Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1594, I Don’t Like Killing Women

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Just as Xue Sun was considering her options, the two people who were chasing her suddenly landed a hundred metres away.


The pair consisted of one man and one woman. The man had skin so white that most women would be jealous of him, but the aura pulsing from his body was so strong it could not be ignored.


The female had a bewitching appearance with thick makeup and clothes with high exposure, her white thighs and arms completely exposed to the air, drawing in man’s attention unconsciously. Her eyes were both limpid and filled with seductive appeal.


When she landed, the woman glanced towards Yang Kai and her beautiful eyes lit up as interest flashed across her face. Giggling eagerly, said to the man next to her, “Senior Brother, this boy has a good figure.”


“Junior Sister fancies him?” The man didn’t seem the least bit surprised, instead just inspecting Yang Kai with interest for a moment before nodding, “His physique is quite good, exactly the type you like.”


While saying so, he squeezed the seductive woman’s plump bottom right in front of Yang Kai and Xue Sun as he grinned wickedly, “Junior Sister, are you tempted?”


“Senior Brother…” The woman blushed pink as she whispered back, “Junior Sister just wants to have a little fun with this boy, it’s you who she truly loves.”


“Senior Brother knows.” The man grinned meaningfully.


Yang Kai and Xue Sun were dumbfounded watching this display.


Although Xue Sun was a Monster Race cultivator and inherited some of the Monster Race’s bold temperament, she couldn’t bear watching this kind of scene. The loose aura that seemed to radiate from this pair made her sick.


“Two good-for-nothings!” Yang Kai glanced over at Xue Sun, frowned and asked, “Is this guy chasing after you because of your beauty?”


Xue Sun heard these words and glared at Yang Kai fiercely, grinding her teeth as she spat, “Keep your sarcasm to yourself.”


Yang Kai just chuckled lightly.


Seeing them look confident and indifferent, the man and woman who had been chasing after Xue Sun were a little surprised. The man looked at Yang Kai seriously for a moment but soon couldn’t help laughing, “A Second-Order Origin Returning Realm boy actually dares enter the Blood Prison? Interesting, Junior Sister, this boy seems quite bold.”


“I like men who are bold,” The seductive woman stuck out her tongue and licked her red lips, her interest in Yang Kai growing as her expression became more and more enchanting and she shifted her posture to further emphasize her luscious curves.


“Alright, then this boy belongs to you,” The man nodded before pointing to Xue Sun and declaring, “This enchanting woman belongs to me. Senior Brother has lived for so many years but this is the first chance he has had to play with such a high-quality Monster Race. This will definitely be enjoyable! Enchantress, could it be that you rushed here counting on this brat to save your life? I advise you to surrender without a fight. This Li always shows tender affection to beauties, and as long as you cooperate, I won’t make things too difficult for you, even allowing you to experience physical and spiritual bliss. How about it?”


He spoke as if he didn’t consider Xue Sun or Yang Kai any threat at all.


“A dog’s mouth can’t spit out ivory,” Xue Sun coldly snorted before shouting, “I’ll leave that woman to you, this bastard is mine.”


“Can we trade? I don’t like killing women…” Yang Kai glanced over at her, but before he could finish speaking, Xue Sun had already rushed out, her Monster Qi exploding fiercely and violently as it crashed towards her opponent.


In an instant, Xue Sun was locked in combat with the man, leaving Yang Kai and the seductive woman alone and staring at each other.


“Little brother, did you just say you want to kill me?” The seductive woman didn’t show any concern for her Senior Brother and instead focused her attention on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grinned and replied, “How could I be willing to kill a woman like you?”


The woman was surprised for an instant but soon let out pleasant laughter as she directed an amorous gaze towards Yang Kai and said, “Since that’s the case, why don’t we find a quiet place to sit down and talk instead? Little brother looks quite young, so Elder Sister here is also reluctant to embarrass you.”


As she spoke, she exhaled an orchid scent, and a sweet fragrance suddenly filled the air, lingering at the tip of Yang Kai’s nose.


This sweet aroma was like an invisible little hand that stroked the depths of Yang Kai’s heart, causing his blood to boil and his heartbeat to race.


Stepping forward, the woman extended her delicate, jade white hand to stroke Yang Kai’s cheek, her eyes filled with tender affection, her movements enough to make any man lower their vigilance and allow her to do whatever she pleased.


“Sure,” Yang Kai smiled brilliantly, but before the woman’s hand could touch him, a cold light suddenly appeared in his eyes and he ruthlessly grabbed her wrist.


Caught off guard, the woman’s wrist was easily captured by Yang Kai.


The charming woman’s beautiful face changed slightly and she couldn’t help letting out a light moan as she looked at Yang Kai aggrievedly and said, “Little brother, you’re hurting me.”


Saying so, she shook her arm slightly, twisting it like a snake as she tried to free herself from Yang Kai’s control.


Yang Kai grinned fiercely as he tightened his grip on her wrist and forcefully yanked her towards him.


Realizing that she could not resist Yang Kai’s wild strength, the woman’s face finally changed and silently, a pair of long, needle-shaped artifacts appeared in her free hand which she swiftly thrust towards her captor’s waist and abdomen.


