Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1597, Stay Put If You Don’t Want To Die

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


No one had expected such a situation, and no one had ever encountered anything similar. In fact, none had even heard of such an occurrence before.


There were five people inside the same Domain Vortex, but most of the power of Domain was being directed towards a single person. It was as if the Domain Vortex had begun to target that person to prevent him from reaching its core.


The pressure of the old man and his group felt was greatly reduced, so they saw a glimmer of hope and were unwilling to just give up on the Domain Stones.


The three men rapidly moved towards the centre of the Domain Vortex with fierce expressions on their faces, staring at Yang Kai wickedly as they released a thick murderous aura, their intentions clearly unfriendly.


Xue Sun’s beautiful face changed dramatically seeing this, and after yelling to remind Yang Kai, she also tried to rush forward.


“Stay put if you don’t want to die!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rang in her ears.


Xue Sun’s raised foot paused mid-air as she stared at Yang Kai’s back with a fluctuating expression, her brow furrowed, not understanding what he was trying to do.


However, she only hesitated for a moment before deciding to believe in Yang Kai and putting her foot down.


Yang Kai’s situation seemed very dangerous as the intense Domain flowing towards him was not something an Origin Returning Realm master could bear. It was a miracle that he was even still standing.


Xue Sun clearly felt that Yang Kai’s Shi could not compete with this rampaging Domain and was being suppressed back into his body.


Xue Sun couldn’t help getting nervous, unable to imagine what Yang Kai’s end would be like once his Shi was completely suppressed.


Most likely, he would die on the spot!


If that really happened, her sister Qing Luo would definitely be sad. Xue Sun had heard that the relationship between these two was very good…


As she worried, Yang Kai’s Shi collided with the swirling Domain, like two clashing armies in the midst of a desperate struggle, but clearly, Yang Kai’s Shi was on the losing side.


The range of Yang Kai’s Shi was shrinking little by little, and soon only covered his body.


The fluctuations in the Domain Vortex were becoming even more chaotic and violent, as if all of its power was being drawn towards Yang Kai. Suddenly, a fierce and merciless wave crashed towards him, completely destroying his Shi and submerging him in Domain.


Xue Sun unconsciously let out a scream and turned her eyes away, somewhat unable to bear seeing Yang Kai explode and die.


However, the sounds of flesh and blood being torn asunder and flying out never came, stunning Xue Sun. Then, a moment later, despite his seemingly desperate situation, Yang Kai let out a joy-filled burst of laughter.


Xue Sun turned her head back rapidly to look at Yang Kai, and to her immense surprise, found him standing there, completely submerged in the swirling Domain, completely unscathed.


“How is that possible?” Xue Sun was stunned.


She clearly didn’t feel Yang Kai releasing any Shi, yet he was standing at the very centre of the Domain Vortex perfectly safe!


There was a kind of mysterious force lingering around Yang Kai, allowing him to merge with the Domain Vortex. Without looking at him with her eyes, Xue Sun would definitely not be able to notice his existence. It was as if he had integrated with the Domain Vortex and become a part of it.


Yang Kai’s foot, which had still been lifted, slammed down at that moment and he truly arrived at the most central position of the Domain Vortex.


With the fall of his foot, the Domain Vortex which had been chaotically flowing towards him was suddenly restored to its normal state, and its terrifying pressure which had vanished re-appeared, causing Xue Sun to let out a moan as she was once again forced to resist it.


The old man and his companions weren’t so lucky though.


When the pressure had lightened earlier, they had rushed forward greatly and were now only a hundred metres away from Yang Kai’s position.


But now that the Domain Vortex’s pressure had returned, how could they possibly bear it?


The sudden reappearance of the Domain horrified the trio and with panicked yells, they desperately pushed their Saint Qi and summoned various artifacts to protect their bodies as they attempted to draw back.


This wasn’t a place where they could remain. If Yang Kai hadn’t pulled most of Domain Vortex’s pressure towards himself, these three would not have been able to reach their current position.


However, it was undoubtedly too late to retreat now.


The trio couldn’t compete with the intense Domain pressure and it wasn’t long before their defensive artifacts exploded into dust. With terror-filled screams, the three men exploded one after another, painting the ground around them with hashed meat and blood…


Xue Sun stared at this scene in a daze. Three Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters dying in such a gruesome manner in less than three breaths caused her to shiver from head to toe.


At that moment, she recalled the warning Yang Kai had quietly passed her just now.


‘Stay put if you don’t want to die!’


She was now certain that if she had not listened to Yang Kai’s warning, she would have shared the same fate as those three men, dying filled with regrets.


Feeling like she had just escaped from death, Xue Sun’s heart pounded and her face turned pale.


[Did he… did he plan this all along? Was he trying to integrate himself into the Domain Vortex so it no longer affected him? Where did he get the confidence to even attempt such a feat? Just how deep is his understanding of Shi?]


[Has he really comprehended the mysteries of Domain?]


Xue Sun had countless questions filling her head, but she found it difficult to ask any of them. She only knew that the height this human had reached on the Martial Dao was something she could only look up towards.


