Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1677, Break Through

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Chen Shi Tao’s eyes immediately turned red, “But Elder, all of you…”


“Rest assured, we will buy you the time you need. Remember, you must find a way to reach High Heaven Sect! Only High Heaven Sect has the means to protect your safety! This task will be arduous, but you must find an opportunity to bring the disciples to High Heaven Sect!”


“Elder!” Chen Shi Tao kept shaking her head.


“Go! Now!” The beautiful woman’s expression turned fierce as she shouted angrily at Chen Shi Tao, “Do you want my Clear Sky Sect to forever disappear from Shadowed Star? Do you want us to all shame Clear Sky Sect’s countless generations of ancestors?”


Chen Shi Tao’s face grew dull as she found herself unable to speak.


Another Elder from Clear Sky Sect looked at Chen Shi Tao softly and smiled, “Remember, you must live on. Great Elder will return one day, and as long as you can reunite with him, there will be a chance to revive Clear Sky Sect.”


“Go!” The beautiful woman shouted.


Tears flowed down Chen Shi Tao’s face as her tender body trembled violently. Kneeling down on the ground, she respectfully kowtowed three times to her Elders before getting up abruptly and preparing to depart.


At that moment though…


The beautiful woman standing atop the city wall and the few remaining masters of Clear Sky Sect seemed to notice something incredible in the distance.


If they were not mistaken, the rear camp of Corpse Spirit Religion’s army had been thrown into chaos as shocking energy fluctuations exploded out. Brilliant flashes of light erupted as hundreds of Corpse Spirit Religion soldiers were killed every breath.


“Elder Du, someone is attacking from that side!”


“I can see that, but who could it be?” The beautiful woman gently nodded.


“There aren’t many of them, only seven or eight in total, but they’re all incredibly strong…” An Origin Realm master commented as he could vaguely see that with each flash of light, Corpse Spirit Religion cultivators were being cut down like straw, a shocking sight to behold.


“Hey, that’s… that’s… that’s the Azure Sun Chaos Pagoda! It’s Great Elder! Great Elder has returned!” Someone exclaimed in excitement.


Everyone’s eyes instantly focused on a pagoda-shaped artifact that was several dozen meters tall floating high up in the sky, emitting a brilliant azure light.


This pagoda-shaped artifact rotated rapidly as it floated, and each time it descended from the sky, it would smash countless Corpse Spirit Religion disciples into paste. At the same time, it continuously sent out blasts of cyan light from its apex which vaporized any Corpse Spirit Religion cultivator upon contact.


In but a moment, as many as two hundred Corpse Spirit Religion disciples died under this artifact.


“It really is the Azure Sun Chaos Pagoda!” The beautiful woman’s eyes burst with amazing brilliance, as if she had seen hope again, her expression turning excited.


The Azure Sun Chaos Pagoda was one of Clear Sky Sect’s core inheritances. It was an artifact which was ranked somewhere between Origin Grade and Origin King Grade, a kind of quasi-Origin King Grade artifact.


And this powerful artifact was exclusively controlled by Great Elder Mo Yu.


At this moment, the Azure Sun Chaos Pagoda appearing here could only be because Mo Yu was also here.


Even if they could not see Mo Yu’s figure, everyone could feel Mo Yu’s familiar energy fluctuations across this short distance.


“Great Elder has returned, we’re saved!”


“Haha, kill them, kill those Corpse Spirit Religion bastards!”


“Don’t let any of them escape!”


“Vengeance for our Sect Master! Vengeance for our dead brothers and sisters!”


In an instant, shouts rang out from the wall as everyone vented their righteous indignation. All of them were so excited that if it were not for the orders of the beautiful woman, all of them would likely have already rushed out to meet Great Elder Mo already.


Among the crowd, only the beautiful woman frowned deeply, a trace of anxiety filling her face.


She could not decide if Great Elder suddenly appearing at this time was a blessing or a curse!


Although Great Elder’s strength was unfathomable, and he had an incredible artifact like the Azure Sun Chaos Pagoda to assist him… there were still too many enemies. If Great Elder was besieged by the enemy and unable to escape, then Clear Sky Sect’s last hope would probably be annihilated.


“Relay my orders, all Clear Sky Sect disciples who still have the ability to fight are to follow this City Lord to assist the Great Elder!” The beautiful woman’s thoughts turned quickly, and she swiftly reached a decision.


“Yes!” Someone replied immediately, moving to execute the beautiful woman’s command.


Not long after, the remaining forces of Clear Sky Sect had assembled. The beautiful woman looked around at the slightly fewer than a thousand people before her and a deep sorrow appeared in the depths of her eyes.


Out of Clear Sky Sect’s original population, only these few people were left, and all of them were injured and had miscellaneous cultivations!


Although Black Sea City had millions of inhabitants, only these thousand or so belonged to Clear Sky Sect while most the rest were ordinary people who had never cultivated before or had such low strength they wouldn’t be able to serve any role in combat at all.


“Our objective this time is simple: We must join up with Great Elder and support him. Are all of you prepared?” The beautiful woman looked around and asked sharply.


The thousand people wore solemn expressions and shouted in unison, “Yes!”


“In the future, all of your names will be engraved on Clear Sky Sect’s Wall of Heroes. Follow me!” The beautiful woman did not make a grand speech, but her tone was no less resolute, and with a wave of her hand, she was the first to rush out of Black Sea City.


The others followed close behind, each of them wearing expressions filled with righteous fury and a determination to fight death itself!


