Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1590, Blood Prison

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


A feeling of vertigo, as if space had been distorted and collapsed in on itself, overcame Yang Kai.


This was a clear sign of tearing space!


For Yang Kai, short-distance jumps did not affect him, but this kind of ultra-long-distance transmission from one Cultivation Star to another Cultivation Star was still a burden to him.


Fortunately, with his proficiency in the Dao of Space, he was able to dispel most of these negative effects after circulating his Saint Qi slightly.


After the flash of light around him faded, Yang Kai found himself in a strange land.


Before he had time to look around, he noticed that there was a life of aura not far away.


Turning his head vigilantly, Yang Kai found that the man was actually Lie Feng of Wild Lion Territory, who had appeared about a thousand metres away from him.


The other party had entered the Space Array before him, but was clearly in worse shape, seemingly still trying to stabilize himself after the transmission.


Lie Feng did not cultivate the Dao of Space like Yang Kai did, so the negative side-effects of this kind of long-range teleportation naturally took longer to recover from. However, Lie Feng was a rising star of the Monster Race with a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, so after about three breaths, he opened his eyes having fully recovered. Like Yang Kai, he vigilantly began scanning his surroundings while silently condensing his Saint Qi in preparation to deal with any crises that might arise.


In the next moment, he saw Yang Kai.


“Oh…” Lie Feng showed a look of surprise and stood in place for a moment before walking over to Yang Kai with a smile on his face and asking, “I heard your name is Yang Kai, yes?”


“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, his attitude neither warm nor cold.


“I also heard that you taught Xue Lian a harsh lesson?” Lie Feng seemed very interested in him.


Yang Kai didn’t answer.


Lie Feng simply shrugged, “I heard from Yu Xiong. It is a pity that I hadn’t arrived earlier in Red Moon Territory, otherwise I would have been able to watch such a lively event. Heh heh, to tell you the truth, I’ve never liked Xue Lian either. However, it’s really surprising that you were able to beat Xue Lian. Seems the Human Race cannot be underestimated. En, I’d like to offer you an invitation.”


“An invitation to do what?” Yang Kai looked at him curiously.


The other had a friendly attitude from start to finish, so Yang Kai’s impression of him wasn’t bad.


“To act together,” Lie Feng smiled, “Brother Yang, as you know, this is Green Mountains Star. We Monster Race cultivators snuck in here and obviously won’t receive any good treatment, and from the looks of it, it seems that only you and I appeared in this area. If Brother Yang and I can join forces, our security will definitely increase a lot.”


“Sorry, but I’m not interested!” Yang Kai shook his head and refused.


“Why?” Lie Feng frowned.


“Because I’m human! I won’t be discriminated against here,” Yang Kai pointed to himself, then pointed to Lie Feng and said, “You belong to the Monster Race, so what do you think would happen if someone who hates the Monster Race saw me with you? Would they also attack me? I don’t want to ask for extra trouble.”


“Uh…” Lie Feng was stunned, then scratched his head and said, “That’s reasonable. Since Brother Yang thinks so, then forget it, this Lie hadn’t considered the situation completely.”


Yang Kai nodded.


“Then I’ll simply wish Brother Yang good luck and head off first!” Lie Feng didn’t look irritated because Yang Kai refused his invitation, instead just laughing heartily before picking a direction at will and flying off.


He was very straightforward.


After he left, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings more carefully.


A moment later, his face changed slightly and he quickly took back his Divine Sense.


What Shan Qing Luo had told him wasn’t wrong. Inside the Blood Prison, it wasn’t a good idea to casually release one’s Divine Sense.


Although there were no restrictions or suppression of Divine Sense in this place, there were countless Domain Vortices all across this ancient battlefield.


These Domain Vortices were all remnants from the great battle between Origin King Realm masters over ten thousand years ago. Some had dissipated while others had undergone strange transformations and become more terrifying over time.


These Domain Vortices were capable of swallowing anything, including Divine Sense!


Yang Kai had suffered a small loss just now, and if he hadn’t withdrawn his Divine Sense in time, it was likely he would have suffered severe damage to his Soul. Even so, there was a stinging pain in his head at this moment, like a needle pricking his brain.


