Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1569, Is There Something Wrong With Your Head?

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


It was too late, however. Yang Kai dashed forward and arrived in front of the second Thunder Flame Flying Lizard, twisted his body, and dove straight into its open mouth.


In the next moment, a terrifying sound came from inside the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard, causing those who heard it to shiver uncontrollably. Visible to the naked eye, a surge of energy burst from the beast’s neck before sliding down to its abdomen.




A giant hole suddenly exploded in the abdomen of the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard, and Yang Kai’s figure sprang from it.


The second Thunder Flame Flying Lizard crashed to the ground, its life aura extinguished.


Everything happened too fast. From the point Mi Tian ordered Yang Kai’s death, to the time Yang Kai killed the two Thunder Flame Flying Lizards, only three breaths passed.


This change happened so fast the crowd was not even able to keep up with what was happening.


It was not until Yang Kai burst out of the abdomen of the second Thunder Flame Flying Lizard that they suddenly recovered.


Two extremely powerful Ninth-Order Monster Beasts… had died just like that.


[Were those really Thunder Flame Flying Lizards? They were not some kind of weak Monster Beast that just looked like Thunder Flame Flying Lizards, right? Right?] This kind of thought flashed across everyone’s mind as they stared blankly at Yang Kai.


The violent and brutal fighting style he displayed dazzled and terrified everyone present.


Battles between Monster Race cultivators were known for being wild and violent, something most Monster Race cultivators took pride in.


They felt that battles between the Monster Race were real battles. As for fights between humans… they were just fancy shows.


However, the human in front of them, confronting Young Lord Mi Tian, had shocked the crowd with a true display of ruthless violence!


The audience was stunned silent.


Even Mi Tian now stared at Yang Kai solemnly.


He found that this human was… not affable.


Although the two Thunder Flame Flying Lizards used to pull his carriage had lost of their innate ferocity because they had been domesticated since childhood and weren’t comparable to Monster Beasts of the same species who were born and raised in the wild, they weren’t creatures a mere Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator could kill at will.


In front of Mi Tian’s eyes, the two Monster Beasts who had pulled his carriage had both died without even being able to put up the slightest resistance.


Mi Tian thought for a moment and concluded that even he could not replicate this feat! Releasing his Divine Sense suspiciously, he probed Yang Kai but still found that this human had a Second-Order Origin Realm cultivation and was not hiding his strength at all.


Mi Tian narrowed his eyes as a cold light flashed across them, his blood starting to boil slightly as he did.


The Monster Race was militant, and Mi Tian, ​​as the Young Master of Thousand Eyes Tribal Lord, still had bloodthirsty and violent impulses ingrained in his bones. Due to his noble status, he was simply better at controlling them than others of his race.


However, at this moment, he felt Yang Kai would be a good opponent, one he could fight without holding back.




A slight noise suddenly rang out from Mi Tian’s body, one that was nearly imperceptible, but almost like every part of his body was shaking very subtly.


This was a sign of excitement!


“What’s going on here!” At that moment, several rays of light flew over from afar, and before these people arrived, an angry shout rang out.


Immediately, these rays of light fell in front of the crowd, and after seeing the Monster Beast bodies as well as the tense atmosphere in front of the city gate, these newcomers could not help gawking momentarily.


“Sir Ma Ge Na!” The Monster Race cultivator, who was riding the wolf-shaped mount, hurriedly got down and respectfully saluted these new arrivals.


The City Lord of Shimmering Moon City was a Monster Race master named Ma Ge Na. As the master of such a prosperous city, he naturally had a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation.


However, even though he was the City Lord of Shimmering Moon City, he knew nothing about what had transpired here, or even about the arrival of Mi Tian.


It was not that Ma Ge Na was particularly ignorant of his surroundings, it was just that Mi Tian had acted too unreasonably. Originally, the team of cultivators riding wolf-shaped Monster Beasts were only responsible for finding Mi Tian’s whereabouts and then reporting back. Afterwards, a proper reception would be sent out to escort him directly to the City Lord’s Mansion.


But Mi Tian had refused to allow these Monster Race cultivators to send word back to Ma Ge Na, and after meeting them, coerced them into bringing him directly to Shimmering Moon City.


Obviously, he was well aware of his poor reputation and that everyone would try to avoid him wherever he went, so in order to not have news leak, giving the residents of Shimmering Moon City time to hide their beauties, he did not allow anyone to inform Shimmering Moon City’s City Lord of his location.


Mi Tian planned to first patronize Shimmering Moon City and pick out some new ‘toys’ before heading to Red Moon Tribal Lord’s palace.


His plan was quite good, but unexpectedly he had run into and provoked Yang Kai the moment he entered the city, resulting in his two Ninth-Order Monster Beasts being killed.


“Young Lord Mi Tian?” Ma Ge Na recognized Mi Tian’s identity immediately and his complexion became gloomy. Obviously, he too didn’t want to invite Mi Tian into his city to cause trouble.


“Haha, Mi Tian greets Senior Ma Ge Na, Mi Tian has arrived here uninvited and hopes Senior won’t take offence,” Mi Tian cupped his fists, his seemingly harmless, bright smile causing countless women to swoon.


“What’s all this about?” Ma Ge Na calmly looked at the Monster Race cultivator who had been riding his wolf-shaped mount.


