Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1530, Hand To Hand Combat

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


This was how he dealt with the Firebird Artifact Spirit just now.


To capture Yang Kai alive, Qi Tian Che had expended a great deal of effort and gathered a large amount of information, so he knew that Yang Kai possessed several terrifying helpers.


However, he was also fully confident in the Sealed World Bead.


The Sealed World Bead was one of the two Emperor Artifact beads, and since he had refined it, Qi Tian Che could control the Sealed World Bead’s environment and laws to a certain extent. As long as Yang Kai was isolated, Qi Tian Che wouldn’t have a problem subduing a mere First-Order Origin Returning Realm Junior. Once Yang Kai was captured alive, not only could Qi Tian Che learn the secrets of the Dao of Space from him, but he could also force Ye Xi Yun into a desperate situation and even return to the ancestral land of Supreme Profound Sect.


From the very beginning, he had never intended to fight a life or death battle with Ye Xi Yun, his goal had always been Yang Kai.


The vortex that had appeared once before appeared again, and the terrifying suction force began drawing in the Stone Puppet!


“Wishful thinking!” Yang Kai shouted angrily as he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the vortex suddenly. Rich Space Force pulsed and collapsed the vortex, allowing Xiao Xiao to break free and regain his freedom of movement.


Yang Kai laughed riotously, “Old Dog, it seems your grasp of this place’s World Principles is too weak.”


Qi Tian Che’s complexion sank, and a faint feelings of ill omen couldn’t help rising in his heart.


He hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would be able to counter him in this place. It seemed that even if he had refined this Sealed World Bead, when it came to manipulating Space Force, he was still not Yang Kai’s opponent.


The Stone Puppet moved swiftly, slamming its stick again the moment broke free from the suction force.


Qi Tian Che didn’t dare face this blow head-on and hurriedly dodged.


The Heaven Shaking Pillar brushed past his body and another dull impact from the wind pressure assailed his waist and ribs.


Before Qi Tian Che could steady himself, a strong wind pressure descended upon him from above as Yang Kai’s shout reached his ears, “Old dog, taste my fist!”


“Very good!” Qi Tian Che’s face filled with surprise and happiness.


He hadn’t summoned any kind of artifact or used any kind of Secret Technique because he wanted to fight Yang Kai hand to hand. Firstly, this battleground was not conducive to any other form of combat, and secondly because he had full confidence in his physical strength. Now seeing Yang Kai actually approach him of his own accord, Qi Tian Che was naturally overjoyed.


He thought Yang Kai had become overconfident and was acting recklessly.


Qi Tian Che deeply feared the power of the stone giant, but that didn’t mean he feared a trivial Yang Kai.


Without even hesitating, he sent out his own punch to meet Yang Kai’s.


Two fists impacted and a loud bang rang out.


Yang Kai’s body flew out like an arrow from the string while Qi Tian Che couldn’t help letting out a grunt as his entire body sank halfway into the ground.


In that instant, Qi Tian Che couldn’t help but turn pale.


Although it was just a simple exchange of fists, with Qi Tian Che’s vast experience it was easy for him to see that Yang Kai’s physique and strength were just as intrepid as his own. In that blow just now, both sides had suffered a small loss with neither having any distinctive advantage over the other.


[How can this be?]


Qi Tian Che had lived for over a thousand years and ever since he first tread upon the Martial Dao, he had always paid special attention to his Body Tempering. Now, his physical body was far stronger than that of an average cultivator in the same realm and was even comparable to an ordinary Origin Grade High-Rank artifact in terms of resilience.


But how old was this little brat? How long had he cultivated for? How could he possibly have such a strong physique?


The astonishing amount of vitality he felt in that moment of contact shocked Qi Tian Che to an incredible degree.


Before he could collect himself though, the Stone Puppet’s Heaven Shaking Pillar swept towards him again.


Qi Tian Che was unable to avoid the blow this time as he was half-sunk into the earth. Seeing that the pitch-black stick swept towards him, Qi Tian Che took a deep breath and the faint glow which had been radiating from his body suddenly increased in intensity several times. In an instant, Qi Tian Che’s body seemed to be covered by a rigid, almost metallic protective barrier.


Clenching his fists, Qian Tian Che lifted both his arms to protect his face.


In the next moment, the Heaven Shaking Pillar arrived.




Qi Tian Che was knocked over and thrown out by the massive impact force, flying until he hit the edge of the Small Sealed World before smashing into the barrier and then crashing to the ground, his face going pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood, staggered, and looked up with solemn expression.


This time, he had suffered a heavy loss. The Heaven Shaking Pillar was forged from Heavenly Crystal Profound Iron in ancient times before it was brought out by Yang Kai from the Emperor Garden.


Heavenly Crystal Profound Iron was a top-level Origin King Grade artifact refining material and even a fist-sized piece weighed over ten thousand kilograms. If one incorporated even a tiny bit of it into an artifact they were refining, it would make said artifact many times more difficult to destroy.


The Heaven Shaking Pillar was completely forged from this peculiar material and was thus extremely heavy.


Yang Kai could barely lift it with all his strength, but he couldn’t swing it around.


Only strange creatures like the Stone Puppet could use this unusual artifact.


Even if Qi Tian Che cultivated a Body Tempering Secret Art for hundreds of years, he was still unable to withstand the violent blow of the Heaven Shaking Pillar.


“How did you like the taste of that attack?” Yang Kai shook his wrist as he stood a short distance away. Just now, he had exchanged a punch with Qi Tian Che so his hand was still stinging.


