Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1571, Ba He

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai’s Space Force had been integrated into his Shi and was one of the strongest cards in his hand that he would not expose unless absolutely necessary; even so, the Monster Race masters who were enveloped by Yang Kai’s Shi could still feel a strange, invisible murderous intent swirling around them.


Ma Ge Na’s complexion had gone pale while Mi Tian’s expression was also solemn.


The two Monster Race masters had not expected Yang Kai’s comprehension of Shi to be so profound, and recalling how great his physical strength and Divine Sense were as well, for a while, they didn’t dare to act rashly.


On the contrary, it was the owner of the inn whose eyes were originally somewhat dispirited that suddenly lit up as he stared at Yang Kai in surprise.


Immediately, he raised his head again and carefully studied the phenomenon occurring in the sky while sniffing the air lightly.


Soon, he seemed to have discovered something and amazement flashed across the depths of his eyes!


“Stop!” He shouted, “Everyone calm down.”


Yang Kai glanced over at him with a strange expression.


Ma Ge Na frowned deeply, as a look of anger appeared on his face. He was the City Lord of Shimmering Moon City and in this place, none should be able to posture before him or order him around, much less an old innkeeper.


When his Divine Sense swept over this old man and found no trace of cultivation, Ma Ge Na became even more unhappy.


“Old man, you have no right to speak here, step aside!” Mi Tian snorted coldly.


“Haha…” The innkeeper did not show the slightest fear, instead just chuckling lightly as he glanced over at Mi Tian profoundly.


Mi Tian frowned in that instant as he instinctively felt something was wrong. Staring at the innkeeper suspiciously, he hesitated before asking, “Where has this Young Lord met you before? Why does your face seem somewhat familiar?”


“Being able to see some clues so quickly. Worthy of Sir Qian Yan’s son, your eyesight is indeed extraordinary!” The owner of the inn applauded, taking a tone of an Elder complimenting a Junior.


This caused Mi Tian’s expression to sink as he demanded in a low voice, “Who are you?”


Ma Ge Na was also stunned. He had never thought about the owner of a little-known inn in his city possessing some kind of shocking background. If this old man did not possess extraordinary status, there was no way he would address Mi Tian in such a manner.


Observing this situation, Yang Kai could not help grinning slightly.


This old innkeeper attracting everyone’s attention was something Yang Kai more than welcomed in this situation. Of course, Yang Kai was also quite curious about the origins of this innkeeper who obviously gave off no energy fluctuations from his body. However, since he could speak freely in front of Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian ​​without any fear, it was clear this old man was no ordinary Monster Race master.


The old man smiled faintly and then, in front of everyone’s eyes, underwent a jaw-dropping transformation.


His rickety waist slowly straightened up, and his short body grew taller. His dry, wrinkled skin became rosy with a healthy complexion and the creases on his face all smoothed out.


He seemed to become several dozen years younger at that moment, going from an old man to a middle-aged one.


What’s more, as his body shape changed, his aura also changed drastically.


Originally, when anyone swept this man with their Divine Sense, they would detect no energy fluctuations and would assume he was just an old Monster Race man that had never cultivated, but at this moment, a powerful aura radiated from his body and continued to increase in intensity until it reached the peak of the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm!


Even compared with Ma Ge Na or Mi Tian, this middle-aged man was clearly superior.


Yang Kai stared at the innkeeper in a daze, almost unable to believe his eyes.


Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian were also stunned, never having expected that someone in this world would be capable of concealing themselves this deeply.


If not for the innkeeper taking the initiative to expose himself, no one present would have ever seen through his depth.


“You… are you Sir Ba He?” Ma Ge Na took a closer look at the face of the innkeeper before calling out in shock.


After the innkeeper’s face changed, Ma Ge Na recognized him almost immediately and his voice could not help shaking as a terrified expression filled his face.


“What? He’s actually Sir Ba He?”


“Impossible, wasn’t Sir Ba He killed by the Lady Tribal Lord herself? Why is he still living?”


“No, it’s true, he is Sir Ba He! When Sir City Lord and I went to the palace to see Lady Tribal Lord two hundred years ago, we were fortunate enough to greet him once. At that time, he was still Lady Tribal Lord’s first general!”


“To think this is Sir Ba He! Things have become too interesting.”


All kinds of shouts came from all around, causing Yang Kai’s brow to furrow slightly when he heard them.


He could clearly see that this innkeeper had quite a reputation and even Ma Ge Na was respectful towards him.


Who was this guy? Why was everyone saying he was Red Moon Tribal Lord’s strongest general but also saying he was killed by her? What was the truth?


Yang Kai was both confused and puzzled.


“So, it is Senior Ba He!” Mi Tian took a deep breath, “No wonder Senior looked familiar. Mi Tian greets Senior Ba He!”


Although they were both Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators, Ba He seniority and status was higher than any other Monster Race cultivator present, even the Young Tribal Lord Mi Tian didn’t dare neglect etiquette.


