Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1570, Startling Phenomenon

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Stop right here!” Ma Ge Na roared furiously, throwing out a punch the moment Yang Kai moved in an attempt to intercept him.


A gleam of purple light suddenly appeared as Yang Kai summoned his Purple Shield and easily blocked the blow, not even slowing down as he rushed off.


He had a bad premonition about this situation, so how could he waste any time here?


As his figure flickered, Space Force fluctuations wrapped around his body and in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai disappeared.


Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian were left stunned!


Neither of them had seen how Yang Kai left just now. Their eyes and Divine Senses were obviously locked onto him, but the other party had somehow easily thrown them off.


The two Monster Race masters couldn’t help showing solemn looks, and after exchanging another glance, they both rushed off towards the source of the strange energy fluctuations.


They too wanted to know what had happened and why such a strange phenomenon had appeared.


In front of a certain inn inside Shimmering Moon City, a large number of cultivators had gathered. These cultivators were all attracted here by the strange occurrence that was happening. There were Human and Monster Race cultivators, males and females. At this moment, everyone was standing around in the street in front of the inn, pointing and whispering amongst themselves.


When Yang Kai arrived here, he looked up into the sky and immediately showed a helpless, wry smile.


His premonition was right.


The owner of the inn was also standing in front of the inn, his waist as rickety as always as his arms were folded across his chest. Like most people, he was looking up into the sky with a complicated expression flashing across his face and a glint in his eyes as if he was trying to discern something.


When Yang Kai arrived, the old owner immediately noticed him and he hurriedly beckoned, “Come here, Young Man.”


Yang Kai glanced over at him and quickly rushed to his side, a somewhat apologetic look on his face as he said, “Old sir, I’m afraid I’ve caused you some trouble.”


The old man chuckled and shook his head, “This old man’s troubles aren’t worth mentioning, it’s your troubles that seem somewhat big.”


Saying so, the old man glanced lightly over at the two Monster Race masters, Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian, ​​who had arrived at some point. The corners of the old man’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch as he added, “Your troubles don’t seem to be limited to what’s happening in the inn either.”


“Haha…” Yang Kai laughed dryly, not knowing what to say.


If it was just about Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian targeting him, Yang Kai wouldn’t care. All he would need to do is take Little Senior Sister with him and tear space to escape them completely. Monster Emperor Star was so big that there would always be a place for them to hide.


What’s more, if it was someone below the Origin King Realm, Yang Kai didn’t need to fear. If they really fought, Yang Kai wouldn’t mind turning all of Shimmering Moon City upside down.


But now, the vision in front of him gave him a headache.


After coming here, he could see at a glance that this phenomenon was caused by Little Senior Sister.


Xia Ning Chang had been living in the inn these days, leading a simple life of refining pills from various materials and improving her cultivation.


Yang Kai didn’t disturb her either.


He had never expected that in this place, Little Senior Sister would actually refine such an incredible pill.


Yang Kai had a similar experience before, so he could tell that this startling phenomenon was a precursor to the refinement of a pill that formed Pill Clouds!


When Yang Kai was back on Rainfall Star, he had refined a Fire Attribute pill that formed Pill Clouds in order to treat Xue Yue who had been poisoned by the Profound Yin Sunflower Water, and a very similar phenomenon had appeared at that time.


Of all the pills Yang Kai had refined so far, only that particular one had formed Pill Clouds and it was after that experience he deeply learned that Pill Clouds weren’t something one can seek but can only encounter by luck! This was different from Pill Veins as with Yang Kai’s Alchemy skills he could easily refine a pill that formed Pill Veins.


However, the exact method to consistently refine pills that formed Pill Clouds was still a mystery to him.


With Little Senior Sister’s Special Constitution and her Heaven-defying talent in the Alchemic Way, reaching this point was almost a given.


But this was Monster Emperor Star, and they were currently inside Shimmering Moon City! Once this pill was refined, it would definitely attract the attention of countless masters, especially Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian who were just quarrelling with Yang Kai; these two would definitely not let go of this pill.


They also wouldn’t let Xia Ning Chang go free!


An Alchemist who could refine a pill that formed Pill Clouds had obviously reached an astonishing height in the Alchemic Way and was well deserving of the title of ‘Grandmaster’! How could the Monster Race not try to possess such a Heaven defying talent?


Yang Kai’s expression fluctuated as various thoughts flashed across his mind, considering the stakes of the situation at hand.


