Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1531, You Can Die

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Even an insect would struggle against death, let alone Qi Tian Che, a master who had touched the threshold of the Origin King Realm.


Despite falling into a disadvantage, he was not discouraged, he only focused harder on defeating Yang Kai.


“Old dog, choosing to fight with this Sect Master in this place was the biggest mistake of your life. Now, it’s time to pay the price!” Yang Kai was bathed in blood too, but he still roared with incredible fighting intent as a five-coloured radiance from his body.


Gold, green, white, red, and yellow light intermingled and merged to form a brilliant and domineering halo around Yang Kai, creating a ‘Chee’ sound effect.


Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi!


Yang Kai’s already extremely strong momentum skyrocketed once more, and a terrifying, violent force that seemed capable of crushing everything that stood before it filled his aura.


Qi Tian Che was horrified.


Having fought Yang Kai with fist and foot, he was clearer about just how intrepid his body was than anyone else, but when this five-coloured brilliance appeared, the intensity of his physical force increased again by more than thirty percent.


Thirty percent may not seem like much, but it was more than enough to expand the small gap in their positions into a massive one.




Yang Kai threw out a fierce punch, to which Qi Tian Che raised his hand instinctively to block, but when the latter was struck, he could not resist in the slightest and the blow landed square on his chest.


A sound of bones breaking rang out and Qi Tian Che’s chest sank in while the arm he had raised to protect himself also drooped.


The flesh and bones he had tempered for over a thousand years was unable to withstand this single hit and burst open.


The sound of bones shattering continued to resound one after another from Qi Tian Che’s body as Yang Kai rained down a barrage of fists on him.


Fang Peng’s face twitched as he watched from the side, his eyes bulging wildly!


Qi Tian Che screamed in horror as his organs began to rupture. No longer daring to confront Yang Kai head-on, he subconsciously began to dodge while trying to withdraw.


But how could Yang Kai allow him to get away?


Like a ravenous beast, he continued to pursue Qi Tian Che while landing blow after blow.


Qi Tian Che’s extremely strong body was rapidly beaten into a bloody pulp, with almost no place left intact, his skin completely cracked, and his physique battered with broken bones all over that were visible to the naked eye.


He screamed repeatedly, but could not dodge, coughing up his blood each time Yang Kai struck.


The battlefield Qi Tian Che had carefully chosen to maximize his advantage had become a fatal constraint, making it impossible for him to manoeuvre or execute any of his prided Movement Skills.




Yang Kai threw another punch, hitting the bridge of Qi Tian Che’s nose.


Under the strong impact force, Qi Tian Che’s nose was beaten crooked, making his already hideous and terrifying face look even more so, and with his eyes bloodshot and stained red, his body flew backwards.


“Xiao Xiao!” Yang Kai shouted.


The Stone Puppet waved the Heaven Shaking Pillar, leapt two steps forward, and slammed the black stick forward.




The Heaven Shaking Pillar smashed onto Qi Tian Che’s back, seemingly shattering his spine, and sending Qi Tian Che hurtling forward again.


Yang Kai looked on coldly but did not move for the kill. He felt that Xiao Xiao’s blow had almost destroyed Qi Tian Che’s ability to resist.


Like a dead fish, Qi Tian Che fell to the ground, and after rolling a few times, he came to a stop, lying there without even the strength to move.


Yang Kai walked over and looked down at him condescendingly, his eyes flashing like a cold blade.


Qi Tian Che opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but no sound came out.


“Don’t rush, take a moment to catch your breath. I have some questions to ask you,” Yang Kai grinned, flashing a ferocious smile dyed in Golden Blood, giving him a particularly menacing look.


Qi Tian Che closed his eyes, as if he had accepted his fate.


Yang Kai raised his head towards Fang Peng who was not far away and grinned fiercely, his eyes filled with malicious intent.


Being stared at like this, Fang Peng trembled as if he had been plunged into a blizzard, his hands and feet shivering as he panicked and hurriedly shouted, “Sect Master Yang, please be merciful. Last time in Fallen Emperor Mountain, this Fang was simply acting on orders, if I have offended you in any way, This Fang can apologize here and now.”


“Apologize?” Yang Kai curled his lips, “What good would your apology do me?”


Saying so, he pointed his finger and shouted in a low voice, “Kill!”


Receiving this order, the Stone Puppet rushed towards Fang Peng.


In the next moment, a shocking fight broke out.


Yang Kai no longer paid any attention to this though. If they were outside, Xiao Xiao may not have been able to kill Fang Peng; after all, the latter was a peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, so even if he couldn’t win, he could still run, but in here, things were different. There was nowhere for Fang Peng to escape as this entire world was only ​​three hundred meters in diameter.


Yang Kai turned his gaze back to Qi Tian Che again, and after waiting for a moment, bluntly asked, “How do you want to die?”


Qi Tian Che also seemed quite relaxed, however, even managing to put on a light smile after hearing these words and saying, “If Sect Master Yang really wanted to kill this old master, he wouldn’t ask such a question.”


“You think I won’t kill you?” Yang Kai asked coldly.


“At least before leaving this place, Sect Master Yang won’t kill this old master. You’re clearly worried that if you kill this old master, you won’t be able to leave here.”