Truthfully, although this Domain Vortex was indeed quite powerful, if the old man and his companions had gradually studied its mysteries and advanced at a slow and steady pace, there was a chance they could have eventually made it to the centre rather than die a miserable death.


Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have such an opportunity. Yang Kai gave them hope, then just as they were about to seize it, he sank them into despair…


Without any effort, he had used the power of the Domain Vortex to kill all three of them!


If Yang Kai had been planning this all along, he was far too devious…


[It must have been a coincidence, right?] Xue Sun’s expression turned extremely complicated.


“What are you doing? Let’s go,” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly called out, startling Xue Sun slightly. When she recovered, she found that Yang Kai had at some point arrived in front of her and had two strange, lustrous stones in his hand: Domain Stones.


Seeing he had gotten her attention, Yang Kai tossed one of the Domain Stones to her.


Xue Sun caught it by reflex before turning a suspicious look towards him and frowning, “Why are you giving me one? I didn’t do anything.”


Yang Kai just smiled lightly and said, “You brought me here. You also discovered these Domain Stones first, so I figured I’d share. What? If you don’t want it, you can give it back.”


Xue Sun stuffed the Domain Stone into her Space Ring in an instant.


A small advantage gained by doing nothing shouldn’t be given up easily!


Yang Kai grinned, “I’ll divide the Domain Stones with you, but I’m keeping those three’s Space Rings. There’s nothing good inside them, but gains are gains.”


“I don’t have any interest in their Space Rings,” Xue Sun replied faintly, pausing for a moment before saying, “Let’s say our goodbyes here, good luck out there.”


“You’re not going out?” Yang Kai was surprised.


“I want to stay here and continue cultivating!”


Yang Kai nodded, not trying to force her and simply saying, “Then I’ll wish you good luck, I’ll be going on ahead.”


Saying so, he walked past her and strode towards the outsider.


“Yang Kai!” Xue Sun suddenly shouted from behind.


“Hm?” Yang Kai turned his head and looked at her.


“Can I ask, how did you integrate yourself into the Domain Vortex?” Xue Sun looked at him curiously.


Yang Kai touched his chin, pondered for a moment, then smiled slightly and said, “I just followed the path my Shi flowed.”


“Follow your Shi?” Xue Sun frowned, carefully savouring the meaning of this sentence for a moment before suddenly her beautiful eyes lit up. Showing a grateful expression, she nodded sincerely, “Thank you!”


“A minor matter,” Yang Kai waved his hand gently, and walked forward without looking back, soon drifting away.




Over the next few days, Yang Kai continued wandering around the Blood Prison. Once he found a Domain Vortex that met his requirements, he would enter it to study its mysteries.


By continuously comprehending the mysteries contained in these Domain Vortices, Yang Kai’s Shi grew at a terrifying speed.


No Domain Vortex could pull him into a deep state of meditation anymore. In fact, Yang Kai could enter and exit most Domain Vortices at will. Even if he occasionally encountered some powerful ones and it took him some time to navigate them, he was still able to integrate himself into them and move about unimpeded without too much difficulty.


He found that the method Xu Ding Yang taught him before was slightly mistaken.


To comprehend the mysteries of Domain, using one’s Shi to fight against it was one way, but integrating one’s Shi into it could garner far deeper insights.


That’s why he gave such advice to Xue Sun.


However, if one wanted to do this, they needed to have extremely good control over their own Shi, otherwise the results would be terrible.


Yang Kai didn’t find many Domain Stones as they were extremely rare, even inside the Blood Prison. Half a month after separating from Xue Sun, Yang Kai had entered dozens of big and small Domain Vortices but had only obtained two more Domain Stones.


As he was travelling, Yang Kai spent some time studying these peculiar products.


These Domain Stones contained the power of Domain inside them, making them similar to the Domain Vortices inside the Blood Prison.


But the power of Domain contained in these Domain Stones was extremely gentle, not violent and difficult to resist like Domain Vortices.


This kind of gentle force could easily and safely be absorbed by any Origin Returning Realm master to improve their understanding of Shi and to comprehend the mysteries of Domain.


This was one of the reasons why Domain Stones were so valuable.


Besides Xue Sun, Yang Kai didn’t encounter any other acquaintances, whether it was the Monster Race masters who came here from Monster Emperor Star together or Qian Tong and the others who he had left on Green Mountains Star, he did not meet a single one.


Yang Kai didn’t know if Qian Tong and the others had even entered the Blood Prison, but the main reason they stayed on Green Mountains Star at the time was for this, so they obviously wouldn’t have missed this event if at all possible.


They should have come in; it was just that he didn’t know where they were.


Occasionally, Yang Kai would take out his communication artifacts and pour his Divine Sense into them to try to contact Qian Tong and the others.


Unfortunately, even after so many days, there was no response from anyone.


One day, as Yang Kai was sitting cross-legged in mediation in a secluded place to recover his stamina, he took out his communication artifact to check it.


He didn’t really expect anything, but when he poured his Divine Sense into it, Yang Kai couldn’t help showing a happy look and quickly began scanning it carefully.


Qian Tong had actually responded!


What’s more, he had even asked for him to come to a certain rendezvous point.


It seemed he had found something incredible!


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