“Not bad!” Qi Tian Che did not lose his spirit and just gently nodded, “In time, Sect Master Yang would surely become the most dazzling master of Shadowed Star and have no difficulty unifying the entire world. Unfortunately, since you encountered this old Master here, you won’t be getting that chance.”


As the metallic lustre on his body increased, Qi Tian Che rushed towards Yang Kai solemnly.


A round of full sun suddenly appeared above his head, bursting with dazzling light.


The Origin King Grade artifact, Sun and Moon Golden Wheel!


Streams of hot Yang filled light shot from the golden sun, radiating a heat which seemed capable of burning all creation as they lased towards Yang Kai.


At the same time, Qi Tian Che also released his grand accomplishment stage Shi, covering the entire Small Sealed World in it.


The small space suddenly became extremely sticky, giving people the illusion of being stuck deep in the mud, the more they struggled, the deeper they sank.


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, knowing that this old dog was now going all out against him.


Qi Tian Che couldn’t beat the Stone Puppet in strength, so he could choose to target Yang Kai directly.


Not daring to hold back either, Yang Kai also released his Shi.


The space surrounding him suddenly became distorted and even began to collapse as innumerable tiny Void Cracks began to form, as if the world around Yang Kai had been shredded by a million blades. These tiny Void Cracks drifted about randomly for a moment before immediately being repaired by the World Principles of Small Sealed World, only to re-appear elsewhere in the next instant.


Yang Kai had condensed his Shi under the full impact of the Emperor Garden’s Emperor Pressure and incorporated his Space Force into it at the time, allowing his Shi to become far stronger than that of an average cultivator and even able to affect the surrounding space when he released it.


The constantly forming and collapsing Void Cracks around him were the best evidence of this.


Relying on this alone, however, wasn’t enough for Yang Kai to compete with Qi Tian Che’s grand accomplishment stage Shi which had touched upon the threshold of Domain.


A slicing sound rang out in the next moment though.


Hundreds of Golden Blood Threads spread out from Yang Kai’s body and constantly cut through the suppression of Qi Tian Che Shi.


The Golden Blood Thread Secret Technique originally had the effect of destroying Shi, so with Yang Kai using hundreds of them at once, the effect was naturally quite remarkable.


Using this two-pronged approach, the pressure weighing down Yang Kai suddenly disappeared and he was instantly relieved of the grand accomplishment Shi which was restraining him.


Manipulating them with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai sliced through the air with his Golden Blood Threads and intercepted every beam of radiant Yang light coming towards him, resolving the incoming danger without suffering any harm.


Qi Tian Che was deeply shocked!


He couldn’t imagine that the situation would develop to this point. All of the methods and strengths he was so proud of didn’t play any role against Yang Kai.


At this moment, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat nervous.


But now, he was already an arrow in mid-flight, and Ye Xi Yun was waiting for him outside, so if he couldn’t defeat Yang Kai in this Small Sealed World, even if he fled outside, his situation would only get worse.


Only by capturing Yang Kai here could he regain control of the overall situation.


Understanding this, Qi Tian Che flew towards Yang Kai and threw out a fist carrying vast destructive power.


Yang Kai didn’t even try to evade, instead sending out a fist of his own, his Saint Qi pushed to its limits as his muscles flexed, launching into a tangled struggle with Qi Tian Che.


All plots and conspiracies were useless at this moment, only by overwhelming their opponent with pure power could either of them achieve victory. The two were like savages as they recklessly swung their fists, pummeling each other with one blow after another.


This kind of hand to hand combat was simple, direct, savage, and bloody!


Endless explosions rang out as golden and silvery light intersected with one another, mixed with the occasional shout or muffled groan.


In this battle of pure physical strength, the two sides were actually even.


Fang Peng stood to the side, dumbfounded.


He had been brought into this Small Sealed World by Qi Tian Che and thought that they would join forces to easily defeat Yang Kai. He believed that Qi Tian Che had planned this entire scenario out as such, but now, to Fang Peng’s frustration, he discovered he was actually unable to intervene in this fight at all, only able to stand idly by and watch anxiously.


Even Xiao Xiao stood back and waited for an opportunity, not daring to attack rashly.


He too couldn’t interfere!


*Peng peng peng…*


The body Qi Tian Che’s was so proud of suffered blow after blow from Yang Kai’s fists during the battle, each strike producing a metallic thud upon landing, but despite being comparable in durability to an Origin Grade High-Rank artifact, it could actually not withstand his opponent’s brute force. The violent bombardment shocked his physique and damaged his meridians and bones, giving him an almost unbearable ache.


While he hadn’t sustained any major injuries, Qi Tian Che was soon bleeding from his nose and mouth, looking extremely hideous.


The same was true for Yang Kai, but the blood he shed was golden and overflowed with vitality, giving it an astonishing regenerative and restorative property.


The wild battle seemed to arouse the ferocity deep in Yang Kai’s heart, and his eyes became cruel and bloody, like those of a starved beast which had just been set free of its cage and could not wait to feast on its prey.


Time passed by.


The two men were both covered in blood and their skin was cracked and lacerated, but the strength behind Yang Kai’s punches did not diminish, instead becoming heavier and heavier, each blow causing Qi Tian Che’s figure to shake violently.


On the other hand, Qi Tian Che’s momentum was gradually weakening.


The stronger one had been decided!


Perhaps the two were on the same level in terms of body tempering and strength, but Yang Kai had a massive advantage over Qi Tian Che: His Golden Blood!


The injuries Yang Kai suffered could be restored rapidly, but Qi Tian Che’s could not. Under such circumstances, it was natural for Yang Kai to slowly gain the advantage.


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