He couldn’t stop Xia Ning Chang now. Chance and opportunities were extremely important in Alchemy, and Little Senior Sister being able to complete this refinement would have enormous benefits to her growth. To stop her now would be tantamount to denying her all the enlightenments this opportunity would bring and may even negatively affect her future achievements.


No matter what, she had to finish refining this pill successfully.


It seems… what came next would truly be troublesome.


After making up his mind, Yang Kai’s eyes became as cold and sharp as a blade.


Both Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian were staring blankly at the sky as right above the inn, a massive amount of World Energy was gathering, as if attracted by something, and it wasn’t long before a small vortex appeared, rotating slowly as it absorbed and drew in more World Energy to strengthen itself.


“Senior Ma Ge Na, what is this? Is some kind of rare treasure about to form?” Although Mi Tian had sharp eyesight, he had never witnessed the refinement of a pill that formed Pill Clouds, so he was completely lost at this moment and had to defer to an elder like Ma Ge Na.


Ma Ge Na frowned as he continued staring up into the sky, trying to determine what had caused this phenomenon, but after some time he slowly shook his head slowly, “This City Lord also does not know.”


“Even Senior is unable to recognize what is happening?” Mi Tian was surprised.


“The world is vast and filled with innumerable strange phenomena, so it is not surprising this City Lord does not recognize this particular one. En, can anyone here identify what is happening?” Ma Ge Na turned to the other Origin Returning Realm masters and asked.


Everyone shook their heads one after another, all of them never having witnessed something like this before.


“Interesting,” Mi Tian smiled brightly, flashing his flawless teeth just the right amount to emphasize his handsome face, his somewhat wicked appearance dazzling many of them women present who were secretly casting him glances, “From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like someone is breaking through or cultivating some kind of Secret Technique. It also doesn’t look like the birth of some rare treasure, so what could be the cause?”


“The solution is simple, we just need to take a look,” One of Ma Ge Na’s Second-Order Origin Returning Realm subordinates declared as he unscrupulously released his Divine Sense towards the inn.


But before his Divine Sense could reach the outer walls, this master suddenly noticed a dangerous aura strike towards him and, in the next instant, he felt his Divine Sense being scorched by a kind of burning heat.


With a scream, this Monster Race master couldn’t help stumbling backwards a few steps as he clutched his head, a splitting headache causing his face to pale!


Instantly, all eyes turned to Yang Kai.


Everyone had felt that it was Yang Kai who just released that Divine Sense attack and forced this man back, causing him to suffer greatly!


Ma Ge Na’s expression turned incredibly gloomy as Mi Tian flashed a playful grin.


“That was just a warning. If anyone dares try to spy on what’s happening inside, don’t blame me for being impolite,” Yang Kai stood alone in front of everyone, his voice cold and callus.


Right now was a critical moment for Little Senior Sister, one that even he dared not peek on, so how could Yang Kai allow these Monster Race cultivators to use their Divine Sense to pry? What if they interfered with Xia Ning Chang’s Alchemy?


Yang Kai and the Monster Race master were both Second-Order Origin Realm cultivators, but when it came to a competition of Divine Sense, the Monster Race man was vastly inferior. Realizing this, Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian’s already high evaluation of Yang Kai rose significantly once more.


“Boy!” Ma Ge Na’s deep voice boomed, “Are you really so determined to oppose my Monster Race?”


“You have courage and strength, but you’re too overconfident,” Mi Tian chuckled lightly as he sneered.


Yang Kai didn’t speak and instead just stared at them coldly. No one doubted Yang Kai’s determination and the Monster Race masters who had just now wanted to use their Divine Senses to spy on what was happening in the inn quickly dismissed such thoughts, a faint trace of fear flashing across their eyes.


Obviously, this human did not have a build comparable to those from the Monster Race, but with him standing there, all the Monster Races cultivators felt as if they were staring at a tall and solid mountain, blocking all wind and rain from reaching the inn behind him.


While some Monster Race cultivators felt fear towards Yang Kai, others actually felt a hint of admiration.


Not every human was so bold, daring to use their strength to face so many Monster Race masters without backing down.


“Good, good, good! Boy, you don’t put this City Lord or the Monster Race in your eyes and you even dared oppose Young Lord Mi Tian, so ​​today this place will be your burial ground. I hope you are prepared!” Ma Ge Na could no longer bear it. He was already dissatisfied with Yang Kai, and now seeing him take such a domineering stance, how could Ma Ge Na compromise?


