Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1593, None Of My Business

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


When they learned that a cultivator at the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm could escape from such a Domain Vortex, the Origin King Realm masters in the stone pavilion suddenly went into a flurry.


They all immediately realized that this Origin Realm boy had unimaginable potential.


“Heh heh, this little guy, this old lady wants to reserve for Sword Union,” The old woman chuckled lightly, “If he can emerge from the Blood Prison alive, this old lady will take him back to the Home Star of Sword Union and cultivate him vigorously.”


“Senior Sister Lei, are you sleep talking?” A scholarly dressed middle-aged sneered, “You think a few words are enough to lay claim? Shouldn’t you ask all your friends here if they agree first? Such a good seedling, my Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce naturally doesn’t want to give up either.”


“Count my Purple Star in as well,” The beautiful woman called out.


“This old lady doesn’t care! If he can come out alive, this old lady only wants him, everyone else will be up to you all to decide,” The old woman declared in a resolute tone.


“Senior Sister Lei, you can’t act arbitrarily here. None of us knows who this boy is, where he comes from, or whether he has some kind of backer behind him. Even if he does not have some strong background though, are you sure he will willingly follow you, Senior Sister Lei? Perhaps he will be more optimistic about my Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce; after all, in the Star Field, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce is more famous than Sword Union,” The middle-aged man, not wanting to be outdone, said in a somewhat smug tone.


“As far as fame is concerned, our three forces aren’t much different, right?” The beautiful woman pursed her lips and giggled in disagreement, “Perhaps he will be more interested in my Purple Star.”


The old woman gave a cold snort and said with an unkind expression, “Do you two really intend to fight with this old lady for that little boy?”


“It’s not that we wish to fight with Senior Sister Lei, it’s just that you are being unreasonable,” The middle-aged man slowly shook his head.


“Enough, don’t quarrel!” Luo Hai frowned and interrupted the trio, “It’s still not even certain whether this boy will make it out alive, so why are you three bickering here like this? Perhaps he was only lucky to escape that Domain Vortex and will not be able to hold out until the end. If he were to die mid-way after all of you made such a fuss, wouldn’t it just end up turning into an embarrassment for you?”


When Luo Hai spoke, the three of them winced slightly before nodding in agreement.


The old woman added, “Sir Luo Hai, please pay attention to that little boy’s movements. If he dies inside, please inform us so we don’t continue waiting in vain.”


“This King will do his best,” Luo Hai gently nodded.


“Many thanks, Sir Luo Hai,” The old woman quickly thanked.


Calm was then restored to the stone pavilion.


Meanwhile, inside the Blood Prison, Yang Kai picked up the Space Ring on the ground, shrouded himself in his Shi, then walked outwards leisurely.


The terrifying Domain Vortex could not suppress him at all, and Yang Kai traversed it as easily as he would flat open ground, exiting its area of influence in short order.


After a few days of resisting and silently feeling this Domain Vortex, Yang Kai felt that his Shi had grown significantly and his understanding and control over it had deepened a level.


This was something meditation alone could not achieve.


The Blood Prison really was a treasure trove!


Standing in place, Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to seep into Xu Ding Yang’s Space Ring before quietly putting it away.


There was nothing in Xu Ding Yang’s Space Ring that was of great interest to him. Although Xu Ding Yang’s wealth was quite substantial compared to other Origin Returning Realm masters, Yang Kai’s standards were incredibly high, so he would not be moved by such meagre gains.


As for Xu Ding Yang’s request before he died, Yang Kai did not care.


The two had met by chance and shared no friendship, nor had Yang Kai ever agreed to his request. He wouldn’t make a trip all the way to Scarlet Wave Star to deliver a message to Blue Feather Sect for a stranger.


If there was a chance, he would not mind doing so, but Yang Kai simply left things up to destiny.


Raising his head and picking a direction, Yang Kai began moving forward again.


The Blood Prison was different from other places Yang Kai had gone to explore in the past. Whether it was the Flowing Flame Sand Field on Shadowed Star or the Emperor Garden, they were extremely wide and there were many entry restrictions. So, even if a lot of people entered, there would be few opportunities to meet others.


The Blood Prison was different.


Although the Blood Prison covered a wide area, it had also existed for over ten thousand years and was famous across the Star Field, attracting countless Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters to it each time it opened, allowing Yang Kai to often encounter strangers along his way.


Most people didn’t want to make trouble, and as soon as they noticed the aura of a stranger, they would change direction to avoid conflict.


However, when others realized that Yang Kai was only a Second-Order Origin Realm cultivation, all of them showed stunned expressions which quickly turned to scorn or sympathy, as if he was about to die.


Naturally, Yang Kai paid no attention to these people.


He encountered several life or death struggles among cultivators as well.


The great forces of the Star Field certainly did not live in harmony. Many great forces had grievances between them, and when their members encountered one another inside the Blood Prison, it was obvious that fights would break out.


Yang Kai did not try to involve himself in such matters and instead focused on searching for Domain Vortices, hoping to gain more benefits from them and further condense his Shi.


This cautious approach worked well for him, and half a month after entering the Blood Prison, Yang Kai had yet to get involved in any kind of fight. He had encountered three powerful Domain Vortices and entered them without hesitation, leaving each one a few days later safe and sound after reaping a great harvest.


His Shi raced past the minor accomplishment stage and was now steadily advancing towards the grand accomplishment stage.


However, to his disappointment, Yang Kai was unable to find the special product of the Blood Prison: Domain Stones.


The formation of Domain Stones was inseparable from the existence of Domain. The Domains which had survived for countless years in Blood Prison had been absorbed by some peculiar jades that formed into Domain Stones after constant condensation.