This was a sign that his Divine Sense had taken damage, but with the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus nourishing his Soul, Yang Kai didn’t need to care too much about this damage.


“It looks like this really is the Blood Prison,” Yang Kai looked around and muttered to himself.


Only in the Blood Prison would such strange Domain Vortices exist.


The former Red Moon Tribal Lord was indeed a Heaven sent genius, able to create an Ultra-Long Distance Space Array that connected to the Blood Prison from Monster Emperor Star.


Unfortunately, because the distance was too far, it was unable to select a precise destination. Yang Kai only discovered Lie Feng nearby while the other Monster Race rising stars had clearly been sent somewhere else.


Yang Kai was fairly confident in Shan Qing Luo’s strength as she had inherited the power of a Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Source, making her more than a match for ordinary cultivators in the same realm as her.


Coupled with the Thunder Fire Seven Birds Whip that he had given her, Shan Qing Luo’s current combat strength was truly impressive.


The only troublesome thing was her enchanting appearance, which was likely to become the main reason for others to target her.


[No man is capable of resisting her charms…]


After thinking about it for a while though, Yang Kai just shook his head slowly and set the matter aside.


[Qing Luo has her own path to follow.] Yang Kai felt that it was impossible for him to take care of her all the time; what’s more, they had been separated for dozens of years yet she was still alive and well, so Yang Kai believed she wouldn’t have a problem moving forward smoothly in the future.


Randomly picking a direction, Yang Kai slowly flew off.


He didn’t dare to move too quickly. He had only heard about the dangers of the Blood Prison and never personally experienced them, but this place being the burial ground for innumerable Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters was a fact.


Yang Kai was confident he was invincible beneath the Origin King Realm, but he still needed to act cautiously when facing the power of an Origin King’s Domain. He didn’t want to die here from acting recklessly.


There were no major incidents along Yang Kai’s way as he moved forward, but a few of the Domain Vortices which were scattered about did draw Yang Kai’s interest.


Unfortunately, these Domain Vortices weren’t too strong and the mysteries they hid were quite vague, so even though Yang Kai tried to penetrate them with his Divine Sense and spent a fair amount of time trying to comprehend something from them, his gains were very limited and he was forced to give up.


He didn’t relax his vigilance as he knew there was murderous intent hidden everywhere in this place. He definitely couldn’t underestimate the Blood Prison simply because the first Domain Vortices he came across were small and weak.


Along the way, he also felt several life auras and even saw another Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation pass by a few thousand metres away from him.


Fortunately, the Blood Prison had only just opened and no one was willing to stir up trouble yet. Everyone was still doing their best to avoid conflict while searching for opportunities; therefore, as soon as the unknown cultivator noticed Yang Kai, they changed direction to avoid him.


One day later, Yang Kai stood solemnly at a certain spot while staring straight ahead at a place a thousand metres away.


In that direction was a middle-aged man in blue robes covered in blood. Bursts of Saint Qi flickered from this man’s body and it seemed his situation was quite distressed. Outside his body was a defensive artifact that resembled a water curtain which was shielding him.


This man was constantly releasing his Shi and using various Secret Techniques in an attempt to escape from the place he was trapped.


Unfortunately, his efforts failed to yield any noticeable results. The space around him seemed calm, but also somewhat solidified, confining him in place and making it impossible for him to move forward or backwards at all.


All around this middle-aged man were flowing streaks of light, like sharp swords, cutting into his defensive artifact and draining its power.


This man had accidentally rushed into a Domain Vortex!


What’s more, this was a very powerful Domain Vortex that could easily imprison a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master.


This man’s expression was ugly to the extreme and, as he felt the grip of death closing in around him, he only urged his Saint Qi harder and harder.


Suddenly, he saw Yang Kai who was staring at him from nearby, and his eyes lit up, as if he had caught a life-saving straw. Shouting loudly, “Friend, please help! I was accidentally caught in this Domain Vortex and am unable to escape, please show mercy and lend me your aid!”


