Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1589, Good Methods

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The red-haired old man coldly snorted and said with a displeased expression, “A trivial human really isn’t worth making a fuss over, but Chi Yue, aren’t you making a mistake here? We’ve gathered here to deliver our Monster Race’s young talents to the Blood Prison. Is him being here because he’s going to enter the Blood Prison as well?”


“That’s right,” Chi Yue gently nodded.


The red-haired old man’s face sank as a look of anger flashed across his eyes while the burly man coldly and sternly asked, “Why haven’t Brother Kuang Shi and I heard about this before?”


“For such a small matter, this Queen thought it wasn’t necessary to inform anyone, so she didn’t,” Chi Yue said casually before putting on a disgruntled look, “This boy and my Qing Luo are old acquaintances, they are simply using this Queen’s Space Array to go to Green Mountains Star, you two don’t need to interfere!”


The burly man frowned and stared at Chi Yue deeply before asking in a low tone, “Chi Yue, what are you plotting?”


“Since when was this Queen plotting anything? Can’t the two of you see that this boy is only a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm brat? This boy is so arrogant and overconfident that he wants to rely on his old friendship with my Qing Luo to try to taste swan meat as a mere toad. This Queen spared his life and agreed to allow him to pursue Qing Luo if he can live through the Blood Prison Trial. Since he wants to die, this Queen won’t try to stop him. I’m sure this is enough of an explanation to satisfy the two of you.”


The red-haired old man and the burly man exchanged a glance, neither of them daring to believe all of Chi Yue’s words, but also feeling like pressing the matter further was inappropriate.


The Space Array leading to the Blood Prison was created by a previous Red Moon Tribal Lord ten thousand years ago and belonged exclusively to Red Moon Territory, so only Chi Yue could open it to allow the rising stars from the other territories through.


Chi Yue had complete control over this Space Array!


If they became stubborn here, the gains wouldn’t be worth the loss. If Chi Yue became angry and refused to allow their descendants and disciples to use this Space Array next time, they wouldn’t be able to enter the Blood Prison Trial.


“This brat is certainly crazy enough!” The red-haired old man looked at Yang Kai disdainfully, “Such shameless boasting! Since he wants to die, naturally this old master has no objections, but Chi Yue, next time, if something like this is to happen again, please inform this old master in advance!”


“Indeed!” The burly man nodded in agreement.


Chi Yue smiled winningly and said, “This Queen acted somewhat rashly this time. Fine, this Queen promises that there won’t be a second instance.”


With Chi Yue saying these words, the red-haired old man and the brawny man couldn’t say anymore, they could only open one eye while closing the other, pretending they saw nothing.


“Qing Luo, come greet Senior Kuang Shi and Senior Nu Xie, these two are prestigious figures on my Monster Emperor Star,” Chi Yue beckoned to Shan Qing Luo.


Shan Qing Luo responded immediately and swiftly stepped forward to offer her greetings.


Yang Kai’s expression moved slightly as he immediately understood that these two Origin King Realm masters should be the Wild Lion Tribal Lord and Fierce Crab Tribal Lord, but he was still confused as to why they had appeared here.


Just as he was contemplating this, however, Yang Kai suddenly felt a hate-filled glare coming from nearby. When he turned to take a look at the source of this glare, Yang Kai saw Xue Lian staring at him. Yang Kai simply grinned at this sight, causing Xue Lian’s face to twitch, as if he was recalling the fight he had with Yang Kai the other day, bringing unpleasant memories up in his mind.


In that battle, his pride had been completely shredded.


“Yang Kai, over here!” Ba He greeted him enthusiastically.


Yang Kai nodded lightly and walked over to the chair beside him and sat down.


A few days ago, Ba He had come to Little Senior Sister’s palace to request Alchemy and left happily. The herbs he had worked hard to gather had not gone to waste and were successfully refined by Xia Ning Chang’s masterful hands.


As such, Ba He was very grateful to Xia Ning Chang and behaved even friendlier with Yang Kai in turn.


“Yang Kai, you must be careful during this trip to the Blood Prison. Everyone there will be a Minor Realm higher than you in cultivation. Don’t become overconfident,” Ba He whispered.


“Junior has always been very low-key,” Yang Kai chuckled.


Ba He couldn’t help rolling his eyes.


“By the way, Senior, who are those two?” Yang Kai cast his eyes towards a pair of Monster Race rising stars he had never met before and asked.


Ba He naturally wouldn’t conceal something so simple so he immediately introduced these two in a quiet voice.


One of the two was a well-endowed woman named Xue Sun who hailed from Fierce Crab Territory and was the most powerful subordinate of Fierce Crab Tribal Lord. The other was a sunny-looking young man named Lie Feng who came from Wild Lion Territory and was similarly one of Wild Lion Tribal Lord’s best subordinates.


Fierce Crab Tribal Lord and Wild Lion Tribal Lord apparently didn’t have satisfactory heirs, so they could only send their best subordinates to participate in the Blood Prison Trial. Of course, both Xue Sun and Lie Feng were talents in their respective territories.


Yang Kai gently nodded and kept them in mind.


The two Monster Race masters also seemed to be very interested in Yang Kai, glancing over at him from time to time with Lie Feng even sending Yang Kai a friendly smile.


[This guy should not be difficult to get along with!] Yang Kai secretly mused.


The hall remained relatively silent as time passed by. Everyone had their eyes closed and seemed to be in a meditative state.