Right now, his priority was to kill this human boy. As for what mysteries were hidden in the inn, it wouldn’t be too late to investigate afterwards!


“Boy, your death has come!” Mi Tian snickered towards Yang Kai as murderous intent flashed across his eyes.


He seemed to be calm and carefree, but how could he not be angry with Yang Kai for killing his two Ninth-Order Monster Beasts? Now that he had an opportunity to team up with Ma Ge Na against this enemy, Mi Tian was naturally going to take it.


All the other Origin Returning Realm masters began condensing their energy in preparation to attack Yang Kai as well.


“You want my life? Let’s see if you have the ability!” Yang Kai coldly snorted as an invisible force centred around him suddenly spread out. All the cultivators who were wrapped up in this force felt themselves being suppressed and their bodies becoming sluggish, as if they had fallen into a pit of mud. Even the Saint Qi in their meridians was no longer flowing smoothly.




As soon as Yang Kai released his Shi, Ma Ge Na couldn’t help paling slightly.


He was shocked to discover that even his own attainments in Shi were inferior to this human youth.


How was that possible though?


He was a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master while this human boy had only reached the Second-Order. Although it was only one Minor Realm of difference, this should have been an insurmountable gap, so why was this boy’s Shi stronger than his own?


Many Monster Race cultivators already released their own Shi to resist Yang Kai’s, but even so, none of them could completely counter the invisible suppression they were facing.


On top of that, every Monster Race cultivator had noticed that in the Shi of this human boy, there was a special power mixed in. This power sent chills down their spines, as if they would be cut down so long as they moved.


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      1. Indeed. One would think our innocent little senior sister to at least have the common sense to refrain from such conspicuous acts but alas, plot force.

  1. which grade pill is she refining ???
    don’t tell me its origin grade with pill clouds.. it hasn’t even been 3 months and she became an origin grade pill master from saint grade.

    1. I have an easier time accepting that due to her special constitution than I do her getting to Origin realm. Nothing like a side character reaching achievements in a matter of months that it took the MC 30 years to obtain to really make you feel good about the story. Whos the real overpowered/luckiest character? Cause it would appear the real answer is all of YKs lady loves.

      1. 🤦‍♂️Xia Ning Chang went from Saint King Second-Order to Origin First-Order, that is “only” one minor and one major realm advancement. In his 30 years in the Starry Sky, did Yang Kai only reach Saint King First-Order? So, no! A “side character” _did not_ reach “achievements in a matter of months that it took the MC 30 years to obtain”.

      2. Also it didn’t take him 30 years, it took him 20, to go up by 2 great realms and 1 minor realm. And it took her 25 years to go up 1 great realm and 2 minor realms, and this was because she managed to partially refine the star source. It was after Yang Kai came back that he helped her fully refine the star source, which helped her go up 2 more levels, which in total is the same amount of breakthroughs he had had. But the thing is, if Yang Kai didn’t get to her in time, she would have been eaten by the star source and she would have died, the star source chose her so that it could sacrifice her. People saying she got so lucky that the star source chose her, but no, if it wasn’t for Yang Kai it would have been bad luck.

        She took 5 more years than Yang Kai to make the same amount of breakthroughs he did, it doesn’t really seem as impressive as what he has accomplished, especially considering he is way, way stronger than her. He has gotten so many treasures, so many secret techniques, so many opportunities, to the point where even though they have the same amount of breakthroughs, his accomplishments are obviously way more impressive. All she did was get one opportunity(that wouldn’t have even been an opportunity if Yang Kai didn’t give her that Star Refining Art), whereas Yang Kai had accomplished so much more. I don’t get why people are complaining about her keeping up with him in terms of cultivation levels, it’s not even that farfetched, and it was bound to happen. Look at all the other characters who are left by the wayside because their cultivation levels are way below his, you really thing she was going to receive the same treatment? She is one of his lovers, there is no way she is going to be irrelevant, so she has to keep up somehow. It’s already been established that her aptitude and talent is in no way inferior to Yang Kai’s and in some ways superior(so long as she is in an environment where she can keep doing alchemy) so what is so weird about her being able to keep up after refining a fucking star source.

  2. Thanks for the chapter Silavin, PewPewLaserGun, Leo of Zion Mountain, and Dhael Ligerkeys! Seeing as the Red Tribal Lord is somewhat sympathetic to humans, I wonder if she’ll try to recruit them or form an alliance of sorts instead of playing hardball. I’m guessing they’ve realized he’s not from this star by now.

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