slightly.


“Sect Master Yang need not worry, this old master simply banished it outside, so it will not interfere in the fight between us,” Qi Tian Che said lightly before his expression suddenly became extremely solemn and he let out a loud shout as he stomped hard on the ground.


The earth seemed to tremble slightly and the sound of tearing silk rang out as Qi Tian Che’s robes were instantly shattered, blasting apart, revealing his upper body.


Yang Kai looked at him with a look of shock on his face.


This old dog looked old and frail, but his body was actually the exact opposite.


Rippling, clearly defined muscles which seemed to be filled with explosive power covered his frame.


It wouldn’t be a surprise for a young man to possess such a body, but it was a bit strange for an old man with grey hair and a long beard to have such a physique.


His body was nothing short of powerful! The rippling force that was contained in every one of his muscles was obvious to anyone who saw them.


Saint Qi surged wildly and Qi Tian Che’s momentum seemed unstoppable as a glow pulsed from his body.


Yang Kai and Fang Peng both stared blankly.


“Sect Master Yang, this old master will give you one last chance, it’s still not too late to see reason, but if you refuse, this old master will have to take action. If Sect Master Yang is wounded in the process, this old master will certainly feel some regret,” Qi Tian Che said as he stared down Yang Kai majestically.


“Enough nonsense, you brought me into this tiny space because you thought your physical prowess would give you an advantage, right?” Yang Kai smiled weirdly, “Whether you have such ability or not, we shall see!”


Seeing him refusing his kindness twice, Qi Tian Che’s expression also grew dark and he nodded, “Good, since that’s the case, then don’t blame this old master for being impolite.”


Saying so, Qi Tian Che’s figure flickered and he disappeared from where he was standing. When he reappeared, he was already above Yang Kai’s head.


Without using any kind of Secret Technique or summoning any kind of artifact, Qi Tian Chen fiercely threw a punch towards Yang Kai.


Fighting in this extremely small space, any kind of artifact or Secret Technique would be greatly restricted, while those who possessed superior physical capabilities would undoubtedly occupy a major advantage!


There was no sound, but the power contained in this fist was enough to break a mountain.


Yang Kai simply stood in place, however, seemingly unaware of the approaching danger.


Qi Tian Che frowned, wondering what kind of scheme he was up to.


It wasn’t until the fist wind began brushing Yang Kai’s face that he suddenly shouted, “Come out!”


A small and angular figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai mysteriously and in an instant grew into a massive stone giant several dozen meters in height.


Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao!


The Dragon Bone Sword had been left outside, and the Firebird Artifact Spirit was banished by Qi Tian Che, but Yang Kai still had Xiao Xiao!


Xiao Xiao hefted the pitch-black Heaven Shaking Pillar on his shoulders, and as he grew, so too did the strange stick-like artifact.


Gripping the Heaven Shaking Pillar tightly, Xiao Xiao swiftly swept it forward.


Qi Tian Che’s eyes shrank and a look of horror filled his face as he hurriedly withdrew.


He felt a fatal threat from this stick and understood that even with his great physical strength, he could not take a blow from it head-on.




It seemed like even space was smashed and collapsed while Qi Tian Che only felt a numbness in his abdomen.


He had not been hit by the pitch-black stick, instead just being swept by the wind pressure it created, but even so, his blood roiled and his breathing became disordered. It was easy to imagine what kind of fate he would experience if he were struck by it directly.


Qi Tian Che’s expression changed dramatically as he leapt backwards without hesitation while reaching out and pointing his finger towards the Stone Puppet.


He intended to exile the Stone Puppet from this space too!


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  1. Oh my my, things are looking dire for YK here. This is the first real threat I’ve seen to him in a while. Obviously YK won’t just let him banish Xiao Xiao, but what can YK really do if both of them attack him at the same time?

  2. Thanks for the chapter Silavin, PewPewLaserGun, Leo of Zion Mountain, and Dhael Ligerkeys! Even if he can cheese Last Boss Xiao Xiao, Mid-boss Yang Kai’s physique is also rather insane.

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