Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1532, Expanding the Small Sealed World

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Making up his mind, Yang Kai got up, stretched out his hand and slashed it forward while sending out his Space Force, opening a long and narrow Void Crack before him.


However, compared to when he usually tore space, this Void Crack was much smaller.


The World Principles in this Sealed World Bead seemed to be very firm!


Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly, but he didn’t dwell on this for long, instead just stretching out his hands and pulling hard at Void Crack’s walls as he poured his Space Force into it, enlarging the long and narrow crack.


After releasing his Divine Sense for a moment, Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised to see that this Void Crack was extremely stable.


[Was that old dog Qi Tian Che just talking nonsense?] Yang Kai thought suspiciously as he dove into the Void Crack.


But when he reappeared and looked around, Yang Kai’s face sank.


He found himself in a small space about three hundred metres in diameter with traces of battle left all over the place, along with two incomplete corpses that had blood and organs spilt across the ground…


The Void Crack he entered led back to this strange Small Sealed World!


Furrowing his brow, Yang Kai tried tearing space again, unwilling to simply give up.



After repeating this a dozen times or so, Yang Kai stopped and sat back down on the ground before falling into contemplation.


He could not leave this Small Sealed World even after tearing space a dozen times, only able to move about within the three-hundred-metre range of this place, a result that surprised him greatly.


Apparently, Qi Tian Che’s words weren’t all just posturing, this Sealed World Bead really had its mysteries and even tearing space couldn’t allow Yang Kai to escape it.


Although he had not managed to escape successfully, Yang Kai’s efforts were not in vain. After tearing space more than a dozen times here, Yang Kai vaguely became aware of a barrier surrounding this small space that isolated it from the outside world.


This barrier was somewhat vague and difficult to grasp, but it was precisely because of its existence that this Small Sealed World could remain independent of the outside world, and trap Yang Kai inside of it.


If Yang Kai was not mistaken, this barrier should be comprised of this Small Sealed World’s World Principles!


If he could tear through this barrier, Yang Kai was confident he could leave here.


However, how could it be so easy to break through the World Principles of this Small Sealed World? Qi Tian Che had spent several dozen years just to slightly refine this Sealed World Bead and grasp a tiny portion of its World Principles, allowing him to enter and exit it freely.


Yang Kai could not even guess how much time it would take him to reach that point.


But now, apart from refining this Sealed World Bead, there was no other way out.


How was he supposed to refine this Sealed World Bead though? Refining it was tantamount to refining this world. Yang Kai was at a loss, feeling like a dog trying to bite a hedgehog, uncertain of where to even start.


Sitting on a spot, Yang Kai silently pondered the issue.


After a long silence, Yang Kai’s confused eyes suddenly flashed, and this spark soon turned into a burning flame that cleared the fog from his vision.


He seemed to understand something and could not help showing a look of both shock and inspiration.


He had a severe misunderstanding before, thinking that if he wanted to leave, he would have to refine this world, a prospect that left him at a complete loss.


In the final analysis, this Small Sealed World was just the Sealed World Bead, an Emperor Artifact!


He did not know how to refine a world, but he knew how to refine an artifact.


And since Qi Tian Che had spent several dozen years in retreat refining the Sealed World Bead, his aura must have permeated this Emperor Artifact somewhat. As long as he could trace the ambient aura fluctuations and erase them, he could simply begin refining the Sealed World Bead from the start.


In the end, the simplest method was often the most perfect, Yang Kai suddenly understood.


Standing up, Yang Kai used two balls of Demonic Flame to turn the nearby corpses into ash before releasing his Divine Sense and beginning to carefully scan the surrounding three-hundred-metre space.


The result of his investigation went well, as it did not take long for him to find the remnants of Qi Tian Che’s aura in this space.


Erasing these marks was not difficult.


However, when Yang Kai tried to leave his own aura on this space, he was met with great resistance.


Qi Tian Che wasn’t wrong in saying that it would be extremely difficult to refine the Sealed World Bead from inside, at the very least, it would require far more effort than doing so from the outside, the difference calculated in multiples of a hundred times.


Even if Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space were countless times greater than Qi Tian Che’s, such refining could not be completed in a short time.


Yang Kai did some calculations, and the results startled him.


With his current strength and attainments in the Dao of Space, it would take him at least a dozen years before he could refine the Sealed World Bead enough to escape.


Yang Kai suddenly regretted that he had killed Fang Peng so quickly.


If he were still alive, Yang Kai could at least vent his stress on him.


After frowning and pondering for some time, Yang Kai calmed his irritability and stopped trying to refine the Sealed World Bead. Instead, he poured out a large number of crystals from his Space Ring in front of him before picking one up in each hand and rapidly absorbing the energy within.


Space Spirit Crystals!


Yang Kai’s comprehension of the Dao of Space far surpassing Mo Xiao Sheng and Qi Tian Che’s was all thanks to these Space Spirit Crystals.


These peculiar crystals had always only been used as material for refining Space Rings, but Yang Kai had a different use for them: Absorbing the energy inside to enhance his Space Force.


Space Spirit Crystals were extremely rare, and even if others have this idea, they would find it incredibly difficult to implement.


