Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1596, Moving Deeper

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After the white-haired old man made this declaration, he glanced over at Yang Kai curiously and asked with a light smile, “Little brother, aren’t you human? Why are you colluding with this slut?”


“Colluding with her?” Yang Kai frowned, “Old man, aren’t you being a bit arbitrary?”


The old man shook his head, “Humans are humans, monsters are monsters, humans hunt monsters, monsters hunt humans. The two races are wholly incompatible, but now you’re serving this slut, what else besides colluding could you be doing?”


He subconsciously thought that Xue Sun, who had the stronger cultivation, was taking the lead while Yang Kai followed.


“This old master only wants to ask, is what this slut said about her killing Brother Li and Sister Chu true?” The old man’s expression suddenly turned solemn as he interrogated Yang Kai in a low voice.


“Yes, I saw them die with my own eyes,” Yang Kai gently nodded.


“Were you involved?” The old man narrowed his eyes as a murderous intent flashed across them.






“On the road, I saw an injustice and drew my sword to assist!” Yang Kai replied firmly.


Hearing these words, Xue Sun snickered to herself.


“Good, good, good!” The old man nodding as his tone grew icy, “Daring to do and daring to admit! Boy, your courage is not small! This old master has memorized your appearance. Know that this Blood Prison will definitely be your grave.”


Yang Kai smiled brilliantly, “Old Sir, before boasting, you should measure your own ability first, lest you stick out your tongue only to have the wind cut it off.”


The old man grinned viciously, “Whether this old master can back his words, he knows best. This old master does not have time to argue with you now, we will settle this after this old master takes these Domain Stones.”


“Take the Domain Stones?” Yang Kai raised his brow and said in an arrogant tone, “The Domain Stones belong to me, don’t even dream of touching them.”


The old man was startled, and his two companions were stunned, but soon they broke out into laughter.


The one-eyed man said with a sneer, “A little brat who hasn’t even grown hair down there wants to take these Domain Stones? You should go back to cultivate for a hundred more years first. A mere Second-Order Origin Returning Realm brat dares enter the Blood Prison.”


“I won’t waste any more time on you idiots, I have Domain Stones to obtain,” Yang Kai spat disdainfully before stepping towards the Domain Vortex.


“Be careful!” Xue Sun’s beautiful face paled as she quickly warned him.


She had experienced the terrifying power of this Domain Vortex already and knew just how dangerous it was.


The white-haired old man and his companions also gawked in amazement. They never expected Yang Kai would rush into the Domain Vortex so haphazardly. Was he courting death?


The old man could not help sneering as a mocking smile appeared on his face and he waited for the show to begin.


He was certain that Yang Kai would be crushed to death by the Domain Vortex!


However, in the next moment, the smile on his face went stiff.


The Domain Vortex which caused him and his companions so much dread was unable to stop this arrogant boy in the slightest as Yang Kai stepped forward lightly, as if he was out for a stroll.


The old man could not help drawing a sharp breath as his eyes flashed with shock and he focused his full attention on Yang Kai’s movements.


He could clearly see that the Shi which was radiating from Yang Kai’s figure was not inferior in power to his own, possibly even stronger. This invisible Shi was like a perfect armour that protected Yang Kai and allowed him to walk inward without hindrance.


Fortunately, this situation did not last very long. The strange young man only managed to move two hundred metres forward before his pace slowed, then after another hundred, he came to a halt.


Having stopped in place, Yang Kai closed his eyes and felt the strange fluctuations around him while comprehending the mysteries of this Domain.


Seeing this scene, the old man finally breathed a sigh of relief.


If Yang Kai really walked straight to the centre of the Domain Vortex and snatched the Domain Stones without stopping, the old man would probably have coughed up blood.


Luckily, although this little brat was quite unusual, it seemed he was not able to completely ignore this Domain Vortex and had to spend time studying it before he could reach its depths.


[I still have a chance!] The old man’s eyes burst brightly as he got to his feet and then, ignoring the massive load on his body, advanced a short distance.


Seeing this, the other two were unwilling to show weakness and moved slightly deeper.


The closer one moved to the centre of a Domain Vortex, the stronger the pressure they would be subjected to. If one was unable to shoulder such pressure, the result would be them being shredded by the Domain.


Therefore, when cultivators studied the mysteries contained in a Domain Vortex, they would generally do so extremely carefully, not daring to exceed their limits lest they make a deadly miscalculation.


Before Yang Kai arrived, the old man and his two companions were advancing slowly, step by step, planning to steadily approach the Domain Stones before taking them.


But Yang Kai’s arrival and astonishing performance had made them feel a sense of crisis. They realized that if they did not speed up, they wouldn’t be able to obtain any of the Domain Stones they were after.


The chaotic flow around this Domain Vortex made it extremely dangerous for anyone to try to attack anyone else, otherwise, it would be very likely to trigger a strong backlash from the surrounding Domain.