The Monster Race cultivator leaked cold sweat as he could tell the City Lord was very upset and didn’t dare to conceal anything, quickly and succinctly explaining everything that had transpired.


“Impudence!” After hearing that Yang Kai had killed Mi Tian’s Monster Beasts, Ma Ge Na suddenly roared as he glared sharply at Yang Kai.


Although he did not like the idea of Mi Tian womanizing in his territory, a human daring to challenge a noble of the Monster Race was definitely not something he could tolerate. Comparing the two issues, his displeasure with Mi Tian showing up uninvited was nothing of concern.


However, who exactly was this young human, who was capable of killing two Ninth-Order Monster Beasts in such a short time? The strength required for such a feat was quite extraordinary.


Staring at Yang Kai suspiciously, Ma Ge Na was unable to remember when such an expert appeared amongst the Human Race.


Yang Kai straight-up ignored him, however, and instead silently stood for a moment before waving his hand and retrieving two golden lights from the dead Thunder Flame Flying Lizards. These two golden lights danced around Yang Kai’s fingertips, as if they had spirituality.


Looking at these two Golden Blood Threads, which now had a hint of red in them too, Yang Kai smiled with satisfaction.


He had been unable to find suitable Monster Beasts to condense Blood Beast from, but suddenly ran into two perfect specimens, so when Mi Tian picked a fight, Yang Kai had not hesitated to respond.


The Blood Beast Secret Technique, which was condensed from the essence of a Ninth-Order Monster Beast, was not bad.


After he took the Golden Blood Threads back, the corpses of the two Thunder Flame Flying Lizards on the ground suddenly shrivelled, as if wilting away, their vitality and essence all drained clean in an instant.


“Hm!” Mi Tian’s eyes lit up, “What Secret Technique is this!?”


He seemed to be quite interested as he directed a look of surprise towards the two Golden Blood Threads dancing between Yang Kai’s fingers, his eyes not even blinking.


Although he was a noble amongst the Monster Race, Mi Tian was quite interested in the various Secret Techniques humans used. Humans were not comparable to the Monster Race in terms of physical strength, but when it came to the creation and use of Secret Techniques, the Monster Race was clearly inferior.


Both races had their own advantages.


Mi Tian understood this well, and was different from many Monster Race masters in that he did not reject or despise the Secret Techniques used by humans; he did not think they were merely flashy with no substance and instead was willing to calmly study and comprehend them.


With the powerful body of the Monster Race, combined with the Human Race’s ever-changing and mysterious Secret Techniques, Mi Tian believed that one day, he could create his own unique style of fighting and reach greater heights than even his father Qian Yan to stand atop Monster Emperor Star’s Ten Great Tribal Lords!


This position had been vacant for a long time.


Now, he was quite interested in Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Thread Secret Technique.


He had studied the Secret Techniques of many humans before so his vision was quite sharp and he was able to tell how extraordinary these two Golden Blood Threads were at a glance, moreover… after emerging from the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard corpses, these two Golden Blood Threads seemed to have gained spirituality!


[He had to obtain them!] This overbearing thought flashed across Mi Tian’s mind and he quickly pointed at Yang Kai and said, “Human, give this Young Lord those things in your hand and this Young Lord will forgive your previous transgressions.”


Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked at him, curled his lips and grinned, a moment later taking back the two Golden Blood Threads as he said concisely, “No!”


Mi Tian frowned and stared at him strangely for a moment before chuckling lowly, “Human, is there something wrong with your head? Do you think that after killing this Young Lord’s two Monster Beasts you can just walk away? Do you think you can leave Shimmering Moon City alive? If you want to survive, obediently cooperate with this Young Lord and I can spare your life, don’t you refuse a toast just to drink a loss!”


As he spoke, Shimmering Moon City’s City Lord Ma Ge Na and several Origin Returning Realm masters nearly turned dangerous glares towards Yang Kai, preparing to take action at any moment.


Regarding Yang Kai, Ma Ge Na unconditionally supported Mi Tian.


As such, he stared at Yang Kai with an unkind look and said coldly, “Boy, you should learn to appreciate kindness, in my Shimmering Moon City, you can’t act so presumptuous.”


“Presumptuous?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes at him, not giving him the slightest face as he declared arrogantly and aggressively, “So what if I act presumptuously? Are you going to bite me?”


“Bold!” Ma Ge Na flew into a rage. He had lived for so many years but had never met such an audacious human before. Even taking all of Monster Emperor Star into account, which other human was so ignorant of the immensity of Heaven and Earth? No matter how powerful a human was, they would have to show deference to any Monster Race, let alone a City Lord like him.


Ma Ge Na glanced over at Mi Tian, ​​and Mi Tian happened to look over at the same time.


When their eyes met, they both understood each other’s thoughts.


They needed to join forces to capture or kill this human, otherwise, the entire Monster Race would lose all face here today.


But before they could act, a strange energy fluctuation suddenly erupted from somewhere in Shimmering Moon City. Mi Tian and Ma Ge Na were both Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters so naturally they immediately detected this disturbance.


What puzzled them, however, was they could not identify what had caused this strange energy fluctuation.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes as he raised his head and glanced in the direction the energy fluctuations had appeared, frowning as he pondered for a moment before thinking of something and dashing off.


His speed was nothing less than quick!


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