Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1588, Delivering Thanks to The Wrong Person

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Listening to what Shan Qing Luo said, Yang Kai understood why the Monster Race masters from other territories would rush to Red Moon Palace. It turned out they wanted to borrow the Ultra-Long Distance Space Array.


“By the way, Qing Luo, this Blood Prison Trial likely won’t be easy. Take this.” Yang Kai suddenly thought of something, took an item out of his Space Ring and handed it to Shan Qing Luo. “Although there’s not a lot of time left, try to refine it as much as possible. Maybe it will help you!”


“This is…” Shan Qing Luo looked over sceptically at the thing Yang Kai was handing her. Her beautiful eyes then brightened, and she whispered, “Origin King Grade artifact?”


She immediately noticed the strong and restrained energy fluctuations emanating from this thing. This kind of special energy fluctuations could only be possessed by an Origin King Grade artifact!


“En.” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “It’s called Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip; I think it should suit you well.”


Shan Qing Luo’s smile reached her beautiful eyes. She didn’t act politely with Yang Kai, but enthusiastically took the Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip and poured Saint Qi into it. Immediately, a buzz was heard from the long whip. The buzzing sound seemed to resonate with her Saint Qi.


“This seems to really suit me…” A thoughtful look appeared on Shan Qing Luo’s face, “Its previous owner was Human, right? The Soul Brand left in the whip is a bit incompatible with it… Well, it seems that it must be operated with Monster Qi to exert all its power.”


“Really?” Yang Kai was stunned.


He really did not know this.


Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip was originally the treasure of Thunder Typhoon Sect. After Yang Kai killed Fang Peng inside the Sealed World Bead, this Origin King Grade artifact became his trophy, but he had not studied it carefully. He just vaguely felt that this long-whip shaped artifact was very much in line with Shan Qing Luo’s temperament, so he gifted it to her.


After some thought, the enchanting and charming Shan Qing Luo swung her whip. With her long hair flying and her clothes fluttering, it made onlookers blood boil, and caused them to desire to be conquered.


“It’s called Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip?” Shan Qing Luo was joyfully playing with the long whip, clearly in love with it.




“I see. This may have been an artifact owned by a master of my Monster Race that fell into the hands of Humans. I can feel the aura of its original owner!”


“Now that you mention it, that might have been the case.” Yang Kai frowned slightly, “When I was fighting with the former master of this artifact, I had a feeling that this artifact was not very powerful. If it is as you said, then its power was just not being fully utilized. But now that it’s yours, it would be in good hands.”


“I will definitely not let it down. Yang Kai, thank you!” Shan Qing Luo’s eyes blurred as she looked at Yang Kai, her pretty face blushing slightly.


She had never owned an Origin King Grade artifact.


Those who possessed artifacts of this level were all Tribal Lords of the Monster Race!


She knew the value of such an artifact better than anyone.


But now, such an invaluable artifact had been given to her by Yang Kai without even blinking.


She clearly felt her weight in Yang Kai’s eyes…


She was jubilant. She felt all those years of waiting had finally bore fruit. Filling her heart with joy and love.


“… should I leave?” Xia Ning Chang asked weakly from the side.


Shan Qing Luo was taken aback and immediately giggled. She stood up and walked to Xia Ning Chang, stretched out a lush jade white hand, raised her chin, and immediately leaned down. Her red lips were pressed towards Xia Ning Chang’s.


“Elder Sister Qing Luo, what are you doing…”


Before Xia Ning Chang could finish speaking, her mouth was blocked by Shan Qing Luo, and their lips met through the veil. Xia Ning Chang even felt something poking into her little mouth.


Her eyes widened in an instant, and she was at a loss.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded.


After a while, Shan Qing Luo straightened up. She ran the tip of her scarlet tongue over her upper lip, sensually bit her lower lip, and glanced at Yang Kai charmingly, letting out a silver bell-like laugh. She then turned around and strutted out the door.


Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang were left breathing heavily.


“Did Qing Luo give this as a thank you gift to the wrong person?” Yang Kai looked straight out of the door, swallowing his saliva and asking dryly. Before she left, Shan Qing Luo’s glamorous eyes almost hooked his soul away.


“En…” Xia Ning Chang lowered her head, looking like she would never dare to look at anyone again, her delicate earlobes bright red.


Yang Kai looked at her and immediately became erratic. He didn’t know why… but, although Shan Qing Luo’s thank you gift was definitely given to the wrong person, and even though there had been a veil in the way, it made his blood boil and it seemed to have stirred his deepest desires.


He stood up, walked to Xia Ning Chang’s side, and held her.


Yang Kai could feel that Xia Ning Chang’s tender body was hot.



On the Monster Emperor Star side, it was originally planned that six Monster Race rookies would go to Green Mountains Star to participate in the Blood Prison Trial.


Red Moon Territory naturally nominated two, Shan Qing Luo and Yu Xiong.