If not for this, the old man and his companions would have struck to kill Yang Kai first. Now, however, whoever reached the centre of the vortex first and took the Domain Stones away would be the winner.


With treasures in front of them, no one would show weakness.


Outside the vortex, Xue Sun’s beautiful eyes glowed with brilliance as she stared at Yang Kai’s back in deep shock.


This strange man had walked three hundred metres straight into the Domain Vortex without stopping! It was like a ten-ton sledgehammer had pounded directly onto Xue Sun’s heart, causing her to become dazed and somewhat short of breath.


Her being sent by Fierce Crab Tribal Lord to participate in the Blood Prison Trial meant she was the strongest Origin Returning Realm master in Fierce Crab Territory.


The attention she received from Fierce Crab Tribal Lord and the respect and admiration of those in the same realm were enough for her to take pride in! She had never felt inferior to other Origin Returning Realm masters.


But today, the arrogance in her heart had taken a serious blow.


Yang Kai’s performance made her realize that even in the Origin Realm, she had not reached the peak. In this realm, there were still people who towered over her.


After gritting her teeth, Xue Sun also pushed her Shi and stepped into the Domain Vortex.


As soon as she entered the vortex, Xue Sun’s tender body trembled slightly. From all directions, a terrifying, invisible power descended upon her, forcing her to push her Monster Qi madly in order to protect herself while she did her best to follow after Yang Kai!


After only advancing fifty metres, however, Xue Sun was unable to move forward again.


Looking up at Yang Kai at that moment, Xue Sun suddenly realized that in this very short time, he had actually moved forward again.


How did he do it? Xue Sun completely could not understand.


It had been less than half a day since she came across Yang Kai inside the Blood Prison, but her pride and self-confidence had been completely shaken. She felt she was simply incomparable with this human…


Xue Lian and Mi Tian were not any better either.


On Monster Emperor Star, all the Tribal Lords evaluated Xue Lian and Mi Tian extremely highly and believed that these two Juniors would likely break through to the Origin King Realm and become new Tribal Lords.


But if Xue Lian and Mi Tian were highly likely to become Origin Kings, Xue Sun was certain Yang Kai would become one.


Just his outstanding performance right now proved that his mastery of Shi had reached a level that surpassed nearly all Origin Realm masters. He may have even touched upon the threshold of Domain.


Xue Sun was awed by another Origin Returning Realm master for the first time in her life, and the back of the figure in front of her now looked like an unattainable mountain she could only gaze up upon.


“Impossible, that’s impossible!” The one-eyed man screamed out loud as he stared in the direction of Yang Kai and watched the latter steadily advance towards the centre of the vortex. Even if Yang Kai paused once in a while, those breaks were extremely short, and he would soon begin moving again.


This powerful Domain Vortex seemed incapable of barring his path at all!


The one-eyed man’s eyes were blank, and his face was dull as he was repeatedly shocked by Yang Kai’s actions.


“Calm down!” The white-haired old man suddenly yelled, “This little brat is indeed a bit weird, but we started earlier than him and he is slightly behind us, so we still have a chance. Focus now, we cannot allow this boy to succeed!”


Hearing what he said, the one-eyed man seemed to recover his calm and took a deep breath before nodding heavily, “I know.”


“Really?” Yang Kai grinned suddenly as he glanced over at the white-haired old man, “Am I still behind you? I think you should check again, Old Dog.”


As these words fell, Yang Kai, who had been standing in place for some time now, suddenly moved forward lightly.


One step, two steps, three steps… Yang Kai showed no signs of stopping at all, like a flowing river that could not be stopped, approaching the centre of the vortex where the Domain Stones laid at a rapid pace.


The old man was stunned, the one-eyed man was stunned, the third man was stunned.


Xue Sun also could not help crying out in shock as her hands covered her red lips, staring blankly in Yang Kai’s direction.


Yang Kai seemed to have suddenly comprehended something and as his Shi enveloped him, it repelled all the Domain’s powers, leaving no obstacles in his way.


In this manner, he easily reached the centre of the vortex.


The three men stared at this scene helplessly.


At this moment, they did not know what to do. If they were nearby, they would definitely go all out to block Yang Kai, but inside this Domain Vortex, they could only stand and watch.


Their faces became dark and bitter.


Suddenly, however, the old man’s eyes lit up as he discovered something extraordinary.


At the centre of the whirlpool, Yang Kai had stopped his foot midair, seemingly unable to tread the final step, his brow furrowed as a thoughtful look filled his face.


This little brat had encountered some kind of problem! The old man was overjoyed and secretly prayed that this boy would be halted where he was, or better yet, strangled to death by the Domain Vortex.


The old man felt that some strange movements were occurring within this Domain Vortex now and that most of its power was now being focused on Yang Kai, putting increasing pressure on him!


Yang Kai’s complexion gradually became dignified and sweat oozed from his forehead as the invisible Domain continued to crash towards his body.


The pressure the old man and his companions were under suddenly eased, and after exchanging a glance, their eyes glowed red and they rushed forward recklessly.


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