Relaxing her jade arms as she settled in close to Yang Kai, the woman’s breathing suddenly became heavy and a watery mist appeared in her beautiful eyes as she gently exhaled onto his face, giggling as she said, “These Seven Emotions and Six Desires Needles are Elder Sister’s exclusive artifacts. Little brother, be obedient now and Elder Sister will satisfy you.”


“Seven Emotions and Six Desires Needles was it?” Yang Kai grinned mockingly, “They’re a bit lacking in my opinion.” 


The charming woman’s smile immediately stiffened on her face and as she glanced downwards she was shocked to discover that Yang Kai’s waist and abdomen had a purple light curtain protecting them. Her needle-shaped artifacts were completely blocked by this purple light.


Immediately, she let out a shout and pushed her Saint Qi fiercely, delivering a palm to Yang Kai’s chest.


Yang Kai coldly snorted and sent a fist covered in black Demonic Flames towards her palm.




When the two Saint Qis collided, the woman’s jade hand was unable to withstand Yang Kai’s violent strength and she was easily deflected, the residual force of his punch landing squarely on her well-rounded peaks with a loud, bone-snapping sound.


A scream rang out as the woman was sent flying like a paper kite with a broken string.


The black Demonic Flames burned the clothes on her chest, revealing an alluring white spring scenery that could infatuate any man who saw it; however, this picturesque scene was soon scorched by the intense Demonic Flames.


Red blood dripped down her chest and flowed onto her thighs, forming a sharp contrast with her fair skin, adding a touch of scarlet to her beauty.


The woman staggered as she desperately pushed her Saint Qi, but upon finally stabilizing herself and standing mid-air, when she lowered her gaze and saw what had become of her chest, her face immediately distorted and she screamed at Yang Kai in hysterical hatred, “I’ll kill you!”


Yang Kai’s expression turned cold and stern. A golden light flashed in front of him as two Golden Blood Threads appeared, transformed into arrows, and shot mercilessly towards the woman.


The woman was shocked. She never expected that this boy with only a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation would be so powerful.


She thought she would be able to easily deal with him, making him bow down and beg to become her slave.


It was only now that she realized how wrong she was.


This Second-Order boy wasn’t inferior to any Third-Order master, possibly even stronger.


As the two golden lights shot towards her, the woman did not dare to neglect them, her tender body flickering as a light blue Artifact Armour immediately appeared, wrapping around her while at the same time she waved her hands and sent out a series of needle-shaped artifacts once more.


With a clinking sound, the two Golden Blood Threads were blocked by her strike.


But before the woman could breathe a sigh of relief, the two Golden Blood Threads suddenly transformed into two red and gold lizard Monster Beasts with giant wings on their backs.


“Thunder Flame Flying Lizards!” The woman’s expression filled with shock as she was unable to understand anything about the strange Secret Technique which was used against her.


The two massive Thunder Flame Flying Lizards rushed towards her from her left and right, their giant maws wide open, seemingly wanting to swallow her whole.


The woman’s expression became flurried and her beautiful eyes filled with terror as she couldn’t stop her tender body from shivering.


Before this woman could use any kind of Secret Technique, the huge claws of the right Thunder Flame Flying Lizard descended upon her and sent her flying with a muffled thud straight towards the jaws of the other Thunder Flame Flying Lizard.


Her light blue Artifact Armour flickered as it resisted the terrifying bite of the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard.


Yang Kai flew up at that moment, and right before the desperate gaze of the woman, summoned a short arrow-like artifact into his hand.


Feather Spirit Arrow! After charging this strange artifact, it could be used twice to display an incredible lethal attack that even a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator couldn’t ignore.


With a flick of his wrist, Yang Kai sent out an energy arrow towards the woman.


Feeling death rapidly approaching her, the woman cried out in panic, “Senior Brother, save me!”


Her cries for help ceased abruptly, however, when the Feather Spirit Arrow smashed her defensive Artifact Armour to pieces, and without the protection of this Artifact Armour, the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard was able to snap her in two.


It wasn’t that her body was fragile by any means, but there was no way she could resist the ominous force of the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard’s jaw.


A fresh corpse fell from the sky as the smell of blood rose to the sky.


The two Thunder Flame Flying Lizards distorted and transformed back into Golden Blood Threads again before swiftly returning to Yang Kai’s body.


Standing in place, Yang Kai pondered for a moment before showing a satisfied look.


Last time in Shimmering Moon City, Yang Kai had killed Mi Tian’s two Monster Beasts and used two of his Golden Blood Threads to absorb the Blood Essence of each Thunder Flame Flying Lizard and refine them into Blood Beasts. This was the first chance he had to use them in battle.


Their power was quite good! The most commendable thing was that once they were refined into Blood Beasts, there was no need for Yang Kai to manipulate them directly. Blood Beasts had the ability to independently confront the enemy.


This made Yang Kai extremely satisfied.


Casting his gaze towards the other battlefield, Yang Kai observed for a moment before relaxing.


The arrogant man from before seemed to not be Xue Sun’s opponent at all. Monster Qi soared, completely suppressing the man’s aura, indicating that Xue Sun had the absolute upper hand.


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