“Seems that beating hasn’t made you stupid,” Yang Kai grinned.


“If I could not even realize this, this old master would have lived all these years in vain. Sect Master Yang has something he wants, and this old master wants to survive, so why don’t we have a discussion?”


“What do you propose?” Yang Kai motioned.


“After this old master recuperates here to the point where he can move freely, I will let you out. Of course, Sect Master Yang can no longer find trouble with this old master in the future while this old master will guarantee he will exile himself from the world and no longer be your enemy,” Qi Tian Che panted as he made his proposal.


“This is what you wanted to say?” Yang Kai sneered when he heard these words and said sarcastically, “Aren’t you deeply mistaken about something here, old dog?”


“And what’s that?” Qi Tian Che asked leisurely.


“You’re just a fish on the block while I hold the knife, anything I want you to do now, you must do.”


As he said so, Yang Kai lifted his foot and stomped down hard on Qi Tian Che’s hand.


The sound of bones breaking rang out as this hand immediately changed shape.


Qi Tian Che’s face distorted because of the pain, but he did not make a sound, instead just glaring towards Yang Kai in hatred.


“Let me out and I’ll leave you a whole corpse, that is the biggest concession this Sect Master is willing to make!”


“Haha, if that’s the case, then this old master would rather die here,” Qi Tian Che slowly shook his head and said in a relaxed tone, “This old master also knows what Sect Master Yang is thinking, you believe that because your achievements in the Dao of Space far outstrip this old master’s, you can simply kill this old master then refine this Sealed World Bead and free yourself, yes?”


“Precisely,” Yang Kai nodded.


“If that is the case, Sect Master Yang is free to try. It’s not that this old master is looking down on you, but even if your comprehension of the Dao of Space is great, wanting to refine the Sealed World Bead from here… heh heh,” Qi Tian Che grinned mockingly, “This old master was in retreat for several dozen years but only managed to slightly refine this Sealed World Bead and open this tiny piece of Small Sealed World. But with Sect Master Yang now stuck inside this Sealed World Bead, trying to refine it will be hundreds, if not thousands of times more difficult. If Sect Master Yang is willing to be trapped here for dozens or even hundreds of years, feel free to kill this old master, he had nothing else to say.”


Yang Kai’s face sank.


He was somewhat uncertain whether Qi Tian Che was just trying to intimidate him or was telling the truth.


If he was trapped inside this place for a hundred years because of this, when he finally escaped, the entire world would likely have changed.


“Sect Master Yang needs to consider carefully. This matter is of importance, and there’s no room for mistakes,” Qi Tian Che said again, putting pressure on Yang Kai. Now that his life was hanging by a thread, with Yang Kai in control of whether he lived or died, he did not dare to let up.


Yang Kai stared at him without saying a word for a long time before suddenly grinning, “Senior really wants to do this? There’s no room for discussion?”


Qi Tian Che shook his head and insisted, “If Sect Master Yang refuses to agree, this old master would rather die here.”


“Fine, then you can die!” Yang Kai gently nodded, raising his foot again before stomping down on Qi Tian Che’s head.


With a crash, Qi Tian Che’s head burst to pieces like an exploding melon, blood and brains splashing out across the ground as two eyeballs rolled out, still seeming to contain a shocked light within them.


“Deceitful old bastard!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


He had been hoodwinked by Qi Tian Che just now.


This old dog was easy to deal with. If not for Qi Tian Che getting caught in his own trap this time, it would have been truly difficult for Yang Kai to kill him so easily, so how could he let such an enemy go just like that? Regardless of whether what he said was true or not, Qi Tian Che had to die here.


Since that was the case, there was no reason to hesitate.


Kill first, worry later.


As for being trapped in this Sealed World Bead, it was not that big a deal. Even if what Qi Tian Che said was true, Yang Kai was not worried, with his comprehension of and proficiency in the Dao of Space, there was still a good chance he could find a way out of this place.


When Qi Tian Che died, Fang Peng, who was struggling against the Stone Puppet, became even more desperate. He had no desire to fight here, and after seeing Yang Kai act with such mercilessness and cruelty, the last remnants of his will broke.


As he fought back against the Stone Puppet, Fang Peng continued to beg for mercy.


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to these pleas, not only refusing to grant Fang Peng mercy but instead becoming impatient with the battle and rushing over to join forces with Xiao Xiao to kill him.


Even Qi Tian Che was not Yang Kai’s opponent in this place, so how could Fang Peng put up any meaningful resistance?


After half a cup of tea’s worth of time, Thunder Typhoon Sect’s Sect Master died tragically under the Stone Puppet’s Heaven Shaking Pillar. Fang Peng did not possess a forged body like Qi Tian Che, so the Heaven Shaking Pillar was able to smash him into a pulpy mess, making his death terrible and gruesome.


With the two enemies in this place wiped out, Yang Kai collected his spoils before quickly sitting down cross-legged to meditate and immediately began looking for a way to leave.


The ability to tear space was undoubtedly Yang Kai’s biggest advantage, but Qi Tian Che had interrupted him while he was experimenting with this, so he didn’t know if this method was effective here.


Now that there was no one here to disturb him, Yang Kai was naturally going to experiment thoroughly.


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