Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1595, Domain Stone

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


It wasn’t that this man’s strength wasn’t equal to Xue Sun’s, however; if the two were to fight at their full power, they would likely be well-matched opponents.


Even if Xue Sun was somewhat stronger, the difference wasn’t great, at least not to the point where she could easily kill her opponent one on one.


The deciding factor in their battle was the great shock Yang Kai’s lightning-fast victory had brought to the man.


The cry for help from the seductive woman before her death had greatly disturbed his concentration, making him unable to face his opponent with all his strength.


What’s more, Yang Kai was still standing nearby, eying him covetously, causing the man to only grow more and more unnerved.


He couldn’t figure out how his Junior Sister had died after just a few breaths of time!


He was very familiar with his Junior Sister’s strength and knew that she was no weaker than him, so how was this possible? In such a short time, she had actually died at the hands of a Second-Order Origin Realm cultivator!


The man was thoroughly shocked and had no idea what happened between his Junior Sister and the strange young man.


Fear of the unknown disturbed his concentration greatly, so how could he display his full strength? Naturally, Xue Sun didn’t miss this opportunity to vent her anger and used various artifacts and Secret Techniques that belonged to the Monster Race to pummel her opponent.


The man was completely suppressed, and the battle quickly became one-sided.


Obviously unwilling to just sit and wait for death, the man suddenly bit his tongue and spat out a mist of Blood Essence, displayed the powerful Secret Technique to repel Xue Sun for a moment, then flickered as he shot off into the distance.


He had decided to flee, not daring to continue entangling with Xue Sun.


Before leaving though, this man glanced over at Yang Kai and found that this unfathomable youth was just standing there, seemingly not intending to stop him, a fact which allowed him to breathe a sigh of relief.


Just when he thought he thought he had escaped from death, however, the space around him suddenly became viscous.


His figure stalled in place involuntarily and his eyes narrowed as he screamed in horror, “Shi!”


He was also a master at the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm, so he naturally understood the mysteries of Shi, so when he fell into this sticky space, he knew he had been trapped inside a powerful Shi.


This Shi was far stronger than his own, to the point where it frightened him. Moreover, this Shi seemed to have some kind of strange force integrated into it.


Not daring to neglect, he quickly released his own Shi to resist, but this only allowed him to regain a bit of freedom. He couldn’t get rid of this Shi’s suppression in short order.


Suddenly, a person appeared in front of his eyes, and when he looked up, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “How is that possible? How are you here?”


At this moment, he was shocked to discover that Yang Kai, who should have been watching him from afar, was now right in front of him. However, he hadn’t even noticed the other party’s movements.


“Why can’t I be here?” Yang Kai grinned as he gradually increased his Shi’s power.


The man caught in this Shi began to sweat as he struggled violently.


*Chi Chi…*


A tearing noise sounded from all directions, and when the man looked around he suddenly found that the surrounding space seemed to be collapsing, with ting, pitch-black cracks constantly appearing and disappearing around him…


His courage broke entirely upon seeing this! He never knew that someone’s Shi could have such an incredible effect on space.


At this moment, he finally understood that it was no accident that his Junior Sister had died so quickly. This Second-Order Origin Returning Realm youth was an incredibly terrifying enemy.


Without giving him a chance to resist, Yang Kai flicked his wrist and sent out a dozen pitch-black Space Blades one after another. These black blades easily cut through the man’s protective Saint Qi and defensive artifacts before slicing him into dozens of pieces while banishing the bulk of his physique to The Void.


What was left of the man’s corpse fell in the next moment and scattered about in a bloody mess.


Xue Sun’s beautiful eyes shrank as she witnessed this incredible scene, her tender body shivering unconsciously.


Although she knew that Yang Kai’s victory just now was partially due to him launching a sneak attack, his strength was beyond doubt.


No wonder Xue Lian had suffered a loss at his hands and Mi Tian dreaded him greatly, there was a good reason behind it.


Judging from his performance just now, when he dealt with Mi Tian and Xue Lian, he must have been holding back. Otherwise, how could those two still be alive?


Xue Sun had always thought that in the Origin Realm, Xue Lian and Mi Tian were already peak figures. Those two were existences that she looked up to and admired, but today, she learned she had simply been sitting in a well, staring up at the sky, thinking how vast it must be.


Origin Returning Realm masters could actually be this powerful!


The arrogance and disdain in her eyes quickly abated and she began to re-examine Yang Kai.


[Perhaps… Sister Qing Luo’s choice wasn’t wrong.] She thought in her heart.


When Yang Kai turned his eyes to stare at her, Xue Sun quickly averted her gaze, almost not daring to look at him. She didn’t know why she did this, but deep in her heart, a trace of fear of this young man had budded.


Since he could easily kill the two people who had been chasing her down in such a short time, killing her would simply be effortless!


Xue Sun’s figure flickered as she rushed to pick up the two ownerless Space Rings before flying over to Yang Kai and handing them to him.


“Thanks,” Yang Kai chuckled, not refusing, putting away the two Space Rings without even inspecting them before asking, “Alright, where is that Domain Stone you mentioned?”