“Haha, Young Lord Mi Tian need not be so polite. You are a rising star of my Monster Race and have a great chance of breaking through to the Origin King Realm in the future,” Ba He praised.


Mi Tian smiled faintly and replied, “Senior Ba He’s words are slightly mistaken; this Young Lord does not have a great chance of breaking through but will certainly break through. It is just a matter of time.”


[This boy was certainly arrogant!] Yang Kai glanced at him and chuckled to himself.


However, it was undeniable that Mi Tian had the capital to back up his confidence.


Ba He just gently nodded, “En, then I wish you the best in achieving your lofty goals.”


“Sir Ba He…” Ma Ge Na leaked some cold sweat from his forehead as he stared at this man who had disappeared for almost two hundred years then at the strange phenomenon up in the sky, “What exactly is happening inside?”


“What’s happening?” Ba He hesitated for a moment before saying, “I don’t know the exact situation, but it’s best everyone be patient for now and not cause any disturbance. This old master is the owner of this inn, so he has a responsibility to protect it and its guests, so I must ask all of you to give this old master some face.”


“Ah… Since Sir Ba He has said so, let us wait,” Ma Ge Na nodded.


In front of Ba He, he did not dare act presumptuously.


“What about this human?” Mi Tian suddenly turned to Yang Kai and sneered, “Does Senior Ba He also wish to protect his safety?”


“Naturally, this young man is also my guest,” Ba He replied lightly.


“Haha, then Mi Tian will give the Senior face, but that is limited to right here, right now. He killed my two Monster Beasts, so sooner or later that account must be settled,” Mi Tian laughed as he aggressively stared at Yang Kai and declared, “Human, don’t let this Young Lord find an opportunity, otherwise…”


Yang Kai snorted disdainfully, not caring about Mi Tian’s threat at all. Right now, making sure no one disturbed Xia Ning Chang was his top priority, everything else came second. If they could calm the surrounding storm, no matter who it was, Yang Kai could not hope for more.


But… what exactly was Ba He’s objective here?


Yang Kai pondered as he observed this innkeeper. From the onlookers just now, Yang Kai had vaguely heard some secrets and knew that this Ba He had been in hiding for the past two hundred years, but now he had suddenly revealed his identity and was intentionally shielding him and Xia Ning Chang.


What were his intentions for doing so?


Yang Kai obviously did not believe Ba He was doing this just to protect his inn’s guests!


The older people become, the wilier they behave; no one holds up such righteous principles.


“Hey, what’s this fragrance!” Suddenly, an exclamation came from the crowd.


“It smells so refreshing, almost like the scent of a pill.”


“Is an extremely high-quality pill being refined?”


“Could it be that this phenomenon was caused by Alchemy?”


A single comment stirred up a thousand waves as everyone clamoured to give their opinion.


Xia Ning Chang’s Alchemy had created an incredibly conspicuous and magnificent phenomenon, but in its early stages, not many were capable of identifying it. Even masters with extensive knowledge such as Ma Ge Na and Mi Tian couldn’t recognize the cause, but as time passed, and a strong medicinal fragrance began to diffuse, what was happening inside the inn could no longer be concealed.


As the intensity of the pill fragrance increased, almost everyone began casting fiery eyes towards the inn.


Everyone had already discerned that this fragrance was originating from this seemingly simple inn.


Almost every cultivator present had an infatuated and intoxicated look on their face. Just smelling this medicinal fragrance was enough to give people a feeling of enlightenment, so what kind of effect would eating such a pill have?


Also, just what kind of pill could produce such a potent fragrance and create such an astonishing vision!


The eyes of many cultivators gradually become fiery and filled with greed…


If it weren’t for Ba He, Ma Ge Na, and the other masters standing in front of the inn, it was likely it would already have been destroyed by a rush of onlookers trying to get their hands on this pill.


“Young Lord Mi Tian…” After judging that the vision in front of him was indeed caused by Alchemy, Ma Ge Na quietly glanced over at Mi Tian and sent him a message with his ​​Divine Sense.


“This old dog Ba He seems to want to monopolize this pill. No wonder he did not hesitate to reveal his identity today after concealing himself for over two hundred years! Obviously, the pill about to form is no trivial thing, but I don’t know which human Alchemist is responsible for refining it,” Mi Tian responded coldly.


“Then we…”


“If he wants to monopolize it, he needs to have the ability! Two hundred years ago, he fell out of favour with Red Moon Tribal Lord but somehow managed to escape with his life and conceal himself. Since he has exposed himself today, his good days are over. Presumably, even if we kill him, Lady Chi Yue will not blame us.”


“Ah… good, we’ll act according to Young Lord Mi Tian’s intentions,” Ma Ge Na replied. Although he didn’t like Mi Tian’s style, it was undeniable that joining hands with him now was his best choice; after all, Ba He’s prestige was too strong, and if he were to remain alone, Ma Ge Na wouldn’t have the guts to fight against Ba He. As for who would ultimately obtain this pill… this was Shimmering Moon City was his territory, so how could Mi Tian compete with him for it?


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