Therefore, Domain Stones generally existed inside Domain Vortices. In short, if one wanted to obtain Domain Stones, they needed to enter Domain Vortices.


Yang Kai felt that his luck was not very good.


One day, as he was looking for Domain Vortices, Yang Kai suddenly heard a series of loud sounds that seemed to be approaching him.


Yang Kai frowned as he immediately recognized the sounds of battle.


He subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but when his Divine Sense swept forward to investigate, he suddenly paused in place and stared suspiciously.


He noticed that one of the approaching auras was somewhat familiar.


The cultivator who was rushing towards this place obviously also discovered the existence of Yang Kai and increased their speed dramatically, rushing straight towards him.


After a short while, a streak of light appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes and ten breaths later, a graceful yet somewhat disheveled figure landed in front of him.


“You?” Yang Kai frowned, showing a look of surprise.


It was actually Xue Sun of Fierce Crab Territory, one of the Monster Race masters who had accompanied him here from Monster Emperor Star.


At this moment, her aura was somewhat unsteady, and it was obvious that she had some injuries on her body. Her green dress was dyed red, but it was unclear whether it was her blood or her enemies’. After landing in front of Yang Kai, she gasped for breath while staring at him with a complicated gaze.


She also did not seem to expect that the one standing here would actually be this human boy.


She had only sensed a somewhat familiar aura here and wanted to ask for help.


“You look quite distressed, are you hurt?” Yang Kai looked her up and down.


“Enough with the sarcasm, obviously I’m being pursued,” Xue Sun replied coldly, her attitude quite unfriendly as she declared bluntly, “Help me.”


Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked behind her, seeing two figures rushing over towards them with clear murderous intent leaking from them.


“Why should I? This is none of my business, right?” Yang Kai frowned. If he had known that it was Xue Sun approaching, he would have left long ago.


Xue Sun’s eyes flashed a little helplessly as she bit her red lips lightly and said, “Believe it or not, I have a good relationship with Sister Qing Luo.”


“That still has nothing to do with me,” Yang Kai chuckled lightly. Did she think that by saying she was close with Shan Qing Luo, it would be enough for him to support her unconditionally? Shaking his head, Yang Kai declared, “I think you’ve made some kind of mistake here, I’m just a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator. You’d best run away quickly, those two are about to catch up, if you don’t leave now, it’ll be too late.”


“Even if you are only at the Second-Order, you can’t be taken lightly. I know what happened back at the palace, you defeated Xue Lian easily, so you’re not weaker than me!” Xue Sun was obviously unwilling to give up the reinforcements she had luckily found.


Yang Kai still shook his head, “Girl, your current situation isn’t that bad, is it? With your strength, even if you cannot beat those two, there shouldn’t be a problem for you to run away, why try to drag me into this mess?”


Clearly seeing this, Yang Kai did not want to intervene.


Xue Sun’s persistence annoyed him as it felt like she was trying to use him.


“Of course I can escape,” Xue Sun replied proudly, “But have you ever thought about it? I belong to the Monster Race. If I flee so openly through the Blood Prison, once other Human Race masters notice me, how do you think they will react? Won’t they try to hunt me down? Fleeing will only make my situation worse!”


“True enough,” Yang Kai admitted, not having thought of this before.


“Help me kill one of them, I’ll solve the other myself,” Xue Sun stared straight at Yang Kai and quickly said. “If you do, I’ll owe you a favour.”


“Who cares about a favour, what real benefits can you offer me?” Yang Kai asked casually, sweeping his eyes up and down her, and pausing for a moment on her rich, heaving peaks.


A look of disgust flashed across Xue Sun’s beautiful eyes, squirming slightly to hide her figure as she asked lightly, “What benefits do you want?”


“It’s not about what I want, but what you can offer,” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Xue Sun frowned, a trace of hesitation appearing on her pretty face, but as she glanced back and saw her pursuers closing in, she grit her teeth and said, “I found a Domain Stone but didn’t have enough time to collect it. I can lead you to its location.”


“A Domain Stone?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and nodded immediately, “Deal!”


Seeing him only care about profits like this, the disgust in Xue Sun’s eyes became even stronger.


She really could not understand why Shan Qing Luo, who was always so prideful and arrogant, had taken a liking for such a man. After this trip, she had to make an effort to persuade her Sister Qing Luo to avoid this bastard, so he would not ruin her bright future.


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  1. Ha ! 150% sure if the roles were reversed she wouldn’t help him deal with 2 monster race masters just cause he, a stranger asked. Heck, her kind would probably join forces to force the domain stone location out of him b4 disposing him. Hypocrisy at its finest 👌🏽

    1. Damn right my thoughts exactly

      I mean really it’s the whole monster race at fault them looking down at every human no human would ever help out of the kindness of their hearts

  2. Did all of you forget that the Monster Race are literally farmed for alchemy and artifact refinement? It’s the Human Race who should rightfully be scorned by the Monster Race. On Tong Xuan Realm the Monster Race was quite noble and stuck by their word when they occupied Nine Heavens Holy Land while Yank Kai was away.

    1. Cai die didnft want toi give up nine heavens holy land and the monster race kills and subue “dumb monsters” so thats kinda … you know

    2. It’s not about that. It’s that she were clearly looking down on him and scorned him even when she’s asking him for help and show no sincerity at all unlike Xu Ding Yang who even shows worried for a stranger like Yang Kai.

      Moreover, two young master of the monster planet are both clearly dick and have already act against Yang Kai. She’s lucky he separate her from them already and didn’t ask her to help him kill them in addition to the domain stone.

      The monster races senior that help Yang Kai is completely unrelated to this matter as Yang Kai am grateful for their actions and help take them out of Tong Xuan and reach higher dao

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