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense constantly probed the Ultra-Long Distance Space Array in the main hall, prying into its hidden subtleties. After some time, he discovered that the layout of this array was actually quite similar to the one which connected Monster Emperor Star and the Spider Mother’s Den, making him wonder if they had some kind of connection.


One day later, Chi Yue and the other Tribal Lords suddenly opened their eyes together and energy pulsed from their forms.


“It’s time!” Wild Lion Tribal Lord gave a low shout.


The eight Origin Returning Realm masters who were waiting to depart all stood up together.


Without seeing how they acted, the three Monster Race Tribal Lords all suddenly arrived at the edge of the Ultra-Long Distance Space Array and stood in a triangular pattern with solemn expressions.


“Begin!” Chi Yue yelled softly as she suddenly formed a complicated series of signs with her hands.


The same was true for Nu Xie and Kuang Shi. As these three Monster Race Tribal lords continued their actions, shocking and powerful waves of energy began condensing around their bodies.


The Origin Returning Realm cultivators in the hall all stared at this dazzling display while secretly dreaming about when they would be able to reach such a phenomenon height.


Chi Yue, Nu Xie, and Kuang Shi’s Saint Qi surged suddenly as they began pouring it madly into the Space Array, seeming going all out.


The array buzzed and the Saint Crystals set in it long ago burst into radiant light, filling the hall with a brightness not inferior to the mid-day sun, blinding everyone in the hall.


“All of you, Green Mountains Star is far from Monster Emperor Star, and although this Ultra-Long Distance Space Array can guarantee that you arrive safely inside the Blood Prison, it cannot guarantee where you will appear, so you must exercise extreme caution,” Chi Yue’s voice rang out, “All those who can enter the Blood Prison are masters with high strength. In there, try to avoid conflicts, your main objective is to comprehend the mysteries of Domain and obtain Domain Stones. This Queen hopes that all of you leaving today will arrive back together!”


“Is that clear?” Kuang Shi couldn’t help roaring when the crowd didn’t react much.


“Yes!” The Monster Race Juniors replied in unison.


Kuang Shi finally showed a satisfied look.


“This King doesn’t have any more advice for you,” Nu Xie chuckled, concisely stating, “As long as you return alive, Monster Emperor Star will have a place for you in the future!”


“We will obey three Seniors’ teachings!”


At this moment, the entire palace seemed to tremble and the Ultra-Long Distance Space Array released a terrifying roar as a white beam of light shot out from it into the sky.


Even from thousands of kilometres away, one could clearly see this white beam of light.


The trembling gradually subsided and the white light beam gradually disappeared before finally, atop the Ultra-Long Distance Space Array, an oval-shaped gateway comprised of pure energy appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.


“Go!” Chi Yue solemnly shouted.


Ba He took the lead, nodding to Chi Yue lightly before rushing into the gate without a single glance backwards, disappearing in a flash.


One figure after another followed Ba He through the light gate.


Yang Kai didn’t bother fighting with the others, simply waiting until there was no one left. When he stepped onto the Space Array and was about to disappear, however, he suddenly grinned towards Chi Yue and waved his hand, “Senior Chi Yue, if there’s a chance, let us meet again!”


Chi Yue’s pretty face sank and her brow furrowed when she heard this.


But without waiting for her to ask anything, Yang Kai also disappeared.


“This human boy is really rampant!” Kuang Shi coldly snorted.


“Close the gateway first,” Nu Xie hurriedly said, “We need to avoid causing too much of a disturbance lest that old dog from Green Mountains Star notices something.”


Chi Yue did not respond, however, her expression suddenly changing. As if she had realized something, she released her Divine Sense like a flood towards the palace where Xia Ning Chang had been staying.


The next moment, Chi Yue’s pretty face twisted as she ground her teeth and muttered under her breath, “Little bastard, you dare play tricks with this Queen!”


When she realized that Xia Ning Chang was not in the palace, Chi Yue immediately understood what Yang Kai had been plotting.


He never planned to return to Monster Emperor Star because there was no need for him to do so!


Chi Yue had thought that by retaining Grandmaster Xia, she could manipulate this little human brat at will, but it turned out the other side was one step ahead of her.


However, no matter how she thought about it, Chi Yue couldn’t figure out how Yang Kai made Xia Ning Chang disappear or where he had hidden her.


Obviously, that woman surnamed Xia was still in the palace a day ago, so how had she suddenly disappeared?


“Chi Yue, what are you doing?” Nu Xie and Kuang Shi both looked at her with puzzled faces, not understanding why she suddenly became so angry.


“Nothing,” Chi Yue shook her head and took a deep breath, “Close the gateway first.”


Being outwitted by a mere human brat at the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm was not something Chi Yue would advertise. If she really told them, the only result would be Nu Xie and Kuang Shi laughing at her in derision.


She would not admit such a shameful truth.


[But this little brat really had some good methods; no wonder he wanted me to hand over the second half of the Monster Transformation Secret Art to Yu Xiong for safekeeping.]


What about Qing Luo though? Would she leave with him? Thinking so, Chi Yue’s thoughts became somewhat distressed and her expression turned ugly.


Even if she was tricked by Yang Kai, as long as he obtained that Origin Essence Crystal and exchanged it with Yu Xiong, she wouldn’t lose anything, but if that little bastard managed to lure Qing Luo with some sweet nothings, how would she find them in this vast Star Field?


[If you dare do so, even if this Queen needs to search until the end of time, she will take your head!] Chi Yue secretly decided.


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