Yang Kai frowned and did not respond.


Although he wasn’t afraid of this middle-aged man, the Domain Vortex that was currently trapping this man caused Yang Kai some anxiety. For a stranger, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t put himself in danger.


The reason Yang Kai even remained here was to comprehend the mysteries of this Domain Vortex.


Seeing that Yang Kai was not replying, the middle-aged man couldn’t help growing anxious, thinking that the other party was cold-blooded and refused to save him. Hurriedly, he shouted once more, “Friend, this one is Scarlet Wave Star Blue Feather Sect’s Sect Master Xu Ding Yang. Please assist me. If you can save me, this Xu will surely offer generous thanks and Blue Feather Sect will also be eternally grateful.”


“Scarlet Wave Star?” Yang Kai brow rose slightly, thinking he had heard this name before but was unable to put his finger on it at the moment. However, he still slowly shook his head, “Friend, it’s not that I don’t want to save you, but the power of this Domain Vortex is a bit too daunting.”


Xu Ding Yang’s complexion darkened. Although he showed an unwilling look, he knew that Yang Kai was telling the truth.


For a while, he fell speechless.


“Hold on, let me see if I can find a solution,” Yang Kai said lightly.


Yang Kai wasn’t acting out of kindness here. He knew nothing about this Xu Ding Yang’s true temperament, but even if he was really a righteous soul, he must have been mentally prepared to fall since he had entered the Blood Prison.


This Xu Ding Yang couldn’t blame anyone if he died here.


Yang Kai only offered to help because he wanted to enter the Domain Vortex to study it.


He wanted to learn more about the unique power of Origin Kings, Domain.


Xu Ding Yang obviously misunderstood Yang Kai’s intentions though and was immediately overjoyed, “Please allow this Xu to offer his thanks in advance! Friend, please be careful, this vortex seems to be a fusion of many different Domains which is why it is so difficult to deal with!”


Yang Kai just nodded lightly and took a step forward.


In an instant, Yang Kai’s face paled. At this moment, he felt that the surrounding space seemed to freeze and that many powerful, contradictory forces were overlapping here, causing him to push his Saint Qi unconsciously to resist.


With a ripping sound, several noticeable cuts appeared on Yang Kai’s clothes. The invisible Domain here seemed capable of killing any creature that dared to enter it, with even a single step creating an enormous difference in intensity.


Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai hurriedly resisted this force and summoned his Purple Shield at the same time, transforming it into a light curtain which enveloped his body.


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  1. Yeah he’s definitely gonna go visit Scarlet Wave Star eventually, probably conquer that one too. It sure is interesting how the people he talks to are only from a couple stars though, and not from all over.

  2. Also I definitely remember him saying that his Purple Shield had lost much of its vitality after a couple fights, especially when he was protecting City Lord and Old Fei, and yet he’s still able to use it?? I guess it really is a very powerful artifact

      1. I remember it was upgraded to origin high grade a bit after he fought with his fire spirit. It supposedly lost vitality when he saved old fei and yang yang hasn’t repaired it in a long time. Somehow he keeps using it. It was never upgraded to origin king grade.

  3. if only he asked that if that mate is an ally from (the ice sect which he met in emporer garden) or the girls he met in emporer garden “is there someone named su yan in your sect”maybe he might find su yan earlier, or maybe he finds her here

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  6. How is this shield still standing? He used it against some top origin masters and it should already have being broken long ago. You can’t just answer any attack, weapon and even domain with same defensive shield, let alone the fact that domain belongs to Origin Kings and no single artifact of previous cultivation stage should be able to block it. Since domain is concentration of Shi capable of taking physical form, then to protect himself he needs to use Shi, no? How a mere artifact able to pose any help against such power? Unless it has profound Shi ability, but we do know this shield simply reforged from sand monster, if i remember correctly, of lvl 9. That monster easely fallen to bunch (4-5?) of same stage cultivators, so should not posses such blocking power at all. You can’t just take some stone, reforge it into iron, use, break, reforge into steel, use, break, reforge into diamond and keep perfectly using further.

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