When the thousand remaining members of Clear Sky Sect rushed out of the gates, countless others followed them.


These people were residents of Black Sea City or cultivators who had fled here earlier!


They all understood the truth that in an open nest, there were no hidden eggs. Seeing Clear Sky Sect gather its remaining strength and launch an all-out assault, these people immediately joined them to contribute their strength.


In front of Black Sea City, it was as if a mighty army came charging forward!


“That bitch Du Yan Ling has finally gone crazy, hahaha. She wants to break through my Corpse Spirit Religion’s blockage with that bunch of trash that hasn’t even reached the Saint Realm? Kill them all then bring Du Yan Ling to me!” In the middle of Corpse Spirit Religion’s army, a burly man stood atop a tall war-cart, waving his hands extravagantly as he issued orders.


Like Fang Feng Qi, he had a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, but no heat or life aura was coming from his body, instead just a slightly rotten odour lingered about him.


Corpse Spirit Race!


And a top-level Corpse General at that!


As soon as his voice fell, however, an azure pagoda suddenly fell from the sky towards him. Noticing this, the burly man snorted coldly and swiftly dodged the incoming assault.


With a thunderous boom, the azure pagoda fell and pounded the war-cart flat, along with its eight powerful mounts, leaving behind little more than some broken scraps and bloodied paste.


“Who goes there!” Covered in red needle-like hairs, and with two sharp fangs hanging out of the corners of his mouth, the burly man turned towards a certain direction and roared.


A beautiful figure suddenly appeared beside him, like an immortal fairy descending to the earth, behind her, was a pair of crystal clear white wings seemingly carved from the purest of ice-jade. Her body exuded a bone-chilling chill that seemed capable of even freezing one’s soul.


In her hands was a long sword that radiated cold light.


As this long sword slashed, it left behind a flowing icy-light.


The burly Corpse General tried to defend himself, but his defences were instantly pierced by the overwhelming chill.


Only three moves later, the beautiful woman’s sword separated the Corpse General’s head from his body.




An icy field spread out swiftly, and despite the incredible power the burly Corpse General’s body possessed, it was instantly encased in ice, all traces of aura disappearing from it in the next instant.


Su Yan!


This was the first time she had taken action since she left Scarlet Wave Star, but the combat strength she displayed was nothing less than jaw-dropping. Seeing her in action, Mo Yu’s eyes bulged in shock.


Mo Yu clearly felt how powerful this Corpse General was and estimated that it would take him at least two or three hours to defeat this abomination. Even if he was confident he could win, he was certain that he would need to pay a certain price for that victory.


But this woman of Yang Kai’s actually managed to defeat this Corpse General in just a few moves.


Yang Kai is already extraordinary enough, but how could his woman also have such phenomenal strength? Mo Yu was stunned.


After killing this Corpse General, Su Yan did not pause for an instant. Holding Profound Frost, she used the Monster Transformation Secret Technique to mobilize the strength of her Ice Phoenix Source and charged into the Corpse Spirit Religion army. No one was able to impede her in the slightest.


As long as she struck, all the enemies before her became ice sculptures.


At the forefront of the battlefield, there was a small group of Clear Sky Sect disciples still engaged in a desperate battle. This group had rushed out long before Yang Kai and the others arrived to buy time to repair the Spirit Array barrier around Black Sea City.


Originally numbering six hundred, there were now just over a hundred of them left.


All of them were in dire straits at this moment, surrounded by countless enemies, with some of them falling every breath, their fresh blood staining the ground red.


Among this group, there was a young girl with long hair who was as quick as a rabbit, dashing left and right through the enemy lines, her body radiating a brilliant multi-coloured light. She appeared soft and delicate, but her small frame contained terrifying power, every time her small fist punched out, the air around her exploding from the force.


Any enemy she struck who was not an Origin Returning Realm master would instantly explode and die.


Even First-Order Origin Realm masters would have their bones crack and their muscles tear when they suffered a blow from this young girl, causing them to cry out in pain.


A flurry of attacks was launched towards her constantly, but she was able to dodge nearly all of them with extremely agile movements. Even when she occasionally suffered a hit, she would not suffer much damage and instead become even fiercer in her assault!


This young girl’s body seemed to contain an incomprehensible power.


Were it not for her protection, the remaining hundred people from Clear Sky Sect would have been wiped out long ago.


Each of the survivors present felt immense gratitude towards her.


Her actions soon attracted Yang Kai’s attention.


The multi-coloured radiance which surrounded her body gave Yang Kai an extremely familiar feeling. It was clearly Sword Qi from the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art!


Across a long distance, Yang Kai took a moment to observe this young girl carefully, and although she was covered in blood and it was impossible to tell her exact age, she did not look older than thirteen or fourteen, still in her budding years.


She possessed a figure that was not fully matured yet.


When her hair flew up at one point, a familiar face came into Yang Kai’s view.


“Could it be…” Yang Kai frowned before quickly wiping out the enemies in front of him and rushing over with interest towards the little girl, bringing Xia Ning Chang along with him.


Perceiving someone rapidly approaching her, the young girl turned her head rapidly while simultaneously sending out a punch.


Yang Kai raised his hand to block this punch.




An extraordinary force erupted from this tiny fist, and even with Yang Kai’s great strength, he could not stop his body from shaking slightly. Fortunately, with his cultivation being significantly higher than this little girl, he did not embarrass himself on the spot, otherwise, he really wouldn’t have had any face left at all.


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