But Yang Kai was different. The Space Spirit Crystal lode Xiao Xiao found beneath Dragon Cave Mountain in the past had given Yang Kai enough capital that he could squander Space Spirit Crystals like this without worry.


There were many Space Spirit Crystals that were mined back then, but with Yang Kai refining some of them whenever he was free or in secluded cultivation, he only had about half as many as when he had started.


However, before chopping down a mighty tree, one needed to sharpen their axe.


If Yang Kai wanted to shorten the time he needed to refine the Sealed World Bead, his only option was to increase his comprehension of the Dao of Space.


As such, he planned to cultivate his Space Force first.


Pieces of Space Spirit Crystal turned into dust in Yang Kai’s hands one after, but he was unable to feel the passage of time in this Small Sealed World.


Yang Kai had no idea how much time had passed, but a thick layer of dust from spent and shattered Space Spirit Crystals eventually developed around him, nearly burying him alive.


By absorbing the power inside these Space Spirit Crystal, coupled with his own insights, Yang Kai vaguely felt that his attainments in the Dao of Space had advanced a step, but at the same time, he found that the benefits he obtained from absorbing energy from the Space Spirit Crystals were growing smaller and smaller.


Perhaps one day, no matter how much energy he absorbed from these Space Spirit Crystals, he would not obtain any harvest.


Yang Kai paused temporarily and released his Divine Sense again to try refining this Small Sealed World.


A moment later, a touch of joy flashed across his face.


The refining process was much easier than it was at the beginning, and he could now clearly feel the barrier separating this world from the outside one.


As long as he could break through this barrier, he could escape from this place.


Integrating his Space Force into this Divine Sense, Yang Kai began spreading out his awareness like a tide.


Yang Kai was trying to leave his mark on this world, carving his Soul Brand into it to make it his own.


A scene that completely shocked him soon appeared though. As Yang Kai spread his Divine Sense out, the originally tiny piece of land which was only about three hundred metres across suddenly became slightly bigger, and the scenery that had been completely obscured began to appear.


This result surprised Yang Kai.


But after thinking about it carefully, he understood.


Although Qi Tian Che had refined the Sealed World Bead slightly and could enter and exit it freely, his grasp of the Dao of Space was still very shallow, so he was only capable of opening a space three hundred metres in diameter.


Yang Kai was different. His comprehension of the Dao of Space was far more profound, so he was capable of expanding this sealed space.


Yang Kai suddenly became curious.


He wanted to know just what this Small Sealed World would look like when fully opened, and just how big it would be.


The original intention of refining the Sealed World Bead to escape began to quietly change as Yang Kai fully immersed himself in the process of expanding and exploring this Small Sealed World.


Madly urging his Divine Sense and Space Force, Yang Kai watched as the Small Sealed World emerged from the chaos and expanded little by little, revealing picturesque scenery around him he had not seen before.


During this process, Yang Kai found that all kinds of magical insights poured into his mind and soul, allowing his comprehension of the Dao of Space to grow at a rate vastly superior to absorbing energy from Space Spirit Crystals.


Expanding the Small Sealed World and cultivating the Dao of Space unexpectedly formed a virtuous circle.


Yang Kai was overjoyed and became more and more fixated on this task.


Inside the Sealed World Bead, the borders of the Small Sealed World expanded every day, while Yang Kai also experienced a period of rapid growth.


In terms of cultivation, the shackles of the First-Order Origin Returning Realm were easily broken, and Yang Kai broke through to the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm.


After all, he had already reached the peak of the First-Order Origin Returning Realm in Fallen Emperor Mountain, and if not for him deliberately suppressing it, he could have broken through at that time.


Yang Kai continued repeating the same actions over and over again in an endless cycle.


As his strength increased, his Saint Qi became purer, and the power of his Soul soared, causing Yang Kai to obtain a comprehensive improvement!


Even his Soul Clone was strengthened and nourished in this process.


When he was tired, he would rest for a while, but with no one else in this Small Sealed World, Yang Kai brought Xiao Xiao out to talk to for a while.


Xiao Xiao was still very interested in the Golden Stone Puppet, and even though its sentience was incomplete, and it had to rely on Yang Kai’s Soul Clone to move about, it was still the only other member of Xiao Xiao’s race.


Xiao Xiao treated the Golden Stone Puppet with great sincerity, sharing all of his treasures with it.


Time passed little by little.


Yang Kai lost track of how long he had been stuck in this Small Sealed World, but by now, he had consumed all his Space Spirit Crystals and expanded this Small Sealed World from its original three-hundred-metre diameter to one that had a radius of over a hundred kilometres, with new developments still occurring every day.


Within this hundred-kilometre range, there were mountains and rivers, creating beautiful scenery.


However, this was far from the end of the Small Sealed World; it still concealed many secrets that greatly stimulated Yang Kai’s curiosity.


One day, Yang Kai suddenly stood up and he released his Divine Sense outwards. In a flash, everything within a hundred kilometres was open to his investigation.


Grinning lightly, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and slowly, a vortex appeared before him, spinning slowly while exerting a huge suction force.


Yang Kai did not resist this force, allowing the vortex to pull him in, his figure disappearing in the next moment.


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