“I’ll take you there!” Xue Sun immediately volunteered before using her movement skill to fly off in a certain direction.


“How are your injuries?” Yang Kai followed her behind and asked casually.


“They’re just minor wounds, no big deal,” Xue Sun replied lightly.


Yang Kai nodded then stopped talking as he followed her through the Blood Prison.


The place Xue Sun found the Domain Stone wasn’t too far away from their previous position, so it only took her and Yang Kai an hour to reach it.


“I have to tell you one thing,” Halfway, Xue Sun’s beautiful eyes flickered, as if feeling a little guilty.


“What?” Yang Kai looked at her suspiciously.


“Actually, the two people you killed have companions,” Xue Sun turned her head and looked at Yang Kai.


“They do? Where?” Yang Kai was stunned.


“Where the Domain Stone is…” Xue Sun became more anxious, gritted her teeth as she told the truth, “I found the Domain Stone first and wanted to take it, but before I could I met a group of five who all seemed to come from the same Cultivation Star. Two of them chased after me while the other three stayed behind. I don’t know if they successfully obtained the Domain Stone now, but if they have…”


“That’s fine, we’ll just snatch it,” Yang Kai grinned.


Xue Sun frowned slightly and looked at him seriously, “Aren’t you angry? I hid this from you, lied to you.”


“A little bit,” Yang Kai gently nodded.


Xue Sun’s face paled slightly.


“But it doesn’t make any difference to me, so I don’t really care,” Yang Kai smiled slightly. “Lead the way.”


“Okay,” Xue Sun sighed softly, finally feeling relieved.


Soon after, Yang Kai raised his brow as a look of joy appeared on his face and he asked, “Is it right up ahead? I can already feel a powerful Domain fluctuation.”


“En,” Xue Sun nodded, speeding up as she did.


Before long, Yang Kai and Xue Sun came to the edge of a Domain Vortex.


This Domain Vortex was nearly two thousand metres across and was giving off a daunting energy fluctuation. In the centre of this Domain Vortex were several fist-sized stones with an indescribable lustre.


Domain Stones! Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he stared hotly towards these few Domain Stones.


It was the first time he saw a Domain Stone, so he was naturally curious, but because of the surrounding Domain Vortex, he couldn’t release his Divine Sense to investigate them carefully, nor could he tell exactly how many of them there were.


However, it was undeniable that any piece of Domain Stone had immense value. If one could successfully obtain one, they could exchange it for a lot of precious cultivation resources or simply absorb the power inside of it to promote their comprehension of the mysteries of Domain.


Inside the two thousand metre Domain Vortex, there were three people, each of them occupying a different position. These three were all sitting down cross-legged, releasing their Shi, seemingly trying to comprehend the mysteries of this Domain Vortex so they could dive deeper and obtain the Domain Stones.


The great value of Domain Stones was not only because of the power of Domain contained within it but also because of the risk of obtaining it.


Whenever something was rare, it became precious; this logic applied perfectly to Domain Stones.


Domain Stones only ever formed in Domain Vortices. If one wanted to obtain a Domain Stone, they needed to first understand the mysteries of the Domain Vortex surrounding them before they could reach the deepest point and obtain them safely.


Countless Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters had fallen inside Domain Vortices, their lives adding value to each Domain Stone.


To obtain Domain Stones, many risked their lives, some of them ultimately losing them in the process.


Now, it appeared several Domain Stones had formed inside the Domain Vortex in front of him, a fact that naturally made Yang Kai very excited.


He just casually glanced at the three strangers who had penetrated into the vortex before paying no more attention to them.


The Domain Vortex in front of him felt neither strong nor weak; however, it was definitely less powerful than the one that had shredded Xu Ding Yang, otherwise these three strangers would not have been able to remain inside of it safely.


The arrival of Yang Kai and Xue Sun naturally disturbed the three people who were sitting cross-legged inside the Domain Vortex. These three people opened their eyes and turned to look at Yang Kai and Xue Sun, at which point a white-haired old man couldn’t help calling out in surprise, “Slut, why are you still alive?”


Xue Sun coldly snorted, “Old dog, are you disappointed I’m still alive?”


“Where are Brother Li and Junior Sister Chu?” A different one-eyed man frowned and asked coldly.


Xue Sun sneered, “Since I’ve come back alive, what do you think happened to them?”


“Impossible!” The one-eyed man’s expression changed, stunned by the words Xue Sun said and unwilling to believe her.


“How could a mere slut like you kill Brother Li and Sister Chu? There should be a limit to shameless boasting,” The third person sneered, apparently thinking Xue Sun was talking nonsense.


“Believe what you want,” Xue Sun didn’t bother explaining, clenching her teeth as she swept her eyes across them and declared, “Those two died, and all of you are next!”


The white-haired old man was startled for a moment, but immediately burst into laughter, “Slut, you’re certain rampant enough! Good! this old master is busy with this Domain Vortex right now so he cannot deal with you immediately. Feel free to run your mouth however you like, but if you really have the courage, just wait for this old master to get out of here then he will settle our dispute once and for all.”


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