In addition to them, there were Mi Tian and Xue Lian from the Thousand Eyes Tribe and Blood Flood Dragon Tribe. There were also two more Monster Race Masters, all of whom were Third-Order Origin Returning Realm!


But now that Ba He had returned, this Blood Prison Trial was naturally crucial for him.


Ba He had chosen to admit his mistakes to Chi Yue and return to the palace. He also wanted to take the opportunity to participate in the Blood Prison Trial as he hoped to break through his current bottleneck and reach the next realm.


With the addition of Yang Kai, Monster Emperor Star was sending eight people to Green Mountains Star.


Some would not come back alive. No one could guarantee their life as the Blood Prison Trial was renown to be extremely dangerous. It was expected that at least half of the masters who entered it would fall within.


The danger in the Blood Prison came not only from the power of the Domain that pervaded the terrifying battlefield but also from the competitors of different cultivation stars.


It could be said that most masters fell due to the struggle between them.


But no matter how dangerous the Blood Prison was, it still could not erase the enthusiasm and determination of the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters to enter the Blood Prison as the breakthrough towards Origin King Realm was extremely difficult. Out of one hundred Third-Order Origin Returning Realm who could cultivate their own Shi to the grand accomplishment stage, there were no more than two or three people who were eligible to break through to the Origin King Realm. Among these two or three people, there may not be one who could really succeed.


Therefore, Origin King Realm masters were extremely rare in the entire Star Field. Every cultivator who reached this level was considered to be a powerful entity.


By entering the Blood Prison, not only could one perceive the power of Domain in the battlefield left tens of thousands of years ago, but one might even find something special in it.


Domain Stone!


The formation of the Domain Stone had a great relationship with the fallen Origin King Realm masters. The Domain power that erupted after their deaths allowed some of the peculiar jade in the Blood Prison to absorb it. After countless years of accumulation and precipitation, it formed a special object called a Domain Stone.


The mystery of the Domain contained in the Domain Stone allowed cultivators to feel it anytime, anywhere.


Most Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators entered the Blood Prison Trial in order to obtain the Domain Stone.


They did not expect that they would be able to break through to the Origin King Realm in the Blood Prison. They just wanted to find some Domain Stones and come back to understand the mystery carefully, so as to improve their Martial Dao.


This was the ultimate goal for most cultivators who entered, and it was also the source of most conflicts. If there was no such thing, perhaps 90% of masters would maintain their senses and not fight others so readily.


After all, no one wanted to fall after cultivating to such an extent.


But it was precisely because of the temptation of the Domain Stone that the chance of falling in the Blood Prison Trial was extremely high.


Shan Qing Luo’s understanding of the Blood Prison Trial was undoubtedly more profound than Yang Kai’s, and she gave him this information. After learning that there was something as special as the Domain Stone in the Blood Prison Trial, he suddenly became interested.


Although he only had the cultivation realm of Second-Order Origin Returning Realm, he would also become a Third-Order master one day and would need to face the same trial to reach a greater height in the Martial Dao.


The Domain Stone could undoubtedly be of great help to him.


He rolled up his sleeves and waited for the day when the Blood Prison Trial would start.


During this period, Xia Ning Chang had been refining pills and Yang Kai was comprehending the skill that Chi Yue taught him, trying his best to develop the original power of the Divine Spirit in his body.


This period was uneventful.


A month and a half later, Yang Kai was in the attic urging the original power of the Golden Divine Dragon in his body. Suddenly, his expression changed, and he looked out.


After a while, there was a knock on the door, Yang Kai got up, opened it, and saw Shan Qing Luo standing outside.


“Is it time?” Yang Kai asked.


“En.” Shan Qing Luo gently nodded, “Adoptive Mother asked us to gather now.”


“Okay!” Yang Kai nodded, “Wait a moment, I’ll be right back.”


He turned around and walked into the attic again. After a while, he reappeared in front of Shan Qing Luo and let her lead the way.


In the palace, a terrifying force had gathered. Not only were the rookie masters of the Monster Race there, but also several Origin King Realm masters.


However, everyone was silent and seemed to be waiting for something.




From time to time, a Monster Race master came, bowed to the three Tribal Lords directly above, and then found a place to sit down, closing his eyes and resting.


Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo finally arrived, and as soon as they stepped into the palace, Yang Kai’s eyes shrank, and his Saint Qi started cycling involuntarily.


He was shocked to discover that there were three Origin King Realm masters sitting in this palace. In addition to Chi Yue, there were two others that he had never met.


The sharp gazes of the two Monster Race masters made his scalp numb.


“Hey, Chi Yue, why is there a Human here?” On the left-hand side, an old man with red hair buzzed and looked at Yang Kai suspiciously.


“Yeah, Chi Yue, you never told us about this. What is the meaning of this?” The other brawny man with bronzed skin on his right hand was also puzzled.


Chi Yue chuckled sweetly, and said lightly, “Why bother making such a fuss, it’s